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it’s not räel @vimtereum VeracroiXXX🏴‍☠️🇲🇽

I liked the acid bubbaloo but then it got discontinued. INFJ profs pls no miren 🙏🏼 xoxo

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Retweeted by it’s not räel @p3_pendeja Sabes que datos piden para cancelar línea en telcel? Si les doy tu número con eso?the first three cities are where my families hail from and had stolen from them. I hate that we don’t have the righ…
Retweeted by it’s not räelMe lip syncing at the grocery store under my mask:
Retweeted by it’s not räelIf u ever get sick of me and want to kill me give me a caribou/costa/starbucks mocha that shit will send me into cardiac arrest @p3_pendeja wey no puedo creer que neta a este ser se le ocurra tanta mamada juntaIt is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the start of #16DaysOfActivism. Yeseni…
Retweeted by it’s not räel"Sorry for the inconvenience but they are killing us" #NiUnaMenos #25Nov #NosQueremosVivas
Retweeted by it’s not räelSe pelean, gritan, insultan y ha muerto gente por peleas entre equipos pero tachan a todos de sensibles y dramáticos i have to laughLos señores amantes del fútbol gritan y lloran como si fuera su propia vida la que esta en riesgo pero somos la gen… @chainchompist
Retweeted by it’s not räelTime to enter the avatar state and watch the 13 classes i didn’t attendHacia donde va ella yo gravito @p3_pendeja Recaída pt. 23
I love the girl group chat talking about sex toysstream bikini porn by tove lo if u want to spiral out of control at 3 amnot mi prof malentendiendo “fondo de bikini” porque no ubica bob esponja @chiwire420 @jennineak People be so ignorant, all it takes is a small 5 minute search on google but ahno lo silencio porque me de ansiedad lo silencio porque ME CAGA VERLE LA JETA @p3_pendeja Cuantos meses mas veremos este cicloLo único que le fallo fue ver todas las posibilidades talking about em rata’s belly button at the end of the day we know that if she told us to jump we’d do a burpee @p3_pendeja Super forzados y cringe @p3_pendeja Clowns esos tres machosMy life is an artistic representation of patience and understandinghacer mi tarea vs ver the crown @Rich_sAre No es así? Arriba la supremacía lgbt @BenTheTim You people have like worms in your brainssome people will really see any signs of communism and start licking balls, he was a paedophile death but only fka’s part remixTurquía “pavo” jajajajajaja @p3_pendeja aprende de todo esto y saldrás reforzadoangelina jolie for rolling stone, 2001.
Retweeted by it’s not räelOooh you blocked me? Fine let me go hack youHello would u like to help me wash my back while we showerif u need motivation to not smoke know smokers age faster, skin gets ashy dry, with less elasticity and more prone…
@p3_pendeja Mi entrega final quedo de 60 páginas con DD @TCali__ the sequel
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@p3_pendeja A ver que canción me taladrara el oído el próximo añoEspero que para cuando salga la 2º temporada de luis miguel sigamos encerrados no quiere tener que pasar otros 4 me…
Retweeted by it’s not räelAndan limpiando las ventanas, susto que me metieron cuando el wey brinco enfrente colgado de un cable alvI stare like I wanna put my foot on your throat but really I just wanna ask what you’re eating @melanicampo Baby Shego tenia pelo negro
@p3_pendeja Quiere repetir
este tipo de shitposting es una de las razones por las cuales no doy de baja mi cuenta de fb
Retweeted by it’s not räelsuspiria, 1977.
Retweeted by it’s not räelI had the nicest dream, in my deeam i had bigger boobs, best time of my lifeCreen que vuelvan a darnos coursera?? Viendo que probs no regresamos y hay estos cursos que me están pestañeando @rinaeles Wait till u try pineapple on tacosMistakes were made, words were spoken, feelings were hurtBut then i would lose all my drafts, on the other i will risk my reputation and ridiculeDEACTIVATING @melanicampo Un clásico de nuestra historia😍 La época más bonita del año 🎄
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@p3_pendeja Cest moiI am tired of trying to show the right path, I'll join you in the dark siderid yourself of the idea that love includes possessiveness and having control over the other @byfarout i feel like money can be a source of power so I feel like if i let them buy me extra shit im letting them… usted no lo creayo ni fumo pero ahuevo vaccine only protects you from the most common/higher risk types but there’s more than a 150 strainsDoctors estimate that around 85% of the population (in both developed and third world countries) will get hpv at so… responsible and get your yearly std test even if you’re a monk or nun, you never know and you protect both yourself and future partners
Preparing accordingly for a pussy reservation/dick appointment does really take time and effort, i rather stay celibate @p3_pendeja Mi mas sentido pesame"I heard you've been pretending to read Marx to impress bisexuals"
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Retweeted by it’s not räel0:06 the nun said fuck them kids thought me and the universe had a pactComparing my photos from this time last year to today I look so fucking old like i aged 5 yearsA bug’s life is my biopic @p3_pendeja Soy yo @emirafval Que? Tu aun no la tienes? Pues actualizate amigoOmgooodd i can see your stories beautiful people @p3_pendeja We’ve been knewI’m two weeks late, what should I name Jesus’ sister?I am on the brink of causing irreparable damage @emirafval Vamos a ver las estrellas @Rich_sAre últimamente veo que todos salen gays/bis del departamento de cpol deberían poner advertencia
@Rich_sAre Tu cocinasSaw a photo of me smiling and I smile like nicky minajThis is what lives below.....
Retweeted by it’s not räelAnyways, if I was in Obama’s campus who would I be? Be honestWho was in charge of the outfits on Marina’s “man’s world” i wanna hug that costume designernobody: sagittarius:
Retweeted by it’s not räelThe ghost of my past 15 year old self is telling me to smoke this green tea bag @vloids “Swarovski crystals on my face” and then she giggles, the makeup routine i wantyoutube MUAs you're done
Retweeted by it’s not räel @manuuelenriquez Dijo fuck the white man @classicsnymph Act like he’s one of the girls takes off pressure @maluma Maluma MI secretario de relaciones exteriores @jennineak Her eyes wtf 😳“Affectionate but chaste friendships” he’s such a toolObama was the og woke softboy trying to act feminist ally leftist to get laid @Rich_sAre Es un unboxing, dejalos vivir su fantasia influencer @SaraJeriSa Feel welcomed to @Rich_sAre Ay a mi se me gusta ver fotos de hamburguesas y comida @SaraJeriSa Un abrazo querido, sabes que siempre puedes escribirme 💕