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Victoria Lisek @vicky_linoy London. she/her

🇷🇺🇵🇱 raised in 🇩🇰, 2nd-year BA Hebrew & Jewish Studies @ucl, aspiring academic interested in Hasidism, Springsteen fan. Eksilkøbenhavner.

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@benjsalmon Chips with mozzarella sticks sounds like a traditional British dish tbf @Elliot_Conway1 Sounds like a student meal so I'd say yesMy new favourite etymology fact is that the Modern Hebrew word for porridge 'kvaker' was derived from Quaker [oats]… er imod homo-adoption, du er valgt på benhård narkopolitik...ligesom din chef og ven Orban...så da belgisk polit…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @eff_hey 50 @rosie_col_ I think the 14 day rule is very strict unfortunately. But yes, UCL has expanded their test capacity in… @rosie_col_ Does the UK have a day of the week where they announce travel updates, like Denmark does, or do we just… only top 0.1% club I support it all, 2020 has been very on brand
🇦🇪✡️ — HISTORIC: The first official Jewish wedding taking place now at the Park Hyatt resort in Dubai, United Arab…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @InbarCohen13 @MaryamAvia in case you haven't seen!Respektløst af BLM. Tænk at man kan få sig selv til det.
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @Elliot_Conway1 How do you stomach mince pies in the morning 😭the disproportionate rage I feel when a scholar puts their footnotes at the end of the chapter rather than the bottom of the page
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@uclhjs Good shout, thanks! @_SalmanAnwar Bosnia and Herzegovina (especially Mostar), Wrocław in Poland, Porto in Portugal (though I'm not sure… anyone in possession of a tasty rugelach recipe? My favourite place to buy it is too far away to justify becoming a regular
@slimsherwood Tetrisnot this again
princess diana in her revenge dress for the tl
Retweeted by Victoria LisekToday Ukraine honors and remembers victims of the 1932-1933 #Holodomor genocide, when Stalin & his comrades organiz…
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I øvrigt kunne de begynde med at tage op deres mærkelig kristen kulturkamp med Folkekirken før de prøver at overbev… ser spøgelser igen og kommer med et nyt udspil der vil blande sig grotesk meget med et mindretals privatliv, sup…
Maradona on meeting the Pope in 1987: "I argued with him because I was in the Vatican and I saw all these golden c…
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Retweeted by Victoria LisekYiddish in London Habad schools- Yiddish talk with live English translation 📅 1 December, 6pm 🎟️ Booking & info:…
Retweeted by Victoria LisekIn Nowe Miasto, a village about 35 miles northwest of Warsaw, about a dozen non-Jewish teenagers spent National Ind…
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Excellent summary of the functions of Twitter new hobby is looking at property in expensive Copenhagen neighbourhoods and this room almost killed me
@mie_astrup Please do!! @mie_astrup Wow that sounds like it's written for you!Fighting for Greek and Russian Orthodox Christmas rights is an incredibly niche hill to die on, I almost respect th…øgelse viser, at det ikke er de flittige 12-talspiger, der mistrives mest. Det er tværtimod de unge med lave…
Retweeted by Victoria LisekHow do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard while my small kids play?
Charles and Camilla one able to watch The Crown without unintentionally thinking about Peep Show 24/7
@EmilSaltoft Glæd dig til episoden om omskæringThe horrific grammar in these tweet is brought to you by the absence of my afternoon sugar rushThe cure to end lockdown snacking is to see a mouse in your kitchen, discover an hitherto unknown fear of mice, and… JSTOR software update: post a JSTOR-y to let us know what you’re reading!
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Cyrillic 🤝 Latin К, В, А, Р, Т, Е, О, Н, С, М Cyrillic 🤝 Hebrew Ш/ש @JewishWonk Absolutely, most productive crush I had as a 14-year old! @JewishWonk Bruce Springsteen @ItsMatt_Again Holy moly 😍Same in the former Soviet Union. Nation states turn mythology into reality, destroying Europe’s multiethnic tapestr…
Retweeted by Victoria LisekDet er under lavmålet at Berlingske er begyndt at skrive EB-agtige clickbait overskrifter 🙃ædelig kampdag kære mænd! 💪🏼Der er meget at kæmpe for; Fædre har i gennemsnit kun 10 pct af barslen, mænd har dår…
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Meira @Elliot_Conway1 Wishing you a speedy recovery!
@benjsalmon @smysko So so, let's just say you'll have to wait another UC season before I appear on televisionApplying for University Challenge so that I can buzz in with ‘da vinky??’ for every question about renaissance art, wish me luck xx
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @rosie_col_ hug, and in some circumstances a spiteful "i told you so" @snolledolle
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Congressman-elect @CawthornforNC spoke to a Jewish publication and talked about how he target Jews and Muslims for…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @mie_astrup @uclhjs @UCLSELCS Ahh så sejt!
@mathaiaus Reveal your methods please @bagelpicbot mum: we have spanish at home spanish at home: a prioriRealising lockdown means we're all living a worse version of Groundhog Day where instead of being better people by…
2020 saw someone my age being extremely talented, my day is ruined
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @danwaterfield Even if you can and you don't have to quarantine I can't imagine NYC would be as great as it usually…
Huge if true
Instead of finishing my workday with tea and a sci-fi Netflix show I've been reading about something just as unreal… grateful that I decided to keep a diary during university because now I can live my second year vicariously… Cakes, roads with endless potholes
Shira Haas strikes again, do yourself a favour and watch this film because it's one of the best ones I've ever watc… in Bishkek (I would prefer this show)Victoria in Pretoria @themaverickjohn Happy birthday, hope it's a good one! @shanishalomp Wow så fik hørsholmeren også hjemve 😭
@bagelpicbot This website has many bad takes and this tweet is one of themSyria freezes Jewish people’s assets and bank accounts, destroys their synagogues and torah scrolls, essentially fo…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @mie_astrup Yep, I don't mind quarantining like every other nation but would feel super bad if my flatmate had to d… @mie_astrup I'm still riding off the hope that this will all be sorted by January and we won't have to go into quarantine... @osian_es I think I know which essay you're talking about and this is my current aggravating mood with it @aggerhomien Moral er godt, dobbeltmoral er dobbelt så godtSigillography sounds like the name of a disease you're best off avoiding, but have just found out it's "the study o… @Elle_Noo no, I would be open to hyphenating it spouse has a nice surname but I like the sound of mine + proud of t… researchers in Europe in 2015. Just wow! There is so much to see here. Thank you @milos_agathon for creatin…
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Shu-Bi-Dua hører med til enhver magisk dansk sommer. Hvil i fred Michael Bundesen @shanishalomp 😂😂 nordjyske minkavlere har altså gået glip af en stor markedMichael Bundesen er for mig, sammen med studenterkørsel og tour de france indbegrebet af lyden af Dansk sommer. Det…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @shanishalomp Det er ærligt den mærkeligeste del af historien @shanishalomp Ej nej nej
Apparently the only way for me to be angry is by being very OnlineGrant Shapps enforcing an effective test and trace system in airports, amid an unexpectedly busy summer: I sleep Gr…
Exhibit A: Pilou Asbæk's comment section after posting an entirely apolitical meme of Trump screams "I'm a butthurt Republican" more than Americans challenging non-Americans entitlement to comment on… @realDonaldTrump. Just a little piece of advice… This is the right way to leave office with honor once you have los…
Retweeted by Victoria LisekDet er med dyb sorg, at vi erfarer, at en af de vigtigste stemmer i nutidig europisk jødedom er blevet tavs med den…
Retweeted by Victoria Lisek @rabbisacks May his memory be for a blessingTruly an intellectual giant. He leaves behind a huge hole in the Anglo-Jewish community.
Retweeted by Victoria Lisekwaiting for the university labour club committee members to tweet about this as if they're the foreign secretary
Retweeted by Victoria LisekGoing well, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!Did USA elect a new president today? I'm not entirely sure @rosie_col_ Ahhh it's alright I figured out that they've gone down from 4 to 1 flight a day which makes total sense… @rosie_col_ your tweet made me check my emails and- 🙃🙃🙃🙃 @MaryamAvia I've just caught up with the reforms, they're so great and a step in the right direction!!