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Missed all the drama? Binge the final season of #VidaSTARZ only on the @Starz App. when you haven't seen last night's episode. Catch up on the series finale of #VidaSTARZ now on the @Starz App! phenomenal seasons. One incredible series. I am going to miss Vida so much! #Vida #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZThey’ll never give up on each other. Big thank you to all our fans for supporting us since Season 1 ♥️ #VivaLaVida can do better. @VIDA_STARZ #VidaSTARZ #vida
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZThis is just what Mari needs #Vida #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZShe fought so hard to keep Vida, how could she give it all up!?! #VidaSTARZ down we’ve always been rooting for these two. #VidaSTARZ Emma, you don’t really mean that 😔 #VidaSTARZ rid of their Father's chair was a helpful process for Mari and Johnny. @VIDA_STARZ @chelsearendon
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZThrough it all, Johnny and Mari have always had each other’s back. #VidaSTARZ finally called Rudy out on his mama’s boy bs. #VidaSTARZ love the way Mari speaks. it’s so beautiful #vidastarz
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZI don't want to say goodbye to Vida right now ;_; #Vida #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZWhy, who’s asking? 👀 West Coast you ready? The series finale of #VidaSTARZ starts now on @STARZ. wouldn't be the series finale of #VidaStarz if it didn't have me in my feelings one last time.
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZThank you for going on this journey with us, hope this was able to bring a smile to your face or distract you from…
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZBravo @TanyaSaracho #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZGracias! Thank you for going on this journey with us during these 3 seasons of @VIDA_STARZ Love you Vida familia ❤️
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZSisters, para siempre. Thank you to each and every fan for supporting our story since Season 1. ❤️ #VivaLaVida @Hunilek She has bad timing. #VidaSTARZLyn stays cockblocking Emma and Nico #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZHow is Emma gonna process this truth?! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZWooooowwwww. Vida was protecting Emma?! 🤯 #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZGo fight for your love, Lyn! #VidaSTARZ is everything ❤️ #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZVida is always playing jams #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEddy had to be honest with herself and admit that her heart is still fully committed. #VidaSTARZ #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZWe were rooting for you, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU 🙌🏽 #VidaSTARZ is such a good dude #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEddy I'm disappointed. Tacos > Burritos always! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZI Love To See Eddy Happy ☺️ #Vida #VidaOnStarz #VidaStarz
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZBurritos are my favorite #eddy #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZAww I love Jonny and Mari's relationship. @chelsearendon and #carlosmiranda have such good chemistry together #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEmma proud about being compared to her mom. #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEmma dgaf & just went scorched earth on her father🔥🔥🔥#VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZ @OhGirl_SoFancy Not at all! #VidaSTARZEm Ain’t For The Games Vic. 🤨🗣 #VidaOnStarz #VidaStarz #Vida
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZ @MisterPreda acting in that church scene really touched me #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZHomophobia within pentacostal church. #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZWow did Victor really lead a prayer because Emma is a queer?!? 🤬🤬🤬#VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEmma’s not afraid to say it loud and say it proud. #VidaSTARZ Looks Suspicious. I Should’ve Known He Was Up To No Good 🤦🏽‍♀️ #Vida #VidaStarz #VidaOnStarz
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZUnfortunately, Emma’s suspicions were right. #VidaSTARZ at the church ?!?! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZThis felt therapeutic. #VidaSTARZ with the chair!!! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZ @Hunilek She is 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ #VidaSTARZEmma is ready to take Victor down! #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZTime to put pen to paper. #VidaSTARZ @VivianaSuavita 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Emma 💕 Nico #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZWhy would anyone talk about their mom while they’re having sex? Awkward. #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZLyn is done compromising what she wants. #VidaSTARZ are over! Yay! Bye Rudy #VidaSTARZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZAre you ready? Hope you got to enjoy the series finale. If not, it’s cool, take care of each other. We’re here when you need us. #vidastarZ
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZNot ready to say goodbye but the last episode of @VIDA_STARZ starts now 😢 #VidaSTARZ #SeriesFinale
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZNothing can or will ever change that. Watch the series finale of #VidaSTARZ now on @Starz!
Every journey has multiple paths, which one will they take? Head to the @STARZ App to watch the series finale of… @ColorOfChange
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Who was the original owner of Rudy’s mom’s punch bowl? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ was the name of the taco shop Emma and Lyn went to in episode one? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ is Lyn’s unofficial official title at Vida? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ was the name of Lyn’s Aztec lotion tine? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ job did Mari get fired from for showing up late? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ artist were the Hernandez sisters trying to meet at the warehouse party? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ officiated Nico’s best friend’s wedding? #VidaTrivia #VidaSTARZ say farewell, let’s play Vida Trivia one last time and revisit some of our favorite moments from Seasons 1-3. Ca… say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Things are heating up on the series finale of #VidaSTARZ tomo… will their stories end? Find out tomorrow during the emotional series finale of #VidaSTARZ @TinaFloresTX 🎶🎶🎶 moment I realized I was going to love @VIDA_STARZ was the minute I heard Selena be played at the end of the first episode. #VIDAStarz
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Vida went all out this season. Which themed night was your fave? #VidaSTARZ, our Vida fam is so talented! Thank you for blessing us with your incredible art 🙏🏽 #FanArtFriday #VidaSTARZ (I… your soul with this new track. Check out "Angel" by @angelicagarcia, featured in last week's episode, now o… direction is Rudy and Lyn’s relationship headed?How will Emma feel towards Lyn after last week?Will Eddy start dating again?Who’s ready to weigh in on our character’s growth one last time? Drop your predictions below, and tune-in to the se… course I had to have one last chat with creator @TanyaSaracho about the @VIDA_STARZ Series Finale. Will we find…
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Is it time for Emma and Lyn to go their separate ways? Don’t miss the epic final episode of #VidaSTARZ this SUNDAY…’s face when they call her an elder. 😂😂. #VidaStarz
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZ @julissaarce 😂😂😂 @cozymami_ 💕💕💕 @NoelSalaices 💕💕 @lina_navarra 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @theromancechica 💕💕 @moonswans 🙌🏽🙌🏽This #TBT got us tearing up 😢 In one word, tell us how you felt the first time you watched #VidaSTARZ.… sense of self and sisterhood have grown strong. Don’t miss the series finale in 3 DAYS on @STARZ. #VidaSTARZ can't come soon enough 😩 Your faves @MishelPrada and @robotika42069 are going Live mañana at 2 pm PT/5 pm…
It’s been one hell of a season. Before the series finale this Sunday, relive Season 3 with a #VidaSTARZ binge only… is the most amazing show to binge watch.....
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZYoooo i just started watching #Vida #VidaSTARZ why y’all ain’t tell me it was so good ?!
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZEddy is just so CUTE on S3 #VidaStarz! The moment she realizes Emma isn’t straight, the look on her face, is my f…
Retweeted by @Vida_STARZYou hurt, I hurt, type of love. #VidaSTARZ is an understatement. 😬 #VidaSTARZ