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Jen Giffen @VirtualGiff York Region, ON, Canada

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Want to keep the momentum going after #BlackOutTuesday? Inform our @YRDSB Black graduating hs students about the sc…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @atechcoachlife Thanks, Eve!!
Anti Black racism education. How to be an Ally. ⠀⠀ Via @msmagiera @Mrs_Persechini Thank you!!!
This is the best thing you'll see today 💕💕
Retweeted by Jen GiffenOpinion: Masai Ujiri: To overcome racism, we must raise our voices - The Globe and Mail you are looking to start some conversations around racism with children, we had great discussion in our home thi… @MsWarner_Math! @HSolway @monsieur_plant1 @dcarruthersedu It really depends on what you want them to do...@Tayasui_apps, @Procreate,
@donnagolightly1 @KimPollishuke Oh I saw this!!! So exciting!! #ShukesAndGiff @MrsLeFave Thanks Anette!Coming back online to Twitter to share this message. For those of us who are not Black+ and want to take action, so…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenIf you have ever wanted to learn how to #Sketchnote I invite you to register for court two of my learn to sketchnot… saw this and I wanted to retweet it but the protester’s face was in it... so I cropped it but I did need this to…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenHave you ever wanted to learn how to #sketchnote? Here’s your chance! Cohort 2 of my Learn to Sketchnote course beg… I watch what is going on south of the border I think it’s important to understand how racism is just as destruct…
@SlidesManiaSM @specialtechie How cool is this?!?!?! @MmePakjou check it out! #ShukesAndGiffCongratulations @elonmusk for the #SpaceX success! #launchday inspires the future generations. #Launchday
@KarlyMoura @DitchThatTxtbk @CheckThisOutBR Thanks Karly!!
@buddyxo @TeachFromRidge @MrNunesteach @jmattmiller @KarlyMoura @DitchThatTxtbk @jennasaurustech @BeerEDUPod @hellokritty @IngviOmarsson Thanks Kritty!! Happy to help @IngviOmarsson! @watnunu @ericjohnston_ @mrpiercEy @micahshippee I sure do!!!!Monday on The Personal Playlist Podcast at 8am & 7pm on, Sandra Chow (@watnunu) shares her…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenThis needs to end. I weep. #whitesilenceiscompliance #blacklivesmatter #justiceforfloyd
@JakeMillerTech @sylviaduckworth The daily activities are so fun!!
You also can't beat nights like this! @yrdsbartscamp #YRDSBArtsCamp #SparkCreativityYRDSB #ThisIsOurHappyPlace @yrdsbartscamp memories are with my golf cart crew! #YRDSBArtsCamp #SparkCreativityYRDSB #ThisIsOurHappyPlace @TanyaAvrith Chapter books. Fan fiction. @MmePakjou My pleasure! #BetterTogether!Finland Will Become The First Country In The World To Get Rid Of All School Subjects - LOVE this approach! Books for AntiRacist Teachers - White Fragiles Beware! (summer 2020 update) | Culturally Responsive Leadership…
@mom2jnp @CityCynthia @jkwan_md This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks! @CityCynthia I want to see these #s as stats. We are ⤴ in # of cases but are we ⤴ when we factor in that more tests… @NKossovan @kayladaawn I understand your point but how does it relate to what happened at Trinity Bellwood? I thin… @PhysEdDynasty @Jay_Pitter This exchange proves to me we can we civil and respectful and learn together on Twitter… @Jay_Pitter @PhysEdDynasty This exchange proves to me we can we civil and respectful and learn together on Twitter… @MmeCoulson @RachelCTA @KimPollishuke @edtechteam @NKossovan @kayladaawn How are people helping by gathering like this? Places of business that are open have measure… @NKossovan @kayladaawn I acknowledge your point - and think you are correct on a certain level. What I fail to see… @TanyaAvrith @rchids @pernilleripp My oldest (he's 10) LOVES Mark Cheverton's books -
@MrRuggero @alishasevigny What grades, Geoff? Always looking for great reads for my boys.
@MrMerrillsClass @FriendsinFourth @Flipgrid @EdTechTeamCAN #Always! @timmons_wendy @GTeacherPodcast @JakeMillerTech @KimPollishuke @GoogleForEdu @coursera @FriendsinFourth @Flipgrid @EdTechTeamCAN @MrMerrillsClass HAHAHAH! Right?! Sorry Kristin!Doing a @Flipgrid Session tonight for about 50 educators across Canada with @EdTechTeamCAN. Needed to show how to i…
Even Steve is sick of the house. @RamonaMeharg Peter Mansbridge @mrlosik @BryonCar #TooSoon. It will always be too soon.
@timmons_wendy @GTeacherPodcast @JakeMillerTech @KimPollishuke @GoogleForEdu Amazing Wendy! Best of luck to you! Let us know how it goes. @jenniferkbyrne @happybcast I have not! Thanks!Wow!!! Talk about an AMAZING COMBO!! The brand new #ControlAltAchieve by @ericcurts & #TechLAP by @jmattmiller are…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenVery excited to share @ericcurts's book launch!!! We're live now! #ControlAltAchieve
Thank you!I am looking for a resource on how the #COVID19 shutdown has affected the environment geared toward elementary aged…
I knew it would only be a matter of time before @creativeedtech came up with a template for everyone to use! Get o…
@TanELLclassroom Thanks, Tan! @AutomagicalApps This is awesome! So proud of you!!!
Looking for an adventure? Why not chase #CarmenSandiego around the (@google) earth. 🌍
@JMLightman @TanyaAvrith @TanisSimoncelli love the @scotiabank #gillerprize books. 📖 We also love @audible for audiobook 🎧 ... So this is a match made i… @masonlearn Apparently they are!! #Rumours?! @Erin_dykstra_ @Flipgrid @edtechteam Glad you liked it! Such a great tool! @Justymae @EdTechTeamCAN @KimPollishuke Thanks for the plug Justine! And we promise we will podcast again one day #OnTemporaryHiaitus @jessilalonde @iorad
@wakelet @GoogleForEdu @engageducate @biologygoddess @eduGOOGdroid OMG - @GeorgeClooney and @Wakelet can peek over my hedge any day!! 🤣I just fell in love with @iorad. If you make tutorials for ANYTHING online (which is pretty much all of us these d… @masonlearn Isn't it wonderful?!🌟Top Tips🌟 Discover the ingenious ways educators are combining Wakelet and Google Classrooms to enhance…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @wakelet @GoogleForEdu @engageducate @biologygoddess @eduGOOGdroid @wakelet are you spying on me?! I am literally… @bribriggs @creativeedtech @mrlosik But seriously though...these bitmoji classrooms are EXPLODING! I know how to c… @bribriggs @creativeedtech @mrlosik You have such swagger Mr. Briggs! @sarahlalondee YAY! It is a cool site! @Crippit @UPSHelp_CA @UPS_Canada LOL! #BotsDid you hear? Harry is reading Harry! That’s right. Daniel Radcliffe is online reading the first chapter of Harry P… @TechTomBUSD @BrentGWarner @bribriggs @creativeedtech @Ixy_pixy @edcampOSjr @Cbustamante2222 @davidtedu @jcorippo What are your eight?#ShukesAndGiff, do you have too many chrome extensions? I found my saving grace. If you haven't done this, do this!…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @BrentGWarner @TechTomBUSD @bribriggs @creativeedtech @Ixy_pixy @edcampOSjr @Cbustamante2222 @davidtedu @jcorippo Great tip!!!!
@AppleSupport Thank you @AppleSupport! I made a call and within to minutes an investigation in where the package m… @Danibee19 @UPS_Canada @UPSHelp_CA Nope. No package. No calls. No emails. @MrsLeFave @Procreate @HeckAwesome Sounds like a fun day!!!My sister, Ora, has taken her struggle with #MentalHealth and #wellbeing and made lemonade all of her life. Now, sh…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @Kitty_Tripp @UPS_Canada @UPSHelp_CA Update: Still no call from anyone. Spent another 90 minutes on the phone (re… @AppleSupport I ordered something that was supposed to be delivered almost 1wk ago by @UPS_Canada it is still not h… @UPSHelp_CA Messages you 2.5 hours ago...still no word. Everything ok?Still waiting for anyone from @UPS_Canada and @UPSHelp_CA to call me. Last night I was told I would get a call by… @lockey09 @Google @EdTechTeamCAN @ericcurts @jmattmiller @KarlyMoura @GTeacherPodcast @ShakeUpLearning Is your iOS up to date? @Kitty_Tripp @UPS_Canada Appreciate it! Now let's see if they call me back! @UPSHelp_CA - your move! @lockey09 @Google @EdTechTeamCAN @ericcurts @jmattmiller @KarlyMoura @GTeacherPodcast @ShakeUpLearning Not sure I follow? @Kitty_Tripp @UPS_Canada They Tweeted back! Stay tuned!
Hey @UPS_Canada - my package is 5 days late. It no longer tracks on the UPS site (still says it was to arrive last… @GreeningRoom @AcapellaApp @jmedved @jmattmiller @EduShaikh @anthonychuter @MrCaplan @KimPollishuke @ClassTechTips Program Update 👇
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @mullalyteach Same - lots of people were asking where things were and I finally carved out the time so figure it ou… Jerry Stiller. You made me laugh many, many times. #festivusForTheRestOfUs @cgu92 @KimPollishuke @GoogleForEdu Not a great solution but you could use the translate feature in Tools in Google… @cgu92 @KimPollishuke @GoogleForEdu I have this student guide to Google Meet in French by Sylivie Derome @GreeningRoom @AcapellaApp @jmedved @jmattmiller @EduShaikh @anthonychuter @MrCaplan @KimPollishuke @ClassTechTips