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sidney @Viperous Tulum, Mexico

Elon musk burner account. Trainwreck’s sexiest mod. Johnny Depp bodyguard. @StakeCash

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@spamalanche Miss you broJoined @N8Vgg Got a lot of things in the works, very very excited to show you guys what we have planned soon.
Retweeted by sidney @PinaR6S Hi @generalquinny we gon find out
@Froste @Class Twitch metaAmber keeps saying it’s Johnny Depp’s “obsessed” fans that are hating on her. I was never a fan before this trial.…
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@emmalangevin I need some of what you’re having @Sixthereaperr @xoupgone and @bobbiedavisonly @reaIlymatt @Stake Frrrr @SoGrizzy How you got 554k followers and zero bitches?????????? @OGRealCarl Hi Carl @aYoMetty GOODNIGHT METROOOO @reallywillb Damn dude haven’t saw you in so long. Hope life is going good 😊 @brandonlegg_ Gn man @MxjdTV When we gambling @israelolivosss Gn gorilla nuts @earJordan who tf telling you goodnight????? @akaAced Me tooreal mfs go to bed with no gn text @OGHaptic BRAHHHHHAfter spending $6000 I finally hit 700x on xxxtreme and made it back @Stake. $7k payout 😳😳😳😳
Dude no way I hit the same exact win twice...... in a fucking row. 600x $6000 payout on @Stake @dylanobrien me if i was you
@generalquinny Yes @earJordan We have got to get you some pussy @MxjdTV @Icy_Rapture Bro like why isn’t it spelled like this @Ultra15151 @Stake The come up was real @earJordan AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA LITERALLY @justswayiiXO I love her so much @AngelMelly @Stake Cmon LINDA!!!! @AngelMelly @Stake The JUICER I needed… also floating dragons paid out $1800 immediately after @itsWaddles_ @Stake Lmfao this is from the RT on my stake giveaway account sir! @ClassifyAlt ? @Bouncy21111 aye $400 is still fire depending on what you spent on the scratcher @Class @Stake Ima buy you a penis pump @JulioRegalado11 @Stake Thank you morph, love having you around and your support. Gracias siempre bebe 🥰 @Cinddyrella @Stake Flight on me to Cancun?!???? @TristanGHill @Stake PayPal me rn @notcrypticno @Stake Ain’t no way you only got 6k $Wraithful @SHORTYPlE Alive 2Chainz @brookeab Mom and dad 🥲 @Class @MxjdTV I appreciate you guysHit a MASSIVE $6000 juicer 600x on $10 bet playing the new lightning roulette. HOLY FUCKKKKKKKKKKK @Stake @Cinddyrella I don’t take it, always makes me sick or too jittery
@S1NCERELYJUJU So fckn hot @DrLupo @Ninja They’re so angry you went to YouTube LMFAOOOOOOOOO @DiscussingFilm Idc who’s in it, if Johnny depp isn’t captain jack I ain’t watching it @LuluLuvely Holy fck. You are beautiful ma’am @AngelMelly I love you!!! @_A113N One of my favorite shows istg @earjordy Connor W @pastelcolorings What a sick fuck @_Apax_ Love u
@MxjdTV @earJordan dude he is exactly like you bro @luvstruck So fckn hot @earjordy Lmaoooooo deadass @azra_lifts Thank you mommy @itspinksakura 🥺🥺🥺 @emmalangevin Oh my god thank you for noticing me Emma @cat_falco AHAHAHAHAHAHAH @AngelMelly Love you!! @alexiaraye Thank you sweet girl 🥺 @bobbiedavisonly 🥺🥺🥺 @Cinddyrella Love you! @hudsonwisler Thank you Hudson :D @chrissstyboo ILY @leahdb98 😌 @AveryHam I love you!!! @TristanGHill Thank you :) @MikaylahAU See u in 2 months bitch @ReaperpwnX I’m @Class @itsaidettec IM SO HAPPY @YenSauce we really was on the same exact schedule the entire time 😭 @jilikat Thank you baby! @EpicRacismHater You next :) @OGRealCarl I love you @STPeach I’m so happy!! Thank you :D @ReaperpwnX STOP @DaBeIoved thank you! Hope you are doing ok <3 @BossedUpJose Miss you Jose. thanks a lot :D @lanche Literally me 😁 I cannot stop cheesin!!!!!!I got my braces off!!!! :D
@Daymeeein No @cupkatez Don’t ask me the color of NOTHING @_JimmyNuetron LOLparents be like “don’t believe everything you see on the internet” then believe absolutely anything they see on facebook @SlimJim WE LOVE MEAT 🥩 @ncockstick No @heyitsjoe_ Yeah you absolutely got this Joe! Don’t give up @brevax @bobbiedavisonly @brevax Happy birthday what me you and bob doing tonight 😭 @_slimarella_ 2/10 @STPeach Mom and dad
@bunniejulie Matches your eyes @thedandangler Tbh it’s all the same content. Regardless of who it is, she gets banned just as much! And so do all… @_TonyHilfiger Holy fuck you wanna move in rent free? @Nick_fil_A_ LOL
@connasty69 @earJordan 😭😭😭 @earJordan He fell off