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only playing jett now
stream is back up! now :P @turntdais bro 💀 @m0ldyflower 🫡sorry guys, streams gonna be delayed for at least another 30 maybe 45. everything’s good just need to take care of some stuff!okay wait on the phone w mother maybe a lil longer
stream in 30do i stream? yes or yes?
@Average_Jonas’s okay i want to feel something again @michpennetier oh nahever since i talked about that one night where my tattoo randomly started bleeding i’ve been having nightmares about the eclipseLFT, these lans have made me want to compete and i know i can be the best. - open schedule - senti and flex likes and rts appreciated
Retweeted by vin @NiceWigg man. @WARDELL416 fr?need new headset, any recommendations?
we ball with papa @Shanks_TTV
@mojiwtf just simple shi i’ll call u @jskeley actually soon yesalso does anyone wanna sit in a call and help me make this homies only discord for elden ring im tryna get this shi goin @mojiwtf goodstream later?
@therealnschlegs hera could beat u in a 1v1 @therealnschlegs you don’t have the balls @vinsconcubine @therealnschlegs he not bout it @googettaaa manager nicks is ass at video games so i will be leaving his grasp and also beating the shit out of him"IS THIS WHAT YOU NEED?" 💀 Enjoy the bloopers and outtakes from the @vinniehacker announcement 😂
Retweeted by vinwhen your night market on valorant isn't trash
Retweeted by vinbut that dior show was crazy fr i loved itme walking back to my big ass hotel room alone
10 MANS STREAM COME JOIN @BillyRayfe @TheOneSamsonn oh fo showho tryna be my duo for stream today 🫡me when sparks by coldplay comes on at a karaoke bar @will1us coming out of retirement @vinsconcubine @googettaaa @vinsconcubine @googettaaa @lightsupIive @vinsconcubine @googettaaa don’t think i didn’t see that last tweet @vinsconcubine @googettaaa you know a lot about opening your mouth dont you
@vinsconcubine guts @vinsconcubine u telling me this ain’t daddy? @googettaaa @vinsconcubine nah u cancelled for that one @homie_ethann fs @vinsconcubine get his god forsaken face off my timelineme when the shit happens if THIS shit comes on the speakers when im out, i am going ape shit
BRING THAT MONEY HOME DADDY WAITIN FOR IT BRING THAT MONEY HOME DADDY WAITIN FOR IT BRING THAT MONEY HOME @AlondraNio2 you sayin you done makin an enchilada in 30 minutes without pre prep? @peterparkTV i’m so sorry, peter @googettaaa it’s basically a wet tortilla @vybaroonie @vinsconcubine 🤨 @R0SYYY i knew full well i couldnt @teenyyy__ i’m sad that i had to do itplease don’t ever try to cook an enchilada in 30 minutes. don’t ask why i’m saying this, but you’ll know soon enoug… !!
@vinsconcubine truePOPS GETS IT when the shit happens @jettashfordd shut the fuck up @ahad @Nadeshot nadeshot is confirmed to be outside the vicinity with a sword and knee high socks to take his position backdecided edyo @Nadeshot thank you for making me CEO of 100T appreciate it bro 💯 (disclaimer: i have decided ed i will not be r…’m not drunk i just gave max access to my twittershoes are so in right nowpotato portable chargerbitch i just fartedhow do you like your eggs? chocolate.i’m opening a funeral pants storethis bitch eat galapagoose and tarantakong @NiceWigg @DisguisedToast @LudwigAhgren
@RyuLLKN i am now entering and dropping 40 each gamenvm i beat ‘emi’m deadass to the point where i just put a finger down right on top of the grace idgaf anymore i want to run thru… @Spry2x i already finished it on my dext build i just don’t wanna do it again on this one 😭 @Spry2x 💯 @Spry2x I DONT WANNA @Spry2x bro u don’t understandsomeone pls come to the church of eclipse site of grace and help me pls godi’ll add to this as well two really buff dudes. In our newest episode of TBH w/ JHB, @JhbTeam learns how to make a thirst trap from t…
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@WarWick69420 @100Thieves nah im actually replacing the whole pro valorant team. it’s just gonna be me vs every other team ever @teenyyy__ estoy poopinhold it down 👹
ya bois live fr @witnessqq ayo.. @ProdCM_ id put you in a headlockplayed like poo but it’s fine cus fun stream w fun peoplety guys so much for the awesome stream today. super excited for my future w @100Thieves and to take u guys along w me ❤️
@Saulsrevenge ❤️❤️joined @100Thieves btw @100Thieves YEAAAA WOOOOO i hate that guy YEAAA WOOWelcome @vinniehacker to 100 Thieves! A TikTok phenomenon with a passion for gaming, Vinnie brings a fun and fearl…
Retweeted by vin other news, BIG ahh announcement at 12pm. get in my gah damn stream to hear btw. help me w elden ring boss pls help pls