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@breebird33 It fucking split open between the inner ring of the tire and the center.I want to screamThe replacement tire I got for my car just fucking popped the same day I got it installed. Fucking for real???
@raegeii How did this pass S&P? @Blupervillain @KyleeKayport It’s not extreme if food poisoning isn’t a factor @jbtuason J IS EVOLVING Congrats!! @KyleeKayport Excessive food waste is a badge of honor in this society. Showing off our inability to care for hungr… @FLOOR_BABA Our rot on twitter serves as fertilizer for beautiful saplings* *Socialist movements @KyleeKayport I want them all to play togetherConvinced anyone against UBI, unions and universal healthcare have never been cared for, and so believe that suffer…
@DanStoneArt1 *shivers* That’s my fetish. @DanStoneArt1 SUMMON IT. LAY SACRIFICES AT THE ALTAR. @DanStoneArt1 Even if it takes 10 years I’m fucking down. I’m salivating for this kind of mobility.Picking up DOOM (2016) again bc I need something to kill time until Beyond Light still feels good to Rip & Tear 4 years later. @hackedmotionart Just draw @Worthikids 's Freddy and you'll be fine! Amazing job on all the workers that made this possible. Now let's keep the ball rolling! love walking outside to a flat tire. Really sets the mood. @DanStoneArt1 I haven’t heart that sentiment myself but I can see that maybe starting to be the case. I’ll look into it.
I would have never gotten the opportunity to direct on DCSHG if I hadn't made it clear from the onset that it was a… will add that it's never a good look to appear desperate for a gig of any kind, but it never hurts to make your a… to discredit the needed artistic skill & experience to be a director, but in many ways it's more about your man… you hope to be a director, live by this. @SamuelDeats At what point does the angry mob in the crowd shot start coming for the artist? Answer: Immediately @LaserSinger Thank you for saying what I wish I could screamWithout downloading new pics where are you mentally’s really no difference between politicians and bread, once sliced. Something something eat the rich and corru… therapist: Do not worry, ham dog does not exist. Hot burger cannot hurt you. Me: -looks in corner-
Retweeted by Cole HarringtonLast night I had a nightmare that I was looking at a really zoomed in view of a hot dog, but then it slowly pulled…
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @_mlktea Too late. I've already started mashing hotdogs into discs. 2020's chaotic energies command me. @_mlktea ....I'd eat it'I Have no Alt Account, and I Must Scream' @misterbabadork Yeah it's very fucked up. They know what they're doing not warning people en masse. @misterbabadork Glendale's doing it too afaik. Cities are like 'ok, we're done doing the right thing, we want money' @Blupervillain *Juri sees the raised leg meme* "Pfft. Easy." @CharlesPulliam (definitely isn't tweeting this after marathoning Star Trek TNG, definitely) @CharlesPulliam Living in an apartment is having your finger on the volume button constantly, mixing it every 10 se… @radsechrist Sad I didn’t get to work with you longer on this but it’s still a highlight. Can’t wait to see how it turned out! @ddrkeby Yeah. Poor thing. Gotta take it out behind the barn.
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @ddrkeby NeverMy GPU is my main bottleneck at the moment. Maybe I should just opt for something less cutting edge. -_-Namely because how the fuck am I gonna nab a 3080Channeling that 'I want a house' energy into 'I want to build a new PC' energy and it's equally as useless, given the timing. @ShannonTindle_1 Love it! *deep sigh* Wish this panned out =__= @nmrbk Amazing! @Beavs Heyyyyy! Congrats! You're gonna rock it! @nayhomes *baseballs are launched across the city, exploding* @nayhomes The gender is SPORTS @nayhomes Oh that’s honestly even more likely now that you mention it. What 🤡’s. It’s fucking October. It’s fire season. @nayhomes I hear it too. 99.9% sure it’s for the Armenian protests of Turkey going on. Tons of demonstrations all day over here in Glendale.Swore I muted anything about baseball or the Dodgers but here I am, in sports hell.
@screechingghost lmfao! It’s very distressing. Wash your mind. @screechingghost I think adopted @nayhomes @hackedmotionart Hope those carpals & jaw bones haunt those fuckers lol @nayhomes @hackedmotionart Just popping in to HARD agree and say the possession of human remains for decoration / c… only benefit to a pandemic during a general election is I don’t have to get pestered to say who I voted for by… @nicterhorst It’s trueBernie is a stand in for my SO, obv"without downloading new pics what's it like dating you" @wuffles Weird bc I’ve been seeing a lot of mutuals getting houses rn at decent rates. Maybe I’m just seeing the go…
Lookin’ at houses in the middle of nowhere for the yeehaw’s and chicken-ready property. @nayhomes ...I wish that were me. No fucking joke.We really work 5 days a week just for 48 hours of freedom LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @TurboBurpo God tier Zelda games to this day @ClamitySam Ughghghghg!!!!!!I’m so sick of living in sweaty ass crumbling apartments 😑I hate that I have the itch to look into buying a house during a fucking pandemic / the fall of democracy / the prequel to Mad Max. @CarolineDirectr The timing / cutting on this one action and the expressions are so fucking GOOD. @arman_gelo Please don’t summon it lol @LakeFama Hell yeah! Happy Lake Day! ❤️ @LaserSinger *violent clapping* @Hejibits @LaserSinger You’re gonna do great directing on this! 😉It’s cool how it took a pandemic to show us that maybe office hours / culture is bogus and extremely damaging to pe…*FromSoftware animation* @hackedmotionart ‘Give is Dole Whip or give us death! Actually, let’s have both!’If Nithya Raman is on your ballot, please vote for her for Los Angeles city council!! Great thread here 👇
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @nayhomes Bearcat! They smell like popcorn! It’s their poop! Ah!!! Big fan. @akimillustrates looooool @akimillustrates This bozo back on their shit again?? 😒 @OffBrandLink @x_Wolfsteak_x @aspirinoverdose Amazing work!!! @aspirinoverdose @hiamymai Damn dude you KILLED IT @cartoonfuntime I’m sorry for the delay, Geneva. I say ‘delay’ bc there’s no way in hell somebody else doesn’t come… @batshaped Welcome. This prison is inescapable.Keep in mind that anyone who discourages critique of your supervisors is inherently doing so out of fear that their…
The only positive coming out of this was that now I know how to never act as a supervisor toward others. Namely: do… complained to my supervisors & while they all agreed it was obv the director was retaliating against me due to th… the director found out other ppl were crediting me for making directorial decisions, they concocted a way to g… had a director who continually fell asleep & zoned out during edit sessions. Eventually certain supervisors st… up, if you ask a professional for tips / advice and they take the time to reply back...don't ghost them. It d… @aspirinoverdose artists looking for work I was recently asked by a friend for some recs to help them fill some jobs. And ya'll…
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @aspirinoverdose ripPortfolioday was created as a way to signal that an artist is available for work or will be soon. It has nothing to…
Retweeted by Cole Harrington @wuffles Lmfao!!I had the opportunity to talk to our vendor studio today and I just gotta say, a 9am call is made so much more bear… @wuffles It pulls us down, drowning in the chaos @elyjenna Damn! I hope you have the swiftest recovery! Sending you all the good vibes.Ah, I can tweet. Back to hell it is.Can I not tweet still?