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the way she threw ghislaine
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperHorror movies stopped being good when they started being about your mentally ill brain problems and stopped being a…
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomperyou can always tell who grew up annoying everyone around them because they couldnt stop themselves from making joke…
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomper @catholicdad420 i'd like to think that it could be undone, but unfortunately i just don't believe that. also yeah t… @catholicdad420 it's a bit sick but i really do not see any alternative. i think not going back would lead to more… @GOPSPN2 pretty much all the corona posting drives me insane but this particular issue makes me nuts @loggedonanimal I think it's safe to say no matter what pretty much no one in any form of power has your best interests are heart @loggedonanimal That's actually a pretty good pointTwitter isn't bad for your brain unless you have no social life or other productive hobbies. Unfortunately that's half the userbase @Coochiebone I'm just gaming so hard out of my deep altruismThis is the hardest I have laughed all quarantine.
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperWe get it you want a semester off at nyu @freshlygrated YesAny public school that doesn't open in the fall is probably never opening again, definitely not as a public school.…
Remember when Disney clearly ordered a Hillary robot for the Hall of Presidents and then just ran with it and passe…
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomper @haramcart @KyleGunEmoji Especially youMaybe we wouldn't have le coronavirus if not for the freaking fundies!! @KyleGunEmoji I want to retweet this but I don't want to subject you to my moron followers lol
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperIf I see another "America still has coronavirus because we're all dumb hicks unlike le advanced Europe" post I'm go…'s no coincidence that all of Harrison ford's characters are bipedal. The actor famously likes to walk around on two legs
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperMatt pointed out to me that the posts on here have been so particularly bad this week because all the people from t… kids love thinking they’re living through the end of the world. We all are! It’s been happening for hundred…
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Onwards comrades! think about this tumblr post constantly
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Journeying through the New Jersey Marinara Belt @bobo_circus Well ur wrong!I hate any meme that gives people an opportunity to share their opinionThere are two wolves inside you. They’re splitting a 24 rack of Miller Lite, blasting cigs, and just having a good time
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperI'd rather my kid be sniffing glue at 16 than be an epic communist at 16
I want a crow familiar
It's funny how ppl are still posting when I'm not on here for a few days. Why bother
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperNo idea what Noam Chomsky said this time but based on who is upset about it I agree
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Crossover Ep
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomper @prettycritical I think it's that they have enough clout to be pushy and get a doctor to do things they really shouldn'tHorses fell off
It started as a joke but now I genuinely think we're ready for a nu metal come back
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomperthe cia fucking confirmed transcendental meditation, chakras, astral projection, manifestation, and parallel univer…
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomper @coil_boner Turn up!No shill but these tombow markers kind of go off for $12. It seems that a lot of people use them for scrapbooking a… this kind of sick decadent American attitude is why we have mcmansions and the cheesecake factory people used to tweet "let's play twinder" lol nothing good came of that I'm sure
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperSometimes people tweet something and it's just like ughhhhhhh we get itok i'm starting to think furries exist just because it's that much easier to draw animals than peopleIt's very unfair how only rich people who can't stand being around their kids for more than ten minutes can afford…
@RCarlsond I'm pretty sure I'd fall asleep in like two seconds attempting that @datashade AwwwwIt's hard to make the 'harm reduction' case for Biden when all of his ads and tweets explicitly say 'Donald Trump i…
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperIt's so funny that my dad's DND 2nd addition monstrous manual was my favorite book as a kid for a solid two years.… @0xA455 the nerve to call the owl elephant stupid! @peter__stern wow that's a particularly great illustration @ella_mayo_lmao hahaha he looks so unimpressed he has like the beavis and butthead expressionBumbling into the baby pod when I get up to get a glass of water in the night and shattering my child like a vintag… @bobo_circus aw he's kinda cute @perfect3dsphere ok that one is so scary @SeanRMoorhead hate when this happens to mepost dnd monsters a particularly riveting bit of gossip think it would be fun to play d & d online but like only over text @diffusioncolumn I need to read thoseThe best decision of my life was to stop forcing myself to read elevated novels about an english professor getting… Erowid, here is my Beer trip report
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperKomm, süsser Tod means Come, sweet ToddThey have a simmering sexual tensionguy patiently waiting on cyberpunk 2077 with 95 hits of acid in his freezer
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperMatt Yglesias and Michael Tracey should fuck
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot Stomper @0xA455 Tbh I'd never heard it before I think that post just captivated everyoneMy hottest take? Bernie Sanders is the real glizzy gulper. He's the throat goat.
@j_a_i_m_j_a_i_m sweating was involved @pun_guyz I can't decide what's the best part. Maybe including their zodiac signs.Sweating sickness... what was that all about? @floozyesq like they've come this far with you they might as well stick around @b1g_damage it always seems horrible but they're soooo funnySorry but I'm never reading the introduction to a book, like you don't have to tell me what i'm gonna read i'm just about to read it, chillI believe anyone can get a very decent number of twitter followers just by tweeting the majority of their inane tho… favorite erowid trip report was this one where they took datura and thought theor poor pet rat had been disembow… I am getting back in to quote tweeting because sometimes you want to spark a conversation with all your favorit… @TheStoicMidget Yeah I don't see how we're not getting frog in a pot of boiling watered into thisMy grandma shared this great story about how she was once made to sit outside all day at Catholic school because sh… @Good_Guy69 We were so differentLol @postposting1 I'd probably raise my kids in a cult if I found the right cult @Y2K_MINDSET What they did to New Orleans after Katrina literally makes me feel sick I can barely read about itEveryone on earth should do acid at the same exact time what's the worst that could happen whole covid lockdown business has really been used to piss on the corpse of America's public school system. I… with inch-long ponytail sipping thimble-sized espresso and reading tiny newspaper, "The Small Street Journal", with magnifying glass
Retweeted by Philadephia Foot StomperThe amazing race really had some great goth representation in 2008. They were showcasing goth excellence
@Coochiebone I love how he has to use this as a reminder that he knows more successful comedians never change Jake @0xA455 Invest in simps @Coochiebone Turn up!I watched the Louis Theroux special about stray dogs in LA and there was a scene where they were like, arresting a… @Speediest_Sloth What American left lolI wish Sorry to Bother You ended with registering the horses to vote :/Although some of the fashion choices...maybe rethink those