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I watch anime̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

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"Your looks don't match your personality" mf, i'm this close to punching you.
Anitwt revived yet?
Shout out to my og layout who i actually still likeI deliver rare gem.
I likes narutoNot like I care tbh Anyways i started cowboy bebop Thoughts?
Of all the animes I've watched, nothing comes close to naruto.
Can we talk abt how Violet Evergarden is a literal masterpiece? @HokageKakashi__ All good thanks I'm just checking up on my main, any wild stuff happened?💀Ok ok how's everyoneMonke.
ppl who use 4chan i might come back 2 tweet from time to timeomg i put my display on orange @colorfulmalfunc @vinkkinx1 Tsymmm❤ we can still interact on me priv?😭 @HokageKakashi__ What im tryna say is that either way id be a pussy is bc i have one👎💀 @HokageKakashi__ Obv my pronouns are in my bio🙄Pls boost MILKERS😋 @fushigurosbf Yes ofc pls do😭Sheeeesh-also tagging my first bff ever bc you were the one that rly introduced me to the whole thing @fushigurosbf And if… I met some real goats on here fr and im rly gonna miss them, but I think its better for my mental health and s…!!pls retweet!! Heyy guys, im gonna be leaving anitwt, not necessarily deactivating, bc who knows, I might just com… upOk bros @toorusmain What is your name then😂 @gnfknockout GuitarRei even destroyed the fucking world, i love her man.I am convinced he is possessed and hopeless pats are so nice.Im still scared😦 @MEOWMEOWHSS If it was apple maybe👎(Has a crush on naruto) (Doesn't mind fighting hinata)So dry 2dayWhat if I get arrested lmao, thats not new tho😔Never knew the fbi had twitter😦Chicken or nah? @misakisadmr No thank god Misato katsuragi from evangelion @colorfulmalfunc @tubberries 😭😭everywhere I go i swear
k im out gnidk what the fuck i just watched but it was beautiful. @misakisadmr just an average adult kissing a child thinking its okay-Mrs. Misato, kissing a child isnt gonna solve anything.why are all the sponsors at the beginning of movies so long😩nanami needa loosen up man @Aradagoat ik i form part of the follow back😔 and i swear yesterday you had like 800 followers- @colorfulmalfunc yeahh tyvm, wbu baeSo basically i said i was gonna watch the end of evangelion earlier 2day, i have not. So if dont fall asleep, i might:PI cant do dis @swag_m0de Late but im in there😭Life situations what can i sayI form part of a friendgroup where everyone has their own bestfriend. Like yeah im their bestfriends, but take for… mommy milkers dies:(gibberish maybwhy is it that @thatsourav @AmanPriyanshu3 johan dont deserve sssits driving me outta my mindsheesh bro, lookin' hotmen's perfume > women's perfumewhats your favourite food @leviswifey_ i would most definitely like that😭735 followers and interacts with 20% of them haha funnyif anyone asks me what my favourite song is, its despacito👍 @mooosecake why do you look like nana😭...and levi has no friends...Why is that one soul eater clip viral nowOkay im gonna sama overrated👎Okay im gonna try and make the effort from now on👍 @mooosecake Late but shawty, you didnt tell me u were so hot😳Why in your right mind, would you ever simp for hidan?🤨2k🥶Yeah no i knowI SAW L AND LIGHT HAVING SX IM OUTI rly hope he's doing okay<3 #bringhyunjinbackMy confidence level when the big accounts follow me📈These mfs are the reason my screen is cracked 2day👎 @swag_m0de 😳Cereal first then milk^^ @shadowmiya13 It was a light yagami one b4 now its a rei ayanami one👍Her birthday was on the 30th of march💔 i rly skipped it like thatFfffffIm thinking of changing my lockscreen, should I? @confusionORlost Bc of the anime, im sad bc of the animeDead dinosaurDiving @colorfulmalfunc The scary stories are good tho😦Not one of my irls having a sad bart Simpson pfp, idk what to say anymore-I watched a playthrough of resident evil 8, not bad not badPls I said I would finish eva yesterday and I can't bc I'm sad
I can relate. layout change, its not that pretty, but we'll have to do w it @aslcrybby Bc i absolutely fckn hate him, thats why.If you bring the other person's weight or body characteristics in an argument, you are not valid.Kaguya sama getting a s3 This information has been hidden from meIf I get a chance to slander L im doing it.2 make your day:)