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Isabel Yap @visyap Cambridge, MA

Filipino writer/poet/product manager. Clarion 2013. HBS 2020. Fiction @, Uncanny, Shimmer. Likes: fanfic, ramen, ugly dogs. Tweets my own. 🌈✨🍙🇵🇭

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Little-known fact: I almost gave up when I was writing IVAN. I remember standing over my trash can, trying to decid…
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @fortnightlysara I understand this feeling! But I think of it less as anxiety and more like an empathy problem? I a…
@SexyGrammar Thank you!!Wanted to addendum this thought since I've been taking a lot of history-ish classes this term. It is so helpful for… 1: something I heard a lot in school Image 2: something I wish they had mentioned even once.
Retweeted by Isabel YapNatalie Diaz was also incredibly amazing and I picked up a copy of Post-Colonial Love Poem because her reading was… sometimes you get breathless over someone’s ability to make words mean something; sometimes hearing a poet spea…
@tinadelro Yay thank you! I will dm some questions hahaDo I have any friends on here who use Co-star and are open to chatting about it? I’m asking with my PM/tech rather… came downstairs to this note from my mom, confirming that she is the Best Mom
Retweeted by Isabel YapI have lost complete control of my notifications, but THANK YOU to everyone - particularly the amazing…
Retweeted by Isabel YapDon't ask me about my Cavalier. 💙💀
Retweeted by Isabel Yapdo you ever just get really emotional about good coffee or good tea sometimes? hot drinks are so great warm chibird hug for you all! 💛
Retweeted by Isabel Yapjust found out that Ocean Vuong is doing a reading near me tomorrow, this is not a drill 😭 "I want to eat cake wit…
@nomadological I’m so glad to hear that! 😊I do often think: if there was a legitimate alternative to wanting to make art, for the majority of creators, we’d… kind comments, the heart emojis, the strangers-to-me who took the effort to un-lurk and say “hey! I like what y… of it is true. The good stuff and the hurt of it. The professional jealousy that I haven’t yet had the grace to…’s an up and down thing. My feelings about it are always inconsistent. Right now I feel incredibly creative… risk of sounding sappy I just wanted to say, I’ve clearly had some painful feelings about writing the last few w… heart gets all fluttery and pained-in-gratitude whenever I get a comment or review. It’s rare, but I sometimes g… @gabrielle_h yeah! I am so glad you think so! ❤️Wild seeing my face next to these other faces. Still processing. But seriously though: Love spec fic openly. T…
Retweeted by Isabel Yap☀️RTs much appreciated!☀️ I'm opening up 5 commission slots, because I have time (and I just wanna procrastinate)!…
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @s_meems @clarkesworld congrats!! @sentencebender @BlackBolekaja ❤️❤️❤️ @beanofswords mmmmmm yeahhhhh! his whole thing was one of my biggest RK takeaways for sure @sentencebender @BlackBolekaja I want to learn from Sam-sensei @ninocipri This is amazing @beanofswords /whispers Soujiro fuckin Seta thoquick reminder to celebrate the fuck out of your personal victories!!!!! be proud of what you’ve accomplished, you…
Retweeted by Isabel YapThis workshop changed my life. In a very real way it made me more myself! You don’t need it to be a writer, but if…
@jyneonyang ❤️❤️❤️ @CadwellTurnbull YesssssssssYour pains and fears are valid. So are mine. Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of place where you get to see all my… get that many of us now think it’s the cost of doing business today. I get that since we’ve opened this Pandora’s… we’re trying to protect something. Sometimes there’s a very real potential external consequence that we j… authors don’t talk about things, don’t advocate, don’t defend themselves when all kinds of shit is being throw…’m glad folks are reading this interview; I’m also heartbroken that sections of it exist. Tamsyn Muir’s words kept… mans out here killing it 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @ashposton I relate to this! @MikePElston Thanks! @JayDzed Thanks! @TerryGalvanChi Thanks!- Why am I sick? What’s wrong with me? - Loneliness. But not for people. You’re mourning a thing you never even kn…
Retweeted by Isabel Yapi still think it's unspeakably cruel bullshit that women & (esp) lgbt writers are made to feel obligated to discuss…
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @jyneonyang Neon!!! I love it and I love you. ❤️💖“and placed my grief in the mouth of language the only thing that would grieve with me” —Lisel Mueller
Retweeted by Isabel YapLate for Valentine’s 🥰👯‍♀️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Manananggal and Diwata 🧝🏽‍♀️🧛🏽‍♀️ #artPH
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @sicarrol Thank you! Is there any particular text about either that you like? :) @kittychocklit is there a particular text/book about her that you like?Anyway I’m sharing this in case it resonates with anyone; part of what I’m trying to do with writing these days is… is something I can't quite put into words about drafting which is that part of the visual IS a feeling...or s… thought about writing: drafting for me tends to be a very visual thing, ie, I'm trying to pull an actual image f… @crashwong Ie, when I think about the heart-pain that is a reading experience I really like, a lot of those stories… @crashwong 👀 I could write a treatise on this! A lot of it for me has to do with the complexity of writing the span… @agasramirez Thank you! Seems v interesting!
@prof_dainy Thanks! Been a while since I read that. I remember being almost entirely on Kyra’s side, but maybe my perspective will change! @mrbruff Thank you! Haven’t read either yet @mrakestraw2 Thank you! I only know of this vaguely from the anime so I’ll have to look up the actual one. :) @LadyOfRebellion Thank you! We actually did Antigone in this course :) I’ll have a think about the others! @ascannerburkely Thanks! @layangabi This is great, thank you! And yes Baru came to mind for me. But I left my copy back home in California (… things that happened this week that have nothing to do with writing! 🌼 reconnected with a family member 🌼 got… you a writer with a completed novel you're ready to submit? John Joseph Adams Books is open to submissions fr…
Retweeted by Isabel Yap @nivairface I actually haven’t read this yet :) though I’ve heard lots about it. Thanks! @crashwong LOL I couldn’t help myself ❤️❤️ @nwchap Thank you! @nwchap Is there a particular text (book, script, etc) about him that you like?Expounding a little: it shouldn’t be someone whose morality is straight up disagreeable or otherwise; instead it’s…! I need to write a term paper on a figure (preferably fictional or historical) whose moral choices wo… @crashwong wait, wait. you think you're a 1?! REALLY?! (I think you are a severely underestimated 4 on the outside… @fortnightlysara @C_L_Clark Idk when because I need a job first but definitely sometime! I miss all my friends and… @miminality Congrats, Mimi! @C_L_Clark @ForbiddenPlanet @fortnightlysara This sounds like a lovely excursion for the night time I visit London,… @usmantm That is so lovely!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @strikinglight_ **cries in fanfic** @strikinglight_ hands-off longing i-- @strikinglight_ this feels like a callout tweet
@CarolineYoachim Congrats!! @anhgryboys Ok but is that a cluster of Nancy drew in the middle"Death is a secret, and the rain with its many hands washes off the streets to the gutters death’s thick surprise.… do put this poor dude right by the window so I cannot blame himEven my printer is done with this below zero degree bullshit 🥶 @AtGreenblatt Congratulations!! @wearyintrovert This is so incredibly kind of you. Thank you so so much. ❤️ I’ll keep at it!
Ngl I'm particularly gratified to see Gideon the Ninth on here because it is *amazing* to see a story you once read… to all the wonderful finalists on the ballot! Heartened to see such great names and stories on this… @fran_wilde @abramskids @UncannyMagazine @NaomiKritzer @gregvaneekhout @WriteTeachPlay @HenryLienAuthor @deuceofgears Fran!! Congrats!! @karenthology Congratulations!! @ac_wise Congratulations!! @luna_luminarium Congratulations!! @AlixEHarrow Congratulations!! @her_nibsen Congrats Nibs!!! @ArkadyMartine Congratulations!! @sicarrol Congratulations!! @nameshiv Congratulations! @WriteTeachPlay Congratulations! @maxgladstone @tithenai Congrats!!