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Jen Giffen @VirtualGiff York Region, ON, Canada

Voracious Learner | HS #TeacherLibrarian | #edtech | #ShukesAndGiff | #WDC17 | #GoogleET | #HyperDocs | #Sketchnoting | #FlipgridFever | 🇨🇦

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@MrHennigar Great share! Thanks, Jeff!Wikipedia + the Internet Archive offer a new reason to include @Wikipedia in research - book citations will now lin… delivery of @HDinteractive1 Tilt-2-Table solutions @yrdsb school. This solution caters students of all grades i…
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"Without freedom, there can be no enduring peace; without peace, there can be no enduring freedom."…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenDon’t move, mark, or delete emails one by one. Swipe down with two fingers over your messages to select multiple it…
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@AplinTeacher @jmattmiller @ericcurts @ShakeUpLearning @KarlyMoura @Mo_physics @creativeedtech @bribriggs am truly humbled by the number of people tagging me in their 10 women to thank/who inspire posts. am in search of a resource about the Chrome Browser - an intro/101 kind of thing...anyone have anything?…
Want to find an #OEMConnect mentor on our page in Digital Human Library? Here are two ways to@make that happen once…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @bribriggs @creativeedtech @BryonCar @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday @Bermingham140 @creativeedtech @bribriggs @BryonCar @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @AndersonEdTech @DitchThatTxtbk @jmattmiller @MrCaplan @JenApgar @amber_grohs Amazing!!!! You are going to do great and can’t wait to meet you!
Thank you to the @rhhsorigamiclub for making us beautiful #origami #poppy #lestweforget🌺 #makerspace’s #bookfacefriday! You’re invited to the #LibraryLearningCommons any time to find your book face! Or book arm,… new @DitchThatTxtbk website is 🔥!!! So easy to find a TON of great resources. Do yourself a favour (or favor)… offence to all the #ShukesAndGiff listeners out there but I think I have a new favourite! #IttyBittyLittleAJ. C… #remembranceday reads in the #LibraryLearningCommons
Are you interested in becoming a Google Certified Educator or Trainer? Check out @ShakeUpLearning's Google Certi… @KCBOMBARD
@KimPollishuke @JayWigmore @thetshirtgang 🤣 I like 4️⃣Do you have someone in your life you're worried about? When discussing #MentalHealth start by Saying what You See.… @mswolfstadt @KimPollishuke Awesome!! @wliu17 @S_Weyrich @Lisa_Donohue @KimPollishuke @yrdsbdlteam @ClassworkZoom Thanks for a great product!!Update! 14 hours later we are in a 50/50 split!!! @karinhedet How lovely!Today we welcome the class of 2024 to @rhhs_yrdsb. When visiting the #LibraryLearningCommons they explored our holo… @kraekerc @RamonaMeharg I know! I’m sorry. With the new position I wasn’t sure what things would look like so I did… @InspireOutside This librarian forgives you! @Crippit @KCBOMBARD How about something for #HourOfCode and #CSWeek? A showcase of what we’re doing and what we are going t…🕒 Let the countdown begin! With #CSEdWeek fast-approaching, we're excited to announce the #CSFirst #HourOfCode acti…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenAll those hearts were my friend Emma! I am a folder. @kraekerc Not this year. 😔 @kraekerc you fold over (dog ear) the corners of books?? Yes or no?
G Suite Updates Blog: Insert collapsible text boxes into new Google Sites - @KimPollishuke - idea for… Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom - SULS037 via @ShakeUpLearning has made a difference in your career? Share your one thing on @DerekRhodenizer's @padlet. Some great ideas o… @DerekRhodenizer @mraspinall @MrSoclassroom @cherandpete @noasbobs @rchids @ShiftParadigm @jnxyz @malcommode72 S3E4 is out! In this (short) episode we talk about some cool Keep extensions, a tool that shows you… @Conti_jen @KSUAlumni @JakeMillerTech @ShakeUpLearning @jmattmiller @cultofpedagogy @KimPollishuke @barb_seaton @MValtas @PlayCraftLearn Ah! The multimedia text set! Such a great (and visual) way to curate!APA advocates for the singular “they” because it is inclusive of all people and helps writers avoid making assumpti… @barb_seaton I would love to but can’t remember sharing this. Was it a tweet? Can you give me more info? Happy to… @melissa_kearby @jmattmiller @mrmatera @JakeMillerTech @ShakeUpLearning @Chucktaft I was going to suggest, like many above, screencastify.Yes! Writers for @TorontoStar letters asking to include Canadian Children's book best seller list should go to le…
This is #HolocaustEducationWeek and we are hosting an interactive exhibit in the #LibraryLearningCommons today and… week is #TreatiesRecognitionWeek. Come by the #LibraryLearningCommons to learn more about treaties, what they…
@mrleeteaches @bribriggs @jcorippo @Joe_Sanfelippo @KarlyMoura @jmattmiller @edcampOSjr @tonyvincent @sarahdateechur @annkozma723 done! @bribriggs @mrleeteaches @jcorippo @Joe_Sanfelippo @KarlyMoura @jmattmiller @edcampOSjr @tonyvincent for Creating Infographics with Students - Easy EdTech Podcast 037 - Class Tech Tips
@wrenchey I have not! So cool!! @benlcollins @JakeMillerTech
This is a strong message @fordnation. #onted Ontario public elementary teachers vote 98 per cent in favour of strike @hellokritty I suppose in a way it is. A personal challenge, not a challenge against others. For a few years I wrot…’s #InteractiveTV activity is magnetic poetry inspired by the one and only @shakeuplearning. Come by the… you know that November is national novel writing month aka #NaNoWriMo?! The goal is to write 1667 words every d… @NikkiDRobertson We have a section of low shelves and we put all new books on those with a bookmark visible from th… Canada 🇨🇦 #FlipgridBusTour — OH YEAH!!!! @Flipgrid school librarians make (revisited) — @joycevalenza
Create a TikTok-style experience with Google Slides via @DitchThatTextbook @rjmesz @KimPollishuke Finally, right?!?! So many potential applications.Today we are using @flipgrid to record artist statements that can become #AugmentedReality to accompany our artwork…'m an OSSTF classroom teacher and I'm voting YES because students cannot afford to lose 583 caring adults in my bo…
Retweeted by Jen GiffenThis is making me laugh way more than it should. I think these would also be perfect costumes for people who have s…
@Taralson @GridPalGeorge @Flipgrid O. M. G. NEED!!!!! to @edcampOSjr, @bribriggs and @creativeedtech I have had Biz Markie in my head all day!! Great work, Ed. W…
Are you interested in becoming a Google Certified Educator or Trainer? Check out @ShakeUpLearning's Google Certi… are proud to exclusively provide HDi Mobility solutions in Canada. This range of Australian made ADA compliant m…
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @BradShreffler I CAN!!!! Great talk, Brad. Thanks for inviting me on! @misterwashburn @BradShreffler’s #interactiveTV #brainbreak - Unpuzzle. Clear the board of puzzle pieces movie ones that aren’t locked into…
@montesattvdsb @wessmccaffery @Google @GoogleForEdu @dcarruthersedu I agree..need more details. @virtualgiff just finished Baggage by Wendy Phillips, an @ontariolibraryassociation #whitepine selection. It is th…
Digital FIRST: Your New Acronym for Accessible Content via @InnovativeEdu
Baby bear refuses to let go of the ranger that saved him from fire 💕
Retweeted by Jen Giffen @StacyFord77 @KimPollishuke @Ozobot @KEVAplanks @ericcurts @wakelet Thanks for including us!
@JCasaTodd I was going to say @flipgrid AR
Are you at the school for meet the teacher night?! Be sure to drop by the #LibraryLearningCommons to visit the head… @ZeliaMCT @jkervs @Adobe @tdsb Love your positive energy, my friend. xo @ClassTechTips Doing it now!!Did you know that the icons for @adobe tools tell you the playform they work on?! Basically square icons are comput… @mscaufield33 Alt keys mostly. @dcarruthersedu Excellent!!Tech Tip Tuesday: TikTok #eCubSafe Tip of the Week via @BISDwiredTeam to dive into some @adobe training today. We got @benforta and @classtechtips books! 🙌🙌🙌… @emosier3 @Taralson @Flipgrid @AdamShortShorts
This morning I went into our computer lab to discover that 12 of the keyboards had missing keys. Originally we thou… @ksarahwheatley @LibraryWCI And I totally want to try to re-create this GIF when I bring out the green screen station @MmePakjou @mmeburns Love this! @ksarahwheatley @LibraryWCI We already ran out of paper!!!!! @MissZoeyGailey @SFecich Glad it resonated! Sam@does some pretty amazing stuff! #SheHasMyDreamJobFree Technology for Teachers: A New, Free Online Conference for Teachers @MisterRana Yep! You?