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@woofpickle BahahahaWhat are you guys doing to keep your spirits up while cozied up at home? @DaMoonRulz From Sahara! The mystery rug salesperson! @EvesCave Soooo you’re still waiting then, eh? 😉don't make the joke o_o don't make the joke >_> don't make the joke >w< HEY I FOUND HIM!! ^-^ #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by ButtsWhere ever this dog is, I will find it and we will become best friends. BEST. FRIENDS. Home sweet home. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @BradLeclerc WINKKKKKElephant mom wanted a picture of me while I was FaceTiming with my dad. So she came over with her phone and took one 🤣 @seancurry1 Sure am! @MrGraphoniac @Graphoniac I mean, haven’t we alllllll 😉😉😉....whereeeee did all this come from? Just how high was I last night? @seancurry1 Brag we’re already friends on Switch! I’m Potate!!
I’m in loveeeeee Universe keeping me sane one song at a time. @Sparky_Tini It’s so funny but I also want to throw up. I DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL.Things I’m doing to cope #672: Window shopping for doggos like this gem. Meet Bucky. @Shryku It’s so good 😭
Holy crap it’s so well thought out. It’s beautiful. I did NOT expect so much thought and care to be put into the mu… the museum in Animal Crossing is spectacular. 😻 @chinbeard @LadyLongshanks dudes! @renee Bob’s Burgers. Fuck yes.Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocantsleepbecauseitooka4hoursurprisenapooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioooo… games are beautiful and so are the amazing people that play them!! Happy birthday, Joy!
Retweeted by Butts @curley He just wants to make it blurry to add to the mystery.Night night @Thor_Wodenson I freaking love Home Movies. It’s been agessss. I think it’s time for a rewatchA 4 hour nap took away my anxiety for the first time in days. Ahhhh this is niceeee. Burgers has been such a. Grounding show for me lately. 🙌🏼
@chinbeard @LadyLongshanks dawwwwww!! @Barantor 💙Some zen for you😭😭😭 song nearly destroys me sometimes. friends, Audible is doing something pretty cool. For as long as schools are closed, kids can stream an incred…
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I want to play Beat Saber til I pass out. @chinbeard @LadyLongshanks @healthyaddict hehehe 🐦
doing what we can as a community to give people a place to hang out and just have voices in their life while being…
Retweeted by Butts @MrGraphoniac @Graphoniac Ugh you are smart
2020 course I end up with the butt-fruit.
TABS @MrGraphoniac BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA It’s be fun to put one on each vent in the carMy car these days
Please be kind to everyone you interact with right now. Shit is so weird and it’s affecting everyone in different w… left work early today. I called a family member to say Happy Birthday and hearing their voice made me break the f… sweet I’ll be able to escape soon. I’ve never played before, and I’m really looking forward to it. @ConsoleRequired @Chimaera96 @tehninini The positions that people are being forced into is gut wrenching and heartb… @ConsoleRequired @Chimaera96 @tehninini That’s horrible, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It makes me more d… @Chimaera96 @tehninini @ConsoleRequired Yes 🙌🏼Mrow
Retweeted by ButtsYoga isn't //for// the flexible: it's to give flexibility to the inflexible. Meditation isn't //for// the focused…
Retweeted by ButtsThis is the least convenient place for you to sleep, jellybean
Retweeted by ButtsMy main skill sets are problem solving, strategy, and innovation. If your business needs consultation on how to s…
Retweeted by Butts @Banzaibabee 🙏 Accidentally took out a chunk of my hawk while buzzing my sides. At least it’s in the back and can sorta be… @ImagineOddly @HiccupingBoots I left 😭 in Fashion on Netflix is REALLY inspiring. And colorful. And lovely. Worth a watch : ) bandit strikes again that are nearly impossible to do with Nigel around: -Making a bed -Sorting laundry
@SonOfThorGaming 😭 @EvGres YOU’RE A CHIWEENIE! have begun to browse. Not sure if I will, but I’m starting to look. @Chimaera96 @GelfTTV @ScarletteGaming HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA @RobinTX I think I just might @HiccupingBoots My apartment complex has strict rules against fostering.So considering I’m going to be fairly alone for several months now, I keep thinking about having a dog through all… @Graphoniac @TimeJumper319 WHY DIDNT SHE GET A BUMPER STICKER?!? @TimeJumper319 ! Congratulations on being such a popular vacation destination that you have bumper stickers! I’m going to miss Nigel. His owner gets back tonight.Spot stealer strikes again @MalakietOld Dude! I love that!Daww last night with this fluffer nutter : ( I’m going to miss him managed to doodle tonight. It’s really hard to focus on minor things so this is good. What have you guys b… we struck a pose. was sitting on the floor next to Nigel and drawing. He woke up, jumped on the couch behind me then put his paw an…’S MELTINGGGGGG @seancurry1 YUSSS @dark_deer_ FEEL BETTERRRR @seancurry1 Oh snap. I want in!!Wanna join a weekly online Mario Kart league?#KartFromHome is now accepting applications! Sign on, then go to Onli…
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Spot stealer strikes again pineapple-on-pizza fight works out in my favor because people are so busy arguing that they don't have time to…
Retweeted by ButtsIf you need inspiration for a character, go watch Next in Fashion. Some wonderfully charming and unique people are… faces this guy makes SAID “YEAH SEE YEAH” DID YOU HEAR ME GUYS? GUYS? AM I FUNNY? see YEAAAHHHHHHH the greeter
@azianperc : ((((( @Chimaera96 Thank you