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Actor on the streets and a Wizard in the sheets. Spending time in videogames, animation, and on #CriticalRole

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Let’s #ShowUpForGeorgia and make the Senate 50-50. Donate:
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@Marisha_Ray @Souuth25 The more things change... @Omegasama_art Except when he’s not. @sketchingsprw Multiple cloaks, just like dad.Sprigg Report 021. @Marisha_Ray Nothing straight about it. <3The Mighty Nein vs. the Eyes of Nine. Stunning, as always, @ornerine <3
@TicoLeFevers 29 out of 30 days a month, it’s more like... Shit @giannivalart @CriticalRole @skullymingo 100%. Thank you!Es ist Donnerstag.
@realDonaldTrump We get it, you’re in debt and afraid of going to prison. Skip to the end.Really missing the War on Christmas this year. ❄️⚔️Check out the full, gorgeous cover art by @TheMinttu for issue 1 of @CriticalRole: Vox Machina Origins Series III!…
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @totiphyll @samriegel @CriticalRole Good luck today. See you on the other side. <3Always watching over her. #CriticalRole
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @AnemoneTea Well that is stunning. Goodness, Kit. So good to see them in your style again. <3 @realDonaldTrump @BrianKempGA Like you need any more blood on your hands. @Omegasama_art <3 @SurenaXMarie “Back in my day, we didn’t know shit.”Standing ovation for Gabriel Sterling. His outrage is ALL OF US.
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @kendrawcandraw Hollywood changes a man.Cue Benny Hill music...
Once OANN and Newsmax dip on him like FoxNews did, all future fraud alerts will be shared via QVC and Home Shopping Network.The Vox Machina Origins Series III crew REVEALED! First look at the gorgeous cover art for issue 1 by @TheMinttu on…
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @NotAlwaysWeak @matthewmercer Pssst. No. I found an even older email, the original to Matt from 2017. Eadwulf. 🙃 @NotAlwaysWeak @matthewmercer Pretty sure this has wandered into Mandela Effect territory. I don’t even know what I… @albinokid @samriegel @N_A_K @CriticalRole @matthewmercer Oh jeepers. We’re thrilled to have you following along. @realDonaldTrump Oh honey. @GirlwithRibbon @CriticalRole <3
@eddievegas As an ambassador for Ireland I can safely say the answer is no.Oh man. Wait til he hears about the last 45 presidents. Fauci returns to the White House podium. I assure you these 6 mins are well worth your time. This man is an inc…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienYou have to wonder just how many people are making absolute Hail Mary passes right now to avoid the approaching con… @Kipachie_ @executivegoth Sending love. <3The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.
The Alpha Male they rallied around.
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @OANN @newsmax Break ups are hard, BB.Stay home as much you are able. Be safe and think of the safety of others. Please. you imagine if Rudy Giuliani actually found one election fraudster, how famous that person would be by now?
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A Trump appointee writing for the 3rd Circuit. “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienWait, what is he kvetching about now, is... huh.
@FreeTheWolfVO *only good boisAll of America, looking at their loved ones through a computer screen today.’s up, garlic.Zoomsgiving is go.It’s Thursday. Hug the ones you love.The saddest ending. Ranting conspiracy theories into a cell phone at sycophants while your disgraced lawyer (who's…
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Also in @PREVIEWSworld for pre-order... TELL NO TALES: PIRATES OF THE SOUTHERN SEAS, an original OGN co-created by…
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @realDonaldTrump @GaSecofState You couldn’t be doing this with any less dignity.A primer on our animated series...
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @realDonaldTrump Neither do you.How it started, how it’s going...
I see the “our guardrails were effective” & “the system worked” takes are out. If I’m driving & by the time I get t…
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@markkostecki @CriticalRole Winner.Chair of Republican Party in Fond du Lac, WI.
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @Q_dog @manic_pixie @executivegoth Have a lovely day, Pixie!
@realDonaldTrump Pack it up, snowflake.Trump completely checking out of the job he's desperate to keep for the legal shield it provides because if he were…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienOn par with his 4 years in office.
@MicaBurton found a ninja cowl I have zero recollection of in my underwear drawer and I specifically blame the CR cast for… cannot tell the truth...
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @blumspew He is extremely schnuggable.
Sprigg Report 020. and your allies have lost 31 cases in court.
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @MakenziePolkas @CriticalRole Wow. Damn fine start. <3 @kchal653 @CriticalRole @matthewmercer @Marisha_Ray @TheVulcanSalute @executivegoth @samriegel @WillingBlam @LauraBaileyVO <3It is incredible that BOTH republican senate candidates in Georgia have recent, ironclad, indisputable histories of…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienFormer general counsel of DHS
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @GreyDeLisle You do you, Kurt.
Now 30 losses. They just lost another case, in Arizona.
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Bring some evidence to court or STFU. @matthewmercer I want to smush him between a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate.“Tell us a bedtime story, grandpa, Trump. The one where you overcame the evil media dragon.” [IN PUBLIC]: "There is massive evidence of fraud the likes of which this country has never seen and it…
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @MckKirk hahahaha oh my god.Democrats are “libtards” except for when we flawlessly execute a multi-state voter fraud plan involving millions of…
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Retweeted by Liam O'BrienHow do Yule want to do this?’s Thursday. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — speaking directly to Donald Trump. Shots fired...
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienThis is definitely how elections should be tallied. Just hand over all the ballots to one side's legal team, they c…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienThey only ever cared about power, never about people. @3rdclover H’oh, damn, David, that is wicked!
Never surprised, but always proud. Congratulations, @LauraBaileyVO & @TheVulcanSalute! <3 like a fair question from the judge.
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien🧡📚🧡 and New Zealand were faced with the exact same virus. American deaths: 250,000 New Zealand: 000,025 I wou…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienAll of this. What is happening is the most concerted, explicit (albeit incompetent) attack on Black voters by a Pr…
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienThe sorest of sore losers. days ago:
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@dantelfer @GOP Dan, Lindsey Graham is 65 years old.The @GOP for two weeks now: Clap you hands! Clap your hands if you believe in voter fraud!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🧚🏻🧚🏼‍♀️🧚‍♂️JUST IN: Not one state election official reached by @ABC News in 46 states and the District of Columbia reported fi…
Retweeted by Liam O'Brien @albinokid Time well spent.Cue the sad trombone sound effect for Donald.
Retweeted by Liam O'BrienThe only comforting thing about these people is how bad they are at treason. The disquieting thing is how far they…
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