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Sarita @ViolentVeggy Kathmandu / Mumbai

Founder, The Orange Box, which offers professional writing services. Tweets are personal, and feature friends, family, clients, and potential clients.

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If you use Twitter like I did for the last 4 days, without tweeting much or responding or replying, it is a weirdly fascinating place.
@bored__soul HelloJust popping in to say I briefly forgot the word 'children'. I was walking around in a store wondering where are th…
Divorce rates increasing only says that women will no longer take shit and that scares Mohan Bhagwat and ENTIRE soc…
Retweeted by Sarita @Disha_SH_ My mentor told me once, not marriage but divorce is one of greatest inventions made by human. And I totally agree with that.
Retweeted by SaritaLooking for multiple senior folks with >7 years as a journalist/writer/comms professional in startup or technology,…
Retweeted by SaritaI watched The Irishman & the only observation that I want to share is that in the credits there was a person called Krishnamurti Costa.
Retweeted by Sarita#NewProfilePic @ScrollsNInk Hugs @AjitBaral Ooh. I just finished reading this yesterday. Loved it.
#Book3 #2020 #books #reading #Immigrants #history A rich character-driven story spanning decades and generations.…
I might be away from Twitter for a bit - chumma only. If you need to get in touch, send me a message via WhatsApp o… and grief are two sides of the same coin. #ValentinesDay2020 #Mentalhealth.
Retweeted by SaritaGangabai and Kamala ❤️ @discopiggu Nutri wala so yeah, digestive. @discopiggu Marie biscuitsIn Sri Lanka, Valentines day is celebrated differently by families of the forcibly disappeared. On February 14th,…
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High success rate in killing mosquitoes tonight / this morning as they were too fat to fly - nicely stuffed with my blood. @iwrotethose Sounds good. You may enjoy Please Like Me if you haven't seen it already. @iwrotethose I haven't seen it yet. Is it good for when one needs a good cry?#Book2 #2020 #books #reading #Immigrants #SouthAsia Tell Her Everything by Mirza Waheed. A beautifully written s… The 2020 Poetry London Prize is now open! And we’re ecstatic to announce that the judge is the brilli…
Retweeted by Sarita @frantumaglia I want to say PTSD but unknown triggers maybe?Unfortunately, this is true. But as proved by recent events, cuteness is overrated. @ProsaicView 😍 Can you add black tea from Bangladesh? (My favourite is Kazi & Kazi.) And also, tea from Nepal - und…'m looking for a part time/ freelance virtual assistant to help with editorial duties/ aka editorial assistant. So…
Retweeted by Sarita @sandmaxprime ❤️ Thank youHiring for the position of a paid research intern to work directly with me. Primary areas of research: gender just…
Retweeted by SaritaAnother week to go before I reach Ktm. I can do this! 'Come on Sarita.' @iwrotethose Can't 😭 @discopiggu @juhimodi Yeah. Works for them. :)Ever so often, WhatsApp sucks! You can't see someone's eyes light up or hear their voice or look into their the time this ends, Valentine's day will thankfully be over
Retweeted by Sarita @shasvathi I really laughed out so loudly @shasvathi 🤣 @suitcaseindian I see. Thank you. @jimanish You were missed @suitcaseindian What did I miss?HI! A FEMALE FRIEND IS URGENTLY LOOKING FOR ACCOMMODATION AROUND HAUZ KHAS/ MALVIYA NAGAR/ GK BUDGET IS 8-12K per…
Retweeted by Sarita @discopiggu Sextually active, you mean. @iconohclast It is like we should eat, drink, and wear the polluted air we breathe. So many feels. You power through with your crochet. @discopiggu Best idea. 🤗 @discopiggu विजय असो!Is flirting with friends of the same sex a thing? If not, it should be. @ScrollsNInk 🤣 @juhimodi Ooh. Interesting question. They are dating other married people (mostly) and sometimes, dating singles. @gifsagar Of course.It's Faiz Ahmed Faiz's birthday today. This lovely ghazal, freshly translated, just for him. And you.…
Retweeted by Sarita @gifsagar Oh ho. I enjoyed dating after divorce, a lot. @gifsagar Bwahahaha. So am I. Flirting in early 30s was fun but now at 37, I feel like I don't know squat! I am 'I… @gifsagar I have friends who have an active dating scene. It is fascinating @gifsagar 🤣 @ndtv @sakie339 So, eggs are taboo only for malnourished kiddos in saffron ruled states..
Retweeted by Sarita @Kits Thanks. Will check and reply later today.My friend said to me, "In other news I matched with my biwi on the dating app. She's texting me from across the hal… @ScrollsNInk @ScrollsNInk Mind your own business, R. Lol. So sorry I couldn't resist this. This one is my favouritest this year… @ScrollsNInk What stings though? The bite or the pee? @ScrollsNInk Our friendship has been placed under probation.Y’all. I think I just witnessed sexism.
Retweeted by Sarita @ScrollsNInk What is this behaviour, R? @VikramPoonja Thank you @ScrollsNInk 😁Hi -- I need to talk to a software expert on background who can explain JSON databases and such to me like I'm five…
Retweeted by Sarita @jackallisonLOL
Retweeted by SaritaFriends, my frond @Jayatiib has the perfect house, in case anyone's looking #Khar #Bandra Single occupancy, for wo…
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@rons1212 Thank you 🤗 @SathayePP 😂 @IMSahilBhalla Thank you. @FuschiaScribe Thank you so Much.Found while deleting files on the phone. This will now stay in my timeline forever. God bless Kollywood
Retweeted by SaritaNow to find someone I can have designs on. Maybe I already do but that's not happening.I am always learning new expressions. "to have designs on someone" (like what even!) = to want to date or have a s… @teentare @vinayaravind 🤗A @vinayaravind appreciation tweet for being the best pick-me-up buddy you can ever ask for. ♥️ @radzzzzster @vinayaravind Oh no. Hugs.Are you a current PhD student who is using or has used archives found on the EAP website? If so, we'd love to hear…
Retweeted by Sarita @suitcaseindian I likes. Taking it for any future venture. @Kits Hi. I do transcribing but haven't done for podcasts specifically. Happy to discuss. You can write to me at sa… @suitcaseindian You should walk around, get back in queue and get a kilo. 😁 @iwrotethose Begaaas stupid people also share information for other stupider people to read.I just want to let out a deep sigh! Not that it will change anything. designer Wendell Rodricks is reported to have passed away at his home in Colvale, Goa on Wednesday evening.…
Retweeted by Sarita @kanishkaab Lol. It does not matter if it is more or less. @SathayePP Maybe @cowbai Hehehe @MalaSivaprasad Maybe @cyntalist @BinLaydy What is jugni? @suitcaseindian Bwahahaha. Chalega. @suitcaseindian Yusss. I did. With you 😍 @suitcaseindian 😁 I don't worry about much in life, thankfully. It is almost scary how I don't worry @simplysud Thanks for sharing @themanojmenon Thank you @suitcaseindian If that then good. @vinayaravind Nothing I can do anyway @vinayaravind Could be @vinayaravind A couple of minutes or seconds?Also, wtf? I do rely a bit on my Twitter network for freelance work; unless the ones I lost were eggs., I had 3900 followers and now it is 2400. How did I manage to piss off so many at one go? 🤪