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Victor John King @VictorK43995989 Proud Prestonian and Lancs Lad

#BlockFarRight #SUTR #JC4PM #IDanielBlake. Politics and railways, not interested in anything else, this is not tinder #ResistTheRight. #VChair and Treas #FiFrLP

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Shrewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2, Cummins again in 75 minutes, maybe another game for Klopps Liverpool.Shrewsbury Town 1 - 2 Liverpool, Cummings with a well taken penalty.Liverpool 2 Shrewsbury Town 0, first a header the second an OG.
@wolfie_biker1 @JCorbyn4me @CrawleyKylie @DiaDiGiovanni @HRHTudor1976 @LindenLyn @traciewayling @ValleysCommando @MerryMichaelW @malcspeech1 @bilbalbag @wilmadog09 @soopagaz @ysbryd1 @DerbyChrisW @stevewhiteraven That's me for… @morrispexmouth @TuckerClemens @carmel_prescott @mmusJu @welshgoldigger @purr121 @AllenLee76 @ukgeol @KevinPascoe @junemoore58 @MccarthChase @Ghostofpapa @jillychapman @CllrFiza @JadeMartin57 @CllrKhalilAhmed @JohnEdwards33 @tinakalinen @JohnFly76544564 @lfcsweeney @marie_kate2 @McgrottyJock @cannabislee @SimeLynn @JCorbyn4me @CrawleyKylie @sjohngreen @DiaDiGiovanni @HRHTudor1976 @LindenLyn @TracieWayling @ValleysCommando I promised this on Monday, was recovering from a 3:30am start on Saturday morning. Here it is.…
Been amiss lately with my lists, will put one out tomorrow, a wee bit tired after yesterdays exertions. Thanks to e…
Finally got out for a day today, went out and played on the big railway layout, tell you what, if there is one trai…
@DiaDiGiovanni @louiseleelee @TeamDawnB @CliveForLeader @Fowler555 @dhemps @Ms_LeFaye @bmj999justin @markgreig5 nasty out there, if you have spare rooms look to take in a rough sleeper for a few days, if not then try to look after one and other.UK snow forecast: Storms to smash into Britain as charts show SNOW BOMB strike in days | Weather | News |…
@mm684 @CllrFiza @DrAmirKhanGP @labour_bradford @Bradford_TandA @AbdullaLoula @VickJenkins @VictorK43995989
Retweeted by Victor John King @K4Owen Have done. @upsadaizy @susieshoes @NonnyHay @blazerunner @mmusJu @pocketrocket49 @TuckerClemens @ysbryd1 @derekhansford2 @geoffreylloydh1 Good luck with that one mate, photographic evidence will be required 🤣🤣 @ElaineDyson1 Happy Birthday Elaine and Happy New Year. Hope it all goes really well today, have a good one and don… not used to alcohol any more. I had a glass (well a double) of Glenfiddich last night and fell up the st… @JHartley1975 Thanks mate you too, we're fine if not a headachy l. @K4Owen Happy New Year Karen, all the best to you and yours, mother sends here regards too even though she won't ha… @DameLozza We'll be ok, except for my head, I had one wee dram of Glenfiddich last night and I fell up tje stairs 🤣🤣 @pocketrocket49 @choz51 @susieshoes @blazerunner @mmusJu @TuckerClemens @ysbryd1 @derekhansford2 @VanessaFiji @CoolJayne You too. Hope all goes well for us all. @JHartley1975 You too mate, be back properly on Monday. Family time, of great importance right now. @morecambemum @Hardeep216 @nharmertaylor Night Karen, off to bed now, just had my New Year glass of Scotch and I've had it. @edwardpoole1975 Hey buddy, I don't drink but I had my arm twisted with a glass off whiskey. @sarah53970633 I don't know why but I'm buzzing off a single whiskey that I allow myself on New Years eve. Have a g… @kindamuslim Thanks you too. @vince_rhodes Just havibg a wee dram to see it in. Glenfiddich, 12 years old. @choz51 @pocketrocket49 @susieshoes @blazerunner @mmusJu @TuckerClemens @ysbryd1 @derekhansford2 @VanessaFiji NEW YEAR TO ALL. Have a great 2020 and hope every little thing feels alright.
@RobShaitan @dawnsmith07 @Georgin36410016 @carmel_prescott @Card007Teri @juniperberry707 @RedWoman1552 @Hardeep216 @scot_tigger Perfectly happy mate, we got a last minute winner at home to Bristol City. @Pigpenned @elle4leather @MickLeatherlodz @LindaSayle @MichaelRosenYes @TomLondon6 This year is old, just about the… @Fihel @candylush @TonyLyons66 @dring_tony @TomLondon6 @IanLaveryMP @Che_Rebel_Rebel @XRebellionUK @drummergirl1971
relatives in other cities but there is no train service and coaches are useless taking 7 hrs to get to London and 4… peeps, have a good day today. Bank Holidays may soon become a thing of the past. I intend to veg out in fro…
I hope all had a goid Christmas, remember only another 366 says til the next one. @JonesCitizen @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @Ninnytothree @cleggy261 @shaz1440 @MoeyG51 @bobruss46 @CathyKirby65 @KeithJo87229451 @keithweston500 @SanjeevBanger79 @criptheirvote @joane_cleminson @Catheri77148739 @glynbmil @TheAngryLeftie @Pigpenned @TuckerClemens @CllrMohammadAli @CllrFiza @Shazzyrm @andyrumble @Patrick63104016 @goldy_marx @incorbynsname @LauraPidcock @GrayWolfBG1 @pughie1961 @Patrick63104016 @KateVasey @andyrumble @gaurangmorjaria @goldy_marx @incorbynsname @LauraPidcock @GrayWolfBG1 @angelaissa66 @Steam_Age @krustysghost @kazzacoey @sturgess_steve @thirtyfourpc @IamSWaGodKing @vamroses @dawnsmith07 @Banjomarla @Steam_Age @krustysghost @kazzacoey @sturgess_steve @thirtyfourpc @angelaissa66
@JonesCitizen @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @K4Owen @andyrumble @Patrick63104016 @gaurangmorjaria @goldy_marx @incorbynsname @LauraPidcock @GrayWolfBG1 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @KateVasey @andyrumble @Patrick63104016 @gaurangmorjaria @goldy_marx @incorbynsname @LauraPidcock @GrayWolfBG1 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @TonyLyons66 @incorbynsname @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @DameLozza @DiaDiGiovanni @IamSWaGodKing @ian_ibbotson @ScouseGirlMedia @DonahueRogers @karl_trotsky @DCKennard @dawnsmith07 We're just putting our Turkey Crown in the oven overnight to be turned on in the morning along with th… @CathyKirby65 @Catheri77148739 @ianwood5557 It's well worth the watch, in a comedy/horror sort of way. @Catheri77148739 @ianwood5557 You are not the only one, I never, ever watch it. Why would we? @edwardpoole1975 @SkyWithoutAnE @daxxdrake @kellydanceclub @linda_whyman @CelticCat5 @MikeHig85656631 @ComradeGeordie @cleggy261 @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @mojos55 @Ninnytothree @DylanStrain4 @SkyWithoutAnE @daxxdrake @kellydanceclub @linda_whyman @edwardpoole1975 @CelticCat5 @MikeHig85656631 @MoeyG51 @bobruss46 @CathyKirby65 @KeithJo87229451 @keithweston500 @SanjeevBanger79 @criptheirvote @CrispianWheldon @Steam_age @krustysghost @kazzacoey @sturgess_steve @thirtyfourpc @angelaissa66 @IamSWaGodKing @vamroses @joane_cleminson @TheAngryLeftie @Pigpenned @TuckerClemens @CllrMohammadAli @CllrFiza @JohnEdwards33 @katedodd3 Eve #SocialistAnyday list. @schrodingerssc1 @jbelfrost @hazeybowk @NickBirch67 @ComradeGeordie @mojos55 @Captain_Vad @RespectIsVital @sulaAlice We stand together and we fall together. Orwell was also right, right now th… @1878smigger @DameLozza @ToHarassing @Hardeep216 @dawnsmith07 @soopagaz @Rachael_Swindon @DiaDiGiovanni do you want to be the next Labour leader?
Retweeted by Victor John King @RespectIsVital @sulaAlice Not really celebrating, it's hard too. Just going to have turkey tomorrow but that's about it. @AcesWalling @DrAdrianHeald Well the receptacles in Morrisons were empty til I went shopping yesterday, one complet… @ne_grant @otivar55 Done most of them long ago. @FarlaneTeri Alergic to cats, Ben's hard enough. @marie_kate2 You got a cold over christmas. That's not good MK, that's usually my trick, just feel better soon and… finished sorting out the front room in preperation for tomorrow, I never knew clearing up after a dog could be so difficult. @jshannontreacy @mollymalone45 @SkyWithoutAnE @JacquiRogers2 @Maryann07704020 @sayeedghuli @Hyperfrenia @angelaissa66 Thanks, same to you and yours. @niceguyhomer You too mate, Merry Christmas. @karl_trotsky @DameLozza @ToHarassing @Hardeep216 @dawnsmith07 @soopagaz @Rachael_Swindon @DiaDiGiovanni @ElloVera3 @joane_cleminson Thanks for that. Have a happy christmas yourself mate 🤣🤣
@ThornyStem @HRHTudor1976 What? @TonyLyons66 This is what I call chilling out. @ajukes69 Don't think I've got access to 2. I'll have a gander tomorrow. @tweet_blues 🤣🤣🤣 @HRHTudor1976 Fairly funny right now, in a comical Horror sort of way.Anyone for Tremors, you know the old - 1990 Kevin Bacon film. It's fairly funny but also quite disgusting. Big unde…'s a free country @sainsburys - why sell under the counter? Too greedy to give up on a few pennies in the name of…
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Retweeted by Victor John King @ZoekGtto @TuckerClemens @TudieTomlinson @millietaz @millywhibberley @K4Owen @RJ_Phoenix16 @ysbryd1 @upsadaizy @healdsgreen Only ordered them yesterday, a painful New Years Day maybe.Looks like there are a few people out there who want to see me die trying my hot sauces, so be it. Look out for eit… @RedsVortigen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @vamroses 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @VictorK43995989 @LauraPidcock @GrayWolfBG1 @pughie1961 @celtjules66 @PlungingtonL @Icky_84 @mojos55 @incorbynsname
Retweeted by Victor John KingFashion statement of the year, but needed because it's fairly cold out there. @marie_kate2 @kathy121255 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just watching the animated version of A Christmas Carol, it's fairly good to be honest. @marie_kate2 @kathy121255 Sorry but no one is going to convert me, I think Sprouts came from the devil's garden. Sa…