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@faetxd @shoVLRT Vouch @vurokiii glasses by a long shot @alteaVAL This isn’t very sunshine and happiness of you @alteaVAL I want balls @lildeeznuts0 Goodbye @m1lkuh Thank god I’m not viet 😉 @mouaadoraa Broths. @m1lkuh me when i lie @m1lkuh Oh so ur more like. , “I mUst go home… must mod my discord server .. 🥸🥸” @m1lkuh Must… play.. va va valorant with me kittens. @m1lkuh valorant withdrawals are kicking in.
@m1lkuh @ryukunno_ This is just untrue cuz I’m epic @LostVaI @mandyy_svfx Gotchu @okcellyval pee pee @okcellyval Bro. on my knees @okcellyval Zoo wee mamaSomeone please buy me the prime classic on my shop. Will do anything in compensation. @vurokiii @1aisiru This is crazy. @1aisiru Only when we together lol @kanaafps This is incorrect as I am the hardest thing in the world CURRENTLY @woundries Black @m1lkuh @vurokiii Who wants to play Val? ( BIG PAIR OF TITTIES ALL UP IN MY FACE) Grandma looks over 😧🫤😨 @vurokiii 💀 rs @vurokiii @Kezyyz You really changed ur bio to it huh @vurokiii I saw u play, I’d give u at most ass 1 @lildeeznuts0 Self love lily @m1lkuh
@m1lkuh @mandyy_svfx Twitter boys following Mandy. This is a trap. Don’t fall for it @mouaadoraa @stellariwnl @1nxsh @faetxd Botttt @stellariwnl @1nxsh @faetxd Bott @stellariwnl @1nxsh @faetxd Bot @stellariwnl Bot @m1lkuh @m1lkuh @okcellyval 67 @urfavradiant Pause. I have never been in game where my team smoked that wtf @MatchewVal me tryna figure out if he’s talking about the weather or himself 😱😱🤤🤤🤤 @mandyy_svfx Clutch deez nutz @okcellyval 3028 @shawno @yoonchiiu Valorant withdrawals 🤓🤓
@fishszns Stfu @stellariwnl Bot @whosivyy6969 @solurxo Cap @1nxsh @kanaafps @OdiFps 🥸 @LostVaI i do it for free fym @tiffanyhpham @m1lkuh @ryukunno_ @Kezyyz what i do. @m1lkuh @ryukunno_ @Kezyyz Hey lol @Ev3ly6 Yuh @lildeeznuts0 Us at the vogang community are here for you lily
@okcellyval :T next time ig 😔 @okcellyval OK ADD Reformed Khee#Sleep @1aisiru @okcellyval Hey girl 😎 @okcellyval 🥱🫡😎🦁🫡🫡💀🫡 @ivyy6969 Fuck up @chimmpp What the fuck. @okcellyval Ok. Mb @okcellyval I just want a girl that farts @mandyy_svfx Ah yes. Another day I wake up to tweets like these @lildeeznuts0 its ok, yo mom wasnt all that anyways @vurokiii Hi
@jeffyzk_ Send that shit back to McDonald’s @ivyy6969 🐕 @Kezyyz Gang @lildeeznuts0 @1shwwn @mandyy_svfx head up gangy @faetxd @1shwwn @vurokiii @sexyleopard42 @1shwwn @faetxd @faetxd iron lobby @suhniiee Happy birthday @mandyy_svfx Only one riot games. Only one valorant. Valorant forever. @OnikannVal @PrevailOrigin @wtfslump hi @faetxd smash @1nxsh @shoVLRT I think ur a dumb little baby bitch @vurokiii lets ruin other peoples day @vikramfps @lilyyvalo @lildeeznuts0 @vurokiii Hey lol @vurokiii Val makes me want to KMS @vurokiii IM LOSING MY MIND WBU @vurokiii HIIIII SOPHIIII @vurokiii HIIHIHI HIRH RHIEIHEHRIHIHIGHJMIWRSMHJIHIHI
@lildeeznuts0 “Please be nice to lily” 🐸 @vurokiii @luvm1ku Personally I am attracted to BTS but for you I’ll make the exception that you’re better than them. That’s just me tho @GOATzVal He was omen q with Enza @GOATzVal I was watching ctrlz stream when this happened @vurokiii WOWOWOWOOWIWOWOWOWOWIWOWOIWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWO @vurokiii true @faetxd I will @ you in every tweet @vurokiii Hi :) @angelvxq a server where kez has perms... hmmHow the fuck does Haley get on here twice.✨ Top Friends 🥇 fishszns 🥈 hhaleylol 🥉 whosivyy6969 🏅 vurokiii 🏅 imhaleylol 🏅 Kezyyz 🏅 lilyyvalo ➡️… @faetxd I will be here one day @vurokiii @sekkiosa :)