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Young adult author who forever will remain a young adult (at least mentally). OLIVIA TWISTED (2013), PAPER OR PLASTIC (2015), OLIVIA DECODED (2016)

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@RedPenKaitlyn Yep. And did he even talk about his plans? He spent more time attacking. 🙄 @RedPenKaitlyn I told my husband “he’s going to say he’s done more for black people than anyone” and then word for word. So predictable
@HillaryMonahan As someone who is (for the moment) employed at Disney world, I appreciate your love for it! @laurengibaldi Yes and it puts kids in an awkward situation 😢 @ChristinaFarley @MarloBerliner Well, crap. It gets worse and worse. :'(I love Mel Brooks, and I swear, all I can hear in that voice is "May the Schwarz be with you!" @laurengibaldi Good lord, that is awful. People are getting laid off left and right and they're penalizing people who can't donate? Ugh. @HeidiRKling He's master of lies, destroyed any faith in gov't and the media (rulebook of historical dictators), pr…
@HeidiRKling Hahahaha well, they misspelled President, so maybe presedent is something super evil? In that case, sure I'll buy it! @RedPenKaitlyn @jaime_berry3 Oh what an adorable cover!! @VanessaTorline I don't - but I use Trello and I love it. Super easy. @laurengibaldi He said it was 2 1/2 hours in total. @laurengibaldi Yep he got in line at 7:45 and is still waiting. Here’s a pic he sent. @JaredEMoskowitz @CarlosGSmith Oh I love that mask! Perfect! @judyblume Lines are around the corner at the libraries for early voting here in Orlando!Today. Early in person voting begins in FL. Talk about your vote making a difference! Bring civility back to the White House.
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @laurengibaldi Lines are the same at my library in South Orlando. A friend is over there now and the line is around… in this manuscript and coming to the realization that what I've written in the last hour is crap. I go back… will never win the major awards or be the critical darling, but I write books that make people forget they’re hav…
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Congrats to the Rays!! Rooted for Astros but also love the Rays and they played amazing. #ALCS @rachelcaine I’m so sorry. I hope better comfort for you going forward and that these people get their act together. Seriously.
For the love of all that’s good in the world, PLEASE vote for the kind & boring candidate so I can tweet about book…
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @VictoriaDahl @younglibrarian Hahaha was just thinking the same! 😂I wish certain other people admitted this
Things that just make you feel GOOD! @RedPenKaitlyn He's such an idiot, I just can't even. This is so typical Trump.So Republicans have installed illegal drop boxes in California, and they think Democrats are trying to rig the elec…
@amandawinnlee Damn I have to wear my bra or I’ll kill someone with these!This is exactly my thought on @BenSasse line of “questioning” which is more just him telling her how fabulous she i… @VanessaTorline I don’t hear her giving any real answersWoohoo this looks amazing! to the awesome service tech Daniel in Orlando at @GetSpectrum! He was so pleasant and professional, showed… @rachelcaine Love to you and prayers for no pain. ❤️ @rachelbshero This is so creepy! I just picture a creepy clown around the corner whispering to you: Raacheell come here and play...” 😂
NEW VIDEO: #MemoToTrump I wrote a memo to Donald John Trump.
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @Alex_Flinn I LOVE The Office. It's my go-to when I need background TV on now. I never got into Parks & Rec but eve… @kelleemoye @4Dlovestoread People who ban graphic novels are clueless as to the value that they add. My daughter di…
I can't believe it's been a year since I was selected to be a part of the 2020 Disney Traditions Assistant team. An… @amandawinnlee ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @DebbieRFischer Sooooo adorable!Just the perfect amount of happiness I needed to see today!
@tessagratton I NEEDED THAT TODAY! :)Beautiful covers!! @megancrewe The one we're in!I don't know why I'm watching this but this video of Sir Mix-A-Lot singing Baby Got Back on a symphony stage with c… @sguillory262 I was just thinking about you. I'm glad you're okay! <3 @MandyHubbard Rudy! Also Here Comes The Boom and Secretariat
@MarloBerliner Also HA I just saw your typo. It's PEEfect. 😂 @MarloBerliner LOL!! All I can think of is “I love you but now I shall have to kill you bwahaha”
@jkbibliophile So sweet!! <3 @E_Davis_Romance I’m watching You’ve Got Mail right now and this sounds awesome! Congratulations! @LoriMLee Me with anything on the floor 😂 @RinaHeisel @GoodReadsRonna @HarperChildrens @abigbat I love it! Tobin is soooo adorable. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations!I am BEYOND excited for Beyond the Burrow by @RinaHeisel and this cover is all kinds of adorable! Proud to be an ea… @maureenjohnson Vivi Barnes, authorHere are the most memorable moments from Kamala Harris’ historic performance in Wednesday night’s vice presidential…
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @TracyWolff @pintipdunn @EntangledTeen Omg Tracy that’s wonderful! Huge congrats to you!! 🎉🎈🎉🎈
@Honorcpt I’ve learned that word since Trump took office 😂 @LitAgentSaritza I know that is such s huge relief. I hope his recovery is swift! @Honorcpt Exactly. And now people are going to be all "See? he made it through so it's no big deal." Ignorance, stupidity, selfishness. @Fariborz_Aram @AP Um, then he should not be acting as President. Plain and simple. @Honorcpt I cannot believe he is so ignorant to think the economy is okay, that jobs are coming back, and that this… who is okay with Trump halting stimulus talks needs to also be okay with a rise in homelessness, crime, abus… @LitAgentSaritza Saying a prayer for your dad ❤️ @ek_johnston I had THE WORST CRAMPS when I was a kid. Would keep me home from school. If my daughter gets them, I’l…'m grateful for my time at Disney. Grateful for the friends I've made, for the magic I've been part of, and the me… company is not "just" a company--it's made up of Cast Members who love and care about each other, a heritage t… hate when I see people talk about Disney who've never worked here. I see "People who work there are blinded by wh…
@HillaryMonahan Yay!!! Can’t wait to hear! @DebbieRFischer 😂😂😂😂😂 perfectly said @JessAnderson2 @tedcruz @SenTedCruz @SenTedCruz said Disney didn't lay anyone off in Florida, when there were 6700… writing buddy, Jasmine. Always has to sit behind my head. Isn’t she cute? @KLipMart 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ChristinaFarley Still there 😂 @ChristinaFarley I mean, seriously, I don’t know how you did it! I did two and feel exhausted! @bethanycrandell
My favorite thing today!! #ProudBoys I want to hang out with these people! @madmomov6 Oh my gosh I LOVE the dress-suit! Beautiful! <333 @RacquelHenry 😂😂😂😂 Love you silly! @RacquelHenry Guess what? I’m making one of my characters Racquel...for you! Not even joking. It’s very Hallmark-y kind of bookNew day, new me! Have the best adult rom com idea to write so will be plotting that out this week!!Some career resources for anyone affected by the Disney layoffs. Bookmark it, come back to it later, be inspired, b…
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @RFreemyer Um, I was just laid off and I'm in Florida. @tedcruz is completely ignorant.
@zack_owen 😂😂😂😂Trump did not write this himself, I'm 95% sure. Considering he always has SO many grammatical errors in his tweets,… @PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump Was thinking the same lol @LabyrinthRat I’m telling you, all I can think of is Dave right now. And Weekend At Bernie’s.A useful flowchart for anyone commenting on @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend and their tragic loss.
Retweeted by Vivi Barnes @gmc511 Horrible. I went through two miscarriages and this would've devastated me. I hope bad karma for those idiots. @gmc511 Oh my gosh, people are shaming her for sharing that? What is WRONG with people???? 😡 The lack of empathy these days is astounding.
@DeAnna4Congress @WayneDupreeShow I'm sorry the school system failed you so deeply. @MichelleZink @DeAnna4Congress Exactly - don't wear a mask, get sick. It's not really THAT difficult to understand… @LabyrinthRat @IFSciFi Exactly, LOL. Like, um, there's a REASON Democrats aren't getting it as much. 🙄 It's called "wearing masks." @IFSciFi @LabyrinthRat She’s disgusting @LabyrinthRat Or Antifa. He’s a-skert of them @DeAnna4Congress Wow you’re pretty stupid, aren’t you? Bless your heart. @DarthOmnivorous @ek_johnston Oh no, I hope for all the best for your little one. <3 Andt congratulations! @MarloBerliner Ooh! Would you say it’s more romantic than creepy or vice versa? @ek_johnston Yep—I had two before my daughter and it’s still very painful.
@DebbieRFischer Thank you, Debbie. I'm so incredibly sad about this, but I'm also ready for the next adventure! <333