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.@Corpse_Husband being in my next video is pretty coolVolksgeist in 2021 is gonna be the contra points of music commentary @EposVox aw man @UltraLinx This is great news :) @lyricologytips Please follow back so I can DM! @Evan_Hadfield i’m deceased
@Evan_Hadfield LOL @Evan_Hadfield do Connecticutall these Kenny Beats tweets on my timeline"women are the species" ... shots from the upcoming video!
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist) @wnnkeshh a7iiiwas at my cousin's house this weekend she put on chandelier by Sia and said WOW I LOVE ADELE music definitely doesn't run in the family2 more! shots from the upcoming video! stay up late tonight for this edit, I want it to be perfect
Three months ago we announced that we hit 100k paying users. Today we hit 150k.
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist)Yo!! @WatchNebula is nominated for a Streamy award!It's my birthday! I'm finally 21! This year is gonna be great, hope u stick along for the ride
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist) @LincolnValbrun thanks brooIt's my birthday! I'm finally 21! This year is gonna be great, hope u stick along for the ride
@Picklenipples91 Thanks for watching the vid I appreciate it @Picklenipples91 One of THE WORST tweets I’ve ever received @youngcircumsion @ChineseJerome @TheSNEAKO ahaha thanks bro hope u enjoy itimma need y'all residents of Pennsylvania to not vote for Trump this year thanks @dwiskus voting in PA is the most nerve-racking thing ever @youngcircumsion @ChineseJerome @TheSNEAKO you're good I know I didn't do it so how am I gonna be mad at you LOL @youngcircumsion @ChineseJerome @TheSNEAKO never heard of that being a thing tho @youngcircumsion @ChineseJerome @TheSNEAKO LMFAOOO THATS MY BOY imma have to press him about that @JordanBHarrod @ForbesScience Congrats Jordan!New @SavageGasp feat. @poIearm is so sick @ChineseJerome @youngcircumsion @TheSNEAKO you're good I think the guy is just shitposting @ChineseJerome @youngcircumsion @TheSNEAKO There's no recording of me ever saying the N word lmfao
this is America I start making 5-6 videos per month 🤔 the increase in output would be made possible by covering new releases @iTweetAboutArt @fosterw_hall fuck fairfield
@TheBrianMcManus honda E looks sick too
@linusnhiscamera turo
@planetcollision UNDERRATED PICK, EXTREMELY BASED OPINION TOO @noth97 lesgolmk your favorite radiohead album pleaseGo watch my new video on Nebula for FREE!
I was on a really fun podcast, go listen! my longest video ever :O @NBTJacklyn i didnt mean to start one 5 hours ago but im deep in it now O_O
@dwiskus @sdw curly brown hair: check brown eyes: check not smiling: checkoh god’m not real; this isn’t happening
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist)this is why i don't respect journalism. they're playing a symbolic game in the upper echelons. is there anyone actu…
@the_tomcarroll yes!!! @ApatShe_13 @dwiskus Same gear - all I did was move the camera back!The new set - before and after input from @dwiskus
@KyleKashuv @COB1791 Honestly very high quality merchbuilt a new set, hope u like it
The burnouts next door have been partying for 3 days and I haven't been able to record my next video, suggestions o… days. Let’s win this thing.
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist) @AlasdairStuart @deathbombarc @Pseudopod_org hit my DMs! @the_tomcarroll Oh hey man!!! DM me!!
@th0mpoms DM me!!!Need a voice actor for a video, does anyone have a UK accent and a decent mic? @asapdelltron, it's $15 for a year and you get curiositystream tooYo, a LOT more people have been signing up for my Nebula link lately, y'all are gonna be eatin good with a complete…!!!ultimate fantano moment, cant recognise an STI @ethanravstein youre not even americanor maybe try to preserve democracy @enemieslist Dan, I'm a Connecticut native and I want to make a documentary about Giles Corey. Please follow back so I can DM!Yo @Spotify y'all need a light mode, dark mode hurts my eyes
2 parts because it broke my heart into 2 pieces to listen to this album for the videoshould I drop a 2 part review of Kid A this weekend @brissdali where'd you get itwhy is guacamole a cultural institution @kevin_scotton this is what i see when i close my eyesdon't buy this shit lol pence is high off his own farts on god
yea my phone blowin up 😎😎😎😎
@scareymusic please let me interview you for my youtube channel!!!! it would be a great time!! @NIAAIMANIII that's all it took?just btw, @deathbombarc is a goated label and i mentioned them in my latest video because i LOVE them @EdwinFenandez dont like himim never making a video about j colethere's something about @scareymusic that makes me wanna cry, i love his music soooo much it feels like home even t…
@goodwillfiction @Meami_Ami @JonDenton @BlackySpeakz @DillonJacksonTv @verypalehipster @TCTHETOPCAT1 ayyy lmao lets go“online education” “video producer” “i own a production company” “go away” @EdwinFenandez self taught, used a lot of skillshare and reddit @CR1M8O thank you bro! most people think im 25 but im a lil boi lmaoocant believe im about to be 21 ive honestly done a lot @sebztr im familiar with this from the writings of William t. cavanaugh
if not capitalism, then what?girl got robbed at gunpoint in front of my parents house last night, i want them to move soon :/ hopefully to a more peaceful place
@bobbotanist @badappleton spooky doge in the tardis @wrexmason and you know i was being condescending how? @ie_santiago ok i wont! @wrexmason well thank you for making your opinion known. i appreciate you taking the time to say it. i also admire… @bobbotanist 😭 @Elaquent i know bro. come on @wrexmason tell me how i should learn a thing or two from a guy who’s insulting me on twitter. its meaningless and ruins any “lesson” @Volksgeist_ Has anybody commenting right now even watched the video? It’s YouTube and titles need to be enticing.…
Retweeted by philip (volksgeist) @FadingWinter @richiehatesu yup!