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Only when good people [collectively] come TOGETHER will positive change occur. [They] want us divided. Lady Gaga sh…
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Your character is shown by how you treat those who can give you nothing.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐExactly. Physicality is all illusion, start denying appearances and live in the truth of what everything truly is.… weren’t seeing the whole thing because You are the whole thing.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @_dripdigital @bigdeusa333 HONESTLY!!!Consuming gold. Liquid gold or as it is known colloidal gold, or gold dust with water has many benefits. In short,…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @iamElikem Alive✨👌Source stands ready to support you with whatever you ask for. For some of you, this means ALLOW YOURSELF TO RECEIVE…
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Let Love be all there is ❤️
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Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @yung_d3mz But first open your heart chakra. 💚Beautiful creation manifesting .. sounds about right 🤣😻🤩💗🙏✨
This morning I made a quick deepfake of Elon Musk lip-syncing Tim Curry's infamous space speech from Command & Conq…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐIt takes the same amount of energy to dream small, as it does to dream big. 💛💛 @niiapa 😭😭😭Everyone who tried this raves and I use this EVERY WEEK(sometimes twice a week) that’s how good this deep condition… @Spacely1z Nice shotttt“Life is the sum of all your choices.”
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @niiapa Like a truck worth of sugar😖We’re really not living at human potential:(
Thank God that the earth heals us 🙏This interview never gets old "masks don't provide the kind of protection that people think" "it might make them fe…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐMultiple doctors have stated the DNA / RNA COVID vaccine will genetically modify people... These rats were fed GM…
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God helps those who put all their faith in Him.If you asked, make sure to do the preparations.“ There is no truth in lack and limitation “
You get what you give on every level of that statement.
To know is silence.
I do not miss the extra calories from alcohol. @zuutg Congrats, I wanna be like you when I grow up! ❤️❤️ @SanDerSar_03 Omg I miss joji. Gonna go play his music rn😻Life’s can be great if you want it to be.
If we all just loved
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @ArchangelAmongU How to dm you?Handstand drills 🙃
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ“ imaginal acts become facts “ #liveinyourassumptionEliminate distractions. @B97Toni Honestly same
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fast and easy absorption
And no one can ever take away the work that you do for yourself !
Good vegetarian option in Accra?Let God be your supply. It’s unlimited.Through the light force entering Earth at this time via the Sun, all on Earth is being permeated by this light. The…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ @Chef_Keeks Alchemy 👌✨✨how you spending your first day of eternity?living in the eternal now.. sigh :)learn the laws, follow is a's work is ever with himself.God I miss going to the gym.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐbless all you come into contact with.The Universal light force which purifies, transmutes, and uplifts worlds, is in free flow towards Earth. It is cont…
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Purify yourself, physically, emotionally, energetically, this will bring a greater connection with your Soul Self.…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐThere will be more downloads of higher light in the coming weeks. The intensification of these energies will only c…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐIs anyone else feeling the need to eat less and less?
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@Sabrina_Awuni Thank you sweetie!!!“ We are the eternal living breath of God “ 😻 @_digitaldrip @Skinnyy_B Moon actuallyI actually started doing this a few months ago, speaking(positive affirmations/of healing/loving words to my water… Accra please! @MrRuno_ Yeah but I mean In Accra pleaseThe activations of your DNA are changing your whole being. From better eyesight, to hearing, increase in life span,…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐObserve everything from a neutral standpoint. The moment you find yourself reacting even slightly, you are no longer neutral.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐCan someone please give me links to where I can buy unprocessed shea+cocoa+mango butter? Thank you🙏
@theflowerpapi The illusion is seeking that freedom outside of yourself first.The healing of one's emotional issues must begin with these two steps; 1. Observe, feel, and experience the full sp…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐAbsolutely Necessary!!!! stubborn about what you want for yourself. The universe favors those that do not give up so easily.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐYou deserve to meet the highest version of youself during this lifetime. You can out grow, re-new, evolve as much a…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐOPEN your HEART, allow the love to flow, and know that it is through your light and love that others are awakening.
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐFirst value what you have, then you open yourself up to receive much more.Prosperity is possible for everyone. But again it’s a mental choice. @elly_afflu If you say it is it will be.
Fear needs to be eliminated from the consciousness.
It’s so funny cuz everyone keeps falling into the trap of thinking things are different, the stories still the same just the tech is better.444
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐSuch a beautiful life. Grateful ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐYou need to acknowledge and deal with all your past trauma truly understanding why you went through what you did, e… I want to stress to you that you are a being of energy. You cannot die. You can only change forms. Being libe…
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Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru The Creator and the Creation are One. This is our True Identity. The ecstacy of…
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐ#MondayMotivation Pineal Gland Activation Meditation #OpenYourEye
Retweeted by ʌıʌıslɐʌıdɐɐWishing good for one is wishing good for all.The mind is All.Impatience slows down your manifestation.