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Imagine a representative of the United States government calling out another country for a history of cheating and… @JeffWhalen989 @reetamac Ok, Fredo. @JeffWhalen989 @reetamac Oh, Jeff. You could never put your hands on me. @Danchaon Please share the title if you discover it’s real. Please write this story if it isn’t. @BasileLebret It’s a flat circle.
Most people are just doing their best. And that is not promising. @casskhaw He’s just wonderful. @babssignal I love when she pulls out that whiteboard and starts doing math. She *flays* people with it.Georgia residents: voter registration for the runoff ends in FIVE days.
Retweeted by Victor LaValleThe 3 stages of giving critique in a writing workshop: 1) I’ve read the piece thoroughly and have ideas I hope wil… @DeanBakopoulos Great news. @AlissaNutting Nice! Congratulations! @paulGtremblay @SarahVLangan1 Then you’ll be crying for the fifth time in one day. @sarahroseetter @salpane I only meant it as solidarity. @DStone2RC I don’t know about brave, but I certainly appreciate the kind words. @connie_rotten How long ago was that? Do you know that intelligent people change their minds when they get new evidence?
SFWA has named Nalo Hopkinson our 37th Grand Master! Read about Ms. Hopkinson's body of work and influence here:…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @mythosfox *accepts both, happily* @EmceeReads I hear you. And I actually am happy to see them. Them showing up for each class offers me a boost, too. @EliyahuDorje Wow. Impressed you made it through! @debdef @asfmag Hey! That’s great. Glad you liked. I was sorry to miss the rest of the fun. @OldManNamedFudo You, too. @RAforAll Oof. That’s no joke. Good luck! @mat_johnson He had a way with words.5 minutes before my zoom class: “I am about to collapse in stress and tears.” Class starts: “Hello, everyone! Happ… If God wanted us to survive COVID he should’ve sent us a sign. God: I sent you fucking masks!! @BlakeBaileyOn 20 million hidden Trump votes are sitting in a vault right in the middle of town.The past four years have shown us how precarious our democracy-adjacent system is. It's time to make the U.S. more…
Retweeted by Victor LaValleToday is pub day for Ambergris, hardcover omnibus of my novels City of Saints & Madmen, Shriek: An Afterword, and F…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @jeffvandermeer That was one of my first reviews in a major publication. It was so much fun to write about such a s… @JIJennings Really enjoyed that as a theme of the movie. @NancyHightower Yes! @bkjwordplay know he talked all kinds of shit, but I still loved Buggin Out. @Googs67 Ever single one? @trslzr @SwanRiverPress That’s not the Cabal cut, right?
Tonight will be a wild ride of technological gymnastics & brilliant guests, including Jamaica Kincaid, @cpamzhang,…
Retweeted by Victor LaVallePercent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID: Japan: 100% for small businesses; 80% for large…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @ImaginesTigers @CinematicZodiac @feraljokes Thanks for reading! I appreciate it. @SwanRiverPress @northernbarnowl I can’t join in but I was thinking of the movie because of this episode of the Pro… @CinematicZodiac @ImaginesTigers @feraljokes This time it’s true though. @ronniemick @SwanRiverPress Peloquin is a beauty! @SwanRiverPress I also love the design of Baphomet.Dr. Decker. That’s it. That’s the tweet. @DanielGAlarcon Pretty sure the Statue of Liberty and the dinosaurs coexisted. Read a book, man! @sebdoubinsky @lilmissleexo @leah_boustan That’s it. The frenzy is *real*. @DaisyFried They’ll have to send in a screenshot with their hazard pay claim then. @leah_boustan I’m guessing—hoping!—some people just forget.Teachers deserve hazard pay for seeing parents walking around in their underwear in the background of remote classes.CHRONICLES OF THE APOCALYPSE: WRITING ON CLIMATE CHANGE w/ @GhoshAmitav @TempestWilliams and myself, introduced b…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @ellisromance They’ve taken no responsibility for anything , why break the pattern now? @toddyo81 It’s at Apple TV now. The season has already been green lit. They’re working out details with a very tale… got no advance. I had no agent. I have no marketing budget. I don't have a publicist. I can't afford Bookbub or…
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@JamesGleick That’s the stuff. @JonathanJanz @KeishaGaye1 Keisha, it’s no surprise you have the perfect analogy.The parenthetical is my favorite underutilized craft element. When used well it’s as effective as an assassin’s blade. @DanielGAlarcon The levels of joy I feel at the ineptitude and stupidity of him and his team are impossible to put into words. @bkjwordplay I’m just saying this might be a better pitch than talking about corrupt the two senators are (which th… @JDrimmer5000 Sadly accurate.
Can Dems just promise that if they win the Senate with GA they’ll pay every American under a certain income to stay… @TananariveDue Biden should send him a thank you card.
To give you a scale of the pandemic right now. This year will be the worst for homicides in two decades. We’ll lose…
Retweeted by Victor LaValleZin E. Rocklyn's weird, wonderful "When a Kaiju Falls in Love" is now in audio and narrated by @KeylorLeigh, only o…
Retweeted by Victor LaValleAuthor photo while wearing a mask. @chaoticute Bad home training.Apache people are preparing for a last stand against the colonial forces threatening Oak Flat, the lifeline of Apac…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @timjhennessy Damn good point.Retail workers on Black Friday as COVID riddled shoppers rush in.
Wow, gotta admit this was actually shocking to me
Retweeted by Victor LaValleHoliday special I would enjoy: A Very Cronenberg Christmas @sam_kolesnik Thanks for reading and for the kind words. It’s a great anthology and I’m lucky to be a part of it. @disorderedhuman My tweet is literally about being thankful for those progressive fights. I would be thankful if yo… for all those people who have fought, for centuries, to make the United States live up to its stated ideal… is hiring an editor and this might be one of the best job postings I have seen in... I don’t even k…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @NancyHightower @AuthorNinaPerez I’m hoping 2021 is packing a bow and arrow, one shot right through the brain. @CDOakes2 That is an underrated gem! The croaking voices at the beginning. At some point I learned what they were s… @upfromsumdirt @CrystalWilki Ooh! That is a damn good party. @AuthorNinaPerez Til the very last day! @LRGiles That is the foam inside a couch cushion, I won’t be fooled. @CrystalWilki @upfromsumdirt I am sorry, Crystal. But also, which album?! @mythosfox @timlebbon I don’t think Tim scares easily. @JohnLawMedia I never have, sadly, so I can’t argue this point. @RedbeardSamurai I sang that one to our kids at bedtime when they were little. It’s a killer. @timlebbon
Next year I expect to see a romantic comedy flick called OUTDOOR THANKSGIVING. @mythosfox Queens! @SwellDame This is correct. @Ned_the_zombie A great one. But they plagiarized the whole middle of the song... I kid! I kid! @upfromsumdirt @JamieFord They’d tear him to pieces in the first 30 seconds. @thewayback Thank you! @benjamin_oc Love that one, too. Just not quite as much. @mythosfox The. Greatest. @JamieFord Gorgeous song. Their catalog is *so* deep.The Trooper is Iron Maiden’s greatest song. I’m sorry, but this is science. Native Secretary of the Interior would go a long way towards the US finally meeting its treaty obligations to Nat…
Retweeted by Victor LaValleNearly a third of the nurses who've died of coronavirus in the U.S. are Filipino, even though Filipino nurses make…
Retweeted by Victor LaValle @GeeDee215 “If those cops need their dishes washed or clothes cleaned, why not have black people do that to build t…