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@LVegasishome Thanks for the update! I love that it's probably much quieter now, although not great for the bottom line.Yardhouse is in at Red Rock. @RustyGriswald1 @_banch Whuh? Only 27% are being used total, and only 23% of those are presumed COVID-19-related. @cdf2020 @CaesarsPalace @LasVegasLocally When was it? Caesars Palace will be one of the first two to open. @dermatophyte @JayRMoody OMG, I spent half an hour reading up about that. I think it's deductible, depending upon the job.Peek inside Allegiant Stadium. UNLV's field is being put together. @ThatchThompson Yeah, that was definitely it. ") @ArielleWest @alexcross19 Wynn's plan included protocols for "Le Reve," but shows probably won't be part of the reopening, unfortunately. @WanderingDog29 @mercedesana88 @ShaneSchleger @LasVegasLocally @Kevmath Ah, gotcha. I have about as much in common… Nugget could be in for June 4. Las Vegas casino cocktail waitress shares gratuities increased about 50% after getting breast implants. Ha… @robesposito Haven't really paid attention to political aspects of this whole episode, but get that connections are… getting tons of media exposure. @bluphoenix On my to-do list, thanks! @alexcross19 Bleak. Hasn’t even been raised. Shockingly little attention being paid, few if any solutions or protocols being floated. @fuckoffsoyboy It will be with. @bluphoenix Truth. I broke the news. @mercedesana88 @ShaneSchleger @LasVegasLocally @Kevmath Which one am I supposed to be, and who is that second person? @clujer1980 You're good! I can't speak for the U.K. part, but I think the numbers are looking better there as well,… @Joyciesuzanne June 4. @ShaneSchleger @LasVegasLocally @Kevmath Can't speak for him, but I'm fully, not roughly, in favor of reopening. Wi… the news is good. Casinos are coming back and we are currently fully engorged at the prospect. @PrincessTracy68 @dickens1298 They'll have a cool down area. @ContrarianPick Yes. @VIP_Marketing Recommended, it will not be enforced for guests. Employees will wear masks. @RachelNStephens You mean beyond the lack of economic devastation? @DvCooperr Capacity has far exceeded demand and will continue to. @Krissyface34011 Dark Forces are clearly trying to cover up the massive outbreaks at grocery and hardware stores. ") @VIP_Marketing Ha, yeah, the casinos will be watching congregating and will suggest guests not do that. @VIP_Marketing Social distancing is pretty basic. It's just creating a little more distance between people. Many ca… Pie is in. Business resumes May 28, open 4-10 p.m. @_banch Oh, there are ways. has been a tricky subject for casinos as they reopen. Recommendation is to have a designated area for guest ev… UMC. Please note our maturity as this subject is far too serious to make a 6.9 joke. UMC: 70% of acute care hospital beds occupied 10% of those are COVID-19-related patients 76% ICU beds occupie… reopening right now. @rain333333 Nope, just a few weeks, probably. It's providing comfort, and people need to get past the months of pan… @NewEnglandChris I'm not super worried, but it's so annoying that people creep up behind you, looming, seemingly ob… @doitfresh @carloscounts There were two locations. The other is going strong. @MrBoltonPTpage Thanks for the heads up. It looks like we'll be at 50% of getting it on capacity for the foreseeable future.There's hope terrible dancing will return to Las Vegas in the not-too-distant future. @ToplessVegas I hadn't heard that. Please send links my way, thanks! @MTD_84 The M for value, selection and quality. Bacchanal because it's sprawling and while expensive, great variety and quality. @TheTedCollins Nope. Plug pulled indefinitely.Relevant given Baldwin is chairman and CEO of The Drew. Vegas buffet isn't dead. As is happening on cruise ships, expect buffets to be more like traditional restaurant… new temporary isn't great for casinos, but it's going to be awesome for us players. in a lifetime. hasn't lost its sparkle. @OrchowskiMatt @ResortsWorldLV Thanks. Was about to write up an update, so will definitely include some of these renderings.Extra juicy! @carloscounts I had the same thought! @LVHennesseys Great to hear the live music again. @VegasGossipGrl The other Tacos El Gordo is a few feet away, so it didn't really end. ") @LVegasishome They had two locations in this mall, the other one's going strong. @TobysonLV @themelissavegas Zing. @angeldiaz37 Don't worry, you know where my loyalties lie. They aren't affiliated, right? @Beakerlives Yep, a few feet away. @BlackBriar21 @CNN @LasVegasLocally One plague at at time. @Jeremy79932017 They're not going to turn it down. ") @bigfuss3232 Strength and honor. @iQuestionStuff A lot of overlap between companies and the titles get creative. People tend to stay in the casino i… @MedicKai Just watch. @nevadagurrl It's the demand on hospitals. There isn't much as far as we know.Majority of folks at the grocery store are in one of two, equally annoying, camps: 1) Super paranoid and judging ev… @RayLV702 @GamingTodayNews I didn't know that, either. I just know it was irritating to not be able to open my app account with a card. @D1Scottie Shakedown as in removal? Not sure about this one, but on the MGM side, there's been major restructuring and cost-cutting. @WeKnowVegas Station is definitely in the market to sell. I'm not too familiar with Craig Estey, but makes sense th… @djtmaga2020 Just one, but the first person plural is funnier and makes me feel omniscient. Thank you for asking.Rumor is Simon Pettigrew is out as Senior V.P. of Resort Operations at Cosmopolitan. Apparently, bigwig from MGM Re… into the longtime home of Tacos El Gordo. aren’t a sports person, but even we can see this cash nonsense needs to change. chat with high level casino exec, sounds like Fremont and probably The Cal will open as others do downtown (w…
Circa update, Plaza for scale. Bonus: Garage Mahal. @joey_giamanco That's worse case scenario, and didn't take into account the pent up demand. Once travel restriction… @Semicrunchycon And the smells. And the dealers. And the bartenders. And the high limit Top Dollar. And the Philly… @VivaMattyVegas Just for a couple of weeks! I am not going without my Philly cheesesteak at Vig. I'll move to Canada. @aB4FKgc37qHB5Gx @Birdhaus95 Precisely. They get to tout what they think they accomplished, rather than the fact th… @Brasileiraa95 @LasVegasLocally It's just a recommendation! This is gonna sting, though, thanks for passing it along.Without the buffet at M Resort, is Vegas even Vegas? @LiteDoctor @Horseplop Wait, so you're saying Adelson's interests are in conflict with the LVCVA's? If that were tr… we just have horsies on The Strip instead of cars all the time? (h/t @DrewOden) @JasonGhiselin @MEchmalian Social distancing isn't going to be around awhile, thankfully. @lasvegas_david You were ahead of your time. @Tonyb441 @SlashSomma I have more faith in people to recognize the decades over two interviews. (Although, to your… @LASairport @celebrityradio That makes sense. Appreciate the update, and looking forward to seeing those terminals busy again. @notsamsanus He's a smart business person, we'll see. @Snowsurflover99 Congrats! Now that you have the hang of it, you'll see the world in a whole new way. I had the sam… @24chadster And should! They still get credit for staying the course on that. @fijianwriter They'll be popular for about 60 days. @LVCabChronicles @YEMblog Please tell me that's a real band name. @DrewOden @DJKey Yeah, it never got to the level of completion of Fontainebleau. @mlbtvtalk Fact. Hate being a naysayer, but I've been throwing up red flags for some time now. @HEBEME It’s six feet apart or a mask. For many, it’s easier to keep a mask on, rather than taking it off whenever… @DJKey @Lemon_Cat_9 My story has better pictures. Sphere pic. @Snowsurflover99 This will be fun, then. Try this. Squint and take another look. Don’t try harder, try less. Rootin… @SlashSomma Mayor Goodman was elected because she and her husband have devoted decades to making Las Vegas what it… @ObligatoryGirl Great video, thanks. Sad, but great. @MackeyWasRight @lynn_87harvey That’s certainly sexier than “face diaper.”