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Sorceress of the alphabet. Once auditioned to be the talking clock. Described as "a wanton Miranda Hart". Made in Brussels. Views are my own.

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boys only want one thing and it’s to tell you your own joke back to you but worded different
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📸 Advent Photo Challenge! I’ve created a challenge that is for anybody and everybody throughout December. Please…
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @LibraryLiz101 Well that’s nice for them. @SuaveRepublique 😂😂😂 @kiphakes Does he even smile?! @Torin8 I’d LOVE to be talented enough to do something like that.Does AJ Pritchard have any sense of humour? Any personality?! I just can’t imagine even being in a lift with him at… @Luiseach @td_ward They’re also such lovely people! And so hard working. They’re kids are so so lucky to have paren… have these people on Escape to the Chateau afford the Chateau? Are they literally millionaires?😂😂 accurate description of Gary Barlow tonight. 👇👇 Barlow is Michael Buble now ok noted. #Strictly @popsicle_____ YAAAY @micky_mushroom You seem quite bothered though. To QT them. “The woman doth protest too much” comes to mind. 😂😂😂 is the thanks he gets for being the kind of person who gets up early in the morning to make everyone a coffee…
Retweeted by Vittoria GallagherDickens serialised "A Tale of Two Cities" in two newspapers It was the Bicester Times It was the Worcester Times
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @hansmollman @Fliccy this is me.This was literally my job. down, I have something to tell you.
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @inouifemme Huh? @SkyGold201 Twisters also work well!Film recommendations for this afternoon please? @micky_mushroom What the fuck is wrong with you? “Probably” the first to complain? So you don’t know that? So you’v… watched Graham Norton and a lady's red chair story is "I was younger, and I put a jumper on, and I got stuck i… Christmas tip for unwanted presents, this year. Just hand them back to the present giver and politely say: “thi… is still one of my best embarrassing moments. @traceymoz I just had to explain! I screen-shotted pictures of him to show my friends and they were still on my pho… @MichaelGelose That's absolutely insane. I forget how completely lucky and blessed we are to have the NHS. @fbpe_jojo77 100% I'll be there, Caribbean Calippo in hand!Other ice lollies are available* @SkyGold201 Hahahaha! And I’ve just spotted Ally on the side making a hole. tip everyone. How to make an amazing mocktail to impress your friends. Microwave a Calippo for 30/40 seconds. P…’s a blast from past. @SkyGold201 and me in Viareggio. Our sandcastle was shit, we really shouldn’t look so pro… @SkyGold201 @lauraontoast @Defiant_Android @Noundela1 @JasonReidUK @Dani_Scum @ElaineDyson1 @wrenasaurus Some lovely people to follow! Like and RT @lauraontoast @Defiant_Android @Noundela1 @JasonReidUK
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @GomerGuy Microwave for 30/40 seconds. Pour into champagne glass, and you have an icy, frosty mocktail! Add umbrell… can't believe people actually have to chose between healthcare or, well anything. My throat swelled up Friday am,… @MichaelGelose AH. I live in England. We have the NHS. We don't have to worry about these things. But bless you, that makes more sense.My screensaver on laptop is a rolling montage of whatever photos are on my iPhone. Cool. I had a crush on a man, we… @popsicle_____ @ghud68 I just switched it on and they're playing with plasticine. And it's awkward and stunted and awful. @JaneyGodley @TracyAnnO - you might like this if you haven't already seen it.This is excellent @EmuHp @ryan__carrick I haven't and you've just made my day!I have a fabric sofa. I've always had leather. What is the best way to everyday clean this fabric sofa without taki… We still all have the new James Bond to look forward to.Roald Dahl's daughter Olivia died aged of 7 after contracting measles. Here's a letter he wrote on the importance o… @IsTheAnswer42 @senddhlparceluk I will never ever use them again. I used Royal Mail in the end. It was £13 cheaper,… @BecMajor YES! Absolutely, great idea. Especially if anyone's donating gifts FOR Christmas! XThis year, more than ever, reverse advent calendars are needed. A big box, and every day add an item to it to send… @fecklessfox100 Do you know he’s doing an online show on 17th Dec? Tickets are £10! @fecklessfox100 Me TOO. I really do.This is brilliant and I shall also be partaking. 2020 has been a horrific year for anyone going through any of this… @DrJessTaylor @JudieannRose Can I send you a message?James Acaster want rid of quotas and outsiders fishing their waters, as they see it. All the fault of the EU, they rec… we go... Sunday morning with #Marr.Sure sex is great but have you ever opened tablets the end without the leaflet first time
Retweeted by Vittoria GallagherSerious question. Why WAS Trump at that little table?The thing that baffles me about anti-vaxxers is they need a conspiracy theory, cool, but they chose VACCINES as the…
@iGuyC Only a couple of cars, they’ll get out of that easy. @iGuyC Well! Tina is leaving and he has to go down. Tina has previously been a domestic abuse victim. She’s also ha…'Outrageous' — British Airways wished England good luck before autumn rugby Test and Wales fans are livid
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @iGuyC Gray to kill Tina, yes?! @perrigame WTAF are the bottom twoDoes anybody still watch #EastEnders? We need to talk. @WendyKitchener Hello! Yes I am, so so much better, thank you xxxWant to see someone make a complete twat of themselves because they dont know what a black cab is
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @EmuHp 😂 @jpshaddock Oh that’s actually a good point.My friend has just said she’s seen a man, alone, on a tandem, and that’s 2020 well and truly over for me. Off to ha… mother has just pointed out that yesterday, I was referring to my airwaves closing, not my airways.Why are tweets like this allowed? It’s NOT TRUE. to go back to the hospital today for one more dose of anti-histamine. Then should be all good to come home, do…’t argue to @senddhlparceluk that after 3 escalations, no delivery of my parcel, the promise of a call back on MOND… @JenYetAgain This is probably the most embarrassing take I’ve ever seen. Taxi for Jen.
@popsicle_____ @Littlemisskatyb @thepianomum UMMMMMIf someone sends you their address are you a normal person, write it down in a notepad to be stuffed in a drawer, o… @scottishspyro Oh that is the loveliest most touching piece of writing in the world.“How’s her diet going?” “She was doing great all day yesterday, then she had a fish supper.” The Royle Family is… Rishi Sunak’s wife is richer than the Queen. And he forgot about this vast sum of money when declaring family w…
Retweeted by Vittoria GallagherDresses for 8p? So how much does this cost your garment workers and um... the planet @OfficialPLT??? 🥵
Retweeted by Vittoria GallagherZeus when he sees a mortal woman in a lake
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @MsAmyzing Oh wow thank you, that is really very nice to hear. XxxxTrying to organize this family Zoom call with the elders and I’m just-
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher“I don’t give a shit how much you spent on raffle tickets, Linda. If your number doesn’t get called, you don’t win.”
Retweeted by Vittoria GallagherWho did this?
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @jonthepon Well it’s the best place for you if you need to breathe! I did not feel one bit bad for going up there today. @NotRollergirl YO! Is it YOU with the hilarious story about being out the night you finished your GCSEs? And the DJ announcement? @jonthepon YES! You have to stay SO calm to get the breathing you CAN manage right. @iGuyC @thepianomum @bob_trooper That’s happened to me too. Infuriating.I Marie Kondo’d so much of my wardrobe last year. And I’m here to tell you... I miss every piece of clothing. I thi…
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @JudieannRose Totally exhausting! They should be fined for spreading misinformation. @MichaelCoghla12 Yes it’s chronic angiodema, but we’re not sure of the triggers. Mine are stress and overheating us… whole concept of history has been shattered ever since i saw someone say “Rosa Parks died in 2005, meaning she could’ve watched Shrek”
Retweeted by Vittoria Gallagher @MichaelCoghla12 Thanks so much x @JudieannRose No and I’m not a rule breaker anyway. I would never have gone unless I really didn’t feel it necessar… @MichaelCoghla12 @joeshooman Ah hello! I am fine now thank you. I wrote a note for reception staff so they knew I c… @MichaelGelose Exactly! I do thanks, just need a good night’s deep sleep! @MichaelGelose Ah you might want to catch up on the rest of the day’s tweets. I couldn’t breathe so I had to go. I’… @DodgsonStuart It’s hard isn’t it! Hopefully with a vaccine, there will be some light at end of tunnel