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Secret Asian Man, Cyclist at Large, Masters Swimmer, Possible Plant Pornographer; I don't care about my pronouns but I care about yours.

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@CerrilPK @jephjacques Took me 35-ish runs to get my first clear, and I hear that’s really average, so you’re on tr…
Retweeted by Calamity Jan @ellenlikesbikes I think as the fall winds down and winter approaches, you'll appreciate the greenhouse in your liv… @caseyliss @siracusa something that Photos will give you that doesn’t require any changes on your part is periodica…
"(The CDC) says it’s someone who spent a cumulative 15 minutes or more within six feet of someone who was infectiou… this is wild: SARS-CoV-2 can also bind to a pain receptor, and some people with chronic pain have reported that… an afternoon break to stretch my legs. is being the best mom they can be under the circumstances and in spite of significant challenges
Retweeted by Calamity JanI did zoom meetings like this yesterday haha, let her be close if she wants, she just came from a ditch so she can…
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@ellenlikesbikes tbqh, I'm surprised that you don't already have a head-to-toe outfit with this printed on the cap, mask, dress and socksI got a new strap for my watch. evening to none of you, only to this beaver who’s determined to build little dams around the house
Retweeted by Calamity Jan @killersim00 @spencerhaugh I've started muttering 'yikes' or 'whoa, fine' just loud enough to be heard.Officially switched to fall hours. That is, I’m up at 6am because the days are too short for me to work and get in…
@yegct Interestingly, we decided to defer our flu shots this year, maybe all together. Because we’re not leaving th… @qassim_uk @siracusa @atpfm @caseyliss @marcoarment I was listening to the podcast while I rode too! (I got it all… @RecDiffs i hope I’m not too late with #listen: craving: pickled herring. @MadeyalookDumb @MimiProbably @TheInvisibleDan @CBCFletch @Mitchell_AB Strange how fear mongers like me seem to be… @MadeyalookDumb @MimiProbably @TheInvisibleDan @CBCFletch @Mitchell_AB From Forbes, a well… @siracusa @marcoarment @caseyliss A 5G supercut, just in case you haven't read the Macalope yet today. @MadeyalookDumb @MimiProbably @TheInvisibleDan @CBCFletch @Mitchell_AB 1. We don’t know how long these symptoms wil… new favourite Wednesday Addams cosplay. @MadeyalookDumb @MimiProbably @TheInvisibleDan @CBCFletch @Mitchell_AB The disease has significant long term effect…
@jephjacques Oooh, something for my next run through. I wasn't expecting it to be anything interesting. @battycakes @NobelPrize Undergraduate STEM grad rates strongly favour women, but their ranks thin out the higher up… @battycakes @NobelPrize I know that no small part of it is there's a big PhD gap in some fields. PhD completion is… @notwaldorf @rstevens Literally my desk rn @notwaldorf The nice day about 3 day weekends is that the first two days are the same as usual—you run around and d… @notwaldorf I took a couple weeks off at the end of June/beginning of July, but I also took every Friday off from m… @AdamMyerson I was super curious about this too. Wout was very magnanimous about his loss in interviews, I had to i…
This wasn’t one of the many reasons I hate C++ before, but it is now. @ScottWalker @JoeBiden If Joe Biden wins and the Democrats regain the senate, doesn't that mean they have a mandate…
Another fine day out and about. A little cool, but at least the sun was out. @ellenlikesbikes Did they also not notice that despite all the precautions teams and riders still pulled out of the… just came across this artist and I love her art, but then I found out cancer killed her earlier this year. There’… @GavinDYoung Every night for the last two weeks @MegaRonTV @AWS_Snarkitect @jephjacques I’ve ruined a few runs with bad hammers, but it’s worth it in the end. Ther… be fair, Trump’s first son DID turn out to be a fucking loser.
this is my impression of a woman's DM's
Retweeted by Calamity Jan @killersim00 The used MTB market is full of great bikes, so if you sell your bike now and decide to buy a used MTB… @AWS_Snarkitect @jephjacques @MegaRonTV I'm pretty sure all of those are predicated on your ability to escape, thou… @jephjacques I dunno why, but I hate the rail. I've won with it, but I guess I hate reloading? Love the big, dumb p… @MegaRonTV @AWS_Snarkitect @jephjacques My first win was with the Zeus aspect. Even with just the base level unlock… @notwaldorf Not in Alberta!Republicans.'re extremely proud to share that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has gone gold! 🎺 On behalf of everyone working on th…
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@rstevens @zoecello I've got money already set aside to buy one when they drop. For all the other problems with it,… @dcorsetto You know that you're going to get a zillion replies that just say 'nice', right? I'm happy to have added… @dcorsetto Nice.So I've just seen some live streams on FB showing what happened tonight. Settler fishermen raided the Mi'gmaw fish…
Retweeted by Calamity JanGot the Hades credits. The game isn't over, but these numbers were too nice not to post.
Why would ANYONE ever pick the Shore 1 over the Shore 2? That Shore 2 frame is HOT. C'mon, @NorcoBicycles, y'gotta… @dcorsetto Yeah, he's about two-and-a-half now. He's a properly large cat. @dcorsetto Lupin jumped up onto my shoulder twice! He purrs when he stands on my shoulders—actually, he purrs befor… #COVID19 long haulers didn’t require hospitalization, let alone ICU stays. Researchers suspect #SARSCoV2 can t…
Retweeted by Calamity Jan📹 thenatsdorf: You need this. Trust me. (via love2foster)
@killersim00 I just finished AtLA and I was ready to move on to Korra, but they removed it from Canadian Netflix! :( :( :( @tiffanyarment @marcoarment Top 4 outfits of the keynote, please? My partner and I just spent an hour talking about… @tiffanyarment My partner laughed at me when Tim started talking about 5G and I made a 'bleaungh' noise.
@rstevens @dcorsetto @JessFink I know exactly one person that likes red delicious apples, because he was always sen… almost a quarter-billion dollars to prove they cant afford driver healthcare
Retweeted by Calamity JanLupin has now decided that he wants to do this at least once a day, usually when I’m making coffee or feeding them…
Really cannot imagine myself voluntarily participating in an indoor activity within the next year.…
Retweeted by Calamity JanPekoe stole my vest.
i'll never forget my programming teacher who was like a senior dev at IBM and decided he was done writing missile g…
Retweeted by Calamity JanJust to be clear about why Rs oppose government relief in an emergency. It's not because they think it won't work;…
Retweeted by Calamity Jan @AnthonyReddan @GavinDYoung Honestly, I pick whatever looks coolest with the most pleasant/attractive voice. When I… @marcoarment @caseyliss I’m always so surprised when I hear you want iPhones with USB-C, because ATP is where I hea… don’t know if this would’ve changed anything for me, but it’s wild how it was hiding in front of my face. I grew… @AnthonyReddan @GavinDYoung I think a lot of people want to put themselves (or an idealized version of themselves)… @battycakes @fosterell That makes sense. Both things. @fosterell @battycakes There’s a local bakery that does it and all her cakes taste incredible, but there does seem to be some trick to it. @battycakes What if it’s made with beet juice? @GavinDYoung @AnthonyReddan I admit I always do the same thing with my first character and basically just roll Vico…
So here's the trailer for 'The Watch', the BBC adaptation of some of the discworld stories with Sam Vimes. And ther… is why proposition 22 matters, folks — if Uber et al get their way, every other industry is going to follow an…
Retweeted by Calamity JanHades characters as John Mulaney quotes: a thread
Retweeted by Calamity JanSea lion babies roll in sand for sun protection..
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@AdamMyerson I think this bodes well for when he's 15. Neon everything.CERB saved this country. If people don’t want to go back to a job because of CERB that is an indictment of a poor j…
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@Valskuiken I wish I had a machine that could run it. I've gotta wait a few months until the new Macs are released. :/ @Jolly_Jack Clicking on any of your comics from the main page returns this error:
Retweeted by Calamity Jan @yegct We stay home. :) I'm really happy my job lets me work from home right now. I hope they'll keep this up unti… @battycakes Do it! The biggest lie that we've ever been told is that we labour alone! We live in a society, dammit. :)There were 1364 new cases in Quebec yesterday, which I think is actually our worst day ever. There were ~2200 new c… is true of literally every meaningful endeavour in all of human history. The 'Great Man' is a myth. the one hand, the office is never so cold that I need to wrap myself in a fluffy blanket. On the other hand, why not, that's stupid. @jephjacques My RSS feed just popped up strip 4306 for today, and going over the last 2 weeks of strips, it looks l… @Valskuiken I know that your secret is you always have an extra fuck to give hidden in a pocket somewhere and it’s fucking exhausting. @GavinDYoung @Valskuiken WHITE BLACK, duh
@OvercastFM Settings on Apple devices were already getting too complicated; the watch settings are complicated AND small. 😑 Thanks so much!Un. Fucking. Believable. better view of the forest yesterday. @OvercastFM I just got an Apple Watch, and I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the player from automatically… butt is really tired today. I don’t understand the people doing 200 mile gravel rides at all.Some things never change. Snowball fight 124 years ago. Lyon, France, 1896. Colorized and speed adjusted. Original…
Retweeted by Calamity JanWeekends should absolutely be 3 days. Here is my very specific proposal. I need: 1 day to finish work from the wee…
Retweeted by Calamity JanJust posted a photo