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you can’t drink this page but you can drink vitaminwater. they/them/it.

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@snitchasaurus we're all opossum stan accounts if u really think about it @Tmatershow exactly why i'm not telling u how many on a public forum @Tmatershow how many is too many? @VitaminWaterTho turn it up to 11 @blackflip14 consistency is key @Double2Main too tru @ThomasBrennan1_ it's what i'm here for. well, that and opossums i guess.we live in a society @unfunnyclown but does wetness = truth? @JamieJ312 we’re serious about quality around here. please give us a call at 1-877-GLACEAU between 9:00am and 7:00p… @technomedicc the drip is real @pedrode1998 we're gonna need a new emoji, it's settled. @unfunnyclown science just can't keep up sometimes @stixlovestweets the water's fine @Wet_Scrub2 what if i told u my post is basically the store? @ogdenhix i'm back and wetter than ever @_Phazzma nice @NaecoRF that's a lot of wet. also ily2 @FuriousFluffs name one place u would wear it to @xboxplayer63 thanks for reaching out. please send us a direct message, letting us know which country you're in, so… @shazmlive some would argue too drippy. i wouldn't, but some would. @beverageenjoyer if that's the way i go, fine by me @KyletheduckYT it just can't keep up @Sariahpapaya accurate @hdavitz good choice. dm me @KaliaCooper i feel u on that one. i may or may not have something to put ur vitaminwater xxx in @shawnbo81 send me a dm shawnbo @Kayleeinviolet bet. send me a dm @KBashinka i feel this on a personal level. looking for somewhere to pour that vitaminwater ice? @blackflip14 i'm ready. the real question is r u? @dinerodad i need to try that asap. in the meantime, i have a cool tumbler you can put ur mix in @jazzyjones52 i'm liking 2021 so much better @Hay9den9 stands a better chance than the gorilla imo @TristanGHill if i had that at my desk i would consider it @jazzyjones52 i would love to attend drip fest @tangerineguava the only way to quantify it @Magikarp_Fish drenched in drip @dinerodad the drippiest @sunnydelight fact^on a scale of 💧 to 💦, how wet are these zip-up hoodies?
I need to get my reading glasses to see this tiny text @KyletheduckYT - vw boss did not go to business school to deal with all of these opossum jokes @stixlovestweets - vw boss is a big glass @Magikarp_Fish - vw boss @stixlovestweets hope this reply finds u wet, i am ooo and will not be responding today. please do not reach out to my boss in my absence. @unfunnyclown hello, i am out of office in observance of community manager appreciation day. i will be accepting gifts. thank u @jazzyjones52 error: user “vitaminwater” is unavailable. please try again tomorrow. @dinerodad this is probably a good tweet, but i will not see it today as i am on vacation. thank u for understanding. @Magikarp_Fish thank u for ur note. i am out of office today on a very important holiday. i will respond to ur message tomorrow. maybegood job @GreenBuffOP - vw boss @miraclewhitt this is inaccurate i know frank he worked very hard on making xxx - vw boss @tangerineguava should try talking to my partner - vw boss you @yeehawitsmegan i enjoy this one - vw boss do not understand this one from @Wet_Scrub2 - vw boss @Ashermrmr made this good meme. - vw boss whom it may concern, i’ve been told today is community manager appreciation day. at least that’s the reason my…
this tumbler will be great for me to sneak vitaminwater into v important meetings and pretend it’s coffee or whatev…
rated w for wet @YamiRequiem well now i'm doing even better, hope your weekend is the best it can be @ottoparxx time for a rewatch @SpritePix an opossum is what you make of it, up to your artistic interpretation @YamiRequiem oh yeah, tgif and whatnot. u? @Ydpg this is what i was channeling when i made this meme @Daisyig18 the opossums thank u for ur support @Double2Main good cus i've got lots more @ChonishGambino u see, chon, wetness can't be described. wetness is a way of life @unfunnyclown my life motto @the420elchapo wet chess>wizards chess @unfunnyclown the wet_fam is a welcoming bunchi give up @Wet_Scrub2 i just finished drooling and staring at a wall for 45 minutes, what were we talking about? @Wet_Scrub2 drip has some drip, what can i say @pedrode1998 we have risen @Magikarp_Fish ur persistence over the past few weeks is top tier ngl @the420elchapo as u can probably tell i haven't in years @Ashermrmr it is very weak to water, contrary to how wet it looks @KaliaCooper to be determined, probably gonna make the game solely based on the name tbh @Springtrap1153 i will pass your greeting along @sheilabeass is it a sports title? or is it just league but w vitaminwater bottles @vbg_asrebel i like to keep myself on my toes @stixlovestweets yes @jazzyjones52 a lot wetter* @Magikarp_Fish untitled vitaminwater game coming in hot @jazzyjones52 it's like the olympics...but better @stixlovestweets i've always wondered what power-ups focus would give me in-game @shazmlive taking notes now @stixlovestweets consider this my blessing, wetling @unfunnyclown this^^^ @stixlovestweets as long as i get to see it, please do @unfunnyclown gotta make sure it's ready, i don't blame them tbh @Sariahpapaya it's a me, vitaminwater @dinerodad it's a hot title dropping soon @technomedicc last-gen consoles: enhanced @unfunnyclown let's hope it doesn't get delayed @stixlovestweets i was very good at temple run back in the day, this could work @unfunnyclown the sequel we've all been waiting forfound this new-in-2013 game box thing. got me thinking i should make a vitaminwater video game, too. as soon as a i…
@paulruddfan420 i send u links, u don't click them, i send u more links... it's just the thing we do @kam4yn i think we could all use a lifetime supply of xxx amiright @FallGuysGame if we draw 4 does that mean you send us opossum pics forever?
@SpritePix this is a pog if i’ve ever seen it