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Joined Twitter 1/27/16 w @Ban_Val @havenily @ctrrlz @vapen_val one day bro… one day
@tupperwareplays @SanriosVal thats my duo! @yayFPS @Xeppaaa jesus christ @AikoKamu Always πŸ™ˆ @neT_valorant @Sage_201 @MatthewCElmore @Asunaa so charming πŸ₯°πŸ™ˆ @neT_valorant @MatthewCElmore @Asunaa I see you! turn around bro! @iamdabinlee na shi is TRASH @AikoKamu HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @giannypriv rs 🀝 @giannypriv 😳 yerrr @OfficialAproto you @bbylapras πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @bbylapras mb lol @SUPERCAT1439278 LOL @SUPERCAT1439278 whats epal
@snirot @marilynmariee hey🌱🧸
Retweeted by KNIGHTS PureVNS @mooseloff It’s only good when picked up :copium: @yongwoon_chris Anytime ChrisGive thanks for everything you have, then take a deep breath and go after everything you still want. @WedidOfficial @Wessel44582922 Aw darn! really wanted it to be me 😑 @Xeppaaa Bro I really think about it every night πŸ₯Ή bittersweet… @Xeppaaa @neT_valorant For real. @valyngod YerrrrrrWe may not talk, but i still care.
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@woundries always and forever @Poach @Lear_VAL @suhniiee goodmorning bmo! @Bicklol ❀️ @333dun 🀭 @rikugoat I want you forever @FrostyValorant actually tho 🀝happy @godlyaudrey i was late for dinner so went to gym πŸ˜…I be getting emotional and a bit teary-eyed at the gym sometimes fr @Add3rTV @ExaltVAL Wait... what did I say in this video LOL
@slowiscool @zmjjkk looks like you ngl @riseeFPS 😡 @slowiscool @zmjjkk πŸ™ @slowiscool @zmjjkk Edg to champs πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @FrostyValorant PLEASE 😭 @FrostyValorant HURRY @ZexRow Yes sir 🫑 @ScrewFaceVAL @Zellsis @OXG_Esports WOW @Shanks_TTV @Xeppaaa @Drake Feel you bro @Zedd @PlayVALORANT ice in your veins fr @younotfbg just wait @JoshNissan Same, when do we start again tho? @trentFPS @leaf_cs #cincinatti @branted707 @alexisfps hey appreciate you being an old fart - keep it up manThese days, all I do is Wonder if you're bendin' over backwards for someone else Wonder if you're rollin' up a Back…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS PureVNS @realmocking @KnightsGG You got next @Xeppaaa @Drake Because same 😣 @Xeppaaa @Drake Let me steal this?
@s0mcs let me rub some lotion for ya @Add3rTV @juliaaiis @Huston_TV @witmer @texerino take my spot @RachellyVAL @Add3rTV @Add3rTV you know all the best places too, I remember you always talking about how much you wanted to go to them @NiSMO_VAL LMAOOOOO @chefhomiekwon send me the link to this track, need it @C0Mtweets Got it @TrickAIM 😑 @TrickAIM Just ate 2 spicy chicken @zombs @Gamesense_gg #zombsnation @Gamesense_gg @zombs #zombsnation @ExaltVAL @Marved6 Saves a lot of $$$ and gas prices going up still @HIAval Return of HIA himself / an hour has passed At a place I can full focus on val rn. Gonna make sure to do things right this time. DM if interested πŸ€—
Retweeted by KNIGHTS PureVNS @tokibbi TOBI! @mangosmxxthie insane @TrickAIM Happy birthday dumbass! @kellysama_ @clgaming PROUD OF YOU KELLY!!!! LETS GOOOO @ciaolyx @clgaming #slammed @karraof getting railed in ranked but good ! wbu @Add3rTV @karraof yea come thru @karraof @Shanks_TTV 🫑 @ctrrlz @andrewwXll hehe 🀭 @ctrrlz @andrewwXll 1280x960 🀝 @dapr πŸ€πŸ‘‘ @Add3rTV @RachellyVAL Go Jack Hayashi @ctrrlz @canahry Wait, don't let ours be leaked pleaseGGs, we are out of @KnightsArena 15k champs 0-1 @builtbygamers acad 0-2 @NYXL Playing towards Frosty's issue of… @BlackHeartVAL When I saw you behind me, I was like wow… that timing is insane @zeldrisval ❀️
@ABTonyBony come over @ExaltVAL @Add3rTV @NYXL @Indecisive_VAL @builtbygamers YESSIR BABY LETS GO @Add3rTV @NYXL @Indecisive_VAL @builtbygamers proud of you, keep it up Jack Hayashi @WedidOfficial bringing back the 2012 derp @SilverNyx_ @NotReduxx NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASometimes when I lurk, I get lost in the derp @1leakcs 🀝 @ArisuiValorant @OfficiaIDevour @RachellyVAL @Add3rTV @zombs Coming back to Houston soon, let me wear one @kxtieoh @coltTHREW get your bf in check πŸ’€ @kxtieoh @coltTHREW would i’m sure