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vladarb @vladarb French Southern and Antarctic

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

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🤣 I’m dying 🤣
Retweeted by vladarb“Russian bounties for US Dead Soldiers” - Another NYT-Soros Piss Tape Fake via @gatewaypundit
Retweeted by vladarbMy late mother was in Peking when student mobs smashed statues. She told me about the demented atmosphere of those…
Retweeted by vladarb @MrAndyNgo @sandyleevincent @FordFischer I suggest he should learn how to pronounce the word "communism"correctly b… @IMTIzionism if arguably the worst president of USA is not on your side, you can rest assured that you're the righteous one! @AdamMilstein why is he dressed up like a Muslim transgender Queen? @JasonRCharter I am sure prison will improve your love life :) @ChrisStapler @LindaMcCorkle @Brick_Suit Blind crippled big Bubba probably 😂😂😂😂 @lhoskins2009 @catturd2 @JasonRCharter I find it hilarious he thinks he has a life. @rkemp59 Stupidity is a helluva drug :)cc; @Augstein
Retweeted by vladarb @kelliekelly23 You are not gonna see them in South Chicago, right? Apparently black lives don't matter if it is bla…“Dad locked me in the house for 3 months when I took off my hijab. I feared for my life.” @letscrybangtan, Uyghur…
Retweeted by vladarbI love my country I love our military I love our flag the most amazing place on earth, happy Fourth of July America…
Retweeted by vladarbAfterall we are all IMMUNE from #COVID when the cameras are turned off!
Retweeted by vladarb @ejhickey1 @HardTruth2020 @essnceofoillvng @BeachMilk Georgiaahhhhhh..... how sad. Look at what happened to Mr. Antifa Chop Leader. hahahahaha... dumb ass. Please share.…
Retweeted by vladarbIn the last 7 days Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted about Israel 5 times. He is yet to tweet anything about China passin…
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Nolte: 4th of July Reminder that Jim Rockford Is TV's Greatest American via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by vladarb @ShashiRoopram Op naar studenten gulag :)Under China's new Hong Kong national security law, if you say anything negative about the CCP and you live in or vi…
Retweeted by vladarbJa, maar wie maakt dat brood... en nou jij weer!
Retweeted by vladarbTomorrow is the 44th anniversary of Entebbe. Betting most of Twitter hasn't a clue. Tomorrow is the 194th annivers…
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Son of #Hezbollah official films rape, torture of Syrian boy This is the awful perversions #Hezbollah & #Iran have…
Retweeted by vladarb.@MarcellusWiley breaks down why the NBA’s plan to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on courts is a bad idea.
Retweeted by vladarbPerfect representation of BLM
Retweeted by vladarb @nytimes Waiting for your response, @nytimes
Retweeted by vladarb @som3thingwicked @realDonaldTrump @CNN @FoxNews @ChrisCuomo should see this
While speaking at his funeral 10 years ago today, Speaker Pelosi called former Ku Klux Klan member Sen. Robert Byrd…
Retweeted by vladarb @Luke4Tech @antifa_public @bbusa617 @HTWells3 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂She asked for facts 🤦‍♂️ Triggered in.....3.....2.....1......I 💥💨
Retweeted by vladarb @ttrwttr @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson but basically the entire world says Tibet was a sov… @ttrwttr @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson @ttrwttr @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson @MarkDice nope I still don't feel sorry for her she deserved it @IngrahamAngle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ttrwttr @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson come on sunshine you should better than that even CCP doesn't claim what… @ttrwttr @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson It was ;))#CCP_is_terrorist she is not gonna start stabbing people? @MarkDice Somehow i am not sorry for her. Am I a bad person? @AdamMilstein well who dares to tell the truth about AJ uber masters (who happen to be pretty pro slavery)? @atlascharted @seanhannity Mathew 16:18 ;) two comments ago i gotta admit you got me i really thought you were tha… @atlascharted @seanhannity dude i gave you those verse several times you close your eyes and claim it is night? @atlascharted @seanhannity you are trolling me @atlascharted @seanhannity and that means go to mosque? you are trolling me ok you got me @atlascharted @seanhannity and that makes you feel good? to be able to call other stupid , although I didn't hear a… @atlascharted @seanhannity jesus was a jew and he included the Judaism in Christianity Marxism is about love? ha… @atlascharted @seanhannity now be a good woke soy boy and fetch me a verse out of Quran to attend mosque :) @atlascharted @seanhannity My message is love all People Regardless of Race, Creed, religion or Color but i guess y… @atlascharted @seanhannity Hebrews 10:24-25 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,… @atlascharted @seanhannity i tried to use your logic don't blame me if your logic is fallaciously childish 2 of 3… @atlascharted @seanhannity so now you want to see what god said about going to church? what is next? you want a bi… @atlascharted @seanhannity check the other tread but fyi : Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on th… @atlascharted @seanhannity so i guess you will be against the special treatment Muslims and mosques might get, righ… @atlascharted @seanhannity BLM organization claims to be Marxist organization and you are saying what?… @atlascharted @seanhannity i am ahead of you , read my previous comment :) you are not the first woke BLM gullible sheeple i talked to @atlascharted @seanhannity here is another one Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, ther… @atlascharted @seanhannity i just did sunshine :) Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I… @atlascharted @seanhannity BLM as organization is about love?? well if we believe their founder BLM is a Marxist or… @atlascharted @seanhannity Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, a… @atlascharted @seanhannity so church doesn't have anything to do with Christianity as a religion? @atlascharted @seanhannity My fairy tale? church is a place of gathering do the believers have another option? an… @atlascharted @seanhannity and you know what the funny thing is? I am an artiest, I don't have to agree with someb… @atlascharted @seanhannity at least some people use god in a positive way helping them to be a better human being,… @atlascharted @seanhannity for those who need god in their life, god is not a fairy tale i say live and let live ,…
@willchamberlain we are back on Russian hoax pipe again? @piersmorgan @htommy998 remember this Pierce? Ben destroyed you completely He broke you ;)))) @seanhannity so BLM, a Marxist organization is more important than God? @LionelMedia @jimmykimmel *pretending to care* nope i can't fake it i don't care where he is @TheSun He is probably auditioning for a role as a villain ,: "Rogue Prince", in the next Disney superhero :) his… @paulgubbio hey I am not fat :) anyhow, i explained it couple of comments ago that those politicians are at fault… EU wants to do business with CCP occupied land (AKA China) #CCP_is_terrorist #CCPSecurityLaw @BlakeFlayton @MoritzMichelson I don't hear any one talking about Tibet either China simply invaded a sovereign co… @paulgubbio not at all I might think different about France (in far future most probably) but based on what i have… @paulgubbio your special forces are doing administration work you must be joking ahahahahahahahahahahha u act too emotional @paulgubbio Did i say they didn't? If you want we can talk about that as well but at least US didn't bail out and… @rkemp59 de hele slavernij verhaal is Emotional masochism by proxy ( door blanke links (meeste champagne socialists… @drefanzor Racist horse :)) @rkemp59 En links wil met die mensen een revolutie beginnen?? LOL @AdamMilstein I Didn't know KKK takes Muslims as members oh wait a minute.... maybe.... #satire @paulgubbio and final thoughts? you know what is an insults to those fallen ones? Having that mini Jupiter in the office @paulgubbio go and have another glass of red wine and don't worry US will fix it for you eventually @paulgubbio but have it your way If calling me this and that makes your day , by all means knock yourself out if… @paulgubbio which part i need to educate myself? about french participation in international military operations? t… @paulgubbio @DimKout89 basically how ever you wanna twist and turn it France is a filth of a state in Europe sleepi… @paulgubbio @DimKout89 did i give numbers? i claimed France sold weapons to turkey and you verified it so how is it fake news sun shine? @paulgubbio @DimKout89 so did France sold weapons to turkey or not? @paulgubbio at least Belgium has tintin @paulgubbio I guess that "Big Empire" delusion they (french politicians) have they should accept the fact that the… @paulgubbio bailed out , you know what that means , right? Participated but when things got hard they bailed out a… @Oritar @dieLinke Gysi hates germans too He is a left over of DDR a stasi informant @DimKout89 @paulgubbio @paulgubbio you are moaning that i was being insulting by correctly claiming that french ar… @paulgubbio in any how my claims were/are/and will be fact based but not meant to insult the military personnel @paulgubbio read the almost all the joint operations ,from Afghanistan to Mali to Iraq and Syria whether it is a fa… @DimKout89 @paulgubbio and regarding sucking dicks? I can say go see what EU got you and who is force sucking who… @DimKout89 @paulgubbio well if you are such a tough guy get rid of your corrupt politicians that sold your country… @paulgubbio is it an insulting assertion to claim that France always bails out on his Partners? @friedensophie @MoritzMichelson Being pro jew is my acid test Not pro jew but anti racist= fake Not pro jew but a…