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OBJ helping put a baby to sleep on the plane 😂 (via @BenDaDonnn)
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“Put your face in the camera... my lil potato.”☕️
My last nerve Michael 🤝 @MoneyMikeDude Did you ask me to? 🧐 maybe they’ll appreciate my jokeFeeling: annoyedMy heart :( @WizMonifaaa Still undefeated
Retweeted by Victoria🦖I told Michael I had a joke and he didn’t reply so who wants to hear it
@MoneyMikeDude 🧢The New Orleans police have issued a simple battery warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. after slapping an officer on the…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖My prof really just said “my voice cracked so I’ll see y’all on Tuesday” @atxaggie07 Ughhh I needa go on a weekend @IsaihMartin Oop, did you get it to work? @_valeriabanda you weren’t CHOKING
“We also needa cut funds from the lgbt whatever stuff.” This man wants to run for student government... sir...“I don’t think A&M needs stupid classes like gender studies.” This is why I stay away from campus as much as I can.Beyoncé and The Weeknd 🧐 @atxaggie07 @atxaggie07 I just want real tortillas :/ @btate95 Ah I needa try them. The stripes tacos from home are good so I’m assuming these are the same !Where do they have GOOD breakfast tacos in college station :/ @_valeriabanda No it was when I FINISHED pulling all the online orders’t tell my boss really is my best friend
OBJ handing wads of cash to LSU players on the field after the National Championship
Retweeted by Victoria🦖If you think about it, LSU dedicated (in the worst way possible) their season to A&M and I think that’s beautiful.The first team in SEC history to go 15-0: @LSUfootball 🏆
Retweeted by Victoria🦖I told everyone I saw today that clemson was gonna get demolished and looks at this
My ankle has been spasming all day someone help I’m in painGuy in my comm class: “I’m a general studies major so I guess I’m really majoring in academic probation” @MoneyMikeDude a good first day of the spring semester 💓 @AnaiOdalys I stay up and watch Tik told or go to sleep? :/Meghan Markle
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I wonder if clemson knows theyre getting demolished tomorrowOh I wasn’t prepared for the last few seconds one: My mom: “You sound like you’re crying, who made you cry? I can take care of them. 😡” lmaooooI really should’ve kept wearing my air cast boot because now my ankle pain is radiating up my leg and my ankle is g… my mom is cancelled“Your friend declares for the nfl draft! How do you feel?” “The real question is how do ~you~ feel? You’re naming your kid after him.”I dont know how guys can be so proud of cheating. Like... showing off that they cheat... with no remorse ...
Oh it’s a look
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @crocin_n_rockin You look so good!These aren’t just immigrants, they are REFUGEES fleeing from their countries because of extreme hardships. This is…“You’re socially awkward a lil but you’re funny”
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I can’t wait to coach my kids’ flag football teamFriends that check up on you >>>>
Retweeted by Victoria🦖imma 2020 president candidate
Retweeted by Victoria🦖I’ve been saying I don’t like them but I still want them to win the natty bc they deserve it :/
Blessed blessed blessedYou can lift people up without tearing others down 🗣 @UncleKobe1
Jeremiah 29:11. Thank you Aggieland for all the great memories. 👍🏾
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Retweeted by Victoria🦖Go Dawgs and God Bless
Retweeted by Victoria🦖My mom is so cute 🥺 it bad that I fell in love with his character in uncut gems | @Boeing 737 passenger aircraft crashes in #Iran after take-off
Retweeted by Victoria🦖They’re ~udderly~ amazing
If he’s no good for you then choosing to live a life by his side will mean choosing to live in an endless version of hellTwitter 👋 I run a small 3-year old boutique based out of Houston ( sourcing affordable, dar…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @darreningrm Stop itHe got too much dip on his chip still can’t bring myself to watch the LSU episode of the Pulse for fear of second hand embarrassment.
@cashmoneykyra I’m taking roblyer too and I tried setting my account up and I had to pay $25 :-) @cashmoneykyra Is this for 231 with roblyer?Roll tide 4 Life 🖤
Retweeted by Victoria🦖After a legendary career with Alabama, Tua Tagovailoa announces he will enter the 2020 NFL Draft.
Retweeted by Victoria🦖Tua Tagovailoa announces he is foregoing his senior season and declaring for the 2020 NFL Draft.
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @sophirroman Do these count :/ He’s so abrupt I’m upset💀💀💀 @Simmango ....oh..... I guess it works both ways :/ but yours sounds betterI have a joke..... Stamp me on a penny and call me Abraham cuz we’re not Lincoln .....
@atxaggie07 my new followers from the #TAMUFollowTrain. Let’s never forget this iconic moment. missed the beginning of the #TAMUFollowTrain but I’m here now. Howdyyyyyy smiles in 2020. 🌎 NINK
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We'll just leave this here...
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For context: I had my Fallopian tube removed last year smhShe’s walking back to college station also wanna know why it can’t look like this everyday, I colored it after I took this pic but you can’t tell a difference :/Hi, look at my hair asked how to turn on her ringer on her flip phoneThe guy helping us (Jose) went to the back to print things and they asked if he was on lunch because he was taking… they just asked for a secretaryBro these old yt ladies at the phone store are throwing a fit because the employee is taking too long with usBREAKING UPDATE: Jonathan Kirk, AKA #DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) has officially been arrested by @MiamiPD on a battery c…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖 @_valeriabanda I guess you’ll never knowI get to see Valeria tomorrowand all of this for a love that turned out to be hatred
I saw someone post a caption “Day 1 of 365” but there are 366 days in 2020 :/PLEASE read the story. Poverty plays a big part in this story. So, when you say these kids should just be happy wit…
Retweeted by Victoria🦖What it’s like to live in the 956