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@Charlenearcher3 We're so sorry for your disappointment, Charlene. We've shared your experience with our team. @madisonsnell We love the way you shop, Madison! Enjoy! 💋 @Fit_not_Skinny Sport isn't going anywhere, Alison! ;) @NomadicMuva Enjoy all of your new goodies, Chelsea! ♥ @demonicaz1 We will let our team know you would love to see your favorites return! ♥ @SkylarSkywalker We apologize for any disappointment caused and we will be sure to share your feedback, Skylar. We appreciate your comments. @SCHOENAMYYY We're glad that we were able to get you fitted and we hope you're comfortable! @JoshuaVeracruz2 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working to get to the bottom of this immediately. @JoeLetsPlay Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working to get to the bottom of this immediately.
@ThassKen We've let our team know you'd love to see our 10/$35 panty offer again soon! @CheryDooWop No worries, Chery-Anne! More great deals are on the way. Stay tuned for updates! ❤️ @el_duq01 We've been sure to share your feedback with our team regarding last nights flash sale, Elle. @A113Jessic We'd like to learn more, Jessica. Please DM us with more details! @kiwi87733 We'd like to learn more! Please DM us with your purchase details (store receipt barcode number/order num… @RoechelleFoley We love hearing from our fans and appreciate your feedback on packaging, Roechelle! We've shared yo… @JoshuaVeracruz2 We would like to learn more. Please Direct Message us with the store location, date and time of the visit. Thank you! @MariePUGINIER We are so very sorry for any disappointment with the packaging of your order and we will be sure to… @LuvBrandiiiiii We'd like to learn more, Brandi, and are so sorry to hear of your disappointing experiences. Can… @justa_coolchic Definitely a keeper, Gina! Loving your new collection! @natt_hp Our new Brazilian Panty style is a must, Natalia! Shop with you soon! @JoshuaVeracruz2 We'd like to hear more. Please send us a DM with store details, your first and last name, as well… in the blank: the best thing about loving a Leo is _______ @ahngelahh We're sorry for any frustration, Angela! Please DM us your order number, email address, first and last… @jazmine_quigley We're sorry for the frustration and are glad to take a look, Jazmine! Please send us a DM with you… @kenyvmichelle We're happy to see how we can help, Kenya! Please DM us details (including your offer code), and the… @aquarius873 We're happy to hear that you were able to complete your order, Christine. We'd like to help & ask that… @_kcbm_ No tears, Kim! DM us so we can bring a smile to your face. Thanks! @ShocolaateGirl The sale was everything, Cristina. Please DM us so we can help. TY @stanhiscurls We're here for you, Kayla! Please DM us, so we can help. Thanks! @hey_bethanyrae We're replied to your DM, talk to you soon, Bethany! @BuckvichMolly We'd like to help, Molly! Please DM us & we'll get you shopping. Thanks! 💕 @YellowMusic92 We know our sale was everything and we'd like to help. Please DM us and we'll point you in the right direction. Thanks! xoxo @ambiguously_bg We only want to see your smile, Brittney! If you weren't able to place your order, please DM us, so we can help. Thanks! @Sim1de Thank you for your patience! Enjoy your new backpack! ♥ @Cortneisays We're sorry for the frustration we have caused. We would love to help! Please send us a DM with your f… @karynnnxo We're here to help, Karyn! Please send us a DM with your full name, email, shipping address, and order n… @ohheyhann Nothing like a Panty Party, Hannah! Enjoy! ♥ @Allaboutnia_ Thanks for your patience, Nia! Enjoy! 💋 @Whitewolf05 We're so sorry, Jessica! Stay tuned to our site for offer updates! ♥ @LianMckernan We are sorry for the frustration, Lian! We love shopping with you so we're working on it as fast as p… @jackiereed6 We're trying to resolve this now, Jackie! Thanks for your patience! @MeeraNicole We're working on this now! @MissAnderson_26 You will be able to place it now. Happy shopping! @CharylD1522 Our Team is working hard so we can shop with you, Charyl! Stay with us! @LovelyTiff_ We're on it, Tiffany! Try us again soon! ♥ @lifeofjaneeee The issue is fixed and we are so sorry for any inconvenience, Jane. Shop now! @taylor_rose7 We'd love to help with your order, Taylor! Please DM us your name, order number, email and shipping address. Thanks! @iamFrankieBlair Keep trying, Frankie! We're working on it now! @Shumuriel_TV Stay tuned to our site for updates, Shumuriel! @KCates96 We're working on our site now! Stick with it , Kayla! @kenydee_cynthia Working on it now, Kenydee! Don't give up! 💋 @amanduhhhh425 We're working on it right now, Amanda! Keep trying! ♥ @Justmari199 We're sorry, Mariana. We're working on the site now! @thatbomblagirl We're sorry for the longer than normal wait! Keep trying! @bautp51 We apologize that the offers are being kicked from your cart, Patricia. We have shared your feedback with… @sweet_SYDNEY Keep trying, Sydney! You don't want to miss this! @lalauren18 We are so very sorry, Lauren. We encourage you to keep trying and we appreciate your patience! @Mel629_ We're on it, Mel! Keep trying! ♥ @KristenMaizon We are so sorry this is happening, Kristen! Which code are you trying to use? @validatemepleaz You sure can, Abigail. Shop the fragrance in store or online! @AnnetteLawless Sorry for the wait, Annette! Please DM us your daytime telephone number so we may confirm our records! @dbjxtnf We're concerned! Please let us know how we may support you via DM! @dear_tinarose We're sorry to hear that! DM us your full name, email, mailing address, and order number/receipt bar…
@gtaughtyou We'd like to get a better understanding of your size & fit concern! Send us a DM when you get a chance! @xGamer_GirlXx We're here to help! Please DM us your full name, email, order number, and mailing address so we may take a look! @2016tinkerbell We'd like to hear more about your experience, Nikkie! DM us additional details! @BreezeLovin1127 😘💋 @AntiFleek We're excited to hear you want to work with our company! You can find our current opportunities online a… @erica4627 We're sorry for the frustration. Can you please send us a DM? @shalyssamarie We'll share that you'd love more options in these, Alyssa!Make a statement without saying a word. #lingeriegoals @daliiiis_ We're sorry for the frustration with your order! We'd like to share your feedback on your shipment but… @RosieNicholls Music to our ears, Rosie! Thanks for sharing😍 @ruth_enium We're so very sorry to hear this, Ruth! Please send us a DM with your receipt information (long # unde… @Jovita1969 We'd like to speak with you, Jovita! Please DM your purchase information, a photo of the inside tag of… @CypheredClaire We're sorry it's frustrating! We can help you with your bra strap in your nearest store, though! @DrKRR2 We'd like to speak with you, Kristie! Please send us a DM with a photo of the inside tag of your bra, date… @MissBunny1998 You deserve to treat yourself😉 @stevenmgroves We're happy to share your request with our team for future consideration, Steven! @taylor_buehrle Yesssss Taylor, yessss! We love it! @sadeswilliams Sexy choice, Sade! 🔥 @AmandaMcLean We will be sure to add these comments to your experience, Amanda. @OfficialSuzyB So glad to be there when you need us, Suzy! 😘 @Kc7vwc Thanks! Stop in anytime, @TastyPCTV we'd love to help you find your new favorite workout bra! @justsay_kay We've let our team know you'd love to see Midnight Ivy return!
@BqueenRasta We hope you love your picks! 😘 @MrsClooney32 We're happy to review and update your marketing email frequency. Please DM us your full name and email address! @_suhvanuh_ We'd be happy to check on it for you, Savannah! Please DM us your order number, email and shipping address! @AmandaMcLean We hate to hear this, Amanda! We've shared your feedback with our team! @erikatorres111 So sorry for any confusion, Erika! We do ship to APO addresses, however, you need to shop from our… @CierraRose_01 Be sure you have the most updated version of the app, Cierra! Also, try shopping from Firefox or Chr… eyes. Full carts. Can’t lose.🛍️ @hanner_bananer1 So sorry for the experience you had at this location, Hannah! We assure your feedback has been sha… @Chanaynaayy Thanks for shopping, Chanel! ❤ @prettyandtall We think you need the Lace Trim Kimono, Mani! @WheezyNurse We are loving the prints you picked out! @sadeswilliams Weekend shopping trip = successful!
@ShanPir Enjoy your new arrivals! @Cuppiecake_Kris We hate to see that your reward was missing upon arrival, Kris! DM us your Angel Card status, full… @ChariseJeanine Because it's that good! 🙌