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#BlockFarRight #SUTR #JC4PM #IDanielBlake. Politics and railways, not interested in anything else, this is not tinder #ResistTheRight. #VChair and Treas #FiFrLP

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raised tempretures in the area, I appeal for the family, friends, relatives and comrades of this poor man, when dem…​.​org: The Minneapolis Police Officers to be charged for murder after killing innocent black man - Sign the… @BorisJohnson and your sycophantic followers. Keeping Dominic Cummings is ruining you and your party. Keep it up. 👏👏👏 #DominicCummings
Retweeted by Victor John King @IanMcEwan20 I have been rathee blunt today 👿👿. @realDonaldTrump Could you please start by terminating your usage, stop using the platform for your lies. I have no… @seery_o @west_ham_mad1 Nothing at all, I bet that #Covidiot was one of those hanging oyt in London a couple of wee… @seery_o @west_ham_mad1 I have no idea mate, just another loony tunes righty. Probably thinks the sun shines out of… @west_ham_mad1 @seery_o For what? At least he was taking #Johnson and #Cummings to task, haven't seen or heard any… @JayJay08752584 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. @AdamBienkov @redfag3 One question @AdamBienkov. Why has #Cummings not been charged with at the least… it was revealed that a further 412 lives have sadly been lost to #COVID19 in the UK🇬🇧, with the total amo…
Retweeted by Victor John King#Cummings and #JohnsonTheLiar can get away with breaking the #SocialDistancing and #EssentialTravel rules, the rest… down rules, although it was a "small" breach". I see so if you are rich and powerful like #Cummings, you can… Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules, Durham police investigation finds Dominic Cummings broke lockdown r… @seery_o You would not be the first in the queue for that honour Tim, I would almost certianly either be one space… @expressionessd1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. "Ooooo, it's the way you tell 'em" 🤣🤣. @JayJay08752584 Glad to be back, although I have no idea for how long 🤣😭😬😱. @seery_o WTF does he have to laugh about? To think I was feeling a vit sorry for him because he looked like he was… to pay rent bills food and live for a month. I feel I have been let down by @BorisJohnson and @RishiSunak
Retweeted by Victor John King @PookieGwanRogue That's brilliant, thanks. @FarlaneTeri Didn't see any of it. Thank god, my blood pressures high enough thanks 🤣🤣 @bilbalbag I just have done.the biggest scandal in politics in the last 40 years. #Cummingsincharge #CummingsTheLiar #CumGate No mistake #Cummings advised on these rules along with the scientists, who #Cummings and #Johnson have paid for…, I counted at least 20 in one large group, no distancing, no masks, no gloves. Why should they take these preca… and they have unfortunately died then he and all those who knew about his trips should be charged with… wrong, but it's not as if I have driven 1060 miles, whilst suffering symptoms. #DominicCummngs should not… is #DemonicCummings still able to work in the highest job in rhe government? We all know that #Johnson is Prime… @Paulbre24988621 Track and trace? What's the dick doing now? Is he going to draw the staff? @Christi64914989 @Gaynorann46 @MarcJohnMorris @MrsLandDB @Malfunctionin14 @nayright12 @susieshoes @Rosa_Red_ for not being around much yesterday, I had technical difficulties, my phone died for the day, it was a ma…
@irisstylosa @DiaDiGiovanni @shubert_danny @Jacklightsout69 @scaffol1948 @thrungeco @BornSocialist1 @ChrisPrice66 @GogoneJohnny @kidmago Happy Birthday young fella, enjoy your day, I know this one is weird but things will get better. @DiaDiGiovanni @shubert_danny @Jacklightsout69 @scaffol1948 @thrungeco @BornSocialist1 @ChrisPrice66 calls out US President Donald Trump, he responds - world news - Hindustan Times P…
Cummings sees himself as an anarchist His dress is to buck the status quo He prides himself in shaking things up…
Retweeted by Victor John King @BRUMSTOKIE @dawnsmith07 @rozzleberry @duncanpoundcake @MerryMichaelW @MettlesomeTeri @Hepworthclare @marie_kate2 MK, I thought you meant the Paper, I can agree on that score 🤣🤣5 words, 5 tags. #Cummings is the biggest Turd. @dawnsmith07 @rozzleberry @duncanpoundcake @BRUMSTOKIE @rozzleberry @celtjules66 @communicipalist @MerryMichaelW @DopeyNortherner @georgina09641 @expressionessd1 once in your miserable life and save the planet, turn the light put before you leave, thanks.thinking about, and what do the police do, absolutely nothing, no fine, no stern words of advice no f**king nothing… take a train trip in a few weeks. I mean if one of the governments chief advisors can flout the safe guarding… the rules once, he did it on several occasions. He drove from London - Durham, Durham - Barnard Castle, Barna… difficult as the virus mutates after every thousand people, meaning that we have upto 360 strains in the UK r… of questions for him, where are we as regards a vaccine, the answer is probably where we were in mid March.… Hancock says new drug trial 'biggest step forward' since crisis began Hancock says new drug trial 'biggest… arse he is.Article: Tory minister resigns over Dominic Cummings alleged lockdown breaches Tory minister resigns over Dominic…
@marsland_vicky @1878smigger @readwritegeek24 @GrayWolfBG1 @pughie1961 @garywilson2013 @sarah_davies67 @JayJay08752584 @rozzleberry @MLValentino1 @MaryAnslow @MettlesomeTeri @SaintOther @SJG99 @GazNorris15 @marsland_vicky @1878smigger @readwritegeek24 @GrayWolfBG1 @pughie1961 @garywilson2013 @sarah_davies67 @Rosa_Red_ @icepam @DianaEverington @jowithel @andysearson @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @ComradeGeordie @TrashMcNish @unclehohoho @Simplyart @NickBirch67 @nickylabour4eva @alanweaver1957 @VanessaFiji @mitchx36 @WatchSprings @AndyTay60536072 @cal57carole @KtBt32 @EmmySL @PatsyGroomer @Smedley_Butler @Jencuffe @trytotrybot @mrplannings @DrLizochka @Maxxiimmu @paddypix @ToHarassing @Newnorpk @PeterSharpley3 @SenJustice4 @Battersby1888 @TuckerClemens @1878smigger @readwritegeek24 @GrayWolfBG1 @pughie1961 @marsland_vicky @garywilson2013 @sarah_davies67 first list for a week, I found myself something else to do. @JayJay08752584 @rozzleberry @MLValentino1
@upsadaizy @GazSez @DanielFooksArt I'm using a sketch pad right now, I'm considering cardboard or some other sort of media though. @RedbirdEl I don't think I'm ever going to be as good as Wallace, but I do enjoy learning new things, I think this… @GazSez @upsadaizy @DanielFooksArt Erm, I don't think anyone would like that, I'm enjoying learning a new skill tho… @upsadaizy Oh yes, it took me all day but I enjoyed doing it. What I'm waiting for is to find out if people actually like itNearly the finished article, taken all day but I've had fun, hope you have looking at my first look at the artistic… thought I'd let you know what I've been doing today, tried Tracing Paper, came out not to bad. Well here's the…
@GeneRuane @garywilson2013 Nah, my sister wouldn't like that 🤣🤣🤣 @garywilson2013 Exactly right 🤣🤣🤣 @garywilson2013 Wow, does that mean I can go out and buy a padlock for under a pound, now, what to use it for????? @AndyStill11 Ah, thank you comrade, I'll watch that later, I still think that maybe there could be other words used. @dyson123 Certainly could, "Arrest", "Caution" or even "Slow" or "Speed", I think the word "retard" should be consi… @AndyStill11 Yes, but it is a bit odd isn't it?Just watching plane landings on youtube, can someone tell me why flights computers call their pilots retards? Give…
@K4Owen @mariecountryman Where the heck did you dig that up from 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @K4Owen @mariecountryman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anyone know if LNER are running the last of the 800, 801 and 802's in yet. I would have thought right now would be… @Nigel_Farage 60,000+ people have died in this country & all your bothered about is people fleeing from awful condi…
Retweeted by Victor John King @briantylercohen Oh yeah, unfortunately I will be asleep, it's 01:30 in the UK, I just have to read them tomorrow,… @TeaPainUSA @artytrace He might want to control it all, but I doubt it'll ever happen, there are plenty of countrie… @GavinWilliamson Three little words with the meaning big trouble for you Mr "Russia can shut up and go away" Willia… @KevinPascoe Same here. @JonesCitizen @OfficialSting I hope so, I love that tune it's a classic. @ian_ibbotson @Gaynorann46 It was always going to happen mate, as soon as #BorisTheButcher relaxed the rules, you c… @KevinPascoe I think she might have found hers on the back of a cereal packet, seriously though she has a point too… @FlewNest @dawnsmith07 Wouldn't want to swim with those either. Not as naughty as salties but they still pack a nasty punch. @FlewNest @dawnsmith07 When you said "crocs" I thought you were talking about the big ones in Northern Territories… @dawnsmith07 @FlewNest Yep, 10 stitches later, a scar that would've made Ghengis Khan throw up and it was done, bit…
@JonesCitizen @BenJolly9 @joane_cleminson @TheAngryLeftie @ysbryd1 @TuckerClemens @CllrKhalilAhmed @JadeMartin57 @FlewNest @dawnsmith07 This was 22 years ago, different times mate, different times. When I went in 2015, I saw peo… @neilhdg @pancakeson 👍👍👍👍. I have to say that I totally agree with you on that score, at this moment I would take a… @FlewNest @dawnsmith07 Oh believe me there is, taking glass bottles onto a beach should be made illegal, went to Au… @dawnsmith07 I never promised to actually swim there, my guess is it's a bit like Ulswater in Keswick. I hate to be… @JackieKane Thank the almighty for that, I don't think with a picture of #DemestosDonnie I saw on Instagram, the… @DiaDiGiovanni @ljk5001 @mrsmaile27 @djcsafc @NathandeGargoyl @jimbo1YNWA @dgsbelfast @rachelathecoast @kazzacoey @jameshirst91 You what, I wonder if he's heard of #PaediatricInflamationSyndrome, can strike a child 4 w… @dawnsmith07 Hope it was warm enough for you Dawn? Not doing that round here yet, might go up to Lytham next month… @JackieKane They still doing that, WTF, all those people, the bands I mean mingling together, one cough or sneeze a… @JonesCitizen @BenJolly9 @joane_cleminson @TheAngryLeftie @ysbryd1 @TuckerClemens @CllrKhalilAhmed @JadeMartin57 @DiaDiGiovanni @ljk5001 @mrsmaile27 @djcsafc @NathandeGargoyl @jimbo1YNWA @dgsbelfast @rachelathecoast @superhotbitch They will learn, looks like they're on for learning the hard way. When they get admitted to hospital… @scot_tigger @littlemeanj9 @DiaDiGiovanni @Karlmsteel @kirk1984 @Stephen888WTF @scooternan @Tootieruti @vivpasta @McgrottyJock @daxxdrake @edwardpoole1975 @CelticCat5 @MikeHig85656631 @maspatel01 @duncanpoundcake @BRUMSTOKIE