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@Paskillskrr what.goodnight @zzoooeee_ LMFAO @ctrrlz GOOD @ctrrlz it’s one of the best shows ever madewatching euphoria again bc2015 gave us so much good music, a lot of classic and hood classic albums dropped that year Justin Bieber -Purpos…
Retweeted by rach @Harleey_lou @vinniehacker he always trynna beef like
Retweeted by rachthere’s always tomorrow @ysk1ng it truly is i’m so sorry @ysk1ng shit is so funny @ysk1ng why would u say this @ophi777 oh my god @Koda22789544 no @dophiophi hey @jackthepitcher what’s your @ @jackthepitcher and it’s good.. now what @jackthepitcher what u do @vhackerglow you wont fail @vhackerglow no join 17 again @jackharIowswife wait i’m coming back rn @jackharIowswife stop @chefhomiekwon you literally can too lmao @strafeNA_ @homie_ethann hi hru imy @strafeNA_ @homie_ethann hi strafey @homie_ethann LMFAO ETH @homie_ethann no u can say whatever u want @zzoooeee_ he’s actually so fine lmao
the psychiatric hospital is not enough anymore for you freaks @DianaGabrielle1 girl no lmao @homie_ethann STOP @homie_ethann he in chat sayin he saw me with vin like i will wind up dead10 MANS STREAM COME JOIN
Retweeted by rach @vinniehacker idk but do not start it for like at least another hour thanks @vybaroonie @vinniehacker HOOD CERTIFIED?? @vinniehacker that’s what you get for going to a karaoke bar in the first place @ophi777 WOOOOWWWWEEE @CRUELBASSETT .idec fr LMAO (sobbing hysterically) @Saulsrevenge i love you right off the bat is WILD @Saulsrevenge guys don’t either like two nights ago some guy said he wanted to butter my chocolate buns with his whole chest @rebirthofdiana @Saulsrevenge wait @notcolesage omfg thank you colenobody move DRINKS PULP HE LOVES IT SM HE EATS IT BY THE SPOONFUL WITH HIS WEIRD ASS @Theresawtf exactly @CRUELBASSETT no this is so true bc one day they’re comforting you about it and the next they’re using it against you @jackharIowswife NANCY WHAT FHE @jackharIowswife WHAG IS THAT @Spry2x @TunedE30 THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO W U @Spry2x @TunedE30 i was NOT you freak @TunedE30 @Spry2x ME? @deIilqh yes! @ysk1ng lmao i read this in your voice and it made me LAUGHpeople that say/do things they don’t even mean specifically because they know it’ll hurt you are actual monsters bc… literally hate inconsistency @nectqrine where tf do you see saul @dinasrem @CRUELBASSETT dina. @CRUELBASSETT listen @dinasrem LMFAOyall ever know someone and you just know that no one else will ever know them the way you know them and so watching… @loserclubbbb nah this is crazyHulu shares 'Look at Me: XXXTentacion' documentary trailer.
Retweeted by rach @loserclubbbb i mean i like those too but not only them lmao @loserclubbbb SALTINE JAWLINE LMAO @cl4opatra so pretty @loserclubbbb i mean them tooi love dark eyes @des_xoxoxx like i would have to jump off the nearest bridge @deIilqh literallysometimes i miss him (he was the worst person alive)messages be way funnier when u know how the person talks
Retweeted by rach @hopeurok13 @rach77769 NO. @kungfuzeb LMFAO @grace_schug @vinniehacker he triflin @zzoooeee_ zo are u just in chat typing commands lmao ily @yslnav who got exposed now like @vinniehacker @googettaaa where do you find these fuck ass memes @vinniehacker @googettaaa are u calling me a rat? @vinniehacker @googettaaa AHHHHHH U MADnot flirting just hot and talking
Retweeted by rachpapas burgeria will never betray me. @OfficialPlooob LMFAO
@ctrrlz how may i assist you @vinniehacker he kinda..thanks for 13.5k!!! @vinniehacker why do you just have this on deck @vinniehacker @googettaaa you know a lot about being cancelled don’t you @googettaaa @vinniehacker let’s not get ahead of ourselves @vinniehacker no. @vinniehacker let this picture go. @vhackerglow nah you gotta do cold to close your pores back upif the steam from the shower isn’t suffocating me, it ain’t hot enough @kissitdevora muted tbh @NAISTURNIOLO FOUR FOOTpeople that lack self-awareness genuinely scare me @homie_ethann @debora_villacis hi eth ily eth @S1SS1L hi @SophiaGreenlea5 ?