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@thatenolaleone 💜💜💜 @Beta_Shades @PayPal @JennRavenna @thatenolaleone this made me think of you <3NOW LIVE Playing some DBD with @TonzyGG super excited!! gonna be a FUN night! has 100's of Partners $2000 Worth of Giveaways A whole lot of HYPE! @TheMarvelFactor Coalition Giveback Ver 2…
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I miss this hair too this old photo of myself. Makes me want to change up my hair.... us over the weekend as we introduce you to our 18 inspiring fundraisers for #SummerStreams! Special giveaways…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @mxiety 😍😍😍 @GordMcLeodTTV Ty @_amblee 💜💜💜Having a yucky mental health week, but here’s a smiling selfie of me. I haven’t posted or taken one in awhile.
@BloodieKnuX @AVerMedia in the properties in OBS, under the capture cards video settings I have custom audio device… LIVE We have officially restarted our island and have our first 3 villagers moving in!! Come watch me rebuild… @Youngm4n @AVerMedia I never had this issue with my elgato though @TheZugg @AVerMedia all the sound is coming through one source. As of right now the only way I can figure out how t… I use a GOXLR, is there a way to have the sound on a slider so I can control the volume level, the audio is di… ever had audio delay issues in OBS with an @AVerMedia live gamer portable 2 plus? It was awesome plug in… @Curvyllama 😭💜🔥🤩👀🤣 lol @HueGramTwitch Right!!! I had horrible luck my first time playing. Like thousands of nooo miles and no villagers I… @HeyLochNess I passed up on him once kinda on accident late at night looking for villagers so I was very happy for a second chanceA huge thanks to my community on helping with my animal crossing restart! I got a new layout I love, phoebe as a s… @Madrinas 👀👀👀I love my community and their love of memes.... ty for this Jay. @OFCLJoshPorter @sant_ax @steinekin 😭😞💜
NOW LIVE I am RESTARTING my Animal crossing island... giving away items for a little bit to community members an… @PrismaticSimmer Merengue!!! @BloodyfasterTV 😍NOW LIVE JDiva Marbles is back on Twitch Baby lets do this!! CASH PRIZE and more! +…
The Disco Party Studio isn’t complete without some @Madrinas coffee! Try the new cold brew powders in cafe vanill… @mxiety @PlayWithJambo You’ve helped me with this many times. Glad to see you’re taking you time too. 💜 @mxiety 💜💜💜JDiva Marbles tourney is back on Twitch tonight baby!! With prizes!! to twitch means the return of Monday Marbles & a JDivaTheDJ DUO Marbles Tournament! Starting at 9pm EST!…
Retweeted by VideoGameDivaYep. Me. Check out Miss_marthamay's video! #TikTok so many ideas..... @esrivs @ImLunarFox @Madrinas Currently in the powder they have mocha and cafe vanilla but both are very tasty!!NOW LIVE Random game Sunday... come play!
Not everyone has self awareness. Some people don't know what emotion they're experiencing or which feeling. This e…
Retweeted by VideoGameDivaNOW LIVE currently at 800 subs, if we get to 1000 I will DELETE and restart my animal crossing island, and give my…
@ShinyAquana It’s just me and my bf. But still nice @MunchkinDoom @FearTheRoyal 💯💜Dinner is served 🥩 🌽 🥔 @LenaAxios @HyperScapeGame This gif is amazing @SpicyDisco I’d never had it before actually. It’s super good!Happy 4th 💙❤️🧨💥🍹 @okeebzo Hai. Am still friend here and loves your boops. @iamBrandonTV @misterjkr It understandably overwhelming making a move over to a platform that has so many new things were not use… @Lowco2525 covers many important points in this video. Thank you for speaking out on toxic chat bullying. It hap…'s time to leave Alinity alone.
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @Lowco2525 There is so many important points you covered in this video. Thank you for speaking out on toxic chat bu… @StormtheBard @laurelrothamel @jordinlaine In could totally hear this in a video game! Great job ☺️WE JUST HIT 800! only 200 away!We will also do a 30 min free for all item grab a thon before I restart for top sub gifters/community members!New Goal for my Twitch channel... at 1000 subs I will RESTART my animal crossing island... RESTART the whole game… @DashMaker_ dis makes me smile <3
NOW LIVE Ever seen a ventriloquist do karaoke? We're starting with some @TwitchSings and then I am playing the… @cvriie in a couple hours :) I can dm you if that works! @cvriie 👀💕 @TheBenderWin Thank you 🥰🥰🥰A viewer sent me what Twitch recommended as “Clips you’ll like” Thanks to my mods @Grumpy_Gemini and… @TonzyGG @Twitch @TwitchSupport Honestly I always keep mature audience on on twitch @TonzyGG @Twitch @TwitchSupport Yes. Mature audience and you should be good ☺️
@Robot_Giggles Take care love. Get well soonSelf care day 🚣🏻‍♂️!! More happy coffee lovers! @Madrinas @brielarson Yes @brielarson ! You should see the mermaid things I’ve done so far a literal dream to have these adde… matter which platform you move to you're still the brand, the entertainment, and the leader of your community.…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @PrincessCourt_ Yep!! They don’t think it’s a job and get mad and say I should just schedule around them.... @GyorgTV to download @TwitchSings and I keep getting an error... 😭 @JsinCM21 Ok but really though.If you could use one unique word to describe me what would it be? @Robot_Giggles @Pravize_TM That’s so freaking cool! @1000DreamsFund @Harman @larkonline @heysuspenders @TVCTwitch @RaquelLily @MeganLenius @MCroft07 @BarmaidAlexis @kaytonix @1000DreamsFund Ty 🥰 @awildspice @1000DreamsFund I’m super duper excite!!! @1000DreamsFund @HotrodPlayz @Madrinas It’s super yummy! Feel free to dm me with any questions!
HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT I will be raising money for the amazing @1000DreamsFund #BroadcastHER Grant! AND It will also…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @StreamerSquare @Danotage up for what you believe in, no matter the platform. <3 thank you again @Danotage and @StreamerSquare for… @TheZombiUnicorn One of my favorite things about you and why you have inspired me so much. You are always you 100 a… @okeebzo are shaking things up! Introducing, Cold Brew Powders - a new way to enjoy your favorite Cold Brew. Scoop it now…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @MsAshRocks @OooohDaddy Is strong, beautiful, a great friend and powerful business woman. I am so happy to have her in my life <3 @RavysDen @eFuseOfficial @chopkoh_ @PixelMeSane @JOJOsaysbreee <3 <3 <3 ty @ImLunarFox @Madrinas Yay! @pictobeam @Madrinas They are such a good company and sponsor. And the coffee is amazing too!🥰🥰🥰 @mxiety @StreamerSquare it’s so freaking good and you can even BAKE with it! Take it with you on the go. And shipping is super cheap!!… launched this week!!! Get your @Madrinas Coffee Cold Brew Powder! This bundle is on sale and going super fa… @ChannelZeroCo @eFuseOfficial @NothingCunning @BBNotYourWaifu @IINewRedII @Robot_Giggles Awweee ty!!!! 🥰 @JustSeum You’re so angelic and gorgeous! 🥰 😇NO UNDERSCORE ON TWITCH HYPE!! Twitch link is now...
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @OFCLJoshPorter cheeze it! Marley . DUH @JOJOsaysbreee @feliciaday @amyokuda HOLY SHIT, YESSSS. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!! <3NO UNDERSCORE ON TWITCH HYPE!! Twitch link is now...
@StreamerSquare @Danotage @laurelrothamel @ZombaeKillz @ChrisCovent What a wonderful chat. Thank you for having me as a part of it!