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@ajmunn Thank you Alasdair! I will let our crew know your fabulous feedback, especially Adele. We do appreciate you… @collin_russ We shall be seeing you very soon! Remember you can join our loyalty programme: @collin_russ Thank you so much Collin. We love to hear great feedback for our fabulous staff and cabin! Have a fant… @MonicaOJones I am sorry Monica, I will report this to our website team. Feel free to contact us and our agents wou… @michelledormer Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words, I will pass on your feedback to Sophie. Have a fantastic evening.^PG @LABCollaborate @Delta @LABCollaborate @Delta Hello Lauren! It's great to hear you enjoyed our fabulous lounge. We can't wait to welcome you back in the future.^PG
@jules_panda Hello! It's great to hear from you. You are most welcome to email your request to:… @chrispar @Boeing Thanks! That’s 11,000 more miles than most people Chris, congratulations ✈️👨‍✈️ @AlexCle88449516 Tinker Belle retired in a November last year. You can read more about that, and the rest of the 74… @Shadowwarrior30 @eric_lanlard See you there! ✈️ @Shehsays ❤️❤️❤️ @AndyAndyhawes Thanks for your kind words Andy, see you soon! ❤️ @adamajparker Our sale is on now Adam! You can view all the flight deals here: ✈️ @jonesgaga1 Thanks for your kind words, see you soon ❤️ @Beckybradds Thanks for your kind words Becky! ❤️ @solo10241 Thanks for your kind words Kristian! ❤️ @JohnBarrowman @dancingonice Don't worry John, they're in good hands!😊✈️^ERB @Shadowwarrior30 Thanks for your kind words! That sounds like a fabulous flight. Our @eric_lanlard Mile High Tea is… @Triptraveler2 Thank you! ❤️ @AlexCle88449516 Lucky you! ✨ @chrispar @Boeing Incredible, let us know Chris! 🕵️‍♂️🙋‍Apex rated 5* airline here, how can we help? @apsinkus Hello, I am glad to hear that you loved your first flight with us! We accept all forms of feedback to our… @pureelectricuk @Boeing Thanks for the lovely feedback Lee, it's always a pleasure. See you soon! ❤️ @DarryllMccarthy @Boeing Hi Darryl, we retired the first of our remaining 747 aircraft Tinker Belle last year. You… we can’t prove it, with over 24,500 hours on the Queen of the skies, we think Captain Mike Abu-Nayla may h… @Medi8Gareth We're sure you'll have a hole lot of fun 🏌️‍♂️ @Stockwell007 Hello Billy, lovely hearing from you! If you'd like to pop us a DM with the booking reference and dat… @jmdenouden @mediavine @visitlondon @toby10ant Great to hear you are flying with us! Bag drop of will open the same time as the check in, 3 hours prior… @MrVeeTheDj It would vary depending on the ticket you have purchased. If you visit the following link and this will… @TracyJRoe @christinalow Sorry to hear this Christina! If you can visit the following link and this will give you the best way… @ATOMONOUS1 If we can ask you to DM us with your details and we can investigate this for you. ^PE @samantha1620 Sorry about this! We have sent you a DM. ^PE @bhavnavohra13 Sorry about that! If you visit the following link and this will give you the best way to get in touc… @butters_ross @secret_escapes Hi Ross! If you can DM us with your details and we can look in to that for you. ^PE @VickyCalvo1878 Your are all in for a treat! Happy Birthday!!!! 🎉🎉 @richardpeabody @rachelfitzpea @williamhanson 😱How to answer without causing a war between Devon and Cornwall 🤔I th… @IanBrandwood Great to hear you enjoyed your time with us Ian! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know… @bykaren Hey Karen. I've just replied to your other tweet. ^JH @bykaren I'm sorry to hear you keep getting conflicting information. If you email the team on Virgin.Shipping@fly.v… @AdamLLMoore Hey Adam. I'm sorry to hear you've had issues whilst travelling with us. You can find all the informat… @AndyHallCoach Hey Andy. I'm sorry to hear that your experience whilst contacting us was not as expected, and your… @MonicaOJones Hey Monica. We do not fly direct into these destinations, but we do fly direct into Johannesburg wher… @MKTAdvantEdge @EWRairport Hey Kathleen. I'm sorry to hear you've not had the best experience once you have disemba… @SaronaIone Hey there. I'm sorry to hear this happened on your Delta flight. I'm sure they will have it back with you in no time. ^JH @SeaProps There would also be no transfer included I'm sorry. An agent can also get a quote if you would like a cha… @SeaProps Hey there. I hope you're well! I'm afraid the chauffeur does not come complimentary on a reward ticket. I…
@Mina_Nile Hey there. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I'm sorry it did not work. I will be sure to pa… @AlexHouse79 Hey there. Congratulations on your new niece or nephew! A Sale may be introduced later on, but we're n… @bykaren @richardbranson Hey Karen. How cute is Cobber! You can find most information regarding travelling with a p… @ByeCharlee Hey Charlee. Great to hear you'll be travelling with us to Orlando! We certainly do allow lap infants t… @soso2k1 Hey there. If you've booked direct, please get in touch with our Customer Service team either by calling o… @johnbiggs Hi John, lovely hearing from you! If you could send your booking reference via DM, I'll happily check this for you! ^ERB @pietjepsvpuk Hello, it's wonderful to hear that you are looking to fly with us! You'd need to check with Flying Bl…’s a look at other entertainment highlights we’ll have on board. Ranging from The Peanut Butter Falcon if you w… something a little scary? We’ve got a zombie survival guide in this issue to prepare you for watching… this month’s in-flight Vera magazine we have an interview with the incredibly talented @LauraDern! She discusses… @angela903 Hi Angela, lovely hearing from you! If you could contact our customer service team, they'd be able to ch… year our amazing people raise money for a local charity through our Pennies for Charity scheme. We are deligh… @riagajjar Hi Ria, lovely hearing from you! If you've booked Economy Light, then a 1 x 23KG piece of luggage would… @derekmcluckie65 Hi Derek, it's great to hear you're flying with us soon! If you booked through us directly, you're… @mjKneafsey Hi Michael, as long as the tripod fits within your luggage allowance, and doesn't exceed the weight of… @BreannaHollar @travelocity Hello, I have just responded to your DM in relation to this. ^ERB @Choco_La_Ti_Da OK! We try to respond as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes a little while when we are very b… @Choco_La_Ti_Da Hey there Mon! Sorry have we missed your message? When did you DM us? ^DQ @Aj_Agaba Hello AJ! I can certainly check with our refunds team for you! Please could you DM us your full name, fli… @Uni_Speaking @Netflights @MCO @manairport @UniversalORL YAY! Awesome! ^DQ @ChestnutSussex @VirginHolidays You are more than welcome ❤️#BlueMonday doesn't exist, people can feel down all year round. Remember to take a break every now and then 💙☁️ @emma0797 Hey Emma! I have just DM'd you ^DQ @LedsonMikey Hey Mikey! Great to hear you are off to amazing Vegas - How exciting! I can check the mileage needed f… @jswhite12 Hey Jamie! We are not currently running the Golden ticket offer - but you never know if it may pop up ag… @KellyBu08160035 @Delta Hey Kelly! Lovely to hear you are travelling soon! If you would like to DM us your booking… @BielskiJonathan @richardbranson @British_Airways Hello Jonathan! Sorry the wifi speed was not up to your expectati… @rebexan @VirginHolidays Hey Rebekah! Great to hear you are travelling with us soon! How Exciting. We love crafter… @Insomnia1821 Hey Kenny! Lovely to know you are travelling with us soon - and in Upper too! Treatments can only be… @benbow77 Great to hear you will be using Virgin Connect when we go live! As @flybe mentioned, we are finalising pl… @toby10ant Hope you have a fantastic flight Toby! ^DQ @itsjoerack Hey Joe! If you would like to DM us, I can look into it for you 👍^DQ @cherry1969livec So sorry to hear the food on board was not up to our high standards Cherry. Once you have returned… @jimbobbennett @HotelChocolat Oh! We wish we were crew today! Hope you have an awesome flight ✈️🔆^DQ @joesags1 Hey Joe! We too saw in the press that @VirginAustralia had a small issue with an aircraft wing which was… @mickde1967 Hello Mick. So sorry to hear your aunt had trouble at Heathrow. She would be able to call or email our… @tjcoakley @Disney Hey Thomas! Lovely to hear you are off to magical Orlando! Whoop whoop! See you on board in March @DeonWebber1 OK, as you have booked via a third party, it is important that (before you book) they clarify which ca… @mrsblueskys Hey there! Great to hear you are all travelling with us soon! We have a bookmark to print off for your… @DeonWebber1 OK that is the case if you have booked in Economy. So sorry you cannot do it earlier than check in. Di… @DeonWebber1 Hey Deon! Great to hear you are off to the US soon! Depending on your ticket type, we should be able t… @richardpeabody @PGAShow Have a fab flight! You'll be there by Tee time 😘 ^DQ @wol_sam Ah! OK, if you would like to DM us, I can take your booking details and see if I can get one or the other… @wol_sam Hey Sam, you can select Fruit platter or Low lactose meals on board - you would do that via "My booking" o… @thedjcarmen Hey there Carmen - Sorry to hear the flight is not coming up to your expectations. If you have time, c… @Kathrynl_ Hey Kathryn! We work 331 days in advance, so May 2021 will be released after the end of June 2020 👍 ^DQ @hcozzy40 Hey Helen! We fly direct to Orlando from Manchester, but if you need Miami, you would need to fly from London Heathrow ^DQ @JetPhots @planesonthenet @TheAviationist @airliners_net WOW! What a wonderful picture! Thanks so much Bob! 😍^DQ @TGVerkehr @VirginTrains Sorry to hear the miles have not been credited Johnathan. You can email into our service t… @Wookiee501 we wouldn't ask you to pay for any increase to a fare after you've booked. We understand this may be of…