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@funda_filmy That was an interesting coincidence that the unintended sequel came earlier. And I gifted this book t… @FilmCompanion Flop show by Bhatti saab. On a serious note, for an interesting list of quirky opening credits, che… @funda_filmy Premam wakepam critical kandishnam @robin_rounder Hahaha, this incident still comes up now and then @robin_rounder No, my brother also does this. Once he sent his bowling footage from one of his matches in our fami… break ups hurt but has anyone ever told you that your mom looks like your elder sister
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. @crickshouts with their 45k followers asked us (<1k) if we have a problem with them...😂 We do actually. They ta…
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariI have lived all my life in India. So, I wouldn't know about other countries, but there is no bigger crime in India…
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariGulli danda solo version @AalsiWriter @DrAbhijeetB *beautiful :-/ @ParveenKaswan Or like how Raja Awasthi puts it @AalsiWriter @DrAbhijeetB This is what I was telling a friend, beauty handwriting :-) @suubsy @RaviShastriOfc @ICC @ESPNcricinfo @BCCI Jimmy paji ka swag 🖖 @hached @BenazirMirSamad 😁 @BenazirMirSamad @hached can you suggest something?
@funda_filmy Try to listen his episode in No Filter Neha and check how the climax scene of this movie was improvised. @NorthStandGang @Christchurch_NZ @BLACKCAPS @NZCricketMuseum @BishanBedi @OtagoVolts @aucklandcricket @edenparknz @NorthStandGang @Christchurch_NZ @BLACKCAPS @NZCricketMuseum @BishanBedi @OtagoVolts @aucklandcricket @edenparknz
@PakCricFanatik That insult was smooth 😁 But I like how he doesn't get carried away by Pak wins and doesn't sulk m… @funda_filmy And another one, Rangrez from Tanu weds Manu :-) @PakCricFanatik Sorry I should have been more specific. I do not watch electronic news (TV or online) on sports be… @Mukund11Sakal @hached I think that is because like we have ghar ke kapde and bahar ke kapde, we have categorized g… @PakCricFanatik Haha let's not get into a comparison with the ones we have here especially on the TV @PakCricFanatik I can't read Urdu (or Arabic script to be precise). So I used the inbuilt google translate. And I'm… @knittins You've lived in Gurgaon. I think that's enough, which reminds me of a favorite quote. "America is the on… @hached @suubsy Arey yaaaaarr 💓 @aniketmishra299 @AskStevenSport Varun Aaron comes to mind, iirc his first 6 victims in ODIs were bowled P.S. some…
@suubsy I'm acquiring its taste these days :-D @PakCricFanatik @hached @shahashfaq @suubsy @Eiffel_7 Because of this insight, I quickly checked who else was there around me :-D @funda_filmy Yes, her role had more shades than him, who had a 2D role. Inspite of that, she was more of a supporting role to her. @funda_filmy I loved her in a different scene. When the "heer to badi sad hai" song ended and by that time, she st… @elitecynic @vijayarumugam @RandomCricketP1 @parthiv9 🏳️😁 @RandomCricketP1 Yes, I saw that tweet. And, as kids, some of us used to say their lines (especially "jee haan Mani… @RandomCricketP1 In my defence, I'd say they are very similar. But yes, when you listen more lines, it becomes clear :-) @Mukund11Sakal @hached Hahahaha 👍 Btw pratidvandvi/pratidwandi = competitor @RandomCricketP1 @parthiv9 I have listened to "looks like a baby" some 20 times and still can't differentiate betwe… @RandomCricketP1 @parthiv9 I think it's Arun Lal :-) @suubsy @hached @shahashfaq @aftabkhanna Yaaaar I saw the thumbnail and thought it was a replug :-/ And you are ri… @Mukund11Sakal This is so true. And often we get great food when we least expect it :-) Last year around same tim… @Mukund11Sakal @hached And I agree 😁 @hached Hahaha but somehow leftover kadhi feels even better the next day 😁 Without pakode, gujarati kadhi is abso… @PakCricFanatik Yes, very underrated when compared to chhole/rajma/meat chawal 😁 @suubsy Sounds great 👍 but we have never made bharwan bhindi/baingan/tomato/capsicum at home, only karela 😁. For b… @PakCricFanatik @hached @shahashfaq @suubsy @Eiffel_7 He said and I quote "ye sab sale kya ga**d marane aaye hain"… @hached @shahashfaq @suubsy @Eiffel_7 @PakCricFanatik I have seen all of them at some point or other; however I mus… @suubsy Haha, thanks; it was :-)
Appreciation tweet for Kadhi. You have all kinds of readily available masala for almost every popular Indian dish,… @IWTKQuiz Paapi GudiyaYou guys remember Mihir Sen, the first Indian to swim the English Channel, the Palk Strait, The Dardanelles, The Pa…
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari15 years ago today, my dad gave me money & said, "want you to celebrate your b'day on my account".My puzzled look p…
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariThanks to @AnkitLal, the mango-seller has been located. He will receive the entire amount tomorrow morning itself.…
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@PakCricFanatik @suubsy @elitecynic @tintin1107 @sidvee @shahashfaq @vijayarumugam @NorthStandGang @V_Anawalikar @suubsy @tintin1107 @sidvee @shahashfaq @elitecynic @vijayarumugam @NorthStandGang @V_Anawalikar @aftabkhanna you are losing a multiplayer game and, all of a sudden, the other guy gets disconnected. one, that too by a home umpire in those days past two months for cricket handles is asking such questions: "name your favorite batsman who always starts his… @aastha_boora @ChefShivGhosh #ThankYouAastha @ChefShivGhosh @aastha_boora @sachnand @shashishankar Zara is baat par prakash dala jayeWhy is Sherlock Holmes' father reading a Hindi newspaper? Series: Elementary, S2E14
@shashishankar Boki not bogusThe best tweet I’ve ever seen. 🏏🏏🏏
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @KK_Ilkal @dipakragav I think it was a late start (5pm, maybe) in this as well as in the tournament next year (involving Kenya and BD) @shashishankar Kargil war happened in June 1999, and as per our sources, you were born in Nov 1985. So you weren't… @sidvee I love how people are replying with a random number
@manxathlete @robelinda2 Hahahaha this could be a possibility @funda_filmy @viditb This sounds like fun! I've registered. @funda_filmy @viditb 2 questions: How many participants? (The more the better) Would you shame those who finish last? 🤞😁 @soormaDbhopali Creativity dude"I go by one way in my life. I say if Jesus Christ... never did a thing wrong but yet still he was crucified, who i… is why I pay for internet data. 👍 Harvey) Oswald @MunezISergio @nav_she @joybhattacharj @anuragkashyap72 Haha that's interesting. Need to revisit it
Listened to this song for an hour or so. Arijit Singh absolutely slays in his Ali Zafar avatar 💓 @nav_she @joybhattacharj @anuragkashyap72 I've heard that No Smoking was not at all about no smoking. Instead it sy… @elitecynic Yes, he was; got many things out of Virat @funda_filmy I have googled it as there was no sync in the titles though C Sharp hinted somewhat. I won't answer it as googled already :-|Me: Saala Ufma Aila Aigo Pori Ali Ali... Main Khiladi Tu Anari My father:
Retweeted by Vivek BhandariI watched the Insta Live of Kohli and Chhetri and I must say Sunil Chhetri is a star, a Delhi boy in his own right,… @NumbYaar I watched "tum to thehre pardesi" some 3-4 years ago for the first time and discovered that it had Chitra… @CricketopiaCom @NorthStandGang @elitecynic And because they are so many in NSG, you never know which one is tweeting? Shocking if true 😂 @idnani_nandini Sun meri baat @sachnand Haha quite possibleChoti si problem hai, system format karna padega @suubsy Yes, it was fun, and a launching pad for many talents @AmitKhatriIAS I am residents of M3M woodshire society Sec 107 Gurugram There is Covid + case in society but it's…
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @suubsy Sorry meri lorry. Vrijesh Hirjee and Guddee Maruti were the hosts, on Zee I think :-). Yes it was fun, full… Has. To. Be. A. Separate. Fanbase. @suubsy @hached @shahashfaq Oui ma! 😂
Damn. The Prime Minister of Belgium visited a hospital, and was greeted like this 👇🏻
Retweeted by Vivek Bhandari @qriosam Oh yeah, the MO is absolutely opposite of each other. Well spotted 😁 @qriosam Sweeping. I prefer mopping floor anyday but sweeping is annoying. @Richard25049348 @vijayarumugam @NorthStandGang @QuirkyMirth @JonSimmonds @graynics No no, this is what I used to t… @vijayarumugam @NorthStandGang @Richard25049348 @QuirkyMirth @JonSimmonds @graynics I've heard Azhar was disturbed… @joybhattacharj It's mentioned in the article, he was part of a crowd. So maybe a child actor in a crowd :-) @ESPNcricinfo Nobody has listed Stuart Clark and Tom Thanks so far. That's a shame :-D Link: @joybhattacharj And checking this film on Wikipedia and subsequently reading another article, I found that this mov…
@NorthStandGang Oh yes, absolute delight to watch them :-) Here's a compilation: @NorthStandGang But IMHO RJ is like those hardened Pak bowlers who don't need the fielders, just LBWs and bowleds would do for him ;-)