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Ten years ago really was ten years ago, as much as I just ignore thatJack Gaughan’s cover art for the (unauthorized, but pivotal) first paperback edition of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilo…
Retweeted by ValondarMy only real take about TV Tropes (aside from the site slapping all my stuff with 'YMMV' in the Fantastic Planet pa… guys are being stressed over pairing names, you should all read about how the gundam wing fandom did theirs in t…
Retweeted by ValondarI thought Ready or Not was fine, which puts it in my top 10 of last year
Retweeted by ValondarWhat about his future. How's the move to that desert planet gonna work out with his son Danvers in the 1938 novel 'Rebecca' by Daphne du Maurier
Retweeted by Valondar*patiently digging through my old computer to find a KR0 save file* this is the game, to meThe take-off pressed the Duke and Kynes deep into their seats, compressed the people in the rear. Kynes watched the…
Retweeted by ValondarWhat if Villeneuve is playing Feyd Rautha
Retweeted by Valondar'Finding fan music videos about the fashion choices in the Sci-Fi Channel Dune' hours got a letter from my former health insurer telling me my former employer will no longer pay for my insurance a…
Retweeted by Valondar @coopercooperco Paul Muad'Dib may have the support of the Fremen but he is unlikely to play well in the key swing c… numbers out of Iowa from an Emerson College poll show an astounding 72% of Iowans are "Concerned about the p…
Retweeted by Valondarmaybe this video does need to exist
Retweeted by Valondarbrent spiner saying hola muchachita on loop
Retweeted by ValondarToward the Terra (Tokyo Kids, 2007). Directed by Osamu Yamazaki. Trailer by Bandai (Gurren Lagann, 2008).
Retweeted by ValondarMirror, mirror on the wall, who's the engine trickiest of them all?
Retweeted by ValondarBFI........... FBI.......... hmmmmmmmm
Retweeted by ValondarIt took me 4 years to realize Donald Trump's writing style bugs me because it's the same as Sonichu creator Christi…
Retweeted by ValondarOh yeah Admiral Cain and Dylan Hunt had the same XO, Steve Bacic. Both died in an attempted mutiny too. He has a ty… you did it again NX-01 has maybe my favourite interior design of any Sci-Fi ship. The circular bracings in hallways, all the lit…
Retweeted by ValondarThe Orville.
Retweeted by ValondarIf I hear one more version of the take that Tsar Nicholas II was a good man in the wrong place at the wrong time, I…
Retweeted by Valondarme without the vocabulary or confidence to Discuss films
Retweeted by ValondarCan #SimpsonsDidIt apply to Butterfinger ads? I saw this 1993 Butterfinger ad and it totally reminded me of a simil…
Retweeted by Valondar @ZeppoMarxist Almost at Seven of Nine!Oh so *that’s* the Hulu content people will license now huh
Retweeted by ValondarGrace Kelly on the set of To Catch A Thief
Retweeted by Valondar @RowanKaiser Seems fine to me with a little adjustment
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 This is exactly how people talked about the internet in the nineties. Just need a reference to ‘surfing’ in thereWould you rather be addicted to youtube videos or become addicted to youtube videos more than ever?
Retweeted by ValondarThe IFI’s winning @KevKoeser Is your supervillain name the TempestDUNE (1984)
Retweeted by ValondarLove, Death & Robots - Beyond the Aquila Rift (209): The Blue Goose, concept art by @_Dofresh_ I want a model of t…
Retweeted by ValondarStudents with diabetes use their phones to track their blood sugar. Students with epilepsy use their phones as medi…
Retweeted by ValondarThere’s something kind of funny with Varadkar being seen as too anti-British in the British press and more the oppo… you have been paying attention.
Retweeted by Valondar @PepenadorAVC Liking on faithThank you for your service, sir Brigade Volunteer Joe Gordon (left) was born #OtD in 1914. He was raised in Brooklyn, hitchhiked across the…
Retweeted by ValondarRussell Crowe is Orson Welles in Chimes at Midnight
Retweeted by ValondarYang's policy ideas have a real Homer firing a shotgun into the air to drum up business for the bowling alley energy to them
Retweeted by ValondarPaul Newman on the set of Harper (1966) - photo by David Sutton
Retweeted by ValondarJapan at Night 💙 by @RedDeadPanda
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Retweeted by Valondar @Srirachachau I’d say he’s smart at politics too.. if one remembers his class interests are distinctly different from most all of us.guys? I think @DouthatNYT has been Houellebecq-pilled:
Retweeted by ValondarI'm setting my time machine for mid-1980s Hawaii. 🥰❤🏝
Retweeted by ValondarWorth every penny
Retweeted by Valondar @RowanKaiser @GrahamB47 Well that service comes out in March so you could cross fingers and hope it’s in that when… @RowanKaiser @GrahamB47 I guess! (It was never on Prime internationally, like Farscape is, so I assume it was just…, how was your day?
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 @RowanKaiser I just checked and by ‘soon’ I mean ‘this Friday.’ @RowanKaiser @GrahamB47 Actually the show is leaving Prime soon in the US I’ve heard FYI. @AndaluzaRoja Just imagine if Apple paid their taxes!You gotta hand it to Sinn Fein: they have the best enemies. You can’t argue with it at this pointYeah I’m definitely trusting this guy #GE2020
Retweeted by ValondarI’m just in disbelief at how Disney and Lucasfilm so obsessively curated Star Wars canon over the last five years d…
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 @Balefuego @DrWarioMD Fairly, but @GrahamB47 @Balefuego @DrWarioMD No that was Gillen.The most Never Trump CV I’ve ever seen Republicans frustrated at having to lie in bed they made
Retweeted by ValondarGoing to create a PAC that sends cakes to senators and pay myself a billion dollars
Retweeted by Valondar @Balefuego @GrahamB47 @DrWarioMD The Aphra era was the well liked Vader hear about stuff like this close to the release of big (particularly animated) films a lot and it never goes an…
Retweeted by ValondarNetflix app descriptions are like “Atomic breath? Check. Spikes on his back? Check. Looks like this lizard’s ready…
Retweeted by Valondar"Liz Lemon-ing" is when high achievers often with postgrad educations, mortgages, savings and secure jobs at the to…
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 @DrWarioMD Oh man the ones that introduced Aphra? Uh-ohSimeon Solomon Habet!
Retweeted by ValondarHD DUNC @DrWarioMD @GrahamB47 Well there was some good stuff too. It evens out since Disney also has bad ideas but doing Da… @GrahamB47 This is functionally the same thing as Star Wars EU books saying the Emperor was preparing the galaxy fo…'s something gross about two millionaires encouraging working class people to choose between health insurance…
Retweeted by Valondar @RowanKaiser @GrahamB47 But more importantly Peter Jurasik, everyone’s favourite Londo, is gonna get one of his bes… streaming episode titles vs Chad 1960s episode titles
Retweeted by Valondar @SaulRosenbear Yeah that is still over five thousand films.The Landing, personal work by @MacqTanguy
Retweeted by ValondarThey go right back in the replicator to be recycled. 🙂
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Retweeted by ValondarEvery entrenched power structure has an establishment. That’s literally how it becomes an entrenched power structur…
Retweeted by ValondarBonjour @veronique_biron ©Omi Kim
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Retweeted by Valondarstolen from cornbread communism on fb
Retweeted by ValondarSTAR WARS art by Ralph McQuarrie. "Bounty hunters. We don’t need their scum.”
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Retweeted by ValondarThe four facts @KevKoeser @GrahamB47 Like the Heidecker guy in Ant-Man @KevKoeser @GrahamB47 We are a year or two out from then cameoing in something like that I believe.Not sure about this new Dune logo
Retweeted by ValondarDUNE (1984) DP: Freddie Francis | Dir: David Lynch
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 Last one. With the release date visible. @GemOfAmara @RowanKaiser @GrahamB47 I’m probably going to just have liked both. But Dune more, obviously, unless it screws up @normalowl @GemOfAmara Lotta d words with j sounds. Dues would be another one. I’m sure there’s a reasonWell.