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Phineas on Phineas and Ferb. Greg on Everybody Hates Chris. Patrick on The Walking Dead. Hope in Final Fantasy.

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Support sex workers#VoteForBernie @KillerMike LIGHT THE BEACONS jam with @mrmikeyreid
@hannahmarks I’m weepingcrawl all you want my rollercoaster still gonna disappear before you bust me @reinecitrouille @TheTraeYoung stop @TheTraeYoung who is your favorite character on phineas and ferb?
A new book FOR @DisneyPlus's #PhineasAndFerb The Movie Candace Against the Universe by Disney Storybook Art Team &…
Retweeted by Vincent Martella @kevinsbowser @DanPovenmire @mmonogram summer belongs to you is my personal favorite @DanPovenmire @mmonogram @mrmikeyreid thirst trap vid on the timeline @iAmTheWarax WHEN IM NOT WITH YOU I LOSE MY MIND WARAXmy loneliness is killing me ᵃⁿᵈ ᶦ @mmonogram @vincentmartella we’d be ripped thoughhe finally told the world he hated me ❤️ @mmonogram ive seen your bulging biceps i believe in you @AaronDJacob @ParadisePD @Mrdolittlework keep your mouth shut @mrmikeyreid @erinsweett @mmonogram @DanPovenmire you two gotta stop flirting on my timeline @mmonogram @DanPovenmire @mrmikeyreid i did 1000 but the rules say 10got hit with that push-up challenge so i nominate @mmonogram @DanPovenmire @mrmikeyreid nominates sour cream and…
when coronavirus might cancel summer @doyalikebaileys few days into quarantine and you’re posting pics of your morning dumps on the timeline @mrmikeyreid especially heinousif you can’t get it up don’t blame the girl blame capitalism
i don’t have animal crossing so it’s good to know a woman will never sleep with me again @xsqoof @a6dulai @jmaster49 @Irestuff1 @childishfoodino @blue100sperc30s @_Im_hard @rulii86 @SNX43 @tori_heilmann and ferb are on it
Just quarantine tingz 🥱🤪 @VinMan17
Retweeted by Vincent Martella @carlybella_ @mrmikeyreid incredible workit’s fighting a *mummy* a lot of fake fans out there NEWS: Tito Makani has tested positive for coronavirus but is in good spirits. @CaytWMusic you’re lucky i don’t charge for access to my geniuscondoms are pencil grips for your penis im losing my mind @erinsweett @mrmikeyreid i don’t see a “thank you” in this tweet @mrmikeyreid i promise my jokes are worth it 😭 @MotherOfDoggons really awesome so happy for you
what if we never kissed at all because everyone has germs and i don’t want to get corona 🥺 👉👈how Phineas Flynn washes his hands
Retweeted by Vincent MartellaBREAKING NEWS: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Phineas and the Ferbtones have postponed their upcoming tour.
Retweeted by Vincent Martella @meeracleshappen fair @meeracleshappen what do you got for me?BREAKING NEWS: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Phineas and the Ferbtones have postponed their upcoming tour. @carlybella_ get on THE TRIKE @carlybella_ summer belongs to you @Tommy_Hilfucker speak for yourself im young and beautifulphineas and ferb but make it germ free @iAmTheWarax im sorry @iAmTheWarax bff wilson keeping me sane in quarantine 💕
@mrmikeyreid rum ham 😢i love our deep conversations during the quarantine during st paddys quarantine
i will be accepting thank yous for making all this possible @DwyaneWade when are we live streaming us watching Phineas and Ferb we have the number 3 in our ears @iAmTheWarax if the rule you followed brought you to this of what use was the rule, warax? @mrmikeyreid stop asking to show me proper formdoing a home workout and my roommate keeps staring at my ass asking if i need help reracking the weights @kevinsbowser how do I get the link to this video lol I love this @CaucasianJames icarus flew too close to the titty sun once again @carlybella_ why you do this to mestocking up on condoms so the looters think i have sex
@iAmTheWarax we are the ones who run from both the living and the deadFURY ROAD @iAmTheWarax protect the boneless wings with your lifewhen do we start looting the applebees? @DanPovenmire you have refused to shake my hand since 2006 @SkylerQueen91 knowledge is power @CLWenter you’re welcome
@stayfl0novacane he is @emmyypetes well donehow Phineas Flynn washes his hands @iAmTheWarax 🇺🇸 FREEDOM ISN’T FREE 🇺🇸 @iAmTheWarax @MotherOfDoggons @erika_doom not alone during the quarantine i have my roommate and all his farts @mrmikeyreid mikey get off of my lapcoronavirus scheme: hoard all the salami and sell it to desperate fathers trying to make a sandwich for lunchjust heard my roommate sneeze @iAmTheWarax @MotherOfDoggons guess the road trip is going well huh
@appleshampoos @appleshampoos let’s chillthere is only one doctor who can cure coronavirus @carlybella_ it is the greatest movie ever made @SheaSerrano hey man what you’re doing is incredible 🤘🏼 @ElsieLaura Oh you went there
when you hear your step brother cough much lube is too much lube for me to have gone through in the first day of a quarantine? ...a gallon?someone sleep with this man so this all can end
tonight we’re gonna party like it’s the dark ages haven’t had sex in so long because of the quarantines it all makes sense 😎 @ALStuntBeard @NEComicCon sorry it took me a sec to reply. I hope to see you at the next one! @ALStuntBeard @NEComicCon I won’t be there I’m so sorry! The convention is going on though! I’ll be coming back to their next eventTo anyone who was hoping to hang out at @NEComicCon with me I’m so sorry to not be there. I’ll be at the next event… @jelani9 no off daystake me instead of tom hanks
stop coronavirus with phineas and ferb songs didn’t you tag me too im literally in this picture going to make an only hams where it’s just pictures of baby pigs
Retweeted by Vincent Martella @jennettemccurdy definitely checking this out
im going to make an only hams where it’s just pictures of baby pigs i have a girlfriend you just haven’t met her because she’s quarantined with the coronavirus ☺️