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Elder Scrolls Online streamer! #EsoHousing addict! Wannabe make-up artist! Proud Viking! 🇳🇴 #EsoFam Serious business inquiries:

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@RubenSky_Twitch @kyledempsterstu Pc EU ❤️Weekly Friday Giveaway with @kyledempsterstu Prices: -Crowns -ESO + -Torchbug -HBB Guar Pet -Elsweyr -Doomwolf…
Retweeted by VikingTrashIt really do be like that sometimes @Tea_The_Khajiit @ClassyKatie This ^Honestly, pathfinder mains are my worst nightmare @HighlordCyroden Well u got ur answer on stream sorry I forgot to reply!!!! @KaraLynne0326 Thank you this is super helpful!!! I really appreciate it! @XaphoraTTV ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
Live on Twitch! ❤️ Did some soft glam for today ☺️ Let’s do writs and housing! 💕 A bit low on energy today so calm… @HellsbunniesTV THATS WHAT HE SAIDThe skills you learn from just being a streamer 💜🙌🙏
Retweeted by VikingTrash @HighlordCyroden I’m not looking for a team :) I know which one I’m applying for lolRetreat. #ElderScrollsOnline #ESO #TESO
Retweeted by VikingTrashI don’t expect any like help to write the application itself I’m just so new to this and I’m not too sure what the… @Solomon_Macher Ohhhh yuuuummmm!!Hi! Is there anyone I can reach out to that I can ask about applying for a certain stream team? Having a bit of tro… @Solomon_Macher Sure! I’m up for exploring more yummy things @HighlordCyroden Nope! I barely even drink 😂 Pretty innocent hahahaAccurate 😅 #EsoFam #ElderScrollsOnline #TwitchStreamer #Twitchaffiliate<<L I V E🔴>> Makeup time! Doing ma face before hopping into some @TESOnline so grab a hot drink and come hang out!…
Retweeted by VikingTrashAyyy @ThecatladyNZ Aww tysm ❤️Are you sick of work? Need something better? A lot of us do, come and whine with us; LIVE NOW:…
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This is the extension I use!🎨I had a fun idea for tomorrow night's painting stream🎨 Spoilers: It involves a screenshot from Oblivion!…
Retweeted by VikingTrash11 😅! 💪🏻🎉 @HighlordCyroden It’s like 15 000 crowns and trust me you don’t want it 😂 You should know better by watching me spe… @HighlordCyroden 😂😂😂 @ThecatladyNZ Cinnemon Rolls 🤤 Hope I can keep these good habits up and keep being productive, I’m on a roll if you will 😂 @sierragrove_ Where did u get the wig? 👀#ESO #ESOFam #ElderScrollsOnline #TESOnline
Retweeted by VikingTrash“Why do I want to be a vampire? …I suppose it has something to do with the allure of power.”– Confessions of a Vamp…
Retweeted by VikingTrash @kayPOWXD How do you have ideas everyday, It’s amazing! I have to think so hard to come up with something lolMy kink is seeing my friends become successful
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@kyledempsterstu I just want to be able to choose an idle animation for mounts and pets :c It looks weird when all… from my 3 Year anniversary Twitch stream is up on my Youtube channel! ❤️ See the Orc come to life! 🔥 finally got to swim a bit! fav 💕 started watching it and so far it’s great. Better than Vikings and Ragnarok on Netflix combined 😂
@KaraLynne0326 @DarkHorseComics @witchergame NEEDStreamers, we have all recieved one of these type of messages at least once 😂
@Inklings_ESO, now in Elder Scrolls Online u guys 😍😍😍😍 He may be Meridia's chosen, but Darien chose me in #SmolderScrolls! See if you're lucky in love he… KEPT YALL WAITING FOR TOO LONG! ✅ Stream Review 45 ⌛️ This Friday 8PM CET (Paris Time) 💜 On Twitch! ( /gaelleve…
Retweeted by VikingTrashFirst valentines Ive gotten flowers 💕 Me and my bf are going to play Switch and chill 🥰 In april we will have our 6… Valentine's Day
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Chottis92 Send some to us 😫 @Chottis92 Excuse me, YOU HAVE SNOW?Speechless rn, watch it, it’s brought me to tears Valentines day 💝 Follow me on IG 💕 @viking_trash @EmilyKrumlinde Wow 😍When people are annoyed you’re doing things to get attention, well I wouldn’t be streaming my damn self playing gam… me to get a life when he is the one commenting rude things directly on my fb page, not today satan, too ear… for watching today! Our Valentines room turned out great, pics coming soon 💕 Thank you to everyone who came ro…
Done with Valentines kitty ❤️ Let's play #ElderScrollsOnline 🎉 #EsoFam do get when you add @Razer kitty headset + Valentines day? Hopefully a super kawaii makeup look! 💕 Let’s go! 💝… ahead!! need more crowns for all of this 😂 stream of the week for me (valentines tomorrow 😏) so today we are doing Valentines makeup on stream! 💕 Gonna b… @jempanada3 I don’t have 10k average though! 😂 But I walk to my appoinment once a week and thats 10k, and then try… keep bragging because I’m doing so damn well and I’m proud! 10 000 steps today! 🎉 #FuckJanteloven @ladyrinike We don’t have that here 😫 Norway sucks lol @RubenSky_Twitch Yeah but it’s still rude af to tell people to smile or say "you should smile more" 😂 I’m aware of that hack though lol @AlcastHQ Congrats! Thats awesome!Your daily dose of warm n fuzzies!
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Level_Photo 😂😂😂 @GNARLY_NATEttv
@ElderScrolls_TV @Level_Photo I don’t want to go back to variety streaming for sure, been there done that. But it’s… her out #EaoFam! Give her some love! you to those who came to hang out even though I didn’t play ESO! 💕 I had so much fun playing duos with… im in @Level_Photo new video! Actually the majority of it! @Inklings_ESO It’s not? I know these actors so well and it feels like they are trying so hard to be american 😂 @Inklings_ESO Just finished episode 2 and I keep cringing out of my skin 😂Live! 🔥 You’re about to see the dark side of Viking, the competitive fps side... PREPARE! 🙈 We are playing Apex tod… SO BAD HOLY SHITWatching Ragnarok on Netflix and I’m cringing so hard. It’s written in this weird way, no norwegian talks like that 😂 @HighlordCyroden @Level_Photo I suck so hard but I’ll promise you it’s 10 times more entertaining than any other st… you all hate me if I streamed Apex today (only if @Level_Photo is able to join me) instead of only ESO? I’m s… out all vegan options are super expensive in Norway what the actual fuck, need to check in other stores but D… @Broadband_Link @Level_Photo Choices are a bit limited in Norway but I’ll try different ones, thanks!Murkmire event! Thursday, February 20 at 10AM EST, and will run until Tuesday, March 3 at 10AM EST Look at this l…
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Level_Photo I don’t think we have this exactly but I’ll see if there is something similar thank you! @Jellyzaur Thank you! I know they sell that in almost all stores so I’m gonna have to check it out!So for cereal and other stuff we use regular dairy milk, and I gotta admit milk is kinda gross and my body does not…
Live on Twitch again! Playing Elder Scrolls Online, starting with writs ofc ❤️ Updated a few things, come check it… @sinevalgaming @Level_Photo No no I’m motivating u! @Captain_Aegis Thank you ❤️ @Level_Photo CUT MY VOICE OUT YOU PSYCO 😂 EW I CRINGED SO HARDMade an icon for channelpoints, made a new reward, cleaned up the VIP list (I give vip to the most regular viewers… @RubenSky_Twitch Oh wow really?? Thats interesting 😂 Yeah fb is dark and I knew that, oh well... I had some nice pe… @jempanada3 ❤️ @Miriampearl83 Omg tysm Miri ❤️ I appreciate you! @HighlordCyroden ❤️ @Alchamee1 😂❤️ @Solomon_Macher Omg tiny dick motherfuckers 😂😂 But yeah I try to tell myself they are the problem not me, thank you 💕 @KatieBethJ It’s not fair at all, I’m sorry that happened to you ❤️