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stressed + feeling empty - ranked be ass - goodnight 🌙w @Huston_TV FROM YFP ! hey - my hair gettin long af @realmocking @JoshNissan #SMU @sevvn @PioneersGG sheesh
@truoVAL @Jonaaa6_VAL @Governor_Val sorry kept him busy last night @DerrekOW don’t let it get into your head, you aren’t good bro @PaincakesVAL @Vanityxz +1 @sullycasts remember those days LMAOOOO it be like that @floppyCSGO @Complexity @ExtraSaltGG W @1juniorcs @Complexity proud of you bro - finna be waiting on ya player break 🗣 @sfX_x1 @krnnguyen_ @Casperrfps @rikugoat ????? @DaniVAL__ grow upnew custom keyboard commission for @vinnerwinner TOFU 60 Ewhite KBDfans Dyboox Stabs Milky yellows Lubed with kryt…
Retweeted by PureVNS @younotfbg 🐐 @itsjawhn LOL @rikugoat 👹 @WedidOfficial dream big or go home 😴 @valyngod congrats bro, it's hell out there...⛽️ me to 5k? 🙊
:100: @ImJoviGG @ec1s_ @BxbyJ_ @Asunaa @Hiko @ethanarnold @100T_Esports @100Thieves ❤️ @ImJoviGG @ec1s_ @BxbyJ_ @Asunaa @Hiko @ethanarnold @100T_Esports @100Thieves wow we have all come a long way mr jovi w @SkimVal @BxbyJ_ Proud of you brotha 💯 @diceyzx W NOW FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT @C0Mtweets @VLRdotgg How are you guys not #1? @mac1_val @valesports_na @valesports_na @cryptXVAL @ethanarnold whatever… @minaweeb ? @frostyZK reported. @blobtheboy @ctrrlz @nhiqnguyen @7drww Fr vibin @kiwiramune @sevvn @ctrrlz he's nervous around you @ctrrlz @kiwiramune @sevvn LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @kiwiramune @sevvn @ctrrlz ??????????????????????????? @sevvn @kiwiramune 😕 @kiwiramune @sevvn ? @phoFPS LMFAOOOOOO @refinnejle pop off @nhiqnguyen @vmoneygamerguy @cuhrisVAL Stfu @denyfps best reyna OP @WedidOfficial 👹 @cozyjozie @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG my mom @cozyjozie @melanie_mhs _/ @fenesor @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG gotta be up w/ my boys @TonyEcN @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG ❤️ @itsjrawk @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG @TrickAIM ^ @1elvis__ @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG thanks elvis @melanie_mhs @cozyjozie my mom @realmocking @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG real "verified" mocking !!!! @OkinFPS @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG THANKS OKINFPS ! @Boltzy__ @BaitAcademy @KnightsGG it be freezing sometimes @khanartistval @KnightsArena @Zenni_Gaming no you @cozyjozie @FLICKBAITERS ❤️ @Ban_Val @KnightsArena @Zenni_Gaming ofc, will always take free advice / criticism - only way to get better @1dianazzz @FLICKBAITERS 💤 @shruikanzx @FLICKBAITERS it's a buff, it be messing with their eyes @valyngod lucky fucks @saevalorant @Ban_Val team effort, can't do it without any of yall 💯 - but ya know the vibes... I be winning them 1… it's your aim routine + crosshair, thanks bro @saevalorant @KnightsGG insane teammate brothaggs we take 3rd of @KnightsGG heres the end of this round for you guys. :D
Retweeted by PureVNS2-1 @BaitAcademy, placed 3rd of @KnightsGG = D was a fun tournament - ggs to all the teams we played ! @trentFPS @TheGuard SHEESHHHHHHHHHH @480wrap @KnightsGG @sfX_x1 @Nurfed @VernoFPS @notsupAA @RustunL @NotReduxx more to come, it do be just the start 🗣️ @Tiie44 @FLICKBAITERS ❤️ @DerrekOW Tons of losses along the way too ya? 🥺 bad series... etc...? 🥲 @480wrap @KnightsGG @sfX_x1 @Nurfed @VernoFPS @notsupAA @RustunL @NotReduxx 0-2 in my book... was not there for the other two 😴 @Shawn12590 @FLICKBAITERS hope that all made sense 👌 @Shawn12590 @FLICKBAITERS maps are picked first too so the agents bans become interesting bc each team values the agents differently @Shawn12590 @FLICKBAITERS at the start of every series, each team protects 2 agents and then ban an agent (remains for the whole bo3) @Glorinsz @FLICKBAITERS will bounce back for sure - teams lose all the time finna just learn from it and go on 💤💤 @Nurfed @KnightsGG 🤢🤮 @Nurfed @FLICKBAITERS ggs old man, got a lot to learn but don't worry - we'll even out our scoreline very soon 🥱 @Scrounge_ @FLICKBAITERS happens to the best of us - robot mentality is key @zekkenVAL @FLICKBAITERS Mwah Zachary ❤️ @NotReduxx @KnightsGG ggs brotha ❤️ @VernoFPS @FLICKBAITERS ggs you are insane no kappaggs 1-2 @FLICKBAITERS, bad series are inevitable - will go on and be back better next time agent ban tournaments…
@KnightsArena @Zenni_Gaming was not there first map, but taking us home for the rest😮‍💨 @vinnerwinner just makes it look so easy 🤔 ⚔️ #VALORAMPAGE 📺 🎮 @Zenni_gaming
Retweeted by PureVNS @Slastt Love you matt ❤️ @SkimVal @hvnniez @JimmyJamTV crown sitting high 🗣 @NotReduxx @aEvilcat @1mehzy @florscnt @VernoFPS @VernoFPS @Virtyyyy @Gamesense_gg very class virtysoul ties but ours unfolded @BetrayedFPS @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral @BetrayedFPS @clearfps @nhiqnguyen @cuhrisVAL fr @nhiqnguyen @clearfps @cuhrisVAL REMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY @clearfps @cuhrisVAL real Pure Penis @mooseloff 😪 @mooseloff you win tho? @mac1_val that cannot be real @0915LUCAS @NotReduxx @BillionsVal @BillionsVal @Keith_LaFortune imagine being any more negative than 20 🤣 @ethanarnold Update all the drones I get on my team - they be outdated no brain @Bronzey Beautiful