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the CEO of Music @MusicIncCompany (coming summer 2021), web/software developer, pink lad @artbyform, former co-founder @waveac

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@hokkqi @emtacolor (also doubt you had an account since beginning of 2019. i got into the private beta without a to… @hokkqi @emtacolor the token wasn't available yet because they were on testnet but they've been pushing the blockch… @AudiusInc i checked the list and they got more money than anyone else on the entire platform @hokkqi @emtacolor they were blockchain the whole time, they just moved from testnet to mainnet @abisoos yeah but you have to get it into something that keeps its value @HyperBeeCore this one is a one time drop but they're going to be distributing *something* in the future - just sti… @HyperBeeCore it's based on followers and other things too but yeah @HyperBeeCore my friend made $14k, i made hundreds off like 50 plays
@witchbaby420 @holidaykiss_ @deadsunproject @AudiusProject it's always been blockchain based they were just on their testnet until now @holidaykiss_ @witchbaby420 @deadsunproject @AudiusProject more that they just launched it and gave it to 10k people on the platform @majorbean_ @sauceprovided @plusols @plusols yeah i'll DM on discord @nokkusuu @noahweid you were correct. ETH is too big for this to have any effect @majorbean_ @noahweid you can only donate $2800 so he didn't give all of it. there's a legal limitmoney laundering @majorbean_ hi noah
2020 GOT TWO THUMBS AND A DISCORD PARTNERSHIP?!?!?!? Well... we don't have two thumbs. BUT WE'RE OFFICIALLY DISCO…
Retweeted by vintroxx @nesulosity @majorbean_ @avalonianarts @emtacolor @tronbinary @dossyxmusic @inkwillmusic @twinkbuster @nokkusuu ILY… DID IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! WHEN I FIRST STARTED THIS DISCORD WITH MY FRIENDS I NEVER THOUGHT WE'D BE ABLE BE A…
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@reidd @jmb i just installed this today after knowing about it since whenever you first posted (didn't really need…
the next project i'm working on is literally giving me stress headaches but i can't wait for all of you to see it 🥺🥺🥺
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@dossyxmusic if you put management: in your bio all the managers will love you @nokkusuu @Settings @logout i hate when sites don't limit usernames that are actual pages, glad i remembered to do…
@robinboehlen yes! @DrHouseEDM @nebita have you ever considered not capitalizing the first letter of every word and using your "commun…
@majorbean_ @pooldad didn't you get asked to advertise exactly one product @bird_girlfriend @nokkusuu have you heard of skybreak @nokkusuu @bird_girlfriend Rush Downhi @emta_fish @nokkusuu it has bass and the art has colors in it @nebita @MatterStreaming you messed up the link @GDDR6X @hyperpog it's not 6 letters, scammed @GDDR6X @hyperpog the full list of lucia's aliases
@funnydotbike please do i would really appreciate it @funnydotbike funny bike comeback when @reidd @Darby__Music the way we phrased it is that people don't want a better soundcloud, they want soundcloud to b… @Darby__Music this is why we shut down over a year ago - i have my doubts about the ability… @alias_hallow happy birthday hallow !HAND IN HAND IS NOW ON (MOST) MAJOR STREAMING PLATFORMS (also new!! free download option) 🟪🐙☂️ LINK IN REPLIES 👌✋👇
Retweeted by vintroxx @nokkusuu FREE DOWNLOAD: *buy on bandcamp*
listen to torr BY TORR OUT NOW
Retweeted by vintroxx @ishadoe1 @GDDR6X would i lie to you @ishadoe1 @GDDR6X yes @GDDR6X specifically i think i have an old box of a like 1990s motherboard that says "mainboard" i should take a pi… @GDDR6X i've seen mainboard, motherboard, and logic board all used in english so it's not just a german thing exact… @directofficial so i know this artist you might like called "direct" @tronbinary you might have heard some of these (if so would be interested to hear what you do/do not know!) but if… @tronbinary anyway here is some cool music @tronbinary gyrofield @walmartcandle Mitch McConman
@daityamgmt why is this version 16 seconds longer than the distributed one? who knows @daityamgmt i will simply Listen To It Anyway @daityamgmt i was going to say "you definitely say dumb things around me at 3am" but that makes more sense @daityamgmt is this about me @avalonianarts try blender for ultimate speed cube @mx_ultra @nebita sure it's a somewhat flawed process and people who file false DMCA claims should, in my opinion,… @mx_ultra @nebita the DMCA is written in such a way that services aren't required (or, in fact, permitted) to use t… @OfficiallyMizu confirmed all nighter 5 moment
sometimes.. sometimes i discover a new song and it just makes such an impact on me, idk how to put into words what…
Retweeted by vintroxxAt long last here is the webinar "Eminem, Harry Fox, Spotify, The National Music Publishing Association and the Mus…
Retweeted by vintroxx @MewnlightRose @nebita ^ great video, highly recommended @nebita nothing, it's just as easy on any platform legally speaking. i guess people just have a tendency to try it… @nebita what soundcloud could theoretically do is sue people who knowingly file false DMCA complaints because that'… @nebita that's exactly how the DMCA works. "evidence" is irrelevant. as long as the notice complies with the legal… @nebita problem with the copyright issue is that's required legally under the DMCA, they cannot do anything about i…
@gyrofield Thank you @DaisyBushBird
cute by torr comes out october 9th
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@nokkusuu @gateraudio the logo is montserrat and the website is montserrat and proxima nova, don't know about visualizerhaha funny font music label @musicbyrift this is why i need to finish the thing i have not worked on for 2 months @musicbyrift did you put everything in a 5 hour mp3 file @GDDR6X lawyer keyboards do not have a shift key @GDDR6X idk maybe less british @GDDR6X your voice is nice but also is not really what i expected you to sound like for some reason @blairmakesnoise philip kaplan has invaded the p-line @avalonianarts how big is really big @GDDR6X @twinkbuster it's ok in terms of quality but opus doesn't have the potential licensing issues of aac and is… @nokkusuu @GDDR6X @tronbinary @majorbean_ i thought i just sent you the 128k opus version oh wait didn't you just… @Volcanron @majorbean_ generally speaking, distributors don't upload to bandcamp at all - you have to direct upload… @GDDR6X @tronbinary @majorbean_ can i get the wavs too @Volcanron @majorbean_ what I mean is it's free for artists to upload to, I know how bandcamp works @Volcanron @majorbean_ bandcamp is free @programmable wouldn't be surprised to see it approved - but distribution to millions of people is a challenge, esp… @tronbinary @majorbean_ a lot of smaller labels do! it's just the big-ish ones that often don't. i'm certainly goin… @tronbinary @majorbean_ sometimes because they release on a label and can't but otherwise it's just a good idea @programmable one month is... ambitious. admittedly i'm in the US but i wouldn't expect anything available to the g…
@nokkusuu @twinkbuster can confirm, safari ruins everything i do @twinkbuster ogg opus >>> @dynastic i like that the URL is 3 @gupimusic it should be more like 10x that, it's at least $3000 based on spotify US premium per-stream payments @artlastnight happy birthday!! @skybreakedm @dossyxmusic is another heart on that list too because i think it should be @staple_god @nokkusuu happy birthday i guess
@telepathics due to personal reasons, i will not be participating in the world until further notice @stardreamssongs good song i approve @tronbinary extra special one time bonus pass to not be a good person (exclusive!) @aethertides hasn't been fast on the distribution for @nokkusuu lately - sent in hand in hand a month ago, it's sti…