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Vodacom is an African mobile communications company providing services to over 65.2 million customers. For customer service issues, tweet @Vodacom111.

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@NgwenyaNhla We would like to look into it. Please could you DM us the number relating to your query. @Heldah19 We're happy to hear you're interested in joining the Vodacom family. In order to give you the best chance… @Ntando_Mpofana Please follow the link below to check out our deals. @LPW_Wright Please could you try the following: - Close all apps - Switch mobile data off and then on - Put flight… @Sthah_m We're sorry to hear this, Please dial *135*181# to choose how we communicate with you. @bossa_rose Did you call 082 1945 for activation? @mata_201 @Tebza_NC @BajabulileG @Dischem @Discovery_SA @CityofJoburgZA @SANRAL_za Hey there, You can follow the l… @MichaelSesh Hey Michael, We're here to help 😃 Please follow the link below to and apply. All the best 😃 @NgwenyaNhla Hi there, We're here to help 😃 Will your data be off during the time? @Ntando_Mpofana Hello! Would you like to add it to your contract or would you like to purchase it prepaid? @bossa_rose We're sorry to hear this, have you tried testing the sim in a different handset? @Daiza_Mollo Did you manage to unsubscribe successfully?It’s beyond physical abuse. Jorge Mendes, Vodacom Chief Officer: Consumer Business Unit, defines what #GBV means in… @Bluecrayne Hi Denis Please confirm if you have sent the email as advised and confirm the email address it was sen… @LPW_Wright Hey LP, Do you have the latest version of the App? @MihleBoyce95 HI Mihle Where in Mthatha are you experiencing the Network issues? @Koki_Moshoette Hey there, How can we help? @ManelisiKetse Hi Manelisi Thanks for reaching out to us. The night owl is either from 23:00-05:00 or 00:00-05:00 on the dot. @Xxkgz2 😅 No 3 Mil bundles here fam. Dial *123# to view your latest Just 4 You offers 🤗 @VanNelmarie We're glad to hear this.🙂 Please let us know if you need any further assistance in future. We're here to help. @adrianranson It is important to report the Store Service to the Store Manager , so that they know where to improve… @mpho_makhubu Click here Mpho: @onie_0522 You can view them on the app fam 🤗 @Trevorvwk Hello, LGBTQIA+ is an abbreviation for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Genderqueer,… @Donbobza We're sorry that this has been your experience. Could you please DM us so that we may further assist? We'd like to help. @NtangaH That's not great at all, Are you aware of any other Vodacom users in the area with the same issue? @bossa_rose Please confirm which number did you contact to request the activation. @Real_Dem_c Hey Dem-C, We're glad you're enjoying the treats and thanks for the shout out 😃 @uMusaNje_ Hey there, Thanks for the feedback. @mpumcess Hi Mpumcess Please confirm if your connectivity has improved. @MorenaNzimande Best of luck 🤗 @MorenaNzimande Good luck! 🤗
@Neo_lithia Can you please please send us a number we can reach you on via PM so we can further assist you with this Neo. @MorenaNzimande Hi Blessing, We wish you all the best.🤞 @qhamadlula_ That is great to hear Q, thanks for the feedback👍 @awcoetzee Yes please do Willie. It would help a lot. @Harvard_KB @harvard_kb 🤩🤩 @nyadunga Hi Nyadunga. You've reached Vodacom SA, please try getting in touch with a Vodacom in your area for assistance. @PriorTebogo Good Evening, Tebogo. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the network 😔 Please coul… @MorenaNzimande Goodluck ❤️ @TheDaveWalters That doesn't work well unfortunately Dave. Its a bit unclear. Please type it out for us for better assistance. @dark_nthabie This is really not good to hear Nthabie, can you please check your PMs and try provide us with as muc… @Neo_lithia Kindly confirm whether you have moved around your home to see it picks up signal? @NtangaH Hey Ntanga, that's not good to hear. How long has this been going on for? @hossec1 Are you currently not able to access your emails, Lucy? Please send us an inbox message containing your contact details. @Daiza_Mollo Hey @daiza_mollo, can you confirm if this is what you tried? To cancel welcome tones on your contact n… @_Mzwandile_ Hi there, could you please provide us with more information in regards to the above mentioned? @lesegotriumph We aren't aware of any reported issues in the area. Please check your inbox and get back to us. @panafrica2028 Hi there, kindly confirm if you are experiencing load shedding in the timeframe? @MillzPhiri Hi there, we do apologize for the inconvenience caused. Could you please send us a private message so t… @qhamadlula_ 1. Switch your device off/on to refresh the sim card and device. 2. Change your Network mode to anothe… @qhamadlula_ Okay sicela uzame the following usixelele how it goes... @STHENJW61945220 Good Evening, Sthenjwa. Kindly elaborate a little more on your query so we can further advise. What was the call about? @Cindy08021713 Hi Cindy, Thank you for connecting. Please send us a private message regarding the matter in questi… @Grotwoner This fault has been escalated with the provider maintenance team. We will provide an update once an ETA has been received. @Hotmess22067558 To confirm, did you not use your Vodacom account number as the reference? Please send your proof… @Harvard_KB We couldn't have said it any better, Letsoalo 🙌This week marks my 3-year anniversary @vodacom I joined as I believed in its Purpose-led capacity to create meanin…
Retweeted by Vodacom @awcoetzee Oh no Willie 💔 We're so sorry that this has been your experience, please can you confirm if you were pr… @dark_nthabie 2. Change your Network mode to another option (GSM Only/4G Only) 3. Do a manual Network selection and… @dark_nthabie Please advise if you have tried to do a manual selection? 1. Switch your device off/on to refresh the sim card and device. @qhamadlula_ Hey Q, We're so sorry that you're experiencing this, please confirm if you have tested your SIM in another device? @dark_nthabie Apologies for the typo on your name Nthabie😊. What area is this that you're having this issue in? @Katlego_MS 😊👍 @nhlanhlos123 Good Evening, Nhlanhla. This does not sound great 😔 Please send us an inbox message containing the… @dark_nthabie Hi Thabeleng, that is not a good thing to hear😮. Please share some more detail as to what you mean by this. @CryptonCRP @cryptoncrp Hi there, To request a network, unlock code dial *135*5625# from the device. Please note t… @AschendorfTommy Hello Tommy, as per our chat, we have advised you accordingly with regards to your blacklisting en… @_Palesalion 🤩 @lesegotriumph How long have you been experiencing connectivity issues, Mademoiselle? @_Bhele_ Good Evening, Apex. Please provide us with a little more information regarding your query so we may furt… @hossec1 Good Evening, Lucy. Kindly elaborate a little more on your query so we can further advise. What happens… @Neo_lithia Have you tried logging onto your Vodacom Portal to check your balance? You can login here: 🙂 @DaisyTKD ❤️ @Sir_Motswasele @sir_motswasele sorry to hear that. Having credit shows your habits of keeping up with installment… @Tyrone_B_ Hi Tyrone. Sorry for the delay in this. We unfortunately, cannot give you an exact time frame as the tea… @lesegotriumph Which area are you in? @Moses_Maibelo Thank you 👍 @Moses_Maibelo We have sent you a DM. @momsbuttercup Hi Tebogo, You can dial *117# or 117800 and follow the prompts. @KijumbaJr Hi there You've reached Vodacom South Africa. Please get in touch with Vodacom in your country for assistance 🙂 @ankur1408 Our team will advise soon.#StayConnected on the My Vodacom App for a closer look at the things using up your data. You can view detailed view… @MokgethengM Our team will have a look and revert with feedback. @Sanesh_M 🙂 👍 @CindyZwide Please dial *135*503# and send us a screenshot of your detailed balances. @TheDaveWalters Please send us your SO-number, ID number and contact details via DM so that we can check. @Sanesh_M Hi Sanesh Thanks for getting in touch. We can assist you here with roaming. Simply DM us the number in… @Nkhabelem Let us know if you need anything else. @CindyZwide Are you aware of any other Vodacom users in the area with the same issue? Have you tested your SIM in a… @Zakhele32878704 Good Afternoon, Zakhele. Please send us an inbox message containing a screenshot of the SMS that you are referring to. @Moses_Maibelo Hi Mahlatsi. If you upgrade in month 22/34 of your original contract, you will still be liable for y… @JacquiBarhouch Hi Jacqui Please tell us, have you ever reported this issue before? @DIRKHALL9 3. Repeat the process and then choose Vodacom. Please test and let us know the outcome. @DIRKHALL9 Please do the following on your device: 1. Switch your device off/on to refresh the sim card and device… @lesegotriumph Good Afternoon, Mademoiselle. We're sorry that you feel this way 😔 Are you able to make/receive ca… @Nkhabelem Have you checked your mobile data usage report to see how the bundle was used? There are ways you can m… @Nondumi33527207 Kindly advise whether you have reported this issue before? If yes, please send us the reference nu… @NoziphoC6 Hi Nozipho This is very concerning. Please DM us your SR number and contact details so we can look into this. @MorenaNzimande The more entries, the better your chances!