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If you actually took this virus seriously months ago we wouldn’t even be in this situation..,
Retweeted by Victoria🦖Not me getting sick before my first day of teachingi got a license but i dont h🥑
Retweeted by Victoria🦖❤️❤️❤️ @Raccoon__Queen The TOXICITY in this bus is ASTRONOMICALI want a sibling for Bella :/Renesmee? Computer generatedEsme? A sweetheartRosalie? Deserved better.HOW BROKEN AM I 😭 MY CAT DOES THIS EVERY NIGHT @jackybotello Have you SEEN new moonBELLA?! TOXIC
Jacob? Also TOXICEdward is TOXIC. I said what I saidLook at how CUTE. 🤩someone remind me in a month when I get payed 😭 did Bella have two guys so madly in love with her and all I get is “I’m gonna call you back” and then they don’t @victooriavianey Thank you 🥺💘Here are some low quality photos from 6am
Also here’s the poster I made met some of my students today (safely) through a drive by parade and y’all I’m so excited to start teaching them 😭And she’s STILL making more money than you 😪 @PhilTheJOAT People get less for taking or ruining lives smh @marlisa_marquez Thank you Marly ❤️
But in other news, isn’t it kinda weird that Edward was like 107 in twilight and Bella was 17I’m not putting this out there for attention. I’m simply trying to show people that police need to listen to victim…“Victoria had every opportunity over the course of the week this occurred to tell someone and get out....” Yes, thi… was able to list things as stolen, she got in touch with everyone she could to help me. Then, she passed it off… said they couldn’t do anything about it because I “willingly” let him do this and the threats weren’t direct.… opened multiple accounts using my personal information. The things he bought with the accounts, he stole. I went… would try not seeing him or telling him I would go to police if he didn’t stop what he was doing, but I was scare… only this, but he was also very intimidating and threatening towards me. “If you try leaving, you’ll see what h…’m not gonna go into too much detail, because I feel like a lot of it should stay personal and with the people clo… hadn’t spoken about this publicly because of 1)the case being open and 2) fear of retaliation and embarrassment.… I’m a San Antonio teacher :( @MariTrill Put it in wet food! @AyvlisFlores Thank you 😭I quit. I’m gonna finish watching in peaceWhat if I’m not the hero? What if I’m the bad guy?Bella look. It’s a wormCan you at least watch where you walkDo you want to go? To prom? With me? @_valeriabanda I cringedIt’s the fluorescentsOh I’m watching twilight so I will be tweeting the dumbest/funniest quotes from the movie. Feel free to mute.’re asking me about the weather?
@DickReaperr ME WTFMy principal is making me present next week’s lesson in front of all the college prep teachers tomorrow and I am ~n… @arianaelena97 @NASA_Langley You’re out of this world 🚀 @esmexh Same lolAnd what about it 4, same headband.
Retweeted by Victoria🦖is it bad that my first thought wasn’t of going with a boy but of how much i wish victoria was still here so we cou…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖i- 🥺💘💔
Thank you! @OfficiallyMadii I’m obsessed 💘 teach my first class one week from today 🥴🥴🥴Twilight is a parody and nobody can convince me otherwise
Honey ❤️✌🏾
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@jomoody23 On the right side @jomoody23 I only have one too! @daisyanne6311 Omg how precious 🥺🥰 I have mine in the exact spot but on the other cheek!1 year ago, a white supremacist carried out a racial massacre, murdering 23 people and injuring 22. Armed with an A…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @LeenaSalinas I think one is rare 🧐 I think it’s like one specific gene that you need from both your parents (I’m n… anyone else only have ONE cheek dimple TOTAL? Like just one?? Because I do and I heard that that’s super rare.FRIZZLE. MISS FRIZZLEI really wanna dress up as miss drizzle for Halloween (even if it’s online) @KJ_Shoe Thank you so much! I’m definitely gonna follow 😌🥺 @KJ_Shoe Oooh okay thank you! @DahCheesyOne Thank you!! ☺️They’re not all overwhelming like that top one I promise @Raccoon__Queen Thank you! 🥺💙If you were a 6th grader would you think this Dino PowerPoint was lame? Be honest 🥺 (or would you say it’s lame but… obsessed with seven by Taylor SwiftOne year ago, we lost 23 lives. We gained 23 angels. #ElPasoStrong Music: @thegreatkhalid
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Love you to the moon and to Saturn @gryffinwhor3 His tik toks are so wholesomeI wanna be friends with lil yachtyAfter 99 selfies I realized that the beauty of the soul is more important 💔
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @ChecoJr13 @_valeriabanda It’s the pinned tweet being a stolen joke (from me) for me*who have hmu in the past two weeks*Not the boys who have hmu and then posting their girlfriends today....
From the polls to the podium, #Barbie knows that girls are made to lead. #Barbie2020 #YouCanBeAnything
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @_valeriabanda Stop ithe post “i miss her” and all 13 of us feel special
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @gryffinwhor3 OMG I will when I get to that lesson lmaooooMe? Using Twilight to teach my lesson on similes?? Even though my students have probably never seen it??? Yes, that’s me
Introverts preparing to say “here” during attendance
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @DickReaperr Sir
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@kariinacaldas Even if it was a cyst WHY would he say to just let it drain omg. I had a huge cyst with constant ble…
@tamu_justin1914 Lol it’s okay!! @tamu_justin1914 Let me know if this works! help 🥺’s crazy how this hurricane won’t be heard about nationwide because it’s in the valley. How the valley won’t get…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @Simmango When my account is on private but he still went through my profile 😍A single father of ✨no kids✨
“If I had to choose three people to go into the zombie apolcaplyse with me, I’d choose the Rock, because I’ve seen… went from paying $389 in cstat to close to $1000
They really said