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@OmairTAhmad In Dec 1999, my maid was very upset over something. My mother asked her kya hua? She said "wo tv mein…
Swami Vivekananda's statue vandalised in JNU. How much more will the administration and the Government tolerate?
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @san2183 I wonder if I can ever get thisUmmm are you sure? be like: @_chinmusic Shaun Tait in Perth, 2008 @tintin1107 @vincentsunder @C4CRICVENKATESH @NikhilNaz @g_rajaraman @gulu1959 Sir, millenials are waiting for a fin… upar hi meme bana diya! Massive respect sir 🙏✌️
@arunbothra She correctly assumed that we didn't know what GK is 😁"GK matlab maths, haan" 😂😂😂
@elitecynic I was out in the hills for some trekking (for SL and this match). When we came back in the materialisti… Morgan was England's wicketkeeper in two matches in CT 2009.
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @mohanstatsman You mean to say Chahar not completing Char overs hmmm :-) @_Mubean__ @KarthikRao_RK @deeputalks Similarly the NZ team was awarded MoM in an ODI vs WI in 1996. It was a low scoring match (158/154). @InswingingY @ashwinravi99 @tallboykarthik Even before the clip started, I was waiting for 0.30. it's such a brilliant piece of work :-) @surreycricket Ah! I wasn't aware there's a voting. Apologies. What I meant to say that was he a first choice keep… @surreycricket Was Alec Stewart really a first-choice keeper?
@theBekku Simon Taufel!Once upon a time in mumbai tibaraaa @Sychlops Unfortunately I can't read the Arabic script @Sychlops That didn't appear in the translation :-/ @Sychlops Last mein Ghalib bhi likhna tha na :-) @kvsmanian1411 @bhaleraosarang @cricketwallah And Mithun was (is?) such a good batsman as well. Still remember him… @harishenoy Yaaaaarr people are still tagging you? 😂😂😂😂 Is it still 2019?
Iyer and Dube the new Mumbai boys - captain is a Sharma #INDvBAN #SundayThoughts @SnehalPradhan @BCCIWomen *Shafali :-)I won't be surprised if these guys don't have amazing careers in golf. Have a look yourself 👇 @captainshanky Haha, heard stories about how people of specific countries call themselves Indians in foreign countries :-) @captainshanky I've met people in other parts of India and lot of times, they say they're also from Delhi. When ask… @benjonescricket And then find that the tweets from last night are in random order 😏
मंदिर मस्जिद बैर कराते, मेल कराती मधुबाला #sorrynotsorryचैनलों का बस नहीं चल रहा वरना तो वो सुप्रीम कोर्ट के जज से पर्चा छीन के खुद ही फैसला सुन दें।
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @rons1212 @ChefShivGhosh *poll @NumbYaar That's where Tiktok is handy. No pressure 😂
Mitro, 50 din ho gaye kya? #demonetization @AhmedAl36108665 @nailainayat @LegalKant ...where Brazil Dubai ki police is waiting for her @ESPNcricinfo @timwig @fwildecricket Wait no misbah and joginder sharma? @NotAnyKapoor @DOCTORATLARGE
@NumbYaar Perhaps this is the first Govarikar movie that I do not wish to see
@UberINSupport Thanks, it is resolved nowRajpal Yadav and other 3 guys in Dhol's #OddEven in Delhi and uber does this when I try to renew my ride pass. Well played, @Uber @UberINSupport @9GAG It's called a sfork @jumsumtak Day 6 - jumsum ho kyu, paas aao na #sorrynotsorry 😂 @sriramin140 @81allout @karachikhatmal @mediagag @sidvee Iirc that featured only warne and sachin as the broadcaste… @jon_selvaraj Please don't mention pen fights in a kamedy post 😭
@sriramin140 @81allout @karachikhatmal @mediagag @sidvee Haha no way that was funny to me tbh. I still love them over mauka mauka crap 😁Where is @iamAhmadshahzad when you need him? @sriramin140 @81allout @karachikhatmal @mediagag @sidvee That summer was advertised really well. 1. Pak vs Aus Tes… breathtaking shots by Steve Smith! I watched most of his innings with this expression: 😲 Beckham ❤❤ Kick it like Vedansh ⚽️⚽️
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariI am sorry.. we are police ... we don’t exist.. we don’t have families...we don’t have human rights !!!
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariIsko bolte hain ameer hona 🙏 @chiragbarjatyaa @NumbYaar Sir ye tweet calories burn karne k liye?
Dude, make up your mind
Kamran Akmal: ghumegi, ghumegi Rishabh Pant: easy, easy, easy #IndvsBanFogg should come up with a Delhi special edition: Smogg #DelhiAirEmergencyOnly wrong: "I have developed Kerala as God's own country" @delhichatter इस ट्वीट पर तो रिपोर्ट करना बनता है @nkb_pd @Ra_Bies Haha that's one way to look at it @MHJeffrey027 @ESPNcricinfo Haha yes. Not sure how many remember that @ESPNcricinfo It ended with McGrath almost pretended to bowl an underarm#whydopeople get ready for Halloween when they can just take off the makeup?Neema rose neema rose rose rose neema rose @cricketcomau @Gillette It was unlucky. But fair call. @kanishkaab I've been searching Invictus on OTT platforms for some time now :-D @Finelychopped If you don't have a photo with him, there's no point in wishing 😂
अगर अफवाहों की मानें तो दिल्ली की हवा इतनी ज़्यादा खराब हो गई है कि सलमान खान का भी गला खराब हो गया है #biggbossAccurate. 1. Tibet 2. China (Xinjiang province) 3. Afghanistan 4. Pakistan (for now)
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @9GAG This is dragon level in Mario1. Baadshah 2. Swades 3. Dear Zindagi #SRK54 can you now recognize him with or without moustache? bowling figures in the history in Deodhar Trophy. Thank you everyone for all the love and support. Forever gra…
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@3041992rohit Mic ka screen kya hota hai?Twitter fights before Twitter
What you want to see vs what you actually get 👇😏 #MadeInChina #Housefull4
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @MundaTribe @zoo_bear @sreshthx @Nitisha_Kashyap Now someone needs to tell him this otherwise no funThis should be an Olympics sport like synchronized swimming. @MundaTribe @zoo_bear @sreshthx @Nitisha_Kashyap And Mr in front of his name @tanjorean @vettichennaiguy Or perhaps it's the experience of traveling in trains. Towards the end of their journey…
"What do you do for a living?" "I read. I travel. I love. I laugh." "No. How do you earn your bread?" "Oh I work. But that's not living."
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari#Pakistan mint has issued a special coin to mark Guru Nanak Devji’s 550th birthday. (thanks to @BabarJalandhari f…
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Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore. Wildcard: Indore Not allowed: Mohali @_youhadonejob1 B with length of A 😁Just imagine Modi ji asking the official photographers to airdrop the photos so that he can tweet them 🤔 पहली बार फोटोग्राफर्स पर चिल्लाते दिखे तैमूर, गुस्से में कहा- NO... #TaimurAliKhan #SaifAliKhan
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@saket71 I stopped bursting crackers around 16-17 years ago because I found them too expensive. But I loved (and st…
Imagine being a Malayali and dating a Tamil girl, and whenever she comes up with Contractor Nesamani joke, I’ve to…
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandariपशु कार्यकर्ता: दीपावली पर पटाखे ना जलाएं, कुत्तों को तकलीफ होती है। रोड पर सुस्ताता हुआ मोती:
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariIt's taken more than 11 years of IPL, but it's happening alright. Cricketers from all over the world are tweeting… @NumbYaar 😂😂😂 @raviganatra1981 Yes, but Indians in recent past have declared their retirement even though they were not at all in… is bullshit. A player, no matter how big he is, shouldn't dictate when he should retire. It should always be t… is too cute !!
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariSuprabhaat ... happy Diwali. I spent a great time in Trinidad with the Indian diaspora when I played for the Red Fo…
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@KarunaGopal1 Madam I don't follow you still I get your tweets on my TL regularly :-)बात तो सही बोली है