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Happy, hippie mom w/2cool kids. Marketing+social media. photographer. Boulderite. Cargo biker. @violetsouffle on IG

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We’ve taken to playing a game at the dinner table with the kiddos called ‘fake prank calls’ and it’s fabulous
@FarrenSquare @HiddenCash Idk though- it sounds sketch. She’s 21 and he’s 18, if I reverse their sex I get total ra… @FarrenSquare I’m confused. She walked into the bathroom where he was urinating and grabbed him? Tbh sounds a bit assaulteyamericans the time is now for us to unite against COVID19. we must all come together and say "Oopsydaisy" over and over again until it stops
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My 12yo will not give me more than 4inches if personal space send halp @posielove No! They haven’t touched it! We have it in a tub with a lid because squirrels are extremely aggressive (… wish we had more Pumpkin Pie. @sewo_sewo They all have these ‘I’m so excited to shop small this holiday- share your favorite small businesses in… @sewo_sewo OMG YES I had the same thought but felt bad articulating it. So gross. @iBringBalance Love. Kids are so funny.I got an ad on IG and couldn’t help trolling a little more. They’re an awesome local Colorado brand- please support… sent my 5yo to a time out on the stairs for his first time in his LIFE for being too rough with the dog >>AGAIN<<… ordered clothes for my youngest on November 11th and they seem to be stuck in USPS purgatory. At this point he wi… guy who was working was just as amused as me. Highly recommend.Yalllllll I got my husband to call our local pet food shop and ask for the wolf flavored dog food (don’t worry, we… @LeLeIsMe Home made cranberry! @nahthen25 Yes I hate trying to sell this sort of stuff. I’d rather it just go to someone who wants it. @mbvisor Too tall* @mbvisor Mmmm not sure. I think 12, but highly adjustable, T wore from about 9.5-now and is finally too take :-( I…
I went into two stores to grab some things that were sold out online. Both stores were pretty quiet for a normal da… guy is troubling @jfkantrowitz This was so wholesome 🥰🥰🥰 @sewo_sewo I think if I really believed people could live a base level of normal lives without being affected I wou… @sewo_sewo They are! But I love them. I know if at least one house within a block that is quarantining due to unexp… time with my 12yo. This Ratalop sounds like a great villain. can only pick one.... @sewo_sewo There are 4 houses on our street with people coming and going all day 😕 like 20+ people at one house, ou… @sewo_sewo It’s twilight zone feeling @sewo_sewo 😭😭😭
@Hobo_Mama 🤣🤣 @Hobo_Mama I have...crickets.I spent $3412.29 on one wheels last week and today they announce a sale that would save me like $500 😭😭😭 @Hobo_Mama I never really thought about it until I saw that thread. I think their goal is sustainability and commun… @Hobo_Mama I’ve also seen people walk in and tell them their situation and they’ll basically shop with them and giv… @Hobo_Mama Our local thrift store has a two pronged approach/ they have curated area with really expensive items th… @Hobo_Mama Poor guy. I’m sorry. I would say he may be able to ‘practice’ with something similar and not to be afrai… @Hobo_Mama What procedure is he having done? @Hobo_Mama I have used one. I don’t have a terribly sensitive gag reflex but for me it helped because the stuff poo… forward I’m only shopping at companies who send me an email today saying they’re thankful for me
Retweeted by Marybeth @sewo_sewo Oh, wow. Which vaccine trials are they all in? ;-)I love love love sending someone the perfect book. It’s the greatest. Might even be my superpower. @CC_Laurange I take it like it’s medicine every day. Today I may challenge myself to enjoy over the course of an hour just because. @ClaudiaC No! Thank you, the kids will love that 😄 @ClaudiaC Nah, we’ve checked. Children’s is allegedly doing one, according to one facilitator we spoke to about adu… the F are the #COVID vaccine trials for kids?I want this, but life sized.
@heartsandhandss @Bitter_Optimist @heartsandhandss @Bitter_Optimist Yes, so glad I could help. ;PAs the lady said it's "Māori" and "a Haka" but also it's awesome.
Retweeted by MarybethSame am so grateful my mother fact checked this for me on Facebook. Such a gift. you, @FakeScience @heartsandhandss @Bitter_Optimist You’re not denying it I see 💜 @ericmbudd I love everything about this omgHE DID THE MEME
Retweeted by Marybeth @ActualJenny Sending lots of love. I’m so sorry. I know this is really taking a toll on your family& wish I could d… @estrellajane Awesome!! @DaraSquires I love this!!!! @Bitter_Optimist @heartsandhandss yo, resident nerd. do you know? @Bitter_Optimist Looks kinda like Zelda @ArykanotErika Oh, you can make cranberry sauce ahead of time too. If you make it from scratch anyway :-) @ArykanotErika You can bake potatoes and leave them whole, then peel and finish your sweet potatoes or mashed potat… you know that you can make a “small batch of chocolate chip cookies’ ?!?and if you quadruple it and eat them al… @posielove @sewo_sewo Not saying we can’t still get it there by any means but it feels safe compared to lots of things @posielove @sewo_sewo Oh my gosh! That is terrible and so stressful 😿 Travis and I both have had to be in and out o… @sewo_sewo I truly feel like people aren’t catching Covid at the doctor, dentists, grocery store in significant num… @sewo_sewo Our dentists are suuuper safe. 💜 @ClaudiaC @KyleClark It’s so much fun. I love amusing the neighbors with it. :) @ClaudiaC @KyleClark Yes it’s me and my husband Travis is on the chipmunk voice lol @KyleClark
@posielove @poorasfolk I cannot with these kids. So funny. They don’t know shit about nuthin but they’re our pride and joys 😹😻“There have been so many times I have seen a man wanting to weep but instead beat his heart until it was unconsciou…
Retweeted by MarybethHello stores, we are ONE YEAR into this covid thing and we get it, you have contactless deliveries! What I would RE… @poorasfolk My now 5yo used to swear he hated honey in his tea. What he didn’t know was I had always added honey be… call him sleepy Joe because we will all get to sleep again? I get it now! @sarahhollowell 😆😆😆😆 @CFB_law With a screen print of the blood panel results lol @CFB_law That is great news! You need a tee shirt. “I have bodies. Antibodies.”
Pfizer vaccine: effective, protective and safe Modena vaccine: effective, protective and safe Oxford vaccine: effec…
Retweeted by Marybeth @TraceyLeeAU 😭😭😭now I want that @TraceyLeeAU I love glitter 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m thinking DH would probably hate it though. He likes things that do not require a lot of mess. @TraceyLeeAU What are you envisioning? 🥰 lights? A big cardboard picture?Twitter, do you have any creative ideas for transforming a front gate as a sort of Christmas decoration? I was thin… @Bitter_Optimist This is weird. Has nobody taught them that it is not nice to talk to people you love that way? But… @clovertine @eutheria I’m sorry. I imagine that hurts to watch. @clovertine @eutheria Oh yikes. I hope they cancel ❤️😭 I have a long list of families I’m doing free Santa overlays… @eutheria @clovertine I have this cute background: @eutheria @clovertine if you want Santa photos I’ll gladly photoshop your babies in @heartsandhandss @posielove Oh yes! We have the app too but I had forgotten all about it. Izah actually loved it for a loooong time. @sewo_sewo Other than that people are usually curious and in awe. I think they’re just great for families obviously… @sewo_sewo We got stopped/harassed once by a guy who was just furious at us for having them. He was really weird an… @nuclearnomads Wood :-) @posielove @heartsandhandss do you know of any ways? @posielove Nintendo DS? @TraceyLeeAU Totally had that thought too. My husband is in the Moderna trial for African Americans. We figured we… @TraceyLeeAU I desperately want these moved to the public as soon as they’re proven safe, and was delighted to get… @TraceyLeeAU Totally understand. They are rigorously checking medical histories and allergies and testing with pree… @TraceyLeeAU Good. Yesterday my arm was painful in an unusual way (tingly/nerve tenderness) and I convinced myself… If your vote didn't matter, they wouldn't STILL be trying to take it away from you, three weeks after the election.
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