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sidney 🕷 @Viperous Honolulu, HI

Elon Musk burner account. @Class ♡

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@YourPrincess So hoti have not posted pics on in a while
Retweeted by sidney 🕷 @putyahanzup You’re so hot let’s fuck
@KaleiRenay Have your parents been supportive about your tats? @earJordan You one nasty motherfucker @earjordy LMFAO @Slimdolla15 @derpyslurpy He came in the discord call and gave everyone I was in the call with 5k @Slimdolla15 @derpyslurpy No you missed trainwrecks donate $37k to give scrub, Jordan, Poki, lando, ant & silvers $5000 EACH @Slimdolla15 @derpyslurpy You missed some crazy shit @ItsAircool No @SilenceOfTheDan @Arcanxne Mr beast is just as amazing off cam. @Eggsannies @da_floppy LMAOOOO @derpyslurpy @Trainwreckstv 5 more tomorrow :D @Trainwreckstv thank you for changing their life rn <3 @earJordan @Trainwreckstv So happy for you man @TristanGHill @Trainwreckstv he's the goatTrainwrecks just came in my chat and sent me money to give ALL of my mods I was in discord with $5000 .............… @earjordy @vipersaurousrex ily sm @Class I've tried and you won't let me get near that motherfucker........... the best I got was touching it in that… @Class dudeeeeee............. this is insane. I almost cried and they told me grown men don't crybro..................... 500 sub hype train... doing a 24 hour in honor of the support today @Sodapoppintv cum leaks? @BlissKreation @putyahanzup damn you absolutely right.... @dean_duro hows the new iphone ? @itspinksakura Yup. I deleted it last month and have only played twice since then. I feel happier streaming now :) @selmacashmoney Gonna start tweeting only bangers from now on and deleting the regular ones @katerino I’m a masochist tell me more @JOSSI4H Fuck Bella @OGRealCarl thanks carl love you @derpyslurpy Is this a good or a bad thing for you? I'm sorry to hear it scrub :/ @wh1ff_ you can unfollow me but you can't unfuck my ass🤠 @Class Awe, yeah i've never heard of him. He was before my time in the gaming community but may he rest in peace ☹️… @nathan_lamby ok good cause I have scheduled tweets just incase
@Froste Happy Froste hits different > @TristanGHill I got some bangers set up on Tweetdeck auto tweet.... you don't wanna miss those 😈😈😈 @Class @kaykookiedough whats wrong with a green one? ... @bobbiedavisonly 😩😩😩😩🙏🙏 @kaykookiedough I hope not 😭😭😭 I still aint saw what a big penis looks like yet @putyahanzup lets get married my cock is bigger than Drakes @earJordan i'm finna unfollow you while you still alive @justswayiiXO he passed right around the time I came into the gaming/yt community. Didn't really know much about him :/ @BigD_____ 😐😐😐would u guys unfollow me if i died @TristanGHill just farted I’m such a Leo 😹😹😹😹😹😹 @Slimdolla15 🥺 I am having so much fuckin fun lately. It’s hard to be away from you guys @elonmusk Can't wait for your gen shin to impact my tight asshole @soybirb ty for coming by earlier :D we should play DBD soon? @kaweiiii you still do @SirDimetrious @MercedesDawg congrats :D @Class hey @ClassifyAlt its been 40 minutes @Ninja banger tweet @killacarly_ :'DDDDDDDDD
@justmaddyx W @killacarly_ OH MY GODDDDD YOU DID THAT @PokiSage dude join dbd @dirtyydian thinkin about u @Class i meant to post my twitch link with this image, i am so out of it lmao @soybirb gorg 🥺 @vylerria Rent free in my head @KaleiRenay @Oreologist @Twitch this could def be the copypastas @KaleiRenay @Twitch BUT EARLICKING ASMR IS ALLOWED............. I AM THROWING UP AND CRYING RN @DerdNog W @DNPthree gm dnp :DDDDDDDDDD @earjordy I mean not everybody has the time to sit in a chat 24/7 :/ @Cinddyrella great googly moogly them thangs is juicy @Saulsrevenge @kaweiiii Oh my god!!! @7teenhrs HBD 7teeeeeenThese red flags getting kinda personal… y’all ok? 😭😭
@Robot3Mr <3 @itskaiito Hot @imane @AriaSaki 1000???? I would have done that for 5 gifted … I’m a bag chaser @Robot3Mr @iamtherealak @BeenLando @ihyviper @mono_therapper @Dronesboi @B1GDAN89 @Adarablle Good luck man, I’m gon… @Froste LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT @AdamBombttv 10k subs forever 🥶
@NejcKondic @Class We got crusty showers @justswayiiXO no way you’re simping Taylor swift rn @AyannaMarcelin Bro he really does @PokiSage 😌 @xMermage You won worst setup, pls dm me for your $ LMAO @TheYourDarkFear you won :D dm me pls @xMermage LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ionevenknowbreh 0 @TheYourDarkFear 9.5 @KaraCorvus 9 @kaykookiedough you tryna get some extra points w the cat? @AvgNickk 9.5 @tockyzFPS 9.5 @yungl10nel @Icy_Rapture LMFAO @Icy_Rapture the fact this is real bro............................................. @ActuallyCaseyy please explain it........................... @CalllofBooty_ 8 @Nemes1sz 9 @Kyre415 9 @AbstractPhysix now @AngelicTTV love this for you :D indulging in your hobbies and finding self love along the way >>
@MistaCx This one gonna do numbers over night I can feel it @turntdais Mommy @EpicRacismHater this was a banger