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Jake ☆ @Viboxing Middlesbrough, England

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This is sooooo cool! the Astrophotography feature out on the Pixel 5. Obviously this is just in my backyard with lots of light pol… would turn for Tom Holland.
Time we worked together.
Retweeted by Jake ☆Tories are cunts. End of. @RockstarGames @SolomunMusic @Printworks_LDN ISSA VIBEAlso added with the new Adobe Photshop update is a new 'Sky Replacement' feature. It does exactly what it sounds li…🔴LIVE! Come watch me be a noob and TRY and vectorize GTA logos on Illustrator on iPad. livestream Illustrator for iPad @MostUnfurrowed Same energy @DerLOLHD_YU91 It's only for the office at work. Think I'm gonna go with the iMac. @Keeeawan I think I would prefer an iMac to be honest. The screens look so nice.I currently have a Macbook Pro (Late 2011) model for work but I'm going to have to get a new one because it's runni…
@strawbo Amazed at how well it worked on Illustrations. @Rumym8Rs @ROBHADDReal Right?! And its only in BETAToday, Adobe introduced a new feature into Photoshop called 'Neural Filters'. One of the filters use Adobe Sensei (…'s the tech that I carry in my bag everyday: • iPad 7th Generation • Apple Pencil (1st Gen) • x2 USB Wall Adap…! #IllustratoroniPad £190 for my old phone (OnePlus 6T). Not bad at all!
Nova Launcher >>> @RachFenty Kinda depends what you go for. Because there are so many, they all have their own launchers and skins to… @RachFenty You can literally make Android phones look identical to iOS if you want. I used to swear by iPhones but… miss away messages
Retweeted by Jake ☆ @GypsytheScumbag Its fine. Trump said its only the Flu anyway. Nothing to worry about. @KyloJew @Anorint @ROBHADDReal That reverse 'G' is fucking me upCheers @ROBHADDReal for this very cool RDR T-Shirt 🤩 @itsKapoow Thanks for listening. @DeadlyWanderer 10°C which isn't that cold but I'm British and we're never ready for it.Wrap up warm kiddos
@RachFenty Not on Spotify yet 😭Call me COVID-19 'cause I just went viral. @bnwkr Nice try, Ben. I know that's just one of those cracked wallpapers. was asked what he used to order everyday in the White House. Here's what he said... @Shauna_c_jones I honestly hope they get banned. They're a waste of money and look what it does to animals. @DeadlyWanderer Oh nooooo @Shauna_c_jones I'm still convinced that Star is half human
@GypsytheScumbag There's nothing wrong with Tommy. He's just inspecting his goods 😏😏 @ROBHADDReal If it bothers anyone, fuck 'em. You do you mate!❤️ @JOHNNIERAGE are your thoughts on cancel culture?Obsessed with this video of James McAvoy being absolutely disgusted that Evan Peters doesn’t know what a Flake is.
Retweeted by Jake ☆ @_jakubsmaga Not sure actually. I uploaded it to my google drive though if you want it know Twitter is gonna compress the shit out of this photo but Google's post processing on photos is wilddddd stop laughing at this “Reverse, reverse, reverse”🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Jake ☆ @itsKapoow Yeah well you only have 3 toes on each foot @itsKapoow I know what ya meant ya nonce @itsKapoow Playing? Guy needs to grow up. In his late 20's ffs
@Keeeawan Night Sight to Mercedes Benz🙏
Retweeted by Jake ☆ @Keeeawan already gang test with bae @DeadlyWanderer Both tbh🥺 @NorthernLawYT Nah. I purposely posted this on the day I got my phone.Upgrade time #teampixel @Keeeawan Not bad to be fair. Just never find anything I'm desperate for. @Keeeawan There's never anything that tickles my fancy on Prime Day deals anyway.
@chloenickers0n @RockstarGames If you don't wear the cookie masks when playing Power Play then there's something wrong with you. @VodafoneUK Oh so the address has been updated but its coming tomorrow now. So much for getting my new phone on release date :) @TezFunz2 @WildBrick142 Ask, and you shall receive.
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@Zearxy YES YES YES YES YES @_jakubsmaga @VodafoneUK OnePlus 6T @itsKapoow @Keeeawan @VodafoneUK Only if the sender allows it and guess what? Vodafone won't allow it. @itsKapoow @Keeeawan @VodafoneUK To be fair, I know the landlord of the place but it's such an inconvenience and I have work.Can't wait for my new Pixel 5 to be delivered to my old address tomorrow because I couldn't change my address on th… it started: How it's going:
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GTA 6 coming tomorrow @KyloJew @Keeeawan my balls look after I shave 'em @itsKapoow Pixel 5 gang @itsKapoow fanboyI'm obviously interested in Apple's products but they are falling behind in the smartphone game imo. Only just brin…
Had to redirect the Scratch Disks to a 2TB drive as my SSD is being chomped. @ItsGTARacer I HAVE ENUF M8FUUUUUUUUUUUU... @uNiGTANet Oh so is the text not actually raised? Just a print effect? @uNiGTANet What is the material like. Similar to the real deals?
@MostUnfurrowed Is your sister a football hooligan? Sounds like the tune they play when a team scores.Anyone that is interested in one of these drop me a Dm as im selling a few ⤵️
Retweeted by Jake ☆How it started: How it’s going: #wtf1 #EifelfGP
Retweeted by Jake ☆ not knowing this already?! Takeaway restaurants who I do menus for always ask for a separate proof of thei… @Keeeawan tbh @ItsGam3r not muchJust downloading my work fonts...
@PepeZette @netflxdiaries @this_vidGetting the Pixel 5 in 5 days. COINCIDENCE? I think not!TALK IT OUT #WorldMentalHealthDay
Retweeted by Jake ☆ @Yan2295 Thanks. That worked. @Yan2295 I can't get this to work. Can you help me? @philcsf I feel you.Its #WorldMentalHealthDay. Don't forget, if you're feeling down, talking to someone about it can make a world of difference.