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2Head streamer. 1.0 KD. I have sex with @Class ❤️ and I think sex is very funny. i simp for elon musk

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@KongeNV @brookeab Us so hard yesterday bro @Trainwreckstv so blue waffles @BakeHatesItHere 450 for me dude holy shit @Class i dropped like 190 just now WTFFFFFFFFFPlease review and unban his account, he has worked incredibly hard these last few months and has made a huge impact… @NicholiFNST :( @prakdip lmk if this works might do it for partner @HarryButAverage THERE IS NO WAY @Class @xkaydenx_ lowkey though
@valuepackmac @KongeNV @connasty69 Men ain’t shit @prakdip @ihyviper PogU @euphoriameg @straightsarahhh THE PEPE CAKE LMAOOOOO @earJordan Fire @hennrryyyyy @LittleKidHBK @YourRAGEz You’re right.. Issa big flex @sebthe_crab i'm capping, thats only Nicholi @sebthe_crab So nobody @Class @Froste We all 3 have been snapping @YourRAGEz I had 8k subs 110 average viewers and got denied twice while holding that, they don’t care fr @macawcaw123 Downloading league to begin with @tylerxox3 💀💀💀 @EpicRacismHater @KongeNV @connasty69 Youssif would have been 1 - 29 frfr @NicholiFNST @KongeNV @connasty69 Ironic considering your negative in getting bitches @moonsuedo Ok so come over this weekend then @J0King @Mxdieee My mental health been whack... I’ve been home for 2 days but maybe tomorrow
@Class @cizzorz And he got the paper @connasty69 Or the ham @hoodienergy I love this hair on u
hi everyone, it pains me to share this but my older brother passed away yesterday. I feel so lost inside. Ive creat…
Retweeted by sidney @Class No way he got away with that 💀 @rora_okay I’m down @YourEmbracee Ok yes
@akaAced It’s a 1.0 now babystop asking me "wyd" im literally at home playing video games @valuepackmac Facts @KongeNV Clearly you @MobVirtue She spittin lowkey @kayykardashhh On god 💀 bitch who you foolin. Tweet audit got you caught up @earJordan Impression farming is weird!!! @euphoriameg 💀Bitches be like “clout is a drug” then go and bot Instagram likes @CrypticNotAlone Thank u @MinxMore Dubai. Treat urself @NicholiFNST Froste ruined the turkey on thanksgiving by putting it in the jacuzzi don’t be like him @NicholiFNST Ok froste @Mason56997632 @JustaMinx Why @euphoriameg @JustaMinx Miss u @MinxMore @NuFo @earJordan @BriskNA_ Gn @SlayerMattAttak Ur fuckin poggers slayermatt @ItBeKennyYT @Class Love you always brother and you know you always have us for an escape. Thankful for you. Keep being strong @NicholiFNST Love you brother @TensaiFly @KongeNV Facts @KongeNV No @KongeNV This tweet sucks. Ratio @Class MANNNNNN @iPurrple @KongeNV 💀 @EpicRacismHater @KongeNV What a loser LMFAO @Class The background @KongeNV @YourEmbracee
@Class @macawcaw123 😁❤️ @earJordan THIS IS NOT TRUE @euphoriameg @KongeNV 😕 @NicholiFNST @KongeNV You need to do some women better. If you did maybe they’d stay! @BriskNA_ :( I’m so sorry. I hope he remains healthy and gets through it @KongeNV MeWho did it better
Retweeted by sidney @earJordan Insane for some penis @SurinityTTV BITCHHHH WHAT HAPPENED @ItsAircool A gothic cross 😳 @MxjdTV Yo @earJordan NoFucked up in the crib thinking about how sexy Elon musk is @Class I miss your cock @Class What about me @ddoubledom1 W @MrBeastYT Subscribing to this channel helps me feed my cat @Class @Froste No the fuck you aint 💀💀💀
@Class @SamjaySJ I Stan @ddoubledom1 LMFAO @NicholiFNST I don’t know if you watch anime but I was talking about the girls ignoring you part. This happens to you every day“i wish anime girls were real” why so they can ignore your ass too? 💀 @NicholiFNST finna subtweet you @NicholiFNST @YourEmbracee This was the worst tweet I have ever seen, she will not fuck you bro. Ever @Innovvator Hey big head @sebthe_crab ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @lindsaydemeola Dude @NicholiFNST You need to do some bitches @akaAced 😂 @Class Me? 😳👉👈Missing her hours
Retweeted by sidney @derpyslurpy Yes. Happy fucking birthday baby @earJordan LMAOOOOONew iPhone secured. $1200 just to get left on read 💀💀
Retweeted by sidney
@Class Sir @GhostLifestyle so when y’all gonna sign meWhose ass is fatter?
Retweeted by sidney @lazyemily_ @GhostLifestyle @GhostGamer I LOVE GHOST @BriskNA_ Ditto. Miss ya brisk