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community manager for @remedygames, working on @ControlRemedy ✨ plays toli on @halcyonstation ✨ formerly @rebootmag, @nanobitsoftware ✨ she/her

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@KateNV_ I'll look into some of that ty!!update: apparently you can't change the lot sizes in those types of lots or delete lots and place new ones (that I'… @KateNV_ oh congrats!! what do you use? @quantumdotdot I am!! I discovered I can't change the size of lots so I'm giving everyone at least one extra roommatenothing makes me happier than going to lidl and seeing that all the meat and fish I eat has been discounted 30% bec… @nakxar I'm making doenjang jjigae today I will beam some over @goodguygenc putting in the effort to eat well is something to be happy about! @KarmicSlingshot 2001: a space odyssey still holds uptoday I'm going to play the sims with the aim of making all of the flats in san myshuno (the urban neighbourhood) l… did @remedygames call it CONTROL and not Jung Guns?
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @quantumdotdot ahahaha oh yeah! @quantumdotdot wait howhave spent the entire day playing sims 4 have made less than 10 sims and only 95% of a flat. love this game @nakxar the cock bowl?
@TheCourtneyHope 🤗 @sinihilkka that explains so much, I thought the concept was just that they put random people in a house together f… @simymonna cute!!!! @sinihilkka I'm really surprised that in the very first episode of boys and girls in the city one of them was like… has to be a little directed ar least, riley? like there's got to be a time when the producers go alright you two… know a bunch of you are terrace house stans, and I'm watching it for the very first time so I want to know: is it… @ControlRemedy Congrats! :D Here is a quick drawing to celebrate 🥳 #control #GoldenJoysticks
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼It's time for #505Live, Episode 2! This week we're talking all things @ControlRemedy. Join us for the next 30 minu…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @yuuhaw vs. CONTROL (Part One)
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼Palpatine: Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Anakin: No Palpatine: I thought not. It's no…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @Bryonato why are you tweeting this when you should be proposingthis is so fucking funny I'm sorry got critics' choice golden joystick AND finland won the football. truly a good night myself fancy salad and a discounted-because-it's-expiring-soon fancy pastry to celebrate us winning an award… @GlamShatterskll thank you glam!!! @simplyjxn thanks so much! @heatherhearts thank you heather!!Remedy's Control takes home its own Object of Power, the Golden Joystick's Critics' Choice Award. #goldenjoysticks
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼Thank you very much to the @ControlRemedy community, too, for all the dedication and enthusiasm, and all the votes…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼It's a big night for @remedygames, who today received the Critics' Choice Award at The Golden Joysticks 2019 for Co…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼Thank you to all the critics at Golden Joysticks for choosing Control ❤️ as the Critics Choice Award. We got a stun…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼SO HAPPY TO SEE @RiotRMD ON STAGE AHHH <33333333333this means so much to us, thank you for this incredible honour! @PatrickDane @origamikid you're like neighbours right @origamikid former child actorfkfdlj when hollie introduced the wee dog I went OH MY GOOOOOD and my friends turned to me all like 'are you ok? ar… @samhughes88 oispaTHANK YOU FOR THAT C....ONTROL PUN LMFAOwatching the golden joysticks at the office! not as fancy as being there but it's pretty chill ❄ @AnimatedAnt @505_Games @remedygames @ControlRemedy @GoldenJoysticks give my love to everyone!! you all look great,… of golden joysticks so far are all the names they've called @origamikidwish us luck!!!! is soooooooooooooooooo crunchy I love to see it @HollieB @SarahWellock84 selfie! selfie! selfie! selfie! @SarahWellock84 @InverteBrett @Just_Ge0 okay checkmark @InverteBrett @Just_Ge0 if I am not immediately killed when someone else wins an award in a category we are nominat… @Just_Ge0 no participation awards you win or you dieCats from Northern Finland (Photo: Riikka Hedman
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @zavisnoslozena I'm crying I want twois #CrossfireXGonGiveItToYa anything or nahI was told it'd be nice if I shared these sketches of mine on Twitter as well! 😁 #StarWars #starwarsart #catmeme
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼✌️😌 at the office just said 'paska' in the middle of a sentence so I was like what does that mean because ahti… @MikeyDowling NICE! @yourpalclay you're ABSOLUTELY rightass, pizza, money. this is also a list of my priorities in descending order @sinihilkka ass, pizza, money. that's the name of my new mixtapeI think this is the best and cruellest segment buzzfeed do @RevRyeBread tell me about the gingerwanna play the stars war game @regresssion you already have my sympathy purely based on the fact I know people who run kpop nights and the absolu…
@regresssion no. hang the dj @regresssion play mommae 17 times in a row and keep turning it up whenever anyone complainsfeels good to not post any opinions tonight. head empty eyes closed can't lose @innesmck it's already a lot. please stay alive though!! @tofu_gamess bahaha it's the bad iphone front camera and also the bobbi brown eyebrow... mascara... thingy.... hone…'m not complaining at all, I think it's absolutely hilarious every time. god blessthat shadow of the colossus meme where the wee man is 'me trying to check my notifications after a new announcement… @krides noooooooooooooo :(((((( @Bryonato @ControlRemedy oh HELL YES!!!! this is awesome news, you and everyone in the speedrunning community worke…'ve had a very long day but sam porter bridges samantha america strand die-hardman sam......... lake...................?really excited for when we'll be able to share more about the #CrossfireX story with everyone! there's a lot of lor… @simymonna I love love love it thank you so much simy 💛💛💛💛💛 @remedygames okay checkmarkOH WHAT'S UP I'M NOT CRYING this is so lovely thank you so much aaaaaaaaaaaaa 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 GON' GIVE IT TO YA sorry I've been listening to that song for the past uhhhh day anyway look!!! VIDEO GAMES gon' give it to ya #X019 😉
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @Kahjahkins YAY @GlamShatterskll this is some of the sickest merch I've ever seen @Dramido I don't know why this made me laugh so much but it did @SarahWellock84 CONGRATS OKAY CHECKMARK!!!!video games are really really happening yallWe're really excited to share the game we've been working on in secret for the last couple years. Welcome to Drake…
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼OH MY GOD. NEW @molassesflood GAME! oh my god oh my god oh my god drake hollow looks AMAZING I'm so excited for it! #X019 @xtinaistyping huge congrats on the reveal pal!!! the game looks great!I'm also very....................... wary........... but hopeful at the same time............... much to think about!!!I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo happy I hope they do it well I can't wait to play this!!!!!!!! looks really interesting!! congrats on the announcement @MikeyDowling and @Obsidian team 💛💛 #X019EVERWILD LOOKS LOVELY AHHH CONGRATS @RareLtd 💛💛💛💛 #X019I'm every person yelling SKATE 4 in the twitch chat #X019Our BIGGEST episode of Inside Xbox ever is LIVE NOW! 👀 First looks 🤯 Big announcements 🎉 Surprises and MORE!
Retweeted by Vida Starčević ▼ @LucidFoxx sweet birthday baby!! I can't believe you're older than me, you look about 10 years younger than I am. h…'m eating a giant bowl of jjajangmyeon in my pyjamas and counting down to #X019 lessgeddit @goodguygenc you're handsome no matter what kind of face you pull and the sooner you realise that the sooner you can pull even better faces @goodguygenc like why would you stop. it's fun