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SNL at its peak can’t write a skit this good This is also terrifying VOTE 🇺🇸 @Charalanahzard lolhard pass on Cyberpunk 2077, doesn’t look interesting @CgullzNS @GameOverGreggy anti-consumer would be Square making the entire game exclusive to Playstation, making one… @GameOverGreggy late to comment but anti-consumer? No but opportunistic? absolutely Spiderman is beloved enough t… @mistermegative Happy Birthday! glad it was a good one @trixie360 @Kahjahkins @gamertagradio 100% agree
@newotakuman5000 what? @newotakuman5000 Im so confused...hilarious that this needed to be explained 😅 @newotakuman5000 I dont get it? @newotakuman5000 what about it? I dont get it? @newotakuman5000 about what @newotakuman5000 I dont get it @newotakuman5000 what?remember when folks were mad that Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to PC? Pepperidge Farm remembers... @CgullzNS @UrizenJr @Kahjahkins @gamertagradio typical response from a child which just proves my point @Kahjahkins @UrizenJr @gamertagradio dont waste your time Kah, this is clearly a child speaking and doesnt have the… Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man exclusivity is good for PlayStation but bad for players.
Retweeted by Parris @theartofadaml @Andrew_Reiner @KyleMHilliard yes Adam, please apply, you have the talent and skills to excel with GIGame Informer is hiring! We're looking for four people to join us, either remotely or in Minnesota.…
Retweeted by Parris @BrianPShea @30nstillgaming I am its good @swainstache @JakeBaldino hahahahaha @JakeBaldino 😅 trust me I dont want to be 46 and I earned it @JakeBaldino I am 46 and somehow you not wanting to be 46 bothers me 😤despite the President of the United States desperately trying to rig this election by defunding USPS and screaming… @DestinLegarie thanks to my gaming chair, Im taken a lot more serious these days Autobot shall rise from our ranks and light our darkest hour, until that day till all are one 😭 @idsanty this is how I shall picture you from now on @navasq87 @peterocc @R3xl0 imagine being such a coward you create a fake account to be racist @DMC_Ryan ha! love itWant to rid gaming of hate speech? 1. Reporting 2. Investigation 3. Punishment Invest in the tools and resources… @Kahjahkins ❤️As much as I HATE PARRIS' GUTS, this is an important listen.
Retweeted by Parris @iamBrandonTV I’ve seen steady support but I don’t care about me, the overall support for Black Creators has fallen… screaming!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nebula: they did it…😭😭😭😭😭😭 @theartofadaml Spidey exclusive to Playstation sucks but business is business, this will get people to buy Avengers on Playstation @GameOverGreggy lets do it! planned on playing Avengers on PC but knowing my favorite super hero of all time wont be there has me considering…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @AutomaticZen Ive been watching and the part that stands out every time is seeing people like Shipwreck being able to fly jets 😂 @Colteastwood @Under_Ach1ever amazing isnt it? 😂 @PaweSasko can co-sign the immersion, had to be reminded a few times to keep moving the camera as its never static… episode of GTR, first 20 minutes is my personal monologue and plea to fix the racism and harrasment in on… @CP2077Countdown @idsanty 😂 @idsanty @MitchyD 👀 congrats and good luck! @Romudeth Im not, fits their strategy, they want you buying new hardware and assessories and guess what? People will @sblomkamp @Kahjahkins I love that I had nothing to do with that episode yet Kah and I are forever linked over his bad cooking 😂 @KevinCraigG3 its on the way!UI looks clean, liking the improvements that simplify the experience more of this please in Japan @RoryPlays_ love you too!can’t believe its been 25 years since Ghost in The Shell debuted, it’s influence is still felt today (The Matrix, D… of Play returns Thursday at 1:00pm Pacific! What to expect: ▪️ A focus on upcoming PS4 & PS VR games ▪️ A f…
Retweeted by Parris @RoryPlays_ yes! looking beautiful as always, so glad to see you looking happy 😊First details on compatible accessories and peripherals for PlayStation 5:
Retweeted by Parris @UEGamewire yup! @MitchyD 😅my Monday morning hot takes always include a freshly brewed cup of coffee 😅 @MitchyD I gotta say the Logitech PRO X is the perfect blend of comfort and great audio, its also wireless nowDreamcast was the most innovative videogame console of all time @TheRealFamous92 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @SDF_Lawnboy wont have to buy expansions but will have to buy season pass @Djtechlive just did the same upgrade, so clean 🔥 @PikaChulita congrats!!! @OJessicaNigri See you Space Cowboy fact: due to the outrage Optimus Prime’s death had on kids in the 80s, Hasbro dubbed over the death of Duke in… @deitymicrophone 🙋🏻‍♂️ @Romudeth oh no Xbox is leaving the gaming industry 😱Perceptor: I fear the wounds are fatal Daniel: Prime you can’t die Prime: do not grieve... me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m not… @Darkness429 😱 @mistermegative @DanHevia @Kahjahkins why so he can ruin it like his cooking was 34 years ago and Im still not over it 😭 @DanHevia 🤣 @Romudeth 😂😂😂
I ❤️ Cyberpunk 2077 community, the love and support has been amazing 🥰 Parris Silverhand has a city to burn 🔥 @stevenspohn @Gameonysus that Gamecube looking mint @idsanty yes I want this @idsanty @BlessingJr Im just an observer @LogitechG @RoryPlays_ @LogitechG @idsanty @BlessingJr @DestinLegarie congrats! so happy for both of you @GenePark @SkillUpYT agreed, its why I keep saying its one of if not the best new IP of this genClip from the Escapist Show discussing Xbox long term plan for Gamepass and how Destiny 2 is the template Also wh… week on The Escapist Show it's NOTHING BUT XBOX TALK!!!! with our first guest @vicious696 Parris was great to…
Retweeted by ParrisThe latest Escapist Show episode is out with our first ever guest!
Retweeted by ParrisMade an appearance on The Escapist Show this week, talking all things Xbox and Halo Infinite thank you for having… @Romudeth @godfree @ThrowdownShow the one and only time I’ll praise Danny in public 😡 but he taught me these lesson… @Darkness429 @rukizzel @gamertagradio hahahaTHIS is the problem too many people tell us to suck it up and get over it, its just words... My children do not de… @PopeBear good luck and congrats! will miss you brother @Redmission22 @MarioGotSniped @majornelson @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg I truly hope we see more progress on getting rid…