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Victor John King @VictorK43995989 Proud Prestonian and Lancs Lad

Ex Labour, against all forms of descrimination, not looking for anything else but politcal and railway talk, Thanks.

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@4joturner @unojen_wood @SputnikInt Wouldn't surprise me #AgentOrange can't even play golf properly, cheats at everthing doesn't he? @WSJ It does not matter how old you are, where you come from or any other thing. If you take part in the massacre o… pray for Nikki. She's suffering a severe hardship and needs our support.
Retweeted by Victor John KingWhile Boris wants all our kids to return to school, Eton of course will remain closed, why, because A Study has fou…
Retweeted by Victor John King @Think_Blue_Sky Good night fella, sleep well. @unojen_wood @SputnikInt You what? I am desperately trying to understand that one, but it is another head - wobble… @PaulOnBooks @Yantofullpelt33 I would rather habe all my teeth pulled without the use of aenesthetic than listen to any of those muppets.Call me cynical but seeing Gavin Williamson claim, late on Sunday night, that it's safe to send kids to school, see…
Retweeted by Victor John King @Welshsprout Yeah man, some of that is really good, you don't get lightening without the thunder, do you? @Welshsprout Not heard a peep where I am, not seen lightening, was down at the station with my new camera ealier, j… @Welshsprout Sorry, didn't sleep well last night, to bleeding hot, not even heard a rumble of thunder here. @Welshsprout Light snow? I have no snow here, maybe a little rain and hail. @irkenz @TemeculaRises @Scott_5D @garym27 @vegix @crzyfkinworld @sergeivote @polarsprite @SKVL75 @PetraMcCarron2 @mariecountryman @YouTube @KittyBhagat @lilith2u @mellors_karen @Patrick63104016 @Jankowski60 @k4_owen @Patrick63104016 @eldertine @dsue1441_re @RedEyedSprite @PhillipsBarrie @tinakalinen @DiaDiGiovanni @LauraAlvarezJC @kooliegirl @Wear_a_Mask_now @stephen_fryar @bad_pooky @Fix8d2020 @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @Sonya_TN @JustinSwartz63 Never been mate, but you have a lot insane PM, the Candians I have met have been excellent and the… @Wear_a_Mask_now @bad_pooky @kooliegirl @stephen_fryar @Fix8d2020 @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @Sonya_TN Railfreight livery, good job I didn't go to Carlisle on Saturday, they're kicking people onto trains after an… not been on here much today. I did actually get dpwn the rail today, just went to take some photos. Not on th… @BerwickBabs @SamBell43371625 @SueBarnish @0Calamity @jillychapman @simonmaginn @Hardeep216 @morrispexmouth @Wear_a_Mask_now @bad_pooky @kooliegirl @stephen_fryar @Fix8d2020 @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @Sonya_TN
Please sign & RT this petition, it means a lot to me: via @38_degrees @ElRaynerista Melbourne Demons are my mob, must be a glutton for punishment though, it must be like the feeling you… @dawnsmith07 @ThoughtfulKind @irisstylosa @chelleryn99 @gletherby @purr121 @Ajaywillow1 @0Calamity @blunted_james @boldee101 Nah, YouTube, Anzac Day game 2016, Essendon v Magpies. I only watch it because I don't really understand… Rules Football on a Sunday, nothing like it. Essendon Vs Collingwood (Magpies). By tge say you should see th… @allmodcons79 @tinakalinen @mellors_karen @DiaDiGiovanni @manyiel_Malua @MalualSunday @garywilson2013 @dawnsmith07 forgot one, @KevinHIpoet1967. @TheDryhtscipe @upsadaizy @ValkyrieRising @ValleysCommando @vamroses @verydanimary @violetanne22 @Wesomek @wilde ❤️❤️ @mellors_karen @DiaDiGiovanni @manyiel_Malua @MalualSunday @garywilson2013 @dawnsmith07
Retweeted by Victor John King @tinakalinen @mellors_karen @DiaDiGiovanni @manyiel_Malua @MalualSunday @garywilson2013 @dawnsmith07 @k4_owen @mariecountryman @TheScandiLady @OztVC @JohnCoburg @Wispy_Deciduous @juliefehr @maddow @TetleysTea @BlueVotr @DebbieH82199108 @Keannu30176227 @whitelm690 @phonesmum @erlingirl3 @HallinTed @kleinruth1 @lkbNYC @askuptowngal @plawler610 @Wopat7 @michellescanla1 @BarryContrary @AmberBunnell2 @Crystal85087337 @JohnsonLegal @Bozzyman @mhorton779 @CosmicActorVist @Topisue56 @Londebabes @ttfn0104 @alderfalcon @ClancyTheCarrot @jhgurf @ndionne2020 list 9/8/20. @DermotMahoney @MailNihilistic @noneejudi @bertytrouser @jo52120843 @karl_mercy @KevinHIpoet1967 @mellors_karen @DameLozza @fardos @davmidd @ElaineDyson1 @SkyeCityAuthor @SariellaHerself @NigelKi15345343 @VeteranVal Not on the Shreddies I trust, but also a good choice. Barbecue tomorrow in the back ya… @AmberGoth @mellors_karen @DameLozza @fardos @davmidd @ElaineDyson1 @SkyeCityAuthor @SariellaHerself @Greyfalcon6
@LeftWingKim @ArgyleLoz @SueBarnish @Christi64914989 @cool_grandad @KSwiz @jowithnoes @stimmopaul1 @Noundela @VeteranVal I had a very acceptable Beef Stew, not that you'll have the time to do it justice, takes a good 2 to 3 hours to cook. @EddyJokovich @GeeJayGill1 You should see the state of the UK press mate, you're lot are nothing compared with the… @LepapillonBlu Balls to the haters, you look like a million '£'s. @mi6rogue @LisaScher Another one, when will the party wake up and operate in the real world. Isn't the ghost of Cyr… @ctspeck @przemekg18 I follow decent people. @ctspeck @przemekg18 👍👍👍 @irreductible_Em @AndyPeacock999 I may be a little worse for wear, that sounds like double dutch to me. @sgtmiller1255 @BCOOL333 There's always making himself on TV both in the USA and the UK. Can't think if anything else though. @BCOOL333 Let me think a minute..... no #stormydaniels said not even that, golf.... no he cheats, wait a minute, st… @mariecountryman @lilith2u @Jankowski60 @EclecticRadical @KittyBhagat @Dennis_Lintz @mellors_karen @ictorlenk @Bill_C54 Probably about 7 or 8 months, I know lots of people who are waiting for the NEC election results and poss… @jacketrose86 Wow, you've been busy. I put 3 out on my alternate but nothing as long as these. @M0J0zWingz What the hell? #Trump should be looking at his domestic extremists rather than going after other countries. @LokiSkywalker @IanMaher7 @SaraCureton @BBCNews Oh come on father, the BBC reporting with 'Integrity' is like finding a dog that c… @BBCNews The south coast of England is not experiencing a full-scale invasion from a foreign power (even if…
Retweeted by Victor John King @andymills747 @suziegeewizz @jonnymorris It's the cleanest I can come up with right now 🤣🤣🍻 @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @askuptowngal @LocolopezNYC @BurinskasJoe @deminthered @noneejudi @CokoGay @RespectIsVital @RustyMark4 Could not have put that better myself. #NigelFarage is a #RacistBellend.I think young people are overwhelmingly realistic on this one
Retweeted by Victor John KingI’m not concerned whatsoever about several refugees risking their life’s to get here in a flimsy boat. However, I…
Retweeted by Victor John King @suziegeewizz @jonnymorris He's an idiot. @BrianHTweed @citizentommy Our foreign policy has been fecking dispicable for years and years now. Let's just get t… tomorrow.Sorry for not being here most of the day, I've been working on the other account. Has #DickheadDonnie been coming o… @shirleyhelliwe1 Tell me about it, I get my information from WHO or The Lancet, for local information I have to rel… @LeftWingKim @ArgyleLoz @SueBarnish @Christi64914989 @cool_grandad @KSwiz @jowithnoes @stimmopaul1 @Noundela @NiddrieLass Some people obey, some don't. The ones that don't will be the ones who end up with this disease, I won't because I use my head. @Rosie_wearamask @LocolopezNYC @TemeculaRises @CupofJoeintheD2 @DanieGirl5555 @phinandme @JulieFee4 @JoeBiden @LocolopezNYC @Rosie_wearamask @TemeculaRises @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @askuptowngal @BurinskasJoe @Patrick63104016 @irisstylosa @Christi64914989 @Ceris8 @carmel_prescott @marie_kate2 @SariellaHerself @Patrick63104016 @irisstylosa @Christi64914989 @Ceris8 @carmel_prescott @marie_kate2 @SariellaHerself @MayjustbeeMe @dawnsmith07 @marie_kate2 @scotlabnurse7 @carmel_prescott @redflag3rd @earthygirl011 @kirstensmum has and never will be like the flu. With the flu, you lie in bed for a week, sweat, cough, sleep and eat,… @beholdcosmicwav #Eugenics and #HerdImmunity at work my friend, the muppet squad need to grow up very quickly. @ArgyleLoz @SueBarnish @Christi64914989 @cool_grandad @KSwiz @jowithnoes @stimmopaul1 @Noundela @wrenasaurus, you muppets. prepared to take it on the chin like everyone else, god only knows when these present restrictions are going to… of play is as follows, as of midnight last night, we are only allowed to meet people outside, no meeting anyo… @SariellaHerself @wrenasaurus @AwakenUnite @jodithomas432 @Catheri22274003 @shamsherci @dallo100 @celtjules66 @equality0114 @jacketrose86 @LornaMarieDavid @BriansNewHeart @BrahmaGreg @natemax @iDGRic @ReesusP @Pleightx @SDDNP @loveisbrilliant @hawkins_carole @cool_grandad @KSwiz @jowithnoes @stimmopaul1 @Noundela @wrenasaurus @AwakenUnite @phinandme @JoeBiden @KingRezizt @ConfedofLunches @JamiJm @SKVL75 @kimiejohnson @GrandpaSnarky @Rosie_wearamask Stricter measures introduced in Preston Knew this was coming, I guess I just…
Thank you for all the good wishes I had recieved today. I cannot reply to every single one of you as to be frank, t… @julieelwood2810 Thank you kindly. @MerryMichaelW Thank you Michael, had a very good one. Needed a couple of new gadgets so they've been got. @julieelwood2810 Thank you, retail therapy in a couple of hours. @Patrick63104016 I know, but I think even on a computer screen you can't be drunk. @tynecat67 Erm...... not really, 750ml will do me, wouldn't do to be half cut driving trains half cit 🤣🤣 @greytranmere I thought that too, but I think he's back to two today. @GGMU1957 Thanks mate, got an interesting day ahead. @LindaLovesStoke Will do thank you very much. @afclhoratio Thank you. @ben_tagoe Nah got to wait for mum to come down, medication being delivered. @ODDWORLD2020 Awwwwwww... . @tisy47 My dad sent me some money so I think I might go and get myself some new tech, my tablet finally gave up the… @SusanDipsue2003 Thank you very much. @OriginalKooLaLa There's a bottle in the fridge with my name on it, not til this evening though, with dinner I thought?