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Sarita @ViolentVeggy Kathmandu / Mumbai

Writer, copy-editor, & educator at The Orange Box, professional writing & editing services. Tweets feature friends, dates, family, clients, & potential clients.

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@Dawngerously Some in my replies are teaching for 6 and 8 hours. 😣 @dk_prabhu My new plan also has 2 slices of brown or Multigrain bread for breakfast @dk_prabhu Yusss. That's why @vinayaravind Well. I don't care much for tennis maybe that is why. But I don't care much for any sport so there is… @discopiggu 😍 love your dp @dk_prabhu I made pesarattu (green moong daal dosa). 😋 @vinayaravind I agree. IPL > Football > TennisAlso personal messages. If we are not friends already or don't know each other or interact much on the tl, I am not… @vinayaravind I get messages on desktop with a massive delay/lag @sundermanbegins Yusss. DM?"The culture panel committee has not a single member from South India, Northeast India, Minorities, Dalits or Women…
Retweeted by Sarita @rons1212 RON. Love it! @rons1212 Thank you ... I want to say...But I don't know you name :D (I am sorry if you had mentioned it but so har… @rons1212 definitely don't have the energy or the patience. I speak to one of my exes, every now and then. I don't think we…, I did message a couple of exes during the lockdown (I had a dream about 1 & the other chumma only), and 2 oth… @dk_prabhu Yeah. That is true. I have sodas mostly only in the summer and beer too. @ManoharaGm Yeah.. Glad it works. It does not in my case because it is not that intense to start with and the cours… @dk_prabhu Oh. I never have sugar in my day to day food (or tea/coffee) but I do like chocolates / pastries. I have… should calm down. She has done and spewed enough 💩 and won the trust of we-know-who. The ground work has been don… @kadwikalicoffee @Prigwal Or be a snob about it. @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika It just says Refund Amount, and Interest On Refund. So, hard to say what they are doing. 😬 @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika No such mention of an annual rate of interest or if it varied over the years @AngellicAribam @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika Yeah. I meant the final amount was that. Whether it was applied as a one time… @AngellicAribam @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika Yeah. It doesn't specify all those details but yeah. @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika Yeah. I was due X and I got 1.5x. So, I did the math right, right? 🤔 @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika I might delete this tweet later. I am afraid they might want it back. Lol. @AnooBhu @NadjaNadika So, they jsut kept showing it was with Assessing officer. My CAs said since there was no quer… @selvanz I wish. @shaileeism @shaileeism ओहो. आइए आइए. स्वागत है आपका Kathmandu में. मैं Patan मे रहती हूँ. @shaileeism Kisi din mil kar baithenge aur batiya enge. Mere boxes ki sad story. @shaileeism Mat puchiye Shailee. 😭July 2019: Both my boxes and I went to Spain. Aug 2019: I came to Kathmandu. Aug 2019: Boxes in transit. Oct 20… @vinayaravind Dammit. I see why. @vinayaravind I also don't understand only. @RohanDasgupta I have told them they can message me anytime. @RohanDasgupta No one is paying me for that :D @RohanDasgupta It is also the subject I think. I can't see their faces and gauge if they understand, etc., which I… @RohanDasgupta Oh ho. I do all that ya. They have the book, I share screen and we look at the same thing and read f… @RohanDasgupta They are all adults :D (What is flipped classroom?) It is not a very long engagement so there is onl… @sfrizwan Wow. That is a lot. @RohanDasgupta Yeah. I have taught 3 back to back classes sometimes in the classroom and it was exhausting but man… @ChitraChaudhuri Wow. 8 hours @ideasmithy @romaticize I do all that. But it is just exhausting anyway. I think also teaching people (a small grou… @tillwaytweets I can't do that in my class. I teach English to adults. I do breakout groups in the classroom. I can… @SanghamitraSen I don't talk so much to anyone on a day to day basis @SanghamitraSen Partly technology and partly maybe because I have fallen out of habit of talking/teaching - because of lockdown.This has blown up over on my FB, I don’t know how best to reproduce it here but it’s worth a read. Women don’t know…
Retweeted by SaritaThe first four years of M government, I kept thinking how we have a spineless opposition. Now that they are standin… @Edurafi Sigh. Yeah. I also hate the 'X, can you hear me? Are you there?' - it happens in every class with 1-2 students. @ghaampaanii That's me on reading/hearing it is going to last for 2 more years @ghaampaanii SAME! you are teaching online, how many hours are you teaching for (live) and how do you feel? I am exhausted with 2 c… @NadjaNadika IT Returns* @NadjaNadika Keep the hope alive. I got IT from 2009-10 wonly last year (but with interest and all). @bored__soul @Aakriti Thanks J. Hi @Aakriti. You can visit my website for information on my work… - a friend is in urgent need of work. #Writing or social media. Preferably in the domain of #law but open t…
Retweeted by SaritaMy tribute to Bombay's last great architect. It was a privilege to have known him.
Retweeted by Sarita @dk_prabhu Jevlas ka?
@JyotiBabel Isn't it? I love it. Teletubbies! @JyotiBabel Haan. Woh bhi. If one has enough followers :DMy friend who is looking for jobs in the Bay Area wants to talk to someone who works in tech for some help or just…
Retweeted by Sarita @dk_prabhu Ho na. And all meals at home means that much more bhaandi. @dk_prabhu Ho. Just And finished bhaandi. Aata jhadu. 🤣 @skodithala @Kits 🤣 @JyotiBabel cannot hate me for this. But I was trying to see/show is that people will RT anything. *runs*… @JyotiBabel 😁I am very confused about the way a particular conversation is going. I can't tell if it is about work or a date or… @RohanDasgupta Yup. :D @RohanDasgupta Noice @kavitharao Oh ho. Not now. Whenever this Covid-19 is under control, one way or the other. I am not meeting anyone… @kavitharao 😍 Yusss. Come for a holiday to Nepal. @dk_prabhu काल Jevlas ka? 😬Orange and purple are two of my favourite colors. If I like you and you visit me, this is where you could be stayin… @Aparna Thai salad sounds good too. I only make with raw papayas. @Aparna Yeah. Bhogte (pomelo) sandeko (like a salad). So good. There are all kinds of sandekos here: alu, chicken,… @Aparna Also, the Nepali way of having them is so yum. (Pomelo flesh mixed with dahi, salt, red chilli powder, suga… @Aparna unless you meant 'location'. In Kathmandu :) Pomelos are popularly used during Tihar (Diwali), also that is the season. @Aparna In my backyard (there were here when I rented the place). There are three trees. One seems to be dropping them rotten ones everyday. @uttamjp YeahOn the upside, I have eaten two pomelos that fell down (they were not rotten and seemed good, so I ate them). The s… is like a pomelo massacre. Both my neighbour and I have been too lazy to clean our part of the backyard. @bascule @Hbomberguy I wonder what happens if we increase the number of Obamas.
Retweeted by Sarita"अंगूरी में डसले बिया नगिनिया रे" एक बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध भोजपुरी गीत है जिसे लिखा है 'पुरबी के सम्राट' कवि महेन्दर मि…
Retweeted by SaritaGeez...any guesses why @Twitter defaulted to show only the right side of the picture on mobile?
Retweeted by SaritaTurns out @zoom_us has a crappy face-detection algorithm that erases black faces...and determines that a nice pale…
Retweeted by SaritaWant to watch something that is NOT the news??? The Popula Film Club offers brilliant, unusual options every week…
Retweeted by Sarita @EsotericPhoenix Your application has been submitted. You shall be notified soon. 😁
Brother has recently moved to the UAE. Is an Orthodontist with extensive experience and looking for a job. Is also…
Retweeted by Sarita @dk_prabhu Thankoo thankoo. The plan is to be old and sexy. Hehehe. So, have to start working towards it now. @dk_prabhu The first 4 weeks yesss. Now, the next 4 weeks - baghu :D. Planning to start working out too.G huzoori. #FarooqAbdullah #nationalconference
Retweeted by Sarita @pepsiwithastraw @WhiskeyTwilight @vip_nair I think enough arguments have been made by both parties with no resolut… paint company who can provide us paints for the houses of our more than 30 artisans under CSR ?
Retweeted by Sarita @WhiskeyTwilight @pepsiwithastraw @vip_nair LOL