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I apologize @_valeriabanda
*at work* Manager: “did you hear that Madubuike isn’t playing in the bowl game?”
“Leave a mark they can’t erase, neither space nor time”- HOV❤️
Retweeted by Victoria🦖Yikes you know me you KNOW this year has sucked for me lmaoooo but I still got my gold so what’s good???… @ElizondoEmma
:/ @_valeriabanda Jk @_valeriabanda Come pick me up 😭I came into urgent care for my ankle and the doctor looked horrified when she saw it and the nurse said “I’ve seen…
Day 3 of asking if anyone in college station has a boot for a sprained/broken ankle I could borrow/buy 😭😭He SAID what he SAID I ain’t done yet, sit back and watch your son rise, kick back and know your son set 🤞🏽💰🎨 NINK
Retweeted by Victoria🦖I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... We have the best looking football team...
I love my Bible as a literature class. @sarita_ysabella I should right? 😩 @kenmddavis’s a video of my ankle no one asked for My foot also reminds me of that one episode of thats so raven where sh… anyone has a boot for a broken/sprained ankle that I can borrow, that would be very much appreciated :( @ZachCalzada @Prater_76 @Keldrick_Carper @2wotails @bwhite5350 @TheKellenMond @d_robinson78 @bladen_reaves11
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My favorite messages’all literally an hour after I tweeted this, I fell on the last step of some stairs and my ankle popped and swelle… WRLD, a rising rap star, has died at 21. On hits like "Lucid Dreams," he combined melodic hip-hop instincts w…
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I wanna marry Jalen hurts*watch the big 12 game* Mom: “ugh I hate overtimes” Me: “we’re traumatized” “I laugh when I’m in pain” Mom: “ weren’t laughing last year after your surgery...” Me: “...I was literal…’d rather not talk to someone at all than have them lie to me have a funny joke, pls dm me if you wanna laugh
In my defense.... *kills your employee* UPS: “We’d like to thank the cops for killing our employee.”
Retweeted by Victoria🦖My mirror tells me I’m cute and then my front camera says sike :/ lol @almighty_adro TOLD HER THIS JOKE @evelyynbanda @_valeriabanda I TOLD HER THIS JOKE @MoneyMikeDude it
@MoneyMikeDude You know what... you can calm down. @sarita_ysabella @meghan_olivia02 just watched Remember the Titans for the first time and wow why haven’t I seen it sooner
Valeria sees “Burrow” spelled as “Burreaux” once @_valeriabanda @_valeriabanda So is twitterYou left your trechas in my car @_valeriabanda just thought you should knowThe hair 🥺 Zimmerman murdered an unarmed 17-year-old black kid in cold blood, auctioned the murder weapon for $250,000…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖Oh yikes, and all the people cheering for that too....
no one : dababy :
Retweeted by Victoria🦖Regardless of circumstances I still rest in my faith. A few updates have been added to my journey in this battle I’…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖If someone doesn’t wanna hurt you they won’t 🗣 and if they’re ending things because they “don’t wanna hurt you” the… @_valeriabanda @_valeriabanda I can’t EXPOSE myself like thatshe’s not posting the full convo y’all but it’s ok 😗😗
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 infant so tender and mild
Retweeted by Victoria🦖WHY do I keep getting promoted tweets from the RAVENS Hi can I get an ice cream cone please McDonald’s worker: Are you in the right headspace to receive informatio…
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I’m sad hahahaWhy you bother me when you know you got a woman 🗣Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me 🗣Feeling: uneasy @georgia_2021_ I have some extra and they’re huge 😩 @evelyynbanda @_valeriabanda @_valeriabanda @_valeriabanda Wait that’s the first time you’ve said that I think @_valeriabanda I’ll start mixing @_valeriabanda I knew you were gonna reply hahahahaShould I make chocolate cupcakes yes or no
Thinking about Realizing you’re your favourite not their favourite person…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖🙃I would just like to say... every qb throws interceptions, not just bad ones @AlexGoodwinTSM Pulse is gonna be like 5 minutes long next weekThe last 3 and a half hours embarrassedThese lyrics are a mood during this game one: Me: “at least we have the cuter quarterback.... right?....”Should i turn the tv off yes or no the BRAND‼️ #WarEagle x #RidefortheBrand
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @sarita_ysabella That’s what I just told my parents 💀Yes, he holds onto the ball too long sometimes but..... have y’all seen our o-line...If you think it’s all Kellen’s fault that he’s the most sacked qb you really don’t know football or don’t pay attention to the right things.Defense WyaMond has been sacked 26 times, the most in the SEC. yikes.I talked too much 💩 for us to lose hahahahaWoah Ed chill out with all thatAuburrrrnnnnnnnHahahahaYikesTHE GATORADE THE KNEE @_valeriabanda
*cue Kellen chant*"Welcome" to Tiger Stadium 👍 #GigEm
Retweeted by Victoria🦖“AUBURN’S GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME!” ⁣ ⁣ Six years ago today, the legend of the “Kick Six” was born.
Retweeted by Victoria🦖The difference between Kellen and ehlinger is that Kellen would never be content with thinking that going 7-5 is do…
*watching football* Mom: “is there such thing as being.... excessive aggressive...” 😂