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@gerunziu @SerenCSG You dare question our avian overlords? I'm tattling on you two to the birdBorek is fucking goodIt's that time again @shadowmarkcc Sadly understand, wanna talk? @alphafancam Battles is fun but it always boil down to everyone using one of two strategies, I've never tried co-op but it looks fun @alphafancam Battles or co-op? @alphafancam I had Bloons TD 4 on my old iPhone 3GS and it got to the point where one round would take 15 minutes a… @gerunziu i know i would say the same thing if i was in your mindset, but do know i'm here if you ever need it @gerunziu you wanna talk man?munchy
What if the reason so many Western animation artsyles look so weird is because they're trying to subconsciously recreate Phineas and Ferb @gerunziu I only speak the truthYou 7 are part of the problem
@Xypod13 I mean I could say pink but other people we know deserve that way more @Xypod13 Lavendercave salmon save salmon
When is a meal ready?lava is liquid fire
@berdyaboi God awaits the day his record is tested @KLW_79 @ShadowOfBuchko @ThunderSpeed97 @EscheroOfficial LALALALALALALALALALALALALAI remembered this fuckin shit and had to share is spelled like h is pronounced @EscheroOfficial HEYYYYYYY NOW, COME OOOOOON DOWN
@PaperSkies_Sc @kittito_ Beansusthis is the only day you can retweet this
Retweeted by Vol | ʙʟᴍ @imjustviibin Joe MalaOk goodGoing to bed now, hoping there won't be bad news when I wake hand is molting @nathanwpyle 9 easy @adridoesthings I agree wholeheartedly.
Jackbox Party Pack speedrun any% @AmongUsGame @discord I think the scariest implication here is that people put hot sauce in their soup. @shadowmarkcc Unfortunately people never learn anything it seems @shadowmarkcc Double for me cause I see so many artists doing it too… tired of this shit @shadowmarkcc Oh no not again…you have lost the game, now manually breathe and blink @jerbmega @i_am_valence7 @finesuofficial
@scienceshitpost Why the long face?Followed someone and they immediately blocked me w-what? @archypuppy he's like that one bratty kid that makes a pillow fort and says "no girls allowed!"what emotion does :} imply
@scienceshitpost And thus began the revenge arc @NyghtKnyght And they're dumbasses, what else is new @NyghtKnyght Of course some do, but if that happened inflation would jump too. Staggering it like this helps to mit… @NyghtKnyght I mean it would be the same thing so it's not that unbelievable at all @NyghtKnyght Florida did just that tho: we had a minimum wage of about that but voted in an increase to $15 over th… @eliminatemusic Wilhelm scream. @notecolt Yeah they always hit no matter what, kinda a shit mechanic in circumstances like thiscatfish pog @majorbean_ hahahahahahahahaha form @AllthingsAlpRad BROOOOOOO those were the DAYS
@imjustviibin okay @Xypod13 No @Xypod13 I'm not? I'm just saying it looks like a powdered donut @Xypod13 Mate I live in Florida you wanna talk about no snow? @Xypod13 And the ground @nesulosity NO LAND!!! @Xypod13 It looks like a powdered donutI can't believe they did this to Wario… this is FRAUD AND LIBELOUS have to search the net for a way to merge the two one-page PDFs, and then finally, done. What should have been an…, print it out, fill out the question, scan it onto the computer, and go to upload it via a linked site. But they… I find it and go to print it out… and it goes to an HP page? That's not the printer model I use so I'm understan… it's back from sleep mode, I go back in and finish that step; I'm finally in the fake exam itself. It then te… that they want you to show your workspace so they can make sure that you don't have any extra papers. I don't… it wanted me to present my school ID… but I haven't received it yet, so that's fun. I had to write my name and… so first it does a check for webcam and microphone, but it wasn't detecting my mic, which is a somewhat common o… am Murphy's Law incarnate, exhibit No. 7448 So I had to do a fake quiz to do in order to test…
@StutterBox20 neutral good @_Jixaw TOO FAST TOO FAST TOO FSAT @Monstercat Historic moment pfp is over but I gotta admit this fits surprisingly well @gerunziu Miku is wholesome lass @MattBenBig hold up you said what now @throttle hold up a what now @PatMSeymourVA Barry from Pokemon DPPtCompany realizes they fucked up and attempts to backpedal as quickly as possible, 2021 televised
Love how teachers always say "if you don't know something don't be afraid to ask" then pull shit like this"what does <this> mean?" "you can find that in the previous class' notes" NEVER DO THIS GOOD LORD @DisharMonik Iconic't… no… @imcloudcage 👀 you got this man, in the home stretch now 💪 @LuminousLaser I mean you're translating color into sound, I think that's pretty impressive @SaidTheSky Said The Bye @NyghtKnyght why won't daddy wake upjesus christ shipping charges are ridiculous... just made two purchases of one item each and they were $15 and $20 apiece @nebita That I know of? Sleeping on the Floor
@robotzurg Porter Robinson arts be like @NinsMCD @Monstercat @Eptic This ^^^^^ @discord Yes I'm a bitch what about it?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @Eptic 👁 @ShouldHaveCat This cat knows damn well it's a liquid @nebita Anxiety… @majorbean_ next time August 19th, 2022gotta love surveys that ask like "students at my school would/not do >this<" and then ask you to rate your agreemen…
tfw your professor is going over the syllabus and constantly says "ignore this" or "this is actually then"My calculus professor has never taught this course before, has an extremely thick accent, and has a shitty mic fuu… @reapernoises @MicahTheZealot would be sickkkk