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Normal day, I assume never see Columbo’s wife bc she clipped through the floor in the first episode & everyone else’s AI thinks she’s still there
Retweeted by ValondarEmmy winner Jeremy Strong🔥
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Retweeted by Valondar“In the Mood for Love” (花樣年華) 2000, Wong Kar-Wai. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.
Retweeted by ValondarAs someone whom many people tried to cancel just a couple of months ago, I am very sad I wasn't invited to speak at…
Retweeted by ValondarClose-up of Robert Mitchum, 1968.
Retweeted by ValondarThe creators of Kapital!, a hit French board game about class warfare, attribute its success to “being perfectly in…
Retweeted by Valondarchris murphy is 6 weeks away from tweeting "gun"
Retweeted by Valondari have a disease where instead of a brain theres star trek episodes running on a 35mm film spool
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Retweeted by ValondarAnother historic Emmys night in the books
Retweeted by Valondar @insufficentfund I sort of get why, I suppose, to underline that ‘black and white’ as an answer doesn’t mean old.I’m so glad you asked @molleindustria The choice is clear...
Retweeted by ValondarGetting sick of these emails
Retweeted by ValondarTwitter is just one big dial with notches labeled “Steely Dan” and “Infinite Jest” and every other week someone tur…
Retweeted by Valondar @yeeyee187 @barefootjim Oh right that makes sense. @yeeyee187 @barefootjim Wait why do you not have access @barefootjim I have heard good things! @barefootjim Oh that’s a good one.Apple+, the home or For All Mankind and probably other showsSy Ableman, things of that nature if Donnie Darko was italian
Retweeted by Valondar @jsdtweets This is basically it. @OpentheDorman Love Alloy Orchestra, heads some of their tracks for silent films on DVD. @digifreak642 What have you doneThe Emmys saw this tweet so they decided to give Schitt's Creek all the Best Comedy awards
Retweeted by Valondar @GrahamB47 There it is. I thought it might have been blank check, which is usually the case, but a search found nothing.Not entirely sure why everyone is talking Richard Jewell lately. Assume it’s podcast relatedI don’t think I’ve been on the same page as Emmy voters on the subject of comedy in a decade... maybe since Frasier… #OTD September 19, 1994, #TheSimpsons began airing in syndication. Local Fox stations aired repeats 5 da…
Retweeted by ValondarWould you rather get more money in the future than you currently have or get a stupider future than you currently have?
Retweeted by Valondarjim sinegal you are homie of the week
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Retweeted by ValondarThis film has heterosexual themes I prefer the this one’s second panel. The kind of blank expression the guy has is very funny to meFelt I was a bit out of it because I could swear I’d seen the same comic look slightly different before and I had.… @beakerboy12 God I should’ve used Q I keep getting Q in the personality tests
this is what they took from you
Retweeted by Valondar @LanceStLaurent Just the scores by themselves, yeah. Though that can also be in the context of the movies, but it’s… @GrahamB47 I have no idea.Alright for Eizouken at the Emmys, not paying attention to itA 1985 CPI (ML) public meeting
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Retweeted by Valondar @mrs__peel @DayOldDonuts Next John Cage over hereBest replies to big tweets on here are those kids who just want to promote their fancamsHow it feels to be a Dubliner lately
Retweeted by Valondar @sleepguava @jondauthor I’m telling you our first female Taoiseach will almost certainly be a Shinner. @jondauthor Sinn Fein de facto became the opposition party this year, which has never been its position before (alw… know, it is regularly argued that one should study history to better understand the present and while I'm sympa…
Retweeted by Valondar @jondauthor Yes. With millennials and zoomers, mind, but correct.Would be Labour leaders can get all the nice media write ups they like. Put a fork in it ladsI’m telling ya... things are gonna take a hard Left sooner or later will be surprised to note - none of the above screencap is true.
Retweeted by Valondar @attic_ninja @outofmyplanet Frazzled Troi is such a LookUrsula K. Le Guin’s thoughts on JK Rowling’s writing are brutal
Retweeted by ValondarTennis champion Alice Marble, Johnny Weissmuller, Carole Lombard and actress, Wendy Barrie At the Pacific Southwes…
Retweeted by Valondar @KevKoeser @sleepguava @OdoSouterraine Also Lathe of Heaven folks @KevKoeser @sleepguava @OdoSouterraine Well also the whole Hainish Cycle tbh, which Left Hand and Dispossessed are…
Retweeted by Valondar fanvids o’clockThis says a lot about society just go to fan wikis to find twitter content and instead find yourself editing it to correct spelling errorsUK pundits still wanging on about how “at least it’s not Corbyn in charge!!! 🤪” are either basically government emp…
Retweeted by ValondarMuhammad all over the place. @kai_incognito Love to get a schooling in social democracy from *checks notes* Baron Adonisguys, believe me, iran will have a nuclear weapon any day now dude just trust me
Retweeted by Valondar @marwood_lennox And that Ireland was one of the few countries with a Catholic majority in Europe in the 1930s not t… @marwood_lennox Oh that I know. I remember one biography I read of his (I want to say it was Tim Pat Coogan) made t… @swen_ryan What if Trump nominated himself. Nothing says a President can’t also be a Supreme Court Justice. Air Bud ruleseverybody brave and tough till they heard samwise gamgee say "don't go where i can't follow." then they start crying.
Retweeted by ValondarSTAR TREK:
Retweeted by Valondar @marwood_lennox Sure, but the Perceived Britishness was part of their problem there. Now it’s actual veterans of the British armySony announcing that games are going to cost $70 now
Retweeted by Valondar @marwood_lennox Well rejecting the Irish state is one thing - obviously, hardly alone there. But aligning with the… @yeeyee187 Thinking of people like Rowan Croft here who calls himself an Irish patriot and is also a former British soldier. Very weird @yeeyee187 In Northern Ireland, sure. In the Republic though not really, given how unpopular unionism is even with… thing about a lot of far right Irish groups are their links to far right British groups and people, even, spe… spectacular stages of the Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria.
Retweeted by Valondar(the farewell, lulu wang)
Retweeted by Valondar @PatchfaceTF Have a good one Patch. A good hangover. Do people have those? I dunno. A good day then. Good vibeYou can hear the question in the Wohin refrain baby. Don’t need German for that, there in the rising notesBrad Pitt didn't have to go that hard with these two roles but he did
Retweeted by Valondar*strings kick in in Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion* Oh fuck yeahany time I log into twitter now
Retweeted by ValondarIt's hard to pinpoint the similarities exactly, but this Dune paragraph was clearly inspired by the 105th chapter o…
Retweeted by Valondarthis is my mom and dad. they’re the definition of true love. through the ups and downs they have never given up on…
Retweeted by ValondarIt’s Sunday? I was sure it was Saturday. I have lost a dayimagine having been there in that moment. like when hegel saw napoleon. the weltgeist of 2008.....
Retweeted by Valondarmy favorite thing about early Kurt Russell is that he always looks like he was run through a snapchat beautifying f…
Retweeted by Valondar'Our Future Is...' advertising campaign by Otis Elevator Co. (John Berkey, 1970s)
Retweeted by Valondar @FairTax4America Oh I got the part that his claim of being the first isn’t true; but that Trump’s education counts… we have three single-dot Umlauts for you – Ä, Ö and Ü – all from the same inscription. First up: the Ö in Ze…
Retweeted by ValondarOr trying to. Whichever. After Burton, it just became one of the little parties... good luckI’d never heard of Aan Kelly before and now having done so am not convinced I ever will again. Unenviable position,…