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Always a reader. Sometimes an accidental writer. "So Now You Know: Growing up Gay in India" is now out. Culture editor @vervemagazine

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@scaryhairyman I don't know. Randomly YouTubed. Don't ask why.What did I just watch and why? Indian Express is looking for copy editors with 3-5 years of experience. The vacancy is for the print edition a…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @manishalakhe this is what they do.This one's for the sisterhood, so please sistahs, do attend in large numbers to the mark the launch of this grim bu…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈For now, the Bombay Quiz Club weekend quizzes and books is what is keeping me afloat.
@ChauhanMohitS Hahahah. Done deal. :)) @Maahi_Ve Tell me about it. Sigh. It just feels so empty, that I cannot call anyone even in the evening, forget 3 a… did it way better than Roy Orbison. If I have a wedding, this will be the song. @harsh6363 Well, it sucks to say this, but I am glad I am not the only one.Me to myself, almost constantly: Don't think you mean anything to anyone. You are nothing but a passing fancy. A momentary one at that. @CurlyStory I absolutely hate the texting culture. @JacquieTellis You are very lucky. That's solid gold in these times. @PreetiMarketINK Hahaha. I love you, but you never call. @RantiScreamer You bet. PCOs you mean?I miss long phone conversations. I miss being silly and bursting into laughter. I miss speaking of old times and wh… @awryaditi Happy Happy Birthday you! ❤️❤️🤗❤️It says 10, but the piece has 59 recommendations in all! The 10 Best Translated Novels of the Decade via @lithubAlright Twitterverse, Looking for an AR #Developer (C#/C++/Unity3D/Vuforia/Unreal) to join @HereafterHub. DM me…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @somakghoshal @bijal_v @prathambooks @PBStoryWeaver Congrats, Somak! :)A story of four very different people brought together by Harry Potter. Isn't it a fascinating premise? I read this… @FunFactAddict You're welcome :) @placebonikhil Hahahaha! No chance. LOL! :P @ClaireFuller2 @CBRLibrary @HouseofAnansi Congrats, Claire! :) @chris_mahan @YogicAmnesiac @sharinbhatti @BooksonT You kind kind man. <3 @surekhapillai He he. You are very kind. Hugs. @surekhapillai I love you. I can't thank you enough for making the effort to come and see me. It meant the world. I love you. @hirishitalkies So so good! I haven't read Olive Kitteridge but from what I hear you can read Olive, Again without… I am the only one who's super excited that Oprah chose Olive, Again as her next bookclub read. So so happy! Y… @surekhapillai Sigh. I ask people out and then get rejected. Sigh some more.
In case, you missed this --- #SisakTheFilm India's First Silent #LGBTQ Love Story is streaming for free on @YouTube
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈Maharashtra is so messy right now. I can't even imagine Uddhav Thackeray as the CM. We will be doomed. @maebemaebe @gqindia Congratulations you! :) @IIChanakya What a cutie! What a hottie! ❤️❤️
You don’t get into a relationship thinking it’s going to end but in our case the end loomed large. Always. We tried… @iamkverma @surekhapillai Thank you :-) @surekhapillai ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗 @themystiquebook @HarperCollinsIN Thank you. Hugs. :-) @frantumaglia Happy birthday love! May you get all the love and joy. All of it. 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗 @neerjadeodhar The fruit is called drumstick. Moringa leaves are used for beauty products I think.Today in the @EconomicTimes Magazine, my thoughts on India’s air pollution crisis. #TheGreatSmogOfIndia
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @surekhapillai reading project I’m most excited about is to read books mentioned in @wellreadblkgirl and to cover the ones…
@kadwikalicoffee @thebooksatchel I absolutely love Didion. A good book to start reading her. :-) read her essays af… @scaryhairyman Happy birthday!Best to stay out of Twitter today, and perhaps even for the entire week. Good bye and good luck.This cutie up for adoption, let me know if anyone’s interested #chennai #femalekitten
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈I have always loved and admired Joyce Carol Oates' writing. So that's definitely going to be the third reading proj… @DrMMukherjee Thanks, Manali. You’re very kind. This is what I thought of the list.
Here’s something from the book: “You say you’re sure? Sure that you’re in love? How can you know it? You think love is so simple?”The year was 2005. Place: Crossword at In-Orbit Malad. I discovered Never Let Me Go. I got to know of Ishiguro. I r… @guffawer Inshallah!I wonder who is this tweet addressed to in a place where internet is shut for more than three months now. #Kashmir
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈Any work of art put out there by you is a great litmus test of supporters. Just is.* *this is merely a random thought. @guffawer Thank you so so much, Sid. :) It means so very much coming from you. Thank you so much again.My bit this week @tweakindia " “In the original version,the stepmother not only asks for t…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @Hejaz_AM You won't regret it. @Grammar_nazzzi I love it. :) @nowme_datta @mrsfunnybones @TweakIndia And the one about Cinderella, where ravens/crows peck at the eyes of the st… @PWNeha Happy Birthday, you! <3 <3 @subramanianravi You are very very kind, Ravi. Thank you. :) @juveriasiff You're also very kind. Thank you. @priyamvad I guess that's why one reads them.Another reading project of 2020 is to try and read all books by Alice Munro. 14 of them. Quite doable, I say. Also,…'s a very scary thought - aloneness. It is scarier when it manifests itself on a daily basis. @sambarseperate Thank God! Pehle kar leta! Chalo der aaye and all that.I was reading a review of mine from way back in 2009, and hoping that I have improved and come a long way. 10 years… @thebooksatchel Same here! I just can’t wait. @malvikonga @neerjadeodhar But it stopped na? Or is close to stopping? @sambarseperate I was so happy that sunlight was finally around, and now this! Chalo, at least I washed the clothes yesterday. @ChauhanMohitS Haan. It’s not only raining but raining heavily. Pouring incessantly. @sambarseperate All this fuck-all chai pakora weather can shove it! @sambarseperate Damn! Sigh. Damn some more! I’m fed up of the rains. So so done with them.What is going on? Why this heavy rain? Cyclonic effect? Again?
@LazynLameNerd @ZanyAnomaly Thank you so so much! :) @LazynLameNerd @ZanyAnomaly You are the sweetest! Thank you so much. <3 @DreamingReviews Who is this hot white person? @chernozems @arunava Yeah. There are about three books to be released later. @chernozems Yeah. Read that one and also a lovely travelogue whose name I forget.One of the doyens of Bengali Literature Professor Nabaneeta Dev Sen is no more. I got to read whatever little I cou… @NatellaPuncakes I’m this tempted to go and give him a piece of my mind but he won’t get it. Sorry my love. You’re amaze and I love you.New age chonchle. @ViralImac Is the snow fresh?All of you will go to Mastodon and it will become Twitter.Bengaluru ! 16th November 💃🏻
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @manandhuldhoya True! So so true. Loved the books stocked. So so aware. Sigh. I miss the place so much.I will always fondly remember this place. This is where Lotus Book House used to be. Existed at a time when Amazon… absolutely love this campaign! On-point and could be very effective. @sambarseperate <3 <3 Inshallah!Delighted to share this publication news with all of you. If you like the kind of writing that I do, share this, bu…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈Hello Twitter! I am looking to speak to people who have adopted older kids i.e 6 years and older, as well as those…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @sambarseperate I will show you this tweet during Mumbai monsoons. :p @Shivangiyadav That's the magic of this song. Even today I think, it will get the same response when played anywhere.For all the right feels. How I love this song! @Ruchira_Shukla Thank you. Hugs. :-)
For things I pray, I pray for my cats' health the hardest and most earnestly.#PenguinClassicsFestival is in full swing and we have some exciting news for you! If you're a reader AND a writer,…
Retweeted by vivek tejuja 🌈 @nomnombiar @bookmarksreads Yes but it is okay to not know.I love literary rapid fire book recs! Esmé Weijun Wang on Loving Anna Karenina but Hating Madame Bovary… A Global History by Colleen Taylor Sen