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Dog lover, animal lover, lifelong Baggies fan, fighting cancer, Brexit/Nexit/Frexit 🇬🇧🇳🇱🇫🇷 No DMs please.

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@just_jacko I only watch the news on NOS, Euronews and Aljazeera. Given up totally on all British news broadcasters. @MsAvaArmstrong @ScottStryver Paper round at 12, Saturday job at 13. Earning my own money at that age was real conf… @cressidatrolius @SaveShefChoir @OutragedMary @sheffcath I have seen the odd black face in top church choirs too! I… @SaveShefChoir @OutragedMary @sheffcath It certainly is an attack on white culture. The Christian church in Britain… @ratemyplatenow 11 out of 10, delicious 🥩 @debatenothate2 I'd like to wish the Muslim community in the UK a one-way ticket back to the Islamic shit holes they came from. Bon voyage! @PoletMelissa @dekoran1 @BLIKOPENER333 Correctie: de Nederlandse belastingbetaler zal hem onderhouden, niet de over…
@NikkiStix55 Love the hair Nikki, keep it short, it really suits you! 😘 @roderickadieu I have no idea what it is but isn't it fascinating. 🤓 @omnes_lucrantur @PaulEmbery It's not so much about masks being effective or not, it's the legal minefield surround… @JohnCaveAusten @GentlemanGeorge Yes, the flu virus changes all the time but so does the flu vaccine, it was late t… @mchooyah Thank you for your service to mankind. Stand tall, be proud. 😘
@CrimeLdn Get rid of Khan and get rid of Dick! 😡 #KhanMustGo #DickMustGo @RichLido @Nigel_Farage You have obviously read the Ladybird Book of Leftwing Lies. Good for you Richard!Just watched a programme about space travel, moon bases and Mars exploration. Dr. Michio Kaka just said, "It's a la… @little_humbug Ouch!! 😂😂 @peckham65till @SaltyDuchess That's why they are all so bad, obvious digestive problems, now I get it! 🤦‍♀️😂 @jennasaycoy @NikkiStix55 @JanetMcwee @LLW902 @inthesedeserts My God, you are a very nasty piece of work. I hope yo… @SaltyDuchess The best journos wrote their best pieces whilst being drunk in a seedy pub. 😁 @Upyourjunker1 #Londonistan #KhanMustGo #DickMustGo @SaltyDuchess I always thought that pubs were essential to journos, liquid lunches and all that. 🥃🥴🤪 @JaneMic76971350 She'll have more fun, loyalty and love with her dog than she ever had with her ex-boyfriend. Dog's lives matter! 🐶 @JamesMelville I'm going on holiday with a friend (Labour, Remain, Anti-Trump) but we NEVER discuss politics; it ke… @0_politics2 When I was at school, gender was something verbs had. 🙄 @2tweetaboutit @MailOnline Censored for telling the truth! 😠 @LozzaFox It looked better when it was covered up! 😅 @Nigel100007 @GentlemanGeorge @jameschanner_iD @Tcbooth Did he get away with cottaging in the Gents, or was he able… @Richard66629722 @ElizabethBangs @GiselaStuart I happened to be in NL when my dog got sick. You are a simpleton Ric… @Richard66629722 @GiselaStuart It has nothing to do with French employment regulations. It's about the ability of B… @BoerboelUK @BorisJohnson They are obviously waiting for the courtesy bus to take them to their hotel for breakfast. @Richard66629722 @GiselaStuart For goodness sake, you silly woman!! Your daughter can STILL go and live in France f… @PeterVWharton @ghost_wales You get a follow from me too Peter. 👍😎
@KendallSylvia @MaureenDalby @FromoutsideAlan @BBCNews They are all awaiting the calls for family reunion. For eve… @paulfish2skyco2 For doing what, carrying her handbag? 😡 @NormanBrennan Are there any "white voices" left in London? #Londonistan #KhanMustGo #DickMustGo @LilithBlack6969 Iron Butterfly, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. The drum solo alone would get your pulse racing. @andhereIstand2 @RealProfTwatter Mine has a comfy basket but he prefers a hard floor. He spent the first 6 years of… @Chrissi52027025 Allah is great! 😂 @NormanBrennan I wonder if they are laughing now? 🤔 @BarnacleRed @Cmw_nffc1979 I have several in my garden, beautiful scent. 💚 @nicki_hattingh @Nick_Pye I go up and down with the weather, today is a good day, it's warm and sunny for a change… @Nick_Pye I can recommend a dog, they give so much love, you can't help but enjoy life with a dog. Get a rescue mut… @ukmedicx What did they get? @sapiofoxy To be honest, I think the problem lies in the fact that when it first reared its ugly head in China, nob… @BarnacleRed @Cmw_nffc1979 Oh me too Nick! A warm evening, eating al fresco with a suitable wine and the scent of… @gyola Lucky you. 😎 @Fred202963949 @RoundLike @Louise_katz @dawngoodwin58 @MattHancock She volunteered as an ARP warden - put that light out! 😂 @CNN Approx 50% of the human population have a cervix, we call them WOMEN! 😡 @andhereIstand2 @RealProfTwatter That doesn't leave much room for you Karen! 😂 @RealProfTwatter Just back from the salon. @theorphanmoon68 @jackamundo77 Nice free stay in a country hotel, including 3 meals a day and pocket money. Sounds… @max0marlow I have NEVER had a food processor. I cook fresh vegetables every day, all you need is a knife and a sau… @JamessReality Undertaker, it's a dead-end job. 😁 @Fred202963949 @RoundLike @Louise_katz @dawngoodwin58 @MattHancock She, like everyone else had to have a gas mask r… @dominiquetaegon Sadiq Khan wants everyone to speak Arabic so that white people can mix with the locals. @RoundLike @Louise_katz @dawngoodwin58 @MattHancock Well said RoundLike 👏 My mum was 18 when WW2 broke out, she spe… @Louise_katz @MattHancock In life, you have to make sacrifices. With Covid you either sacrifice your social life o…
@evilives69 @maz_marianne Perhaps you're not controversial enough! Try being a bit rude! 😅😅 @TheBembridge @DeclanBurke2 It was the same with The Satanic Verses years ago. A fatwa was pronounced on Salman Rus…'s lift off for Mars, I wonder will it discover Martians or proof of ancient aliens? 😁 @Iainmackay8 She looks more like Claire Balding, don't you think? 🤔😁 @ChaseRobins5 I think it has more to do with Big Pharma and the fact that all three components of the Hydroxychloro… @evilives69 @maz_marianne That deserves a follow Mark. 👍😎 Keep on tweeting! 😘 @maz_marianne I'm seeing you loud and clear Maz! 😁 I'm also following you. 👍😎 @Chrissi52027025 Can I have a go! 😂 @cocoandboris I hope you left a place for Sadiq? @TheSun They are escaping from FRANCE! 🤬🤬 @KernowMaiden @LiveLaughLoveKL Or attend Labour Party meetings and conferences! 😂😂 @val_tigress The majority of the residents were BAME and/or migrants. If it had been occupied by white middle class… @HHepplewhite I bet you a pound to a penny that he/she/it will be BAME. @JakeWilliamsUK @tony_waltho @transferdicky @CurryGoat15 @Nigel_Farage My goodness, are you two still at it? You ar… @paulafr68963440 Have a really great birthday Paul, enjoy yourself! 🥂
@JaneMic76971350 Never! Can't stand posers. 😖 @Steve2401 @mossway @enuffsa1d @BBCNews Some people use their common sense; others expect someone else to do it for them. @SuzanneEvans1 Met with friends last weekend which was great. Just keep washing hands being sensible but we have to…
Retweeted by Vicky Kaufmann #Pokethewoke @SuzanneEvans1 I'm nearly 70, an intelligent, level-headed, retired professional woman, you should have asked me, I… @RealDeniseWelch @loosewomen You will fit in beautifully in Holland! 😉 @enuffsa1d @BBCNews When I went to the Grand Canyon there were no fences and no signs. Most trails that I followed… @miraforeman @CarolineCoramUK I wonder what happened to 'herd immmunity'? @JakeWilliamsUK @tony_waltho @CurryGoat15 @Nigel_Farage A well-written exposé of the corrupt EU, thanks for the link Jake. 👍 @HerbyCumberland @Nigel_Farage I'm not surprised, have you seen who's on it?
@CurryGoat15 @JakeWilliamsUK @Randolf242 @Nigel_Farage I also have a right to a German passport, my father was born… @CurryGoat15 @JakeWilliamsUK @Nigel_Farage The Indipendant! Oxford Professor! "Very likely" in inverted commas! D… @Votedoesntcount Good for you! 👍 @CurryGoat15 @JakeWilliamsUK @Nigel_Farage The Leave campaign has been cleared of all malfeasance; the Remain campa… @Votedoesntcount Although the food you feed them is important, it's the love that you give that counts; the more yo… @Votedoesntcount Lots of cuddles Ian 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I never had a dad, I think I would have liked one like you. 😘 @JakeWilliamsUK @CurryGoat15 @Nigel_Farage @Nigel_Farage fought for 25 years to free UK from the shackles of the EU… @Ben_BlackWhite @Nigel_Farage Double negatives? 🤔 @CarolineCoramUK Both. They do not prevent the spread of C19 but it has a positive psychological effect. A mask ind… @MaureenDalby Keep up the good work Maureen. 👍😁 @KateBolger7 If only! 😔 @Nigel_Farage When are you going to launch the Reform Party @Nigel_Farage ? The country needs reform now more than… @Vikinggoddess3 For God's sake, it is ENGLAND, how much more of this shite does the silent majority have to swallow… @christopherhope Are white people allowed to apply or is it a BAME only job? 🤔 @ajayjagota The Daily Wail! 🤦‍♀️ @benandjerrys George Floyd was not murdered! He died as a result of his drugged up criminal lifestyle. I hope you… @SholaMos1 "All those who sought refuge in UK from persecution/war/economic oppression". Don't make me laugh, they… @popthetiger @AnnTravers6 You obviously didn't wipe your bum either! 😁 @seahaze55 @NeilAston6 @pritipatel I wish people would stop calling them 'refugees' or 'asylum seekers' for that ma…