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If you truly love something do it! Even if no one is watching. @rimonhannah This is so dope 💫
This was easy, gimme my $100Ms @NicoKartel 😂.@joinClubhouse Jan 25 @ 7pm EST "@Snapchat Creator Spotlight: Building Culture & Community" with special guests f…
Retweeted by PiERRE @justbrad 😂😂😂 @kittycash The streets been waiting @theycallmekiko 😭😭😭Y’all fumbled Bernie Sanders TWICE?! And expect him to dress up to this gathering ? Y’all lucky he came 😂😂
Retweeted by PiERRE @CashAndJewels Crazy to think about itI could listen to @outsidedoze all day for real @Vuhlandes 😂 big loser energy @leotheasian You already know!
Know-Look Pass A podcast about basketball culture By @streetdreamsnyc EP:004 “Rookie of The Year” @APTheAngel
Retweeted by PiERREBreaking bread w/ my people is really the best feeling.
Retweeted by PiERRE😫😫😫 I’m so happy @GregNoire 😂😂😂Photographed @TheAmandaGorman for @Nike 2 years ago. I remember her vividly telling me she wanted to be the Preside…
Retweeted by PiERREAmanda Gorman 💫 @ItsOhCay 😂 @SchekinahJ 😂 facts! Big ass bird on her chest like she Katniss Everdeen @helloBOSCO It’s truly fuckedInaugurations always give hunger games vibes 😂 @Snicklefritz212 👀👀👀 @NickyChulo @TheOneClub 💫💫💫 @johnmarcelo Especially after the year we just had
@thatmanztyy Thank you 🙏🏿 @moresoupplease @Ohwaawaa Y’all are a dynamic duoShoot what you like
Retweeted by PiERRESAFE TRAVELS by BIYDIY • Out 1/20 on @biydiyrecords Our 1st project of the year is our best music ever and we're e…
Retweeted by PiERRE @JoshuaKissi Dude! Can’t front it’s a whole different skill set that I can admit I’m not a master of but like you said it’s VITAL!This year I def want to start incorporating a retoucher into my work flow.speak it into existence, the universe listens for REAL !. also why its important 2 not be negative towards urself b…
Retweeted by PiERRE @marcustroy 😂
@DroFalcons Hahaha yes, def a great day! 😅💪🏿One day my contracts will have a “no feedback allowed” clause
Retweeted by PiERRE @SushiCeej Yeh I’d say it’s more so on the entertaining side, when i think GOOD film i think “No Country for Old Men” @SushiCeej Yes haha you gotta watch it @kangjuweiss Yeh, feels unreal put you’ll see history repeats itselfIf that Crack documentary don’t show you how devilish this country is then idk what to tell you.
@IAMAIMOS This is firreeeeeeThis! @MrJonasLeon Yeh bruh i feel this; i honestly feel though that it’s our fear of losing what we’ve accumulated so fa… gonna hold u after today’s shoot i might be Fuji Boyz @nicolemclovin So fire Nicole!What a day.
Sometimes life catches you off guard but you got two choices, fall or rise to the occasion; and ima choose to rise every single time.Trust me a lot of our faves ain't posting the photo commercial work that gives them ability to do the pricey creati…
Retweeted by PiERRE @JoshuaKissi @goldenpolaroid That’s WILDDamn @Shutterstock with the recognition 🥺
Retweeted by PiERREI need a coyote who can get me into New Zealand asap @_TheHeezyLife 💪🏿Tip for artist: make your page showing your art as much as possible. In this day and age people are ready to see or…
Retweeted by PiERRE @stevesweatpants 😂 like facts; how ppl follow 1 person : whole feed boringPeople who follow one person on social media are soooooooo cool!!! (Said no one ever)Register for the AIC Creator Lunch & Learn Vol IV "Dreaming of Change #MLKDay2021 - A Conversation on the Importan…
Retweeted by PiERRELet’s go @Judnikki 💫
Sometimes the creativity is in the rest.
Retweeted by PiERRE @veryADVANCED All the time @FADIA @YelhsamiiH Wouldn’t wish that meal on my worst enemy 😂
@Vuhlandes Vuhlandes Hive is behind you bro, you’ve already done so much and inspired myself and so many people! Keep running it up! @YelhsamiiH 😭😭😭 @moresoupplease 😂 @_blvckson_ 💪🏿 cookin up! @Sagelagemini 💫💫💫 @photoDre This. @Swopes I kno that exact feeling 😭 @NilesGrey @Vuhlandes @ioegreer @valentinavee @DruePhoto @willemverb @andyyto @elkins_sam @tiffpenguin
@justbrad 2-3 business days @connorsurdi Bruh what!!?go where the love and the appreciation is.
Retweeted by PiERREstart small so u can grow big
Retweeted by PiERRE @triggahapppy OD, i haven’t met a person yet that likes it 😂, i saw someone in the comments say to throw it in the… @vbermudez ☺️ @FeliciteCesaire Yeh i shot there in early December, I couldn’t even scratch my ass w/o feeling like someone was watching medemocracy exists in the imagination of the privileged
Retweeted by PiERRE @vbermudez You’d be missing nothing lol @FeliciteCesaire Absolutely didn’t even make 2 years @MogulMalik UnfortunatelyThis is wild considering you can barely take photos in that area w/o security asking you a bunch of dumb ass questi… @createdbyjarrod Lmao like not even on the way down, shot was still going up 😭😭😭Damn that Lebron 3 was DISRESPECTFULVuhlandes is my favorite portrait photographer in the game right now.
Retweeted by PiERREWhat are you waiting for?We remain strong. 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 1/12/10 RIP to the loved ones we lost
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Artists please find ways to execute your own ideas, they’re invaluable. @anocam_ Me too bro me toooI need to go on an adventure and take photosTest Shot strobes today with my mamiya RB67, i hope these shots come out 😩
@connorsurdi Yes @RemyBanks Art direction on this cover is 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿💫 hype to hear thisin that new issue of @POPEYE_Magazine. go pick that joint up
Retweeted by PiERRE @veryADVANCED @POPEYE_Magazine Let’s go! 💫😂😂😂 i feel you 100% found them under my couch’all don’t know true stress until you tryna leave your house and can’t find your headphones 😰 @JoeHolder_ @Hyperice You killed this; glad i got to see this come to life! @AlejandriaNicol 💫💫💫