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htx 19. @riverboys64 😈 uh’24 lft

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@xsetnate start it back up or na? @jenn69420VAL which part is true?rip my internet went out mid game and stream 🥳 @NotReduxx you're the best @Ban_Val good things are going to keep coming to you 💯 keep it up everyone happy for yaYo thank you so much support lately. Trust me I’m working my ass off.
Retweeted by PureVNSstill lft main Controllers/Sage, willing to learn other agents, open schedule, DM me 😇
Retweeted by PureVNSduo w/ @Ban_Val - might be a short stream @Yonji_x1 @aminacov true … @Yonji_x1 No cap ❤️ always has the boys back even when we don’t expect it 💯IM THE REALEST OUT HERE VINNY SAID IT
Retweeted by PureVNS @Yonji_x1 @jawgemo “ONE OF” DUMBASS HAHAHAAHA YONJI YOU KNOW YOU THE REALEST MOFO OUT THERE 😂 @Yonji_x1 @DekyFPS Let me on the train too.. @jawgemo HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ONE OF THE REALEST I KNOW 💯🥳 @Vanityxz LOVE YAfinishing resident evil up
Retweeted by PureVNS @bumpaah @PlayVALORANT this morning almost killed me LMFAO @RESHURAA you’re crazy @Shanks_TTV Love ya cuzzo ❤️
@9nerve IMT nerve @witnessqq thank you witnessqq @witnessqq vinnerwinner @PoggersVAL @Gucc107 @Justinovah @menace_val @Trick_VAL @Virtyyyy clean line up @koalanoob LFGGGG WHAT DID I TELL YOU BEFORE HUH?! WOOOOI finally get to prove myself under an incredible team/organization and Im so thankful they are giving me a chance…
Retweeted by PureVNS @WedidOfficial EASYYYYYY
Retweeted by PureVNS @nurfed25 :)C Haven is always on lock when I am back plat 😈 and the classic really is all about skill and not RNG 🤣 @Jonaaa6_VAL @Ban_Val @1flyuh @Virtyyyy we go againQuick 1v3... but listen til the end 🤣 @Ban_Val @1flyuh @Jonaaa6_VAL @Virtyyyy ppl love sushi
Retweeted by PureVNS @OkinFPS 👏🏻THANK YOU TO @kyedae AND @s0mcs FOR THE HUGE RAIDS TONIGHT ❤️ A BLESSING FR!!BRING BACK STACKS IN RADIANT!!! I’m 1-6 tonight but these games are the most fun I’ve had in a long time
Retweeted by PureVNS @MadySmacks 🍪 @Marved6 @nurfed25 No, it’s life saving. @Virtyyyy @Ban_Val unlucky we are bouta win @Virtyyyy Game found after 50 mins... internet goes bye bye.Goodbye @Virtyyyy.the fact that I can 5 stack with the homies and not have a single care in the world is such a blessing. create a 5 stack Q for all ranks
Retweeted by PureVNS @Tsuyaval @dcop bro that shot was unreal than a mofo LMFAO @nurfed25 @NotReduxx no capp @1flyuh LFGGGGG XAVIERRROh my 😍 LFGGGGG HAPPY AF overdue 🙏🏻 MY FIRST EXAM! queuing w/ @Ban_Val's squad @Ban_Val got room? @JerkTBE congratulations ! 👏🏻 @bearkun LMAOOOOO @witnessqq @Jonaaa6_VAL @koalanoob @bearkun @CoachTrippy damn he really disrespected me huh - i was praised by demo… @bearkun why? tell us about it bear @Jonaaa6_VAL sheee @GeezaOfficial better @FrostyValorant omen 💯
@Lear_VAL 🍪 @xsetnate @Ban_Val @Jonaaa6_VAL @xsetnate Thank you XSET Nate. @theKingFPS_ Will do my best cutieHEADS UP Might not stream tonight... have 3 exams in a span of the next 2 days! I will try my best to tho 💯immaculate stream with @Critical_Val thanks to @ethanarnold for the raid as well heres cool clip :D
Retweeted by PureVNS @valyngod @ItzBoltzy @Ban_Val finna have a 10man rematch when the act ends again 🤣 @SiaDarky mwah @zombs SHEEESHHHHHH, now go get yourself that watch 🤣 @ppugstar true.. LMAOOO deagle just hits differentI beg 😔 145 is pain. @dizzyaus thank youuu ❤️ @FrostyValorant Let's go Ash. Proud of you. @Governor_Val @SteelSeries congratulations gov that’s huge 👏🏻I’m happy to announce I’m partnering with @SteelSeries to announce Moments! Check it out here!…
Retweeted by PureVNS @valyngod All the homies finna be blessed this year 🤭 tiktok videos! We finally hit 7k followers on twitch! Family continues to grow everyday🥳AND we hit BIG numbers tn without any…'s 10mans @jacobcavern @symrifle @Virtyyyy @DerrekOW unrated. @VaporLX @LarryBanks05 LOLOLOLOOL @FrostyValorant ❤️ @FrostyValorant You are the best Ash.Need one duelist (not jett) for @ggsquirtlesquad Hit my DMs
Retweeted by PureVNS @Jonaaa6_VAL @ggsquirtlesquad @Virtyyyy
@iyencs HAHAHHH BRO I SWEAR I WAS SPAMMING F LMAOOO 😂Its always the Omens... @vinnerwinner why bro why.... volume warning 😂😂
Retweeted by PureVNS @Vanityxz @neT_valorant dab me up V1 Freelo . @neT_valorant Same. I am thy Deagle God.@Glorinsz W @mooseloff @Crashies @victorwong We go next. And rest up well loosemoose.demon. @Glorinsz @realmocking @Ban_Val imagine not replying to my dm.. @Ban_Val @realmocking with me? 😳 @realmocking @Ban_Val mocking hands down the best yoruA 5 AM Ranked Story... ft @Ban_Val @vinnerwinner
Retweeted by PureVNSPEAKED! @bearkun @ciaolyx @Scrounge_ 😩 @Virtyyyy @Gucc107 Thank you Sir Virtyy. @Crit_VAL you're the best Crit_VAL! @Scrounge_ forever a meme. @Scrounge_ 5mins @bearkun most def @Scrounge_ @Jaryobtw @issfanfan gotta do what I gotta do, making it to the top no matter what 😇