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Retired teacher, civil servant, Specialist Adviser, author (The Media and the Falklands Campaign; Chemical Warfare, Chemical Disarmament). Gardener, European

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@EvLenz Me too. In fact I'm not sure how i made it this far.☹️Gavin Williamson says “Increasing the A Level grades will mean a whole generation could end up promoted beyond thei…
Retweeted by Valerie A @alisonsheena1 @dontbrexitfixit I'm nearly 70 and am getting less right wing with every passing year. @dontbrexitfixit I would start with what stopped me voting Tory in 1970 when I first voted and has done so ever sin…
Retweeted by Valerie A @dontbrexitfixit The way everything they do is designed to perpetuate privilege for themselves and inequality for those less well off. @IAmFrogPrincess @FirehorseP @pixielation @flumps263 @tominfrance @redalphababe @EvLenz @graphy @blEUfrenchbird @flumps263 @bobhaigh13 @Mayesey9R @graphy @IAmFrogPrincess @blEUfrenchbird @Lomquiche @tominfrance @Socialistdawn @Mayesey9R @flumps263 @graphy @blEUfrenchbird @Lomquiche @tominfrance @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist
@Miss_AC1 My TV hasn't blown up but it has stopped working! @Lomquiche @Petersbrooking @flumps263 @Rachel5742 @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @Beany_1 Conservative supporters that I've had contact with say "The government is doing its best". My reply is th… @Petersbrooking @flumps263 @Rachel5742 @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @ColonelEscargot @uk_domain_names In fairness, they could have ended the headline after the word "disaster". But if I were Johnson,… Express has scented that the light at the end of the Brexit tunnel is an oncoming train, and is slowly starting…
Retweeted by Valerie ALet me be very clear. When the HEALTH secretary puts out the "option" of martial law? That is failed state territ…
Retweeted by Valerie AUK officially in recession for first time in 11 yrs. Unemployment rising with potential to soar. #COVID19 featuri…
Retweeted by Valerie A @NeilPollyTicks @flumps263 @Petersbrooking @Rachel5742 @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @archer_rs Thank you for a very entertaining tale. @111meeuwis @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Rachel5742 @Petersbrooking @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @vandyke4ad @Roger_Xanth_Day @flumps263 @Petersbrooking @Rachel5742 @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @flumps263 @Petersbrooking @Rachel5742 @bobhaigh13 @pickpear @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @ColonelEscargot @slaveto5cats You are too kind! Really - it's hot enough already here without adding to the temperature! (But don't let me stop you...) @gordoncraig11 We don't. I've just put some flat sheets in the freezer in the hope that they'll be comfortably coo… @_KRAN_ Happy to follow.😀 @Roger_Xanth_Day @ColonelEscargot @111meeuwis @EvLenz @Rachel5742 @FirehorseP @Dissentra @flumps263 @john196201 @DottyDuff @ejoftheweb @Babelbrother @abcpoppins That's a long time Dorothy - I hope you get to meet up soon. His… @GuitarmoogMusic How did you manage to avoid encountering this? @flumps263 @Roger_Xanth_Day @Head4Heights @tominfrance @FirehorseP @StephenOld @ColonelEscargot @libdemEdRhymist @JamesCleverly If you have nothing sensible to say, it's best to keep a still mouth. @FirehorseP @ColonelEscargot @Mayesey9R @Roger_Xanth_Day @hill_hillbill @tominfrance @blEUfrenchbird @FirehorseP @ColonelEscargot @Mayesey9R @Roger_Xanth_Day @hill_hillbill @tominfrance @blEUfrenchbird @Roger_Xanth_Day @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Lomquiche @Tressish @FirehorseP @tominfrance @StephenOld @FirehorseP @Dissentra @flumps263 @Rachel5742 @john196201 @Tressish @ColonelEscargot @tominfrance @Socialistdawn
@tominfrance @MightMaggie @Mayesey9R @graphy @Rachel5742 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist @FirehorseP @DottyDuff @ejoftheweb @Babelbrother @abcpoppins I've got one of those too! @Petersbrooking @vandyke4ad @tominfrance @Rachel5742 @Lomquiche @StephenOld @libdemEdRhymist @EvLenz @MightMaggie @FirehorseP @MightMaggie @tominfrance @Mayesey9R @graphy @Rachel5742 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist @ColonelEscargot Having managed the last 70 years without pressure washing a drive, I really can’t imagine that it’s ever necessary! @FirehorseP @MightMaggie @tominfrance @Mayesey9R @graphy @Rachel5742 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist @MightMaggie @tominfrance @Mayesey9R @graphy @Rachel5742 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist @FirehorseP @Mayesey9R @tominfrance @graphy @Rachel5742 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @libdemEdRhymist @FirehorseP @111meeuwis @tominfrance @EvLenz @MightMaggie @FirehorseP @Rachel5742 @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @bobhaigh13 @Petersbrooking
@Mayesey9R @tominfrance @Rachel5742 @FirehorseP @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @bobhaigh13 @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @FirehorseP @MaldenSaboteur @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @bobhaigh13 @Petersbrooking @Rachel5742 @Dissentra
@MightMaggie @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @FirehorseP @moonhare77 @hill_hillbill @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @JFRitte @DaveTenacious @hill_hillbill @pickpear @Petersbrooking @tominfrance @Head4Heights @Rachel5742 @FirehorseP @blEUfrenchbird @FirehorseP @Socialistdawn @MightMaggie @Dissentra @moonhare77 @hill_hillbill @tominfrance @pritipatel This is not what I mean. And why should the French cooperate with us - we've made it clear that we wan… @FirehorseP @Socialistdawn @MightMaggie @Dissentra @moonhare77 @hill_hillbill @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @JFRitte is this sudden obsession on @BBCR4Today with people crossing the channel? Is it really such a problem compared…
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@tominfrance @MightMaggie @MaldenSaboteur @Dissentra @NeilPollyTicks @vandyke4ad @DaveTenacious @Petersbrooking @tominfrance @MightMaggie @MaldenSaboteur @Dissentra @NeilPollyTicks @vandyke4ad @DaveTenacious @Petersbrooking
This will never age whilst the tories are in power.
Retweeted by Valerie A @Dissentra @MaldenSaboteur @NeilPollyTicks @vandyke4ad @DaveTenacious @Petersbrooking @EvLenz @Lomquiche @Mayesey9R @MaldenSaboteur @tominfrance @Dissentra @NeilPollyTicks @vandyke4ad @DaveTenacious @Petersbrooking @EvLenz @SuneAuken Thank you Sune. It can be hard to keep up hope but you remind us that it still always lurks at the bottom of the box of horrors.This document actually opens with words to the effect that nobody knows what the rules will be, but key infrastruct…
Retweeted by Valerie A @Dissentra @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @hill_hillbill @FirehorseP @Roger_Xanth_Day @StephenOld @Socialistdawn @Petersbrooking @CeeboCelia @MaldenSaboteur @hill_hillbill @DaveTenacious @Socialistdawn @FirehorseP @NeilPollyTicks @Mayesey9R @DaveTenacious @hill_hillbill @FirehorseP @Roger_Xanth_Day @StephenOld @Socialistdawn
@MightMaggie @IAmFrogPrincess @FirehorseP @Socialistdawn @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @StephenOld @hill_hillbill @KirstieMAllsopp Well you don't have an office job and you clearly don't know anything about the subject or you'd r… @DaveTenacious @FirehorseP @Roger_Xanth_Day @StephenOld @hill_hillbill @Socialistdawn @pixielation @Dissentra @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @StephenOld @hill_hillbill @Socialistdawn @pixielation @Dissentra @MightMaggie is precious little evidence that ministers are preparing for a second wave or further local lockdowns. Enoug…
Retweeted by Valerie ANo more excuses, no more bluster - the government must now get the test and trace system sorted out.
Retweeted by Valerie AChild poverty at record high. Families struggling to make ends meet. Rich Tory MPs posting receipts of their subsid…
Retweeted by Valerie ARafael Behr - "On the matter of truth, Johnson doesn’t care what it is, and Cummings thinks he alone knows and most… @blEUfrenchbird @hill_hillbill @MightMaggie @Roger_Xanth_Day @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @Socialistdawn @Socialistdawn @hill_hillbill @MightMaggie @blEUfrenchbird @Roger_Xanth_Day @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @hill_hillbill @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @Roger_Xanth_Day @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @Socialistdawn @hill_hillbill @MightMaggie @blEUfrenchbird @Roger_Xanth_Day @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @Socialistdawn @blEUfrenchbird @flumps263 @Socialistdawn @Rachel5742 @FirehorseP @hill_hillbill @gordoncraig11 @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @blEUfrenchbird @Roger_Xanth_Day @hill_hillbill @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @Socialistdawn @flumps263 @Socialistdawn @Rachel5742 @FirehorseP @hill_hillbill @gordoncraig11 @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @EvLenz @blEUfrenchbird @hill_hillbill @MightMaggie @Roger_Xanth_Day @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @moonhare77 @Socialistdawn
We're told that in January 2021 Britain will march into the glorious sunny uplands because they need us more than w…
Retweeted by Valerie A @Dissentra @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @gordoncraig11 @Socialistdawn @ofwcff @Rachel5742 @hill_hillbill @Rachel5742 @gordoncraig11 @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @hill_hillbill @pixielation @Lomquiche @StephenOld @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @blEUfrenchbird @Rachel5742 @gordoncraig11 @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Rachel5742 @gordoncraig11 @Lomquiche @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights And even those of us who are not in food poverty - who are "getting by" - don't have money to spend eating o…"The government is spending about £500m to pay people to go to restaurants, while families in poverty get next to n…
Retweeted by Valerie A @hill_hillbill @Lomquiche @StephenOld @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @hill_hillbill @StephenOld @Socialistdawn @111meeuwis @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @gordoncraig11 #NHS
Retweeted by Valerie A @tominfrance @DaveTenacious @Roger_Xanth_Day @gordoncraig11 @Socialistdawn @ofwcff @Rachel5742 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @revbreakfast Almost anything with eggs in - but omelette will do. @stefanroberts @MrHarryCole So inevitably people are going to have to work from home much of the time. But who car… @gordoncraig11 @Socialistdawn @ofwcff @Rachel5742 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights @StephenOld @Rachel5742 @gordoncraig11 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights @stefanroberts @MrHarryCole Same where my son works - how do you "hot desk" in a Covid -safe way? @MrHarryCole And the others continue to work at home because their offices cannot be made covid safe, thus protecti… @Rachel5742 @gordoncraig11 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights @StephenOld @Lomquiche @vandyke4ad @Rachel5742 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @Head4Heights @StephenOld @Lomquiche @FirehorseP @Rachel5742 @EvLenz @MightMaggie @skiwithstyle1 @tominfrance @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Rachel5742 @MightMaggie @EvLenz @Dissentra @Socialistdawn @Head4Heights @StephenOld @hill_hillbill
@Petersbrooking @hill_hillbill @Dissentra @111meeuwis @Rachel5742 @Socialistdawn @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights @Socialistdawn @hill_hillbill @Petersbrooking @Roger_Xanth_Day @111meeuwis @Rachel5742 @vandyke4ad @Head4Heights