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@ThatEricAlper LabyrinthWe out here being spooky @MFKiess It was based on survey ranking. I asked 5 or 6 people. It wasn't as in depth as the pokemon one with the r… @MFKiess Wow, Hades going the distance huh? He's got a shot, he's the right mix of funny but also entertaining and… to haunting Tsushima tonight at 9pm PST. Hopefully sensei will have something nice to say to us as we end his…
@RegretaGarbo I got miso paste to make miso soup tonight. I live that soup life. @GreenCloak_GCC In a lot of ways Gaston is the hero - trying to save Belle from the stockholm syndrome kidnapper mo… 5 of the Disney Villain Tourney! Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) vs Shan Yu (Mulan)Time to stream Scott Pilgrim! Might have a special guest join me, a certain @edgarwright ... although he doesn't k… @Mike_Haracz @JustinMcElroy I'm a "Food-O" it's totally different @TheHoopCentral @MikeAScotto Clown words @bader_diedrich The Trumps are like the Anti-Lannisters. They never pay their debts.
We've been cruising through Ghost of Tsushima and had over 100 in the stream for the first time last night! In cel… @TheKnewb Haha they are doing mark henry dirty hereRound 4 of the Disney Villain Tournament! I need a better hashtag / branding for these tournaments overall. Tourna… out here, come watch me gets waxed by these roninStreaming some Ghost of Tsushima tonight. Clearing up these one-on-one duels on lethal difficulty. Couldn't be easi…
@James_LRR Chess, Overwatch, COD, Hearthstone ... Any games I play really. @TheKnewb I can't believe Kyrie wasn't dealt. He was legit out here acting crazy for 2 weeks to tank his trade valu… @TheKnewb @HaleyOSomething @BleacherReport @SheaSerrano @seth_rosenthal I'm glad the Sixers didn't give up what it… @TheKnewb @HaleyOSomething @BleacherReport @SheaSerrano @seth_rosenthal Yeah I saw, well with all the Kyrie drama t… @RBReich I'll bet you 20 bucks none of these constituents would even remember when it's re-election time anyway.… 3 of the Disney Villain Tournament! Battle of the mid 90's wave of Disney films. Which if these grittier vil… out here @mrblitzwing its a bit of a downer for sure @MFKiess I've been playing it blind too, its been amazing. Knew nothing going in.Time to haunt the shit out of Tsushima, as a ghost. 9pm PST @ZenOfDesign I was saying that when it came out. It's like a project management wet dream, the way they take problems and procedures.
@zutrong You are in for a treat, it's pretty funny.Level-up your style game with these Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 pin sets from the #SuperMario35 colle…
Retweeted by Ryan Hartman @scullymike I'm fed up with his baloneyRound 2 of the Disney Villain Tournament! Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) vs Yzma (Emperor's New Groove) @Dcorrigan50 Adam Silver = 🤡 @SamErickson I got bad news about Captain Hook alreadyRound 1 of the Disney Villain Tournament begins! Who do you have in this matchup of classic bad boys? The pirate t…
Retweeted by Ryan Hartman @johnaugust I loved it so much it made me sign up to Wonderly. Unfortunately after your series I didn't find anythi…
@donwinslow Prediction: If you start digging into this, I mean really chasing tails with his properties, you are go… @JimmyKempski Lurie and Howie obviously backed Wentz. They paid him the money, he is their guy, and Doug fucked thi… @IainOakley Yeah it's a fucked up family for sure. The fact that everyone went along with his weird plan. @IainOakley Prince Hans is a tragic villain. He didn't court Anna seeking power at first. Their song together is le… @Dragon_ Whatever criteria you want to judge them by. I'm simply offering a choice. You can pick by most evil, pick… 1 of the Disney Villain Tournament begins! Who do you have in this matchup of classic bad boys? The pirate t… @thebryguy115 I had the hunter on a list, but everyone I talked with pointed out he's not really a villain and neve… @mikeselinker That was a tough one, I won't lie. I was going to put him on, just didn't know who to lose. I had to… @Azralorne I'll admit, I was a bit biased towards the late 80's / early 90's movies. Might be because I'm late 30's… @duxsilvae It's up to you, however you want to judge and rank them, just like the pokemon were. @Cyan220 Haha, it depends I guess. Use whatever criteria you like, just like the pokemon tourney. It's not a matte… we go! January Tournament starts soon! What is the best Disney Villain of all time? Special note, this does… @Being_Brianish Ah that makes sense @minakimes Can we get Gustin to play WR on the Eagles? Amazing hands and tracking to catch that batted ball. @James_LRR I should have bet a parlay. I want confident enough about my picks. I could have won a bunch of money and used it to buy bitcoin! @JoelEmbiid Adam Silver = 🤡If the Browns win I will have been perfect on my predictions for the weekend on this NFL slate. Not to jinx them or anything.
Look how fun the graphics package is compared to regular broadcast'm watching this wild card game on Nickelodeon and it's much more enjoyable.We out here @TheKnewb @wojespn Here's what killed me in all this: Why did the NBA not release the second half of the schedule f… @TheKnewb @wojespn Adam Silver had a problem fielding "non competitive teams" in the process years. That tune sure… @wojespn Honest question, why would Adam Silver not postpone or reschedule the game instead of continuing with this… @WDCHunter @TheRealHoarse Yeah I mean this front 4 is especially strong, but other teams have been bringing hard pr… @TheRealHoarse Once teams realized you can blitz and he crumbles with no protection, the second half of the season… @Clarknova1 I've seen this exact same reaction and arguments about free speech when I was a teenager and kids said… we will haunt multiple delicatessens all across feudal Japan. Ghost of Tsalami at 9pm PST
Let's go Bills! So happy for the tean, nice to see them get a win in the playoffs and break the drought.we out here gettin spookyIn the interest of Trying some Stuff Out and Learning Stream Software I'm gonna be playing The Witness at about 7:3…
Retweeted by Ryan Hartman @nidhiart He's legit tried to get back on Twitter with 5 different alts (all banned). I've seen more rationality wh… ain't scared of no ghost ... of Tsushima! I'll prove it by playing tonight a 9pm PST. @Doonami Remember back when Mich McConnell and Nany Pelosi's houses got defaced? That was Monday of this week. @DonaldJTrumpJr It's the free market at work! A private company is under no obligation to appease a single user. Y…
@tyranthesaurus I want to blame it on being late and tired but the reality is my end games are usually a mess. I'm… @prinxeMu Yup. I tried to pick a couple season ideas. Do those when they are on sale, the comic movie one during su… to Fried Liver and it turned into an Evan's Gambit that I nearly bungled. I like the Evans for the meme poten… @prinxeMu we've bandied it about but never done it yetStarting up, if you have a tournament to pitch you have to do it in chat now. @SplintersmithNC Have there been 16 spider-men? It's just gonna be Peter Parker vs Miles Morales at the end since I… @SIRArtwork Time makes fools of us all @mrjonasbryson @xanalter It's the invisible hand at work, the free market decided you don't get a book deal.Ghosting around Tsushima tonight, as one does. 9pm PST
@ColinJokes I mean I could do just best 80's or 90's wrestler or something. I'd have to curate the list myself beca… @mikeselinker best of the worst @JayPaulusICG I DO have him ranked #1, but you would be surprised. In early polling it's been a spicy discussion. @Flotster Donut hole @Meguzilla I was going to do best Shonen Anime and even though there have been a ton ... it was going to be wholly… @ZoneFighterJ @Tr3vin I plan on it, was going to aim for once I've done 32 of these but maybe I'll do it when I hit 16 @BeagsBeagsBeags That's an easy win for 26, why even bother? @MrMovees87 Seems hard because pizza is a platform, there's millions of potential toppings right? But maybe there's… those asking, here's some of the ideas I'd jotted down ahead of time Zelda Game Font Wine Varietal Fast food f… @LinkTK7 LOZ game I've got on there, that was going to be Feb honestly but might push it back. @mikeselinker That's a good one @Flotster We've done: Twilight Zone - Time Enough at Last Cereal - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheese - Cheddar Chip - D… @escapedjurist Everything wins, because it's all the other flavors in one right? It's a set that contains itself. @thecactusman17 No hero. Only villain. @ThePaxNormana Haha I do plan on doing a "winners" tourney once we hit 32 and put the winner of all brackets in one big bracket. @LinkTK7 That would be a 151 pokemon size tourney, at least. If not more. @S7arbuck That's a good one. I have best 80's cartoon on my list, but not a specific Transformers drill down. @DrDJPaulyD I could do Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors, I suppose. But really ice cream is too wide open, there's millions of flavors. @jordanribera Yup Shan Yu is on there. Remind me because it's been forever since I've seen Mulan: Does he murder an… @DanSpigs Way ahead of me, that one was on the list. It's perfect for the 16-32 range. Also Best Avenger in the MCU…