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Twitch Streamer • Elder Scrolls Online & Dead By Daylight • Makeup Enthusiast • Norwegian 🇳🇴 She/Her ✨ Serious inquiries: 🌸

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@DezzyWezzy26 @DezzyWezzy26 I’ll play with u off stream and hold your hand through it! It’s very refreshing doing something diffe… not meeting your expectations about how or who I am is not my fault :) @DezzyWezzy26 You do whats best for you Dezzy ❤️ Maybe I’m able to persuade u to play DBD with me 😂I’m helping when I get home but you’re doing great! We can do this ❤️ @skunkw0rxx @skunkw0rxx I’m going home tomorrow, then I’ll help! don’t want boys, girls want the giant 12 ft tall skeleton from Home Depot
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@heyshadylady That is so cuteeeee 😍Check this out @TESOnline @Bethesda_Nordic ❤️It’s finished! Me as a woodelf ❤️ Thank you Emma it’s beautiful! @dovahrii_
You don’t ever have to accept compliments that make you feel ✨𝓾𝓷𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮✨
Retweeted by VikingTrash @paintedpink127 You have beautiful eyes!Go get roasted! @Tugger_Jaegger I havent acually!! I have lenses for that as well, u freakin genius thank u! ❤️I have at least 4 looks planned for October, but if you have some budget friendly or other doable ideas for me to d… YES YES YEEEEES moods @TheSwordmouse DM me for steam friend code if u wanna play! I suck but it’s still a lot of fun! @TheSwordmouse Or play DBD with me 🙈 @TheSwordmouse Did you play Little Nightmares? Number two of the game is coming!Everytime I visit my hometown I become more grateful that I moved tf awayWhere else would I store all my power...
Retweeted by VikingTrashthe Home Depot giant skeleton is the only good thing to collectively happen to us this year. I love him.
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@AesmaTV So sorry for your loss ❤️ Sending lots of hugs 💕 @heystardancer @TESOnline YEEES IT TURNED OUT SO WELL! 💕 You look great!My boyfriend sent me a pic of Diva since I’m away from both of them, and I can tell this was one hard nap. Look at… @paintedpink127 It’s a photo Ive had on my phone for yeaaaars, probably got it of tumblr when I was younger. I use it every Fall.If you claim to be a "positivity" streamer and thats why you don't want to share and talk about atrocies such as th…
Retweeted by VikingTrash @soundsnotstr8 just changed it UwU🎉 GIVEAWAY 🎉 We're giving away an Elgato Ring Light to one lucky winner! 📜 To enter: ✅ RT & follow @elgato Winn…
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Aurora_DeWinter THAT HORSEEEEEIt’s 4am but I have to tell you guys before I go to bed that today I drove past some VERY fluffy cows. Thank you.
Live on twitch! Playing dead by daylight. Come hang out 👁👄👁
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Level_Photo today's video, I share all the tips and tricks I use to edit faster! I am very proud of my thumbnail, not gonna…
Retweeted by VikingTrashGonna miss out on so many tickets this event 😕[L I V E🔴🎥] Heyooo! Playing some more DBD with @lanalanetv so come hang in either of our chats! ✨…
Retweeted by VikingTrashGreymoor Editions and Standard Edition on Sale #ESO #ESOFam #ElderScrollsOnline #TESOnline
Retweeted by VikingTrashWhen I drive I do it on autopilot, and then I realize Ive done it on autopilot and get scared and start questioning…
@MeeMawTGG Thank you! And tysm for the suggestion it was super fun to do!Uhhh my Streamdeck didn’t wanna make OBS go live so it was a bit delayed but I am live now lmaoLast stream before I visit my mom! ❤️ 👉🏻 Quickly doing writs in Elder Scrolls Online and… @MeeMawTGG I tried!!! @MeeMawTGG Love this!!!!My sister sending me pics of what I’d look like as anime character, she knows I’m a weeb @Level_Photo When I said pick my makeup I was thinking like lipstick color and eyeshadow lmao, this would take me a whole day 😂😂😂 @soundsnotstr8 I use mine as a scrunchie holder lol @BandaiNamcoNO Thank you ❤️ @BandaiNamcoNO It might have been two years ago 🤔 Anyhow it was great fun @BandaiNamcoNO I streamed the first game last Halloween dressed as Wednesday Addams 😂 I was hella scared but it was a great game! @BandaiNamcoNO I’m so excited!PICK MY MAKEUP FOR TODAYS STREAM!!! Someone give me inspo 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻RT to make a millennial feel ancient
Retweeted by VikingTrashPOV: You have a really hard Twitch name to pronounce and the streamer struggles to say it everytime is time.
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stream is live! we are playing some dead by daylight 🥺 come hang out:
Retweeted by VikingTrash @Jellyzaur They forgot the "xD"Surprise Monday stream! Playing Elder Scrolls Online and Dead by Daylight! ❤️ 🎉 Streaming… @elizakuc @GearsBreakfast Congrats!!! ❤️What people think I’m like VS what I’m actually like
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Show some love to your fav upcoming streamer today Retweet them Share your fav clip of them Let them know you appr…
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Another try at making a smoother transition for tiktoks 🙈 I trieeeed @Aurora_DeWinter This has been the case for me as well lately 😂 @skunkw0rxx Free house in ESO! @AnnaCeras Her outfit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @ThiccricK_ I was wayyy to patient, ended up exploding and yelling at him, I mean rightfully so @EtagTV I need to be more confident and just be strict, I try so hard to be nice @Jellyzaur It happens, other than him I have only played with great people @XaphoraTTV I FELT SO BAD FOR U GUYS @OnesieYoona Thats usually my rule but I was feeling generous :^)I’m so proud I predicted this lmao IT I FUCKING CALLED IT!!!!! FREE HOUSEEEEEE @giggity_king I asked @jempanada3 Yes 😂😂😂 @TheWolf31 She’s very done with me running my hands over her just so I can get more loose fur 😂 @Level_Photo @Dads1stTime @HaIexhandrha Thats why I tag u 😘 @ida_vichne @skunkw0rxx @Level_Photo Thank you! I took it just now on the couch 😂 No makeup except the mascara leftovers under my eyes lolTy for the challenge! ❤️ I challenge @skunkw0rxx and @Level_Photo to post a B&W selfie 😍 @LadyDevann I can only find ones with very deep dishes, Diva doesn’t like it when her whiskers touch the sides so m… @LadyDevann Maybe we need to try this for our ragdoll 🤔Made Diva a spoopy hat @thatenolaleone @Level_Photo Yeah no it was pretty bad @DinaVeeTweets Tysm once again ❤️ @QueenGaea Not to mention yelling at my friends, interrupting me non stop and anyone else who tried to talk, changi… @QueenGaea He wanted to play custom matches, I go "I don’t want to" and then he goes "Why?", I go "I just don’t wan… @QueenGaea I tried telling myself that they are only 15 and to be patient but god damnit, I fucking knew how to beh… spooky 80s aerobics instructor is here. Ready for your class? Just Dance stream is going live!…
Retweeted by VikingTrashWelcome to my stream where I yell at children at 3 am, enjoy your stay> Viking invites viewer to play games > Viewer is 15 > Viewer interrupts everyone > Viewer tries to boss people ar…
🎃 My makeup today is sponsored by smooth TikTok transitions 🙈 Live on my twitch channel playing #DeadbyDaylight 😱 I… @TheWolf31 @Breon @Pretzel_Rocks Well in that case getting pretzel to work easily with the streamdeck is my sugggestion lol @Pretzel_Rocks Does Pretzel have an integration with Streamdeck? 🙈