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tiff rosenqueen. @video____game grateful dead valley.

'cause when the blood begins to flow.

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breaking with dianetics and scientology because i feel it comes from a hurt place. it seems like it's highly aberra… world outside the domes has neither anxiety nor hazing and the culture is very different, less cruel, less fick… have intelliged via my studies a world outside of the domes. i call them domes where plato called them caves. whe… world outside the domes is not restricted to philosophers or ascetics but it is promised to everyone and someda…, kensho can be arrived at via sudden insight and without the fruit of many years meditation. the world ou… engram is merely a virus and it is inconceivable that there are not individuals who manage to exorcise them ent… the world beyond the realm of the appearance there is only the soft bliss of her embrace and a dinner of pizza branded however you the world beyond the domes there is a perfection of the body that entails feet beyond pain and shoulders beyond… ghosts cause aberrations but these ghosts don't know how to be. these ghosts are nothing compared to the he… exiting the dome you will realize that your seeming death within the dome was an illusion, like watching an egg break. goal i should have, definitely, is buying a goal i should probably have is paying off my student loan debt.:) crushed it into little, tiny, bite-size pieces.the key thing is to get this job at wal-mart. the dream is maybe some kind of sysadmin job. i mean, that's a real j… becoming big as a streamer for playing dragon quest.the new modes in hearthstone seem good. too bad i'm too poor to be a streamer. anyways, if i did stream vgames, i'd… of book. lunedream stories are easy to make relatively. cathode raybans are sort of easy. max dollars stories are eas… is among the most draining things i've ever tried to make, but i'm keeping in stride.made a smidgeon of progress on the book today but i'm still struggling with it. it's like giving birth, kind of. de…"can i touch your antlers"i want to perform interesting math work with small integers.this isn't coming out for 2 more years, but this is what i would like to use my money from working this fall/winter… the development of this game, it's not important to program it from the ground up. i'd just buy gamemaker 2. my… i would like to do is make a short 3-5 hour game, then make a kickstarter revolving around funding costs of th… thinking about how cool a deal with fangamer would be if i ever made a game. i don't think i have any good idea… occurred to me that what i really need is a solid mascot design. this might take some time but i'll get back to… beer got me doodling idly
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.plan: step 1: work through the winter doing the night shift at wal-mart supercenter. step 2: build a pc. step 3: pr… there's no good posts on the timeline tonight. my posts:'m here to post.born in a landfill raised in a cave posting and roasting are all i cravemaybe i should get a job at third eye showed me a vision of working at wal-mart all winter.
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.forgot phone charger at moms so im going to be without internet for a while.last night I had this dream that I was internet famous posthumously and that all of my work had become very well regarded and I have these dreams I call dmt dreams because of how awake and intense I feel when im having them and the intens… stuck in this state where the clock shops are never open meaning time has essentially lost all meaning for me.#PuyoPuyo x #Nichijou Hakase + Nano
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen. as always, donations helpful.enjoying one.
my analogy for it is chrono trigger and dragon quest. specifically the time travel segments in dragon quest 5 and 11.was thinking about the temporality thing from peterson lecture on pinocchio and the thing about the clocks stopping…, in his stadium
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.every dragon quest game has a moment where it really "becomes" a dragon quest game. usually to get your full party… de puyo. make it so.exec 1: okay exec 1: here we go exec 2: what exactly did you have in mind exec 1: i know it sounds crazy exec 1: bu… feel sorry that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to launch near Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. They're not going to have a chance.
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen. @john_michonski having said that, i agree. a lot of the intensely subjective writing is "lol a big rectangle scared me when i was 5." @john_michonski you have to understand that the success of rareware and by extension, much of nintendo, as well as… @bugdaughter gta 4 is aesthetic.niko bellic should have honestly weighed like 150 lbs more
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.i had an n64 in the 90s. i probably ended up playing pretty much every platformer on it, besides mischief makers. i… did end up playing mystical ninja when it was on n64 in the 90s. it's a good game, but at the time i was more int… do eat an exorbitant amount of macaroni and cheese, but i feel as though eating a lot of it is equivalent to eating none of it.the thing that always kept me coming back to smoking was "i feel like it helps me cement my actions as having delib… i want to hear @108 discuss: -Myst. -Yume Nikki (in a post 8 years ago, he told me that his bottom line for y… @108 @AMD dude i hope you get that redbull sponsorship.u would think the vaporwave zeitgeist would have resulted in at least one "gorillaz: escape to plastic beach" style… have some dudes standing around in the walk-in house tour that will say "hey this stack of porno reminds me of… walk-in house tour needs adulthood i can safely say that myst is better than anything lucasarts put out. grim fandango could have been a…'s weird to chart the development of adventure games because on the one hand you have the extremely straight-lace… you were talking shit about wholesome media
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.yeah dude i like kokomo by the beach boys. uhhhh obama fursona come on marijuana
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.will simply smoke the last of my pack of ld's here and then never smoke again. i went a week without it before so i… up going to oregano's and getting a BIG BOWL OF MOM'S MACARONI AND CHEESE. i don't have money for cig now but… i'm just gonna make an oven pizza.might hit der wienerschnitzel for lunch.BREAKING NEWS -- REPORT: JOE BIDEN WILL DROP OUT OF PRESIDENTIAL RACE -- BREAKING NEWS
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen. @roxsune mama peachi often dream about smoking and tobacco since i started it, and these dreams invariably involve insects and creatures with carapaces. @roxsune peach's costume 25th ANNIVERSARY PANEL DE PON! #PanelDePon #Nintendo #パネルでポン #パネポン #Sketchmii #大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ…
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.twobeer tuesday is more than just a day of the week... it’s an eternal thought in the mind of God
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.Today we are launching our campaign to demand justice at Spotify. Join us and hundreds of musicians and music worke…
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.good morning.Rat from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.good night. love u.smoking a big bowl of weed at the bus stop.shit. piss. ass.i would say it's good to be in bed no later than midnight, but the climate in arizona makes that unfeasible in the… are the post makers. and we are the posters of memes.
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.spongebob: i thought of something funnier than aphex twin. patrick: what is it? *stifling laughter* spongebob: aphex i have all these ambient works but there's just too many. i don't know what i'm supposed to do with all of these. aphex twin: i got thisthis especially became prescient when people had to decide between donald and bernie. do you prefer mcdonald's or c… hobby is trying to appraise americans' voting decisions based entirely on free association. my theory was that d… him in valhalla.Been spending most our lives living in a Dracula’s paradise
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.Floop is a madman help us save us
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen.Devil take the hindmost is my new catchphrase. I can’t stop using it
Retweeted by tiff rosenqueen. @no_stunts lol remember when we sang a duet of blue ridge mountainssomeone made this world and further someone made the decision that i would be reincarnated as a hip young milennial… @no_stunts gives u one of my LD's