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@danispeeing no i like it too but cute next to gorgeous you know i would never mean it like that @danispeeing stop cus i was fumingggg instead she added ruin my life like??? @benzob3auty our karaoke night @colinfarrall and i wonder if you think about me, too where we used to go, what we used to do-ooh and i wonder if y… started the rumor that this is why daft punk retired @benzob3auty STOPPPPPPPP… i love you heather 😭💖 @StallionOnCrack no jumping if anyone’s gonna do that it shall be him for not knowing how good he has it with you @poetsonfilm her best since body talk i fearrrr @casswiftiie @AMYP0EHL3R oh wait it’s a DISCO reissue 😐 @casswiftiie @AMYP0EHL3R carly come out wherever you are. @casswiftiie @AMYP0EHL3R GET IN HERE @lnthemood4Iove bae was screamin' at the Evangelicals they were screamin' right back from what i remember when you… @lnthemood4Iove cryinggg we just be doing shit bae 🙈 lemme join the catholic club @partinggif and you should be allowed to do that!!! @thatjuIy9 arriving to the housewarming party @StallionOnCrack you give me too much credit @thatjuIy9 cass stay with me loveee signing up for a bunch of clubs and showing up to one meeting but not going to the rest @piercespears or anticipating @dunwaIl happy birthday! 💚 @notsoskinstrash when a pop girl asks vangelis to produce her album with the help of retirees daft punk… @fallenfeeling we’re mad asf.
@benzob3auty look no further @benzob3auty you know what they say about orange and blue 😘 @benzob3auty lydia in teen wolf @lnthemood4Iove @lnthemood4Iove oh that’s not… @lnthemood4Iove @criisdie we’ll see you there @lnthemood4Iove tenet wasn’t good enough for him to be doing all this i fear but memento >> @criisdie 4 kids we’re not watching another world war ii movie 🤷🏽‍♂️ @lnthemood4Iove no i meant like the talk about him today was boring in the sense that @fallenfeeling he’s so annoying sorry 🙈 @desafioarca what;&;& @benzob3auty the dasha pfp ballet slipper emoji on display name accounts are COMING @JESSEANDCELlNE happy birthday love ❤️❤️❤️ @brokebackstan @lnthemood4Iove SIDNEY STAY WITH ME @jarodzsz the spill… except for grimes i thought she was among the best-dressed 😬😬😬 @cmrn_reese HAPPY BIRTHDAY @peterskeeter_ well of course @peterskeeter_ there are some points jesusica chastain has made. i hope sarah paulson is there for tuberculosis karen @peterskeeter_ my darling skeeter what is this list… @colinfarrall yes years ago with my mom @paulswhtn i thought it was disappointing having listened to kacey since her debut but erm i liked cherry blossom and good wife i think @desafioarca gooood i’m doing a facemask hehe @milfzzystar him at the being annoying store @desafioarca hiii babe how are u“comforts tearful friend with a hug” 😭.do you think snail mail wrote about this for the album nolan is boring let’s talk about me @benzob3auty i wonder who might’ve inspired this @theshapeburns happy birthday 💖 @fallenfeeling don’t worry i’m preparing a surprise for lorde @fallenfeeling ohhh you’re really trying me. @fallenfeeling i’m fuming. @fallenfeeling for oceanic feeling??? now why would anybody wanna do that @lachhlan CAUSE WHEN I’M WITH HIM I AM THINKING OF YOU @baklavalamp the catharsis… we miss you katheryn come back to us @boytoy_ota like an apple hanging from a tree i picked the ripest one i still got the seed
@desafioarca how do i get better once i’ve had the best you said, there's tons of fish in the water so the waters i… @fallenfeeling your dreams and inner visions, all your mystical ambitions they won't let you down do your best to t… @fallenfeeling but you can relate to dating a middle-aged man 🙄 @fallenfeeling then why listen to man with the axe when you can listen to This @fallenaIien methuselah @hyprviewmmry that’s so dumb omg like i know what sentiment she was going for and she was kinda right cus a lot of… @hyprviewmmry what happened 😭😭every girl needs a gay boyfriend @fallenfeeling lemme be nice @fallenfeeling this tweet was deleted by the tweet author 😹😹😹 @fallenfeeling AHHH YOU MAD @fallenfeeling oh me too me too @fallenfeeling technically i’m defending her wishes cus she said she didn’t wanna be called a saviour yet here you… @fallenfeeling don’t bring my queen into this @fallenfeeling it’s so funny to me
@fallenfeeling deleted @fallenfeeling good luck booking that saviour you speak of it’s not her @fallenfeeling someone didn’t listen to the path @fallenaIien LMAOOOO @burnrvbber a literal go give us nothingi’m sorry but he is sooo boring to me 😭😭😭 my responsibilities for the rest of the day to do this @benzob3auty exactly heather something about her seems nefarious @benzob3auty your debut album opening with This… not many people have that @benzob3auty the answer is when the pawn @benzob3auty fiona day to those who celebrate @fallenfeeling til i die @fallenfeeling baby you’re a… big star @fallenfeeling big star… you know what i’ll take it @fallenfeeling and i’m good at it 😋👹 @fallenfeeling tweeted mood ring today what slander that’s my sister right there @fallenfeeling poor girl ella can’t hold that note she was struggling on that rooftop singing solar power 😹😹😹😹 @fallenfeeling lorde vocals @StallionOnCrack right even their red carpets were less pedestrian @benzob3auty yes omg and her dating machine gun kelly she’s so ~i’m with the sk8er boi 🙈 2007~ vibes @benzob3auty she’s very much a product of her time i think @ipray4rains LMFAOOOOO