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just trying to make sense of this bitch called life

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@treezrootzmusic VACATION POG @majorbean_ Damn skippy @majorbean_ Climb onto the sun cowardyou WHAT I really gotta sit through the credits again?i choose you @ninety9live Nah 99L has had a few others, such as 2080 and OrbitBeen sitting on this one a couple of days already, but I can finally post this little mock-up art for… @TalonIsLonely Good idea but there are some discussion merits you can get from them, I give this an A
Cobalion stop being an assBRO it why not @FloofQueenEmily It's not even like this is a new concept. People in Asia have done this sort of thing for a long t…'s daylight in the game... time to sleepTHIS DUDE HAS TWO ABILITIES WTFfunny caption here I GOT IT?pictures taken moments before disaster genuinely made me laugh I was NOT expecting thatHAHAHAHAHAHAHA is your reward. really. battle theme is a bop thoMLP-lookin ass there friend back on this shit for a wee while yetTweet spam done for now, switch needs to chargei wasn't even looking that hard damn but apparently that's unnecessary because this fucker's just out in a field that you? people need me is this dude just HERE? i wonder which one to take... my god these AIs are even worse, they only use one movebruh it's not even the birds wtfths is... an interesting way to do this. hopefully it's not as asinine as the diglett one tho Mode babyyyy @The8BitDrummer You are now pillow @Fofodeku I'm just exploring atm and the aesthetic at least is better, can't say much else on it rn. But if you ess… are fossil pokemon just wandering around? what??? theme is a vibe tho...why? 46 Quick Balls?... better buy moreCode: V0LTTACKLEP1KA Pikachu: doesn't come with Volt Tackle Ok GameFreakFiending codes because fuck it...once this shit finishes updating good lordLive tweet mode: engaged
@imjustviibin It's a race Gary! A RACE! @HTStho note i never specified the US here, i know that's hopeless @alphafancam glorious @alphafancam just boost the saturation @alphafancam that's not pogchampkenny beats has to fix his bed kenny sheets Costa Rica is actually a model on what other countries should be doing. they actually pay people not to cut dow… yeah Crown Tundra is today @Iapplepieguy With all due respect life has no obligations to be kind to me at all and it has clearly shown so time and time againvibing @HTStho Truly sad @FreakyFundip @faceinthespace Lies @FreakyFundip @faceinthespace Thief! @treezrootzmusic fair enough i suppose, kinda self-conscious i guess that i mainly only say the negatives, gotta work on that @treezrootzmusic if that's how i make you feel when you send apologies, just want to help on the few things i know what they are lmao @Alpharad @Volcanron @PatMSeymourVA Genshin? i don't know i haven't played the game @Darlington honestly i'm of the mindset that even the LabelRadar comps should see a release on here, would help pro…
what else is new @gerunziu it doesn't stop but i gotta find a way through it @n33t_music @PaperSkies_Sc WAIT WHAT I WAS JOKING LMAOOOOOOO…why does it never end. Is stuff just not allowed to go right for me or anyone I know? I just am tired of it all.… @alphafancam @imjustviibin Yes. It is called irony @PaperSkies_Sc Go to Australia @PaperSkies_Sc AustraliansSomeone: *uses the term all men in some context* Some random asshole: @shadowmarkcc Yeah it uh… seems sodaisuke without the skiIt just wrote a contract to force others to do shit, am I adulting now
@EscheroOfficial @Pretzel_Rocks is very easy to use as well, fuckin massive database that's 100% free to use on Twi… Galaxy is communist @Xypod13 I mean I'm fine rn, plus it wouldn't really do much in this case @Xypod13 The reasons I listed above, they happen and all @Xypod13 I do, if anything im one of the most active people in VCs I'm in @Xypod13 Forgetting I'm in a VC, not listening to my opinions on a matter, etc etc @Xypod13 Many people act otherwise @HTStho I didn't get a notification for this wtf But no, no we may notI'm tired of not existingas a virgo yeah i ruin a lot of relationships i have my environmental science textbook just go anti-capitalist
@Alpharad @anthpo69 I won't, he's pro-murderwhimsicott @Alpharad @AOC He will improve the game tenfoldVocro @imjustviibin @causeisjust Semi-hardcore, 3 lives instead of 1