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@mxiety An hour ago. Felt good and bad.
@HarrisHeller @TwilekK @CeddyOrNot @DrulkGaming k ive been trying this, ill just keep trying! @CeddyOrNot @DrulkGaming how did he get her to move? Ignore her? I have one im trying to get to leave.. also CONGRATS! @HellzGatesRS old school limited edition there!I have a special announcement to make... ✈️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ @Madrinas USE Code Diva f… @evamlynarski Bummer!! Thanks for the heads up :) @evamlynarski Can’t we not sell today? I thought we could only buy on sundays @mxiety Girl we gotta talk before you go spending your money on turnips!! @frumpopotamus I found a couple of people in the 90s @frumpopotamus 100 @Lowco2525 Good luck!!! ☺️ hope AC is treating you well 💜 @jasonpalmer1987 @britniTweet @LilBlastyBlast_ @MirandaPings_TV @_ThePrncss @MixerPsycho @you_got_556 @lindsywood7 I found someone with 92Good morning. Sending out some love to those who need it. 💜💜💜 You are capable You are enough This too shall pass… cost 100 on my island 😭 anyone have better prices and willing to have lil ole me over??? @GamersMUSE Have you seen what they look like in the museum 😍😍😍
NOW LIVE Yes, we are playing Animal Crossing. I NEED ALL THE FISH no more sea bass please.… JUST IN! @VideoGameDiva_ officially booked for the last week of April (4/30)!
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @KyllerKustoms @Seekaysee1 <3 @tlovetech 🤣 I dunnoI was really excited about all the orchid mantis on my island... then I missed one... I have no idea where that n… @jordinlaine @GhostOfKevin I have the windows open, my kids and I are healthy. I am staying positive and loving life as much as possible right now. @PowerGPUcom HaiiI’ll give $100 to someone who retweets this within the next 5 hrs. No need to follow. Just want to make someone’s q…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @MoDarkLadySith You can change colors just not multicolored @MoDarkLadySith Omg I wish 😭I’m happy with this gets real weird sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️ @WatchMixer Clips of the week !
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NOW LIVE Starting with an Animal Crossing inspired makeup then playing the game! Come trade with me and hang with… @AnnalogueGaming Omggg!!!!! Need it!!!Still think this is just a “flu” Please STAY HOME if you aren’t an essential worker. And thank you to those who… got a new laughing reaction and this leaf mask today :) #AnimalCrossing #ACNH @VinnyBLive oh haiHoly crap there is astrology furniture!!!!! just got this recipe from Celeste!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
There’s a lot going on in the world right now... So thank you for helping me reach a milestone and for shining so… LIVE with a special early stream! Come hang with the self proclaimed Disco Mermaid of Animal Crossing Come J… some extra time indoors, how about a way to pass the time? Follow and retweet to win a console of your choice!…
Retweeted by VideoGameDiva @GameXplain Would love the animal crossing switch for my kiddos so we can play together :) @Nelstar15 100💜
Finally got out of the house for a walk. Saw this and giggled. @WatchMixer @OriTheGame @mxiety ☺️ @ChannelZeroCo @Madrinas Thank you for using my code. You’re going to love it!!! 🥰 @vickidoll90 Bc I make sure every person I meet knows if they find disco or mermaids I NEEDS it. And I trade and help others as muc as I can @xmarielli ☺️ ty @ChiaRocks Oommggg plz @YebbaDebba I have one that’s purple but would love another. Can I be pearl? Or white?Inspired by @tlovetech ☺️ ty for teaching me how to share from my switch!!! @JulzD4WTV 👀House tour <3 Living my true mermaid life dreams <3 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH @DrulkGaming @Gothalion @WIFEthalion @PrincessNarwha1 @HeyLochNess Thank you!!! I’ve been loving animal crossing!!… LIVE And yes ... Animal crossing as usual. Come trade, sell your fruits and share some good times.…
@erinasimon @eFuseOfficial @NASCAR @warfieldscott @PinkMeatBall @yuqster 👀 @SirKatelyn Take care love 💜 @GAMETelford My top recommendations are @mxiety - mental health partner on mixer , she does talk shows and tons o… with kids, and heck anyone who likes Minecraft this is so awesome!! I’m excited to be a marine biologist… @MissDeusGeek @MicrosoftNZ @XboxANZ This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! @WDangit You forgot animal crossing ;) @PhazeGuard Yea it’s like $150 @PhazeGuard Well I got a credit alert and it’s not even that much money. @Tascharoe So cute!! 🥰Really cool that companies are sending bills to collection agencies in the situation that we are in now .... 😑 @nicotwitchh Omg 😂😂😂Yes!!!! 🤓💙 @CeddyOrNot 🤣🤣 @HavanaRama Omg this is a mood. Love it!!!NOW LIVE with Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip prices at 132! Come trade, get some pears and hang with the D… was so happy to be on one of my long time friends podcasts. I spoke on my switch from Twitch to Mixer , and how… couple #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon tips I just figured out... If the item has a paintbrush in the corner in the D…
@Friskkmkay holy s get me in on those turnip prices oof!! @PlayWithJambo 136 @thatnerdviolet Nope.... GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <3 @DanteSOS72 My mom does not work for an essential company. They sell purses and jewelry. I understand what you are… @JOJOsaysbreee Same problem. They are letting people volunteer time off but she can’t afford itThis animal crossing turnip stalk market is stressful. My prices today are only 46 and I bought way higher. Hoping… @ClockBlockerX Yes our governor saw pictures of people out at parks etc. So we’re on a stay at home order. I’ve bee… @ItsPixietweet I’m so sorry 😞 @DeathMonkeyXL She works in a “fulfillment center” @ZobiePlays @mxiety Oh my gah. Girl you are so sweet!!! Love you!!! 💜💜💜My state is on a stay at home order. Companies finding loopholes to keep people working is making me furious. My… me here plz #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @spofiee I love pashmina!!! @spofiee @animalcrossing @mxiety Who did you get ? @spofiee @animalcrossing @mxiety I actually will have a third one on the way too lol @celestialvee @animalcrossing @mxiety I’m still on... hehehe @SimbyBTW Which do you honestly think you will get the MOST use out of. What games do you want on VR and switch? Go… @mxiety @JaredFPS ILY so much lady. Thank you for being my friend and always there for me too <3 @mantaderay @jordinlaine @DukethePianist And you’re all amazing @mantaderay @jordinlaine @DukethePianist Um. But I don’t play any instruments 😭 @PTBarpun I love you so much @Noobina @animalcrossing @mxiety Seriously ty so much!!! @Asikaa604 @WatchMixer Holy congrats!!!🎉🎊🍾 @thatnerdviolet Sent bb!!! @HeyLochNess @animalcrossing @mxiety I do. But another person just offered as well. Still open to trading and visiting @thatnerdviolet Can we be friends plz!! I’d Love to visit your island @thatnerdviolet 😍 @Noobina @animalcrossing @mxiety Sent!