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A lot of you commented on my #PecelLele video, how my Fish knife resembles your butter knife at home..,Here’s the d…
@Ngeheblablabla ❤️ @ayuasti Yes😊 ngak pentingHow to Slay uncomfortable questions Anggunly 💅🏻✨
How to tell the quality of #Chocolate 🍫✨ @kian_nichol Haha, At least they practice good manners and not calling from the dinner tableNo matter how hard they try to hide it, you can always tell they are calling from the bathroom 😃📲 @Iya_iiiiniaku Ini pas yes
Reading the Menu- Dos & Don’ts📖 @VindyLee PURR QUEEN , AS LONG AS THEY TYPIN AND WE’RE THRIVIN WE GOOD!!
Retweeted by Vindy LeeI’ve had a go-around in Indonesian entertainment since a decade ago, haters don’t bother me anymore. But a fair war… am sure you are lovely in person, just not a single soul knows about it @AlexandriOda @ElokPutput Can’t avoid our Slay. It’s everywhere!!!
Haha my brain translated “No monkeying around”’t scratch that itch! ☺️ degree bow is standard for Japanese culture. 90 degree is not only for apologies but superiors, elders, CEOs,…
Ecstatic! Iron Chef Judge, Indonesian Chef Yono Purnomo loved my #Kecombrang ice cream creation at @Westin Jakarta!… @BarbitalGirl Aww thanks❤️ I laugh at the impersonations as well, it’s all goodApprox. 1000 remakes of these Slay heads on TikTok also, I do not claim this tutorial baik jangan, silent. Jika sangat penting , harus angkat just say “Excuse me” dan keluar meja
@bonnysidharta I remember this episode , they were partnering against Tom lolA handshake can reveal personality traits, even predict specific behaviors by trained observers. Make sure you get…
@partwitcipants Thanks for letting me know! ReuploadHow to eat a Sandwich 🥪 (reupload extended)💃↪️⬇️🔩⬆️💣🔂❤️ the best I can do right now. Feel better! @kian_nichol Sure, I believe it was posted a few weeks ago @kumis_kucing2 Thank you!
A little serving tip to make you a *little* more Slay 💅🏻✨'s really nice to meet you here at perpusnas, chef @VindyLee
Retweeted by Vindy LeeWhat a fun morning of food & table manners ! ☀️
Honestly, the hardest video thus far. I feel like this is a good moment to conquer the world😃 deserves somebody to look forward to slay with tomorrow💅🏻❤️😁 @farhankoko26 They were open and eager to learn, its great attitude @latiefaahh Yes setiap hari banyak request and I finally got the courage 😄 @rohimamat I meant while sitting 😄Ceker Mercon Anggunly✨ @lovudding Love you !! @kian_nichol They were funny !TalkPod💙 Watch Full:
@ayuasti I think that was the best part 😄 @adameesh @hericz Thank you! @s_irmantari Yes! She’s turning 3 this OctoberOriginal video. I have never Dangdut before and decided to duet this popular challenge💃 Taken 2 years back, can we… @zaidaameerah Thank you!Gatau kenapa chef @VindyLee bisa ketawa classy padahal surya uda gitu
Retweeted by Vindy Lee @fitridefi @Westin No nails during cooking. add gloves of courseSure I am well aware what Oshibori is😃 That was not my first guess since the question says “dilipat”folded not “dig…
Vindy’s Slay Waffle menu will only be available for 10 more days! My exotic #kecombrang ice-cream is a favorite so… pail of laughter 😄 @adameesh Aww thanks 😄Two things I find Anggunly to be challenging: 1. Ketawa baskom, 2. Dance it were, wet towels must come with a plate underneath, making no contact with the table. Oshibori comes usually… have to see the actual pic. My guess is to protect the hot vessel (Eg steaming tea pot) from ruining the surface when dining at home, table manners should still apply ☺️☺️Eating with style ..😁 #SlayArmy @VindyLee
Retweeted by Vindy Lee @oohhvivi I hope you nailed itGoodbye Internet Explorer! Thank you for walking us through the web, Friendster & MySpace 👩‍💻 Have a great retirement💝✨
@kian_nichol Thanks ! @AyamDenLapeeeh Yes I was referenced this! Apparently this is a popular hack in America @Duke_of_Nowhere Dirty tissue shouldn’t go into clean clothes. Best to throw it as soon as possible @askDika Trash can is the neatest solution ✅Where do you put used tissue? Napkins are for dabbing the mouth and fingertips. Other than that, use a tissue and d… women started migrating to Singapore 1930s as construction laborers. Many older buildings in Singapore were… @bonnysidharta Accented with Kaos kutang 😄 @anisa_enje Cute!not rantang, most Samsui women don’t have that kind of luxury unfortunately, they were considered… remember watching a documentary about historical Singaporean 红头巾workers (women in construction) using this as the… @Teeaa_27 @FOODFESS2 Slay Indonesia 💅🏻✨
4 a common glasses you should know!🥛🍹🍷🥂 getting her algorithm on💅🏻 treat! But this is a natural choking hazard by way of its shape and sticky texture. Attempt stubborn casi… I'm still a virgin of High-End restaurant, please Chef @vindylee help me so that my first time won't end up l…
Retweeted by Vindy Lee @meriaustyn Thank you ❤️
Thank you The Jakarta a Post❤️ Honored to be featured in your docu-series!!! Full: @trufflezee HahahaShe’s a natural! ❤️ see the importance of public behavior, the smallest rude comment from a decade ago can still stay in one’s memo… if you misspoke- which you didn’t- it is unnecessarily rude to correct or ridicule one’s speech in public. Col… is a synonym of takeaway. As adjectives they are interchangeable. As nouns “takeout” is the actual food tha… they start sweating bullets, I will tell them to relax 😊😄 Saat situasi private, my Barbarly contohan is ok, just jangan saat fine dining @mwogaa aww I feel her struggle!Prevent spills! How to drink takeaway coffee ☕️ 🍵
Betul! Jika tadinya suda use 🍴 keluar kan, masih ada, use my previous grape technique, discreetly @zzatimn Thanks!How to eat an Orange for fine dining 🍊✨ you. Similar art of dealing with narcissists @aditsp_7 You’re too kind ❤️
That was the vision. I am so happy it is actually happening ✨, I demonstrated the common Japanese method. Usually the peak(puncak) of the Onigiri is bitten first to lessen… to Eat #Onigiri 🍙 Japanese equivalent to the sandwich, these can be tricky to open! @rotiawoka Thanks babe!Thanks for having me❤️ #NetTV @RapatiAyuKemayu They all have good attitude learning new skills :)No sound at all! Good job✨
@bonnysidharta @Westin Thanks!! 🍦✨Today marks the launch of my new menu creation!!! Only available at @Westin Jakarta “Vindy’s Special Slay Waffle”🧇… @Westin JAKARTA🧑🏻‍🍳✨
Full video: 💙 when Semi-Formal dining, table manners should still apply🍴💅🏻✨ @layaya666 Welcome @VindyLee Sama chef. Ortuku jawa tulen dua2nya. Tp basic manner di meja makan diajarin bener2. Ditambah ak pnya nen…
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