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single digits @godfree @jeffrubenstein I see you too (on the outer circle) @RoryPlays_ @godfree @RoryPlays_ Im in the inner circle and @godfree is not @andrearene yes! loved that show she was a robot @RoryPlays_ 😭❤️ @shaunlabrie @shinobi602 😂 @TheMikeRobles 🤣 @godfree @ZombaeKillz you know you are ❤️ @Kahjahkins @cm_willis @shinobi602 😁 @GingiesMom that was on purpose 😁 @KBABZonTV not you @godfree @Kahjahkins and especially @RayApollo)'m not sure what this says about me but these are some awesome people to have in my circle 🙂 @johntdrake @godfree @andrearene @GameOverGreggy Im in the inner circle and would rather be stranded on Tatooine than be this close to Danny @RayApollo @ShareefJackson same its the sneaky value console I didnt know I neededUnboxing The @TCL_USA 6 Series (2020 Model)
@Uriyya I just upload my videonext week really like #XboxSeriesS the kids have it hooked up to a 1080p TV and it does everything just as well as its big… @AndyLunique the smoke game aint the fry game! @AndyLunique @rukizzel mmm yeah 😂 curious what the ad waswhat! 😱 out Danny on Telemundo! @Kahjahkins @CameronKen 😭 @ladyluck34 AMANDA! 😡my advice don’t force yourself to be sold on something because its popular Cyberpunk 2077 will not be for everyone… good, I want to hang this in my office 🔥🔥🔥🔥 trip next week! #XboxSeriesS @Colteastwood @XboxJuan4K @TCL_USA exactly, not even a thing to argue over, at under $1000 you wont find a better value @Xpro_PT @XboxJuan4K @TCL_USA nope @XboxJuan4K @TCL_USA eh not really @GossiTheDog @TCL_USA 😂Wanted to try something different so here is a mini-review for TCL 6 Series 65 inch model, tested using Xbox Series…'s me vs @Kahjahkins episode of GTR is live. With special guest @ladyluck34! #HyruleWarriors
Retweeted by ParrisMy segment airs today nantionwide at 2pm EST on @Telemundo. #PS5 #XboxSeries
Retweeted by Parris @sblomkamp 😁imagine this post ROTJ universe with stand alone shows on Disney+ that occasionally cross over The Mandalorian Bo… @Sephiyo @PureArtsLimited tempting...... @robtanner84 the tampering process what does that even mean?I'll say it again, don't care how they do it but DD on Disney+ and fully integrated into the MCU just makes too muc… @CP2077Countdown @pawpanasiuk @tostspender yes! loved Majoras Mask, it was so unique for a Zelda game @godfree @RianaTweetsNow @RayApollo @CyberpunkGame @godfree @RianaTweetsNow WHERE IS THE PICTURE OF ME??????? WHERE IS MY FACE IN YO HOUSE! 😡 @RoryPlays_ 😂 @RoryPlays_ no you 😊 @RoryPlays_ @NightCityLifeDE indeed I still have nightmares about that water temple 😂I guarantee there will be things about Cyberpunk 2077 that I will not like and there will be things I absolutely lo… 2077 has been my most anticipated game since Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time My excitement is no secret… Creator friends! Do you like love stories, exploring alien landscape + battling those who are trying to te…
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@SGTBones_ @megadadsblog @Jonny_Casino @redeyejay @thedadcade @hypecaster @theartofadaml @JohnWahl77 dont do that p… @Gothalion I have the same set up and in the Nvidia control panel make sure to select 120hz and also on the CX make… @megadadsblog @Jonny_Casino @SGTBones_ @redeyejay @thedadcade @hypecaster @theartofadaml @JohnWahl77 @mistermegative @NOLAnerdcast @officialSDGC @ZombaeKillz @Kahjahkins @cypheroftyr @KindaFunnyVids @CamFinalMix @Gothalion @_JennaSaisQuoi_ @BigCheeseKIT @LGUS lol @cypheroftyr @NOLAnerdcast @mistermegative @officialSDGC @ZombaeKillz @Kahjahkins @KindaFunnyVids @CamFinalMix @_JennaSaisQuoi_ @BigCheeseKIT @Gothalion @LGUS yup as a monitor, burn in isnt really an issue with these newer OLE… @BigCheeseKIT @Gothalion @LGUS Im using the 48 inch as a monitor and my god its so good, makes me wanna snag a bigg… @mistermegative @officialSDGC @ZombaeKillz @Kahjahkins @cypheroftyr @KindaFunnyVids @CamFinalMix @SarahOfMars @godfree @gadzeek @stevenspohn ❤️ @Darkness429 @kevinxvision 😍 @eaphen you really just tried to Jedi Mind Trick me into putting out spoilers @SkillUpYT @stevenspohn end of Dec @stevenspohn 😭can we spoil #TheMandalorian yet? I have thoughts on where all this is going @godfree @KarimCheeseg wait what, this is a thing? @Faitios I agree but The Mandalorian is opening a huge can of post ROTJ worms and like it or not Luke has to be involved @KingPhoenix443 what does that even mean? THE PIONEER?☺️ paying attention to my social media engagement and the excitement for Cyberpunk 2077 is real 😮🤗 @KingPhoenix443 @BigDawgMills @IGN @Esko I think it goes by when they were cancelled so Iron Fist and Luke Cage have already gone back to Marvel Pun… up on the binge list of things that people tell me are amazing but I've not watched: The Umbrella Academy @OfficialPCMR @godfree @Kahjahkins roasting from @godfree @Kahjahkins are from a place of love and brotherhood BUT! Don't think for one hot minu… rights to The Man Without Fear are officially back with Marvel and I don't care how you do it but we need more… @ZawAndy hope you can find one 2077 Japanese Dub is just too pure CDPR is giving us the Ghost In The Shell game we always wanted but di… @PhiWeber it almost doesnt seem real that we are so close, looking forward to playing and telling the world what I thinkmy take away is that Tyson is in great shape and Roy look gassed after 1 round and held on for dear life Maybe on… checking twitter at 10am this morning @ElyseWillems @Kahjahkins maybe on Nov 29th 2021 but for now I got a whole ass year to plot, plan and execute a roa… just holding on to cash that check 😑