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Forget about mainstream thought.You are all highly intelligent beings. You have the ability to sift through many sources of information, from all “…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @RossCarWalker @MichaelSol09 The term “Christ” was misremembered and misapplied here. The term “Christ Conscious” r…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐSome of you have expressed your views, coming from religion, that queerness must be evil because it spreads disease…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐJesus, contrary to popular belief, came from a place of higher consciousness and realized why queer people are who…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐThe Annunaki cabal which brought you the teachings of patriarchy did so because they wanted to place women in a con…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐThe horrific treatment of queer people through out their time on this plan started when the Annunaki realized that…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐSo. I've been thinking. Maybe the "blood of Christ" unites us as, a Spiritual family - not bound by dna blood.…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐIf you start seeing your world as magical it truly becomes so.My humanly mind always wants to give up on humanity because truly the majority are leaving and living empty, but Go… collapses the imagination.
Grow out of the world, not into it.
No one can see the vision you have in your head, people will doubt you, criticize you and call you stupid but only… for 36 pcs of sushi😻 omg guys, Don’s Doner at palace has great sushi.. had this platter not sure what’s it o… for healing.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐAct without self.Everybody wants some form of self worship. Detach from it.
Yoooo #messiahnetflix is such a good watch honestly, portrayed just as it would happen in our society.People are lost and they don’t even know itDefinitely coming back to my tweets when I’m gonna write my book .. inshallah 💗PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #davidalabo #surrealart #smokingkills #subliminal
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐI can only give you clues, but the truth lies within.
@rmbdraws Finally can walk around at night and be invisibleStart by harmonizing yourselves.
Listen to 12 Regrets by Israel's Arcade #np on #SoundCloud alone opens the way for understanding the truth.You have to relearn “ thinking “ / how to think.What’s the point of thinking if your thoughts are negative and lacking purpose..“Why pray for peace if you do not understand the cause of war? Why pray for success if you do not understand the ca… the cause of problem.Stop arguing with reality.
@kamizaroku My exact thoughts 🤢Consciousness is energy.💃💃💃Brazilian music 😻
@Ernnies 🤩 @gxnyo You ain’t got no idea...What are you willing to sacrifice for your evolution? Personally, anything. @JonnyStone_ Drop the workout routine Jonny 🔥🔥
“People do not value a thing if they do not pay for it.” @Chef_Keeks People break their spaghetti?😰
Death is always around the corner, you really gotta thank God for every breath you take.. 😔🙏02022020
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ“ Everything which occurs in the Universe occurs because of Love. “
@kamizaroku Yeah don’t bother with witch hazel
Everyday is the best day ever!!!.. Releasing Love or anything that no longer serves you is an important part of the internal development!! Understa… but when that person tries to change you based on their views it completely distorts the learning. Now it’s a nu… that came into mind once I understood that you do need someone else for internal development to share exp… yourself with gratitude, give all acknowledgement to God, allow yourself to fill content in every passing mome… Earth - The Spirtual School.
renounce definitions, renounce categories. Don’t allow anybody to pigeonhole you.Dunno how people can drive calmly with that constant beeping 😭😭 just put on your damn seatbelt !!In order to not feed your doubts you have to realize that God is with you ALWAYS.
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“ They that deprive their brothers of divine happiness shall themselves be deprived of it. “STOP LYING TO YOURSELF 😭.
Twitter is a comedy show🤣I’m crackingg🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣 why are people so silly😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 leave this deep conditioner on all night or to wash it out at 11 frickin pm 💀.. why do I do this to myself 🥴
Realize your place in this world.. @hxneyhate Running with boobs is the worst. @theflowerpapi I love the curls too much 😩I probably contemplate making my hair dreads one week of every month lmao. 🙃struggle be too real sometimes.
As you are home, look for these herbs. They are called dandelion, a Powerful Blood Purifier, kidney and liver clean…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @kamizaroku Legit meee omg hahahahahRejecting the fear of the unknown. @jakuuire 🤣Man can not ride two horses neither can he serve two masters.
@justenoch_ I was very disappointed cuz I know it was his movie was expecting something much more interesting @justenoch_ But thanks anyway)) @justenoch_ Once upon a time in Hollywood also trash @jakuuire Knives out and bombshell is so trash I couldn’t go more then 20minsWho the hell is writing movies these days? So many shit movies, no plot... leave good 2019 movies in replies please… act of forcing change hinders change.
“ The fool is always thirsty in the abundance of water. “
:)))) time, do not be used by time. @demiosei @Nastou_ Thank youuuuAll I want rn is some hachipurii 🙁 @demiosei Pleaseee tellll meeeeeSo sad I can’t get a kombucha out here 😭Always remember your present situation is not your final destination.
@zuutg And why does it cost more to build a hospital then setting up a solar powered water filtration system ?!?🤨 @zuutg Oh so he sold the country, that’s great🙄Hell is the truth seen too late.You’re a spiritual being with infinite potential, don’t let anyone bring you down.
Do not confuse your social identity with your true being.If we do not understand nature, we cannot understand ourselves.But in the silence, in the emptiness of myself, the words emerge from a place deeper then I know, to remind me that… I allow myself to be, to be still.. I try to think so hard about what I want to say, that I end up saying nothing at all -In the stillness of myself, I am waiting, waiting to find the right time to write, and express all forms of creativ… you’re on the phone talking for an hour + but it feels like 10mins, yeah, don’t lose that.
Social media is also an energy exchange .. just Incase you were wondering why you’re always tired...Baby (feat. Jboc & Soundsbymic) via @YouTube
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@JonnyStone_ @The1TheyCall_E Hahahaha okay
@JonnyStone_ @The1TheyCall_E I don’t drink so what can I win?The art The artist
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐBring forth what is inside you......detoxing the body and blood. is also used sometimes with other herbs to make a bush bath to treat skin proble…
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