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Dog lover, animal lover, lifelong Baggies fan, fighting cancer, Brexit/Nexit/Frexit 🇬🇧🇳🇱🇫🇷 No DMs please.

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@sbd1704 @MariposaKnight I'm not far behind you John. 🍷😁 @MannersJack Oo! You are naughty! 😅 @gerardjasper If TBP doesn't win a seat tomorrow it is exactly because such messages. The FPTP system means that ne… @MarkW_1965 @AintSnp @NicolaSturgeon Disgusting. @FindlaterJake Who made the difference this evening Jake? @gerardjasper @Angela_C00k @GuidoFawkes I do hope it's not a hung Parliament and years of more uncertainty. That wo… @DrTeckKhong 👍 @DrTeckKhong I am sorry that TBP didn't put you in to fight Broxtow under their flag, it's inexplicable. You have w… @DrTeckKhong I'm keeping my fingers crossed Dr Teck, I shall watch the results with an optimistic eye, if I can kee… @GiselaStuart @LadyTyke49 He inspired me to study Biology at Uni. R.I.P. Sir, @errjustsaying If Brexit doesn't go through, democracy is dead. @Lord_Sugar It is a photo of a child on the floor of a hospital, I assume it is real. My questions are: 1. Who put… don't know whether I am looking forward to tomorrow or not. 🤔 I am determined to stay awake 😴 But I can't promise! @NWalesBrexiteer If Brexit doesn't happen, democracy is dead! There's no such thing as soft or hard, there is only… @errjustsaying The only way out is.... #CleanBreakBrexit @MofS_Legend @janekin24 @alanfromcardiff Thanks Mof, I intend to stay up tomorrow but I might fall asleep! 😴😂
@carlmarino1 @LtJoeKenda I'm watching you now in NL, well I would be if I wasn't on Twitter. 😁 @Mikes0011 @Brixton_Angel Thanks 😁 @Brixton_Angel @GrahamCoke I was out this evening and the welcome I received when I came home was humbling. I ofte… @ElinorEusceptic I know the feeling. 😁 @Brixton_Angel Oh! how lovely. My Rex is also a rescue, 6 years in a shelter in Bulgaria. I love him to bits, never… @ElinorEusceptic Elinor, it's 03:40 where I am and I have to decide whether to refill my glass or go to bed. What are you doing up so late? @ElinorEusceptic 👏👏👏 @Brixton_Angel Is that your dog? He looks scrumptious. 🐶 @Brixton_Angel Well done you; sounds like you care about your community. It's even later where I am, 03:29. I went… @HackedOffHugh Oh! FFS sake! Just FO will you! I really do despise luvies, they are so, so, so, obvious. @Brixton_Angel Good heavens, you're up late BA. @29MarchBetrayal @max_thinker And for all that, the UK is not one mm closer to honouring the result of the EU referendum. I despair 😭 @derby658893 @BrexitDoyin @petertelford2 @Drtariqch @debbie_soloman @FlorenceJukes @tombewick2 @JulieAnnmaugha2 @JWalton12267995 @Gemini252868896 @Jacob_Rees_Mogg So what! It's all on computer anyway. If a supermarket can purc… @YorkshireBot I have a sneaky suspicion that the party 'powers that be' have muzzled their 'foot in mouth' candidat… @MrDiddy85 @Hugo20528059 I AM SORRY! 😡 This has nothing to do with race, the colour of their skin or which religion… @DVaugha49207961 Well said DV. All they need is 20-30 seats in the HoC and politics will change for good. Boris was… @SparkyInTheUK @EscapeEUSlavery @Femi_Sorry Who could ever forget @Femi_Sorry @EscapeEUSlavery Oh! Goody goody! 🥳Has anyone else noticed that certain politicians appear constantly on our screens and other politicians are signifi… @tomhfh * right to vote for who they like* Oops! Fingers before brain. 😬 @tomhfh FFS the Brexit Party wants Brexit and to #ChangePoliticsForGood. Stop going on please, the people want what… @jeremycorbyn Scientists?🤔 Oh! you mean Dr. Spock? 😅 @CandaerReynolds You are so right Anne. I look at what is going on from afar, I have lived in NL for over 40 years…
@BasedPoland @wrongthinkQC So long as he is deported immediately on release, the sooner he is out of the country, the better. @Jojones2762 @iandale I read this morning that it was faked but the BBC are treating it as a real incident. 😡 As fo… PL still talking about the 'baby on floor' picture as if it was a true incident. Did NHS staff do/allow this or was it a set-up? @NikkiStix55 I didn't really mind Nikki, I didn't fancy a wig so I bought a collection of beanies and scarves. You… have just watched last night's BBCQT. Is anyone else dreading Friday 13th? Will I be laughing or crying? Should I… @52_humbug Grey&green definitely. I am also analytical, did science at school and uni and worked in research for many years.
@BrexitBetrayed @hoylakewsnc He will have to leave the EU first; they don't allow countries to nationalise private companies. @tomhfh @haven1965 @LanceForman Unless there are BP members in the HoC nothing will change. The Conservatives saw U… @CyfraithEcocide @degsyroberts @HowlandRobin @HughFW How about Naz Shah and her tweet about the raped girls keeping… @StevieBrexit @Real_Union_Jack The worst thing is that she really believes she is clarifying Labour's position on Brexit! 🤣🤣 @ProperDemocrat @zatzi @BrexitBattalion Boris made all Con PPCs sign up to his deal, I see 130 resignations and a s…
@TPointUK As a student, I voted for the gang of four SDP; I suppose that made me left of centre. If I were a 20 som… @EscapeEUSlavery @joswinson She reminds me of a Head Girl I once new. 😕 @CindersWoody Shame... I was just going to ask you to come over to mine and do my ironing.😁 @JuliaHB1 Nigel Farage is right when he says that democracy depends on the losers accepting the result. Remoaners… @EscapeEUSlavery @British_Made Just followed too.
@DrTeckKhong Must be full to bursting after visiting (and sampling) all those places. 🍜🐟🍟 @Anthony00893020 Sorry Anthony, I must have missed you. I'm following you now. 👍😎 @IanAustin1965 @BenedictMPWhite Here's my take.... @brexit_dr @paulrey99 @EmmaJay62195268 @PappaMike2 @Tonypic1940 @petuniasforever @ZokaShaun @BrexitDoyin @paulrey99 @EmmaJay62195268 @brexit_dr @PappaMike2 @Tonypic1940 @petuniasforever @ZokaShaun @BrexitDoyin @DrTeckKhong Good luck Doc, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. 👍😊 @SueWhitaker11 Oh! Please let it come true. @NicolaSturgeon
@higgyboson @WaterAidUK @DavidLammy How many billions have African countries received in aid over the years? They a… @andybrexiteer @adamboultonSKY I vote for the dogs. 👍🐶 @2tweetaboutit I would point out that more Scots (1,018,322) voted to leave the EU in 2016 than voted for the SNP (… @brexit_dr @paulrey99 @EmmaJay62195268 @PappaMike2 @Tonypic1940 @petuniasforever @ZokaShaun @BrexitDoyin @EscapeEUSlavery A few months ago a Pakistani actress visited Bradford for the first time. She said that she felt a… @BrexitPartridge @jamesfogarty2 Have you seen the price of tatts and piercings these days? @paulrey99 @EmmaJay62195268 @brexit_dr @PappaMike2 @Tonypic1940 @petuniasforever @ZokaShaun @BrexitDoyin
@Spell_of_Desire @SilviaNewman4 @thejazzmanblues Yes. @IsabelOakeshott @JonAshworth I won't be watching. The haggis muncher Blackford is on and he has nothing to say tha… @thejazzmanblues @Spell_of_Desire No deal is written into A50, if no deal is the outcome then I'll be cheering from… @thejazzmanblues @Spell_of_Desire 589 pages just for that, pull the other one. It's full of legalities that binds… @cambschris @thejazzmanblues I don't because with FPTP no new party stands a chance no matter how many millions vot… @thejazzmanblues @Spell_of_Desire And it's the WA that's the problem. @Spell_of_Desire @thejazzmanblues UK is tied into the EU defence union even if we leave, and UK will still be liabl… @thejazzmanblues Boris Johnson's "Great New Deal" is May's WA without the backstop and he ditched NI to get that. I… @EileenTurner8 Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity.
@karenwales66 Perhaps the USA has a better justice system. 🤔 @SimonSutcliffe6 @ranger_samy @CorbynistaEdith There's not enough land to grow the trees on because Labour is going… @pennington_jr Sympathy James. 😘 I still miss my mum even after 37 years. Mums are unmissable. 😢 @darkfarces Suits you Sir! 😘 @JunkScience @NeasdenParade Apparently the Romans grew grapes in Northern England. @paulrey99 @WendyPuerto @3112Mel @BILDERBERG_GP @zombie_buddha @euspring2016 @AndySheppard4 @TrevorHoneyman @eath1223 @NeasdenParade If there's no CO2 all the trees and plants will die. 😥🌳🌾 @trustednerd @Fraserhealth "I want help" yes you do sweetie, but from a psychiatrist not a gynecologist.
@RosaMPalomino @fedagentmark I can smell it from here! 😛 @EssexPR Personally I prefer a nice QUIET pub, no TV, no loud music, no children. A friendly place, where you can h… @PatWill97926440 So why is he still in the UK? This evil man hates us and all we stand for; why has he not been dep… @cassinthewild @trustednerd @cpsbc_ca 🤣🤣🤣 my LOL moment of the day, thank you Cassandra 👍🤣🤣🤣 @marcussmyth2014 @angelauk1900 @HackneyAbbott @alantravis40 The only way to get rid of them is deportation immediat… @MattHarperUK @ThePenry @SocialM85897394 Still valid today. @JackCade1381 If everyone changes over to e-vehicles, where is the electricity going to come from? The national gri… @TrippyPip I watched his TV show and didn't find him funny at all. He must realise that the only people who laugh a… @MilneCharlotte1 Just checked Charlotte, you are no longer following me, apparently you are only following 15 but o… @PollsdotUK Oh! I do hope so. TBP with 24 seats would be a great 'foot in the door' to start changing politics for good.
@shaniquaotoole @metpoliceuk He's dead, Allah be praised.
@UKTwatter They are all fecking UGLY! 😱