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Vondran @VondranArt Australia

Tums, Buns and Puns. Can't settle on a fursona. They/He 🔞 FA: ValdaVondran

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New assistant, but bigger~"Good practice today bro, wanna taste before we hit the showers?" Just bros bein' bros for @rockmanhalo 's patreon…
That's right, in time for Anthrocon next month, I will be taking a couple badge commissions in the styles seen here…
Retweeted by VondranMy alien bounty hunter, Dolly. Her alien race is based off cows and rabbits, they're called Covaca. 😏 She's a huge…
Retweeted by Vondran Short stream! @DieselbrainArt Febreze is probably tax deductible rightWhy tabletop game stores always gotta Smell Like That
We can rebuild her... Thicker Sweatier Hornierno no no no Windows update restarted while I was out and I lost that Nessa pic fuuuug @lewdersheep @Lordy_DIA @Robot_Joe @KingJaguarNSFW @nsfpop @synthe_sia @SinfulCaffeine @JarrySlimefeld @CDoodles2 @ciscofur Hey you can like Garfield genuinely or ironically Just sayin if it's literally your absolute most favour… suspicious of anyone whose favourite comic is GarfieldThis week in games (8/6 - 14/6) a weekly twitter thread I guess e3 was on while Nintendo take a stance of employees…
Retweeted by Vondran @30_Helens Gosh I love how you color!
Gonna be Extra buoyant~
Retweeted by Vondran#今まで描いた中で1番デカいケツ貼ろうぜ Jessica ジェシカさンかなぁ… 霧子先生もデカかったが
Retweeted by Vondran @AfroMetalMizu I've been really slacking with gym lately actually, day job's kicking my assBeen having a lot of shoulder/back pain lately so it's been a little rough Thanks for sticking around 💜Gonna be Extra buoyant~ @FlowoutOwen Towiew @AfroMetalMizu It's got good lumbar support but I'm still adjusting itWooloo mom! (wip~)
Retweeted by VondranWorkspace has evolved!
She's trans btw happy pride :3Wooloo mom! (wip~) Stream up! @Muttasaur Alpacasso!
Good news! Landlord inspection went off without a hitch and I'm totally burnt out on stellaris so I'll be streaming… I fell down the stellaris hole
@Owlizard She added sweet croutons to her milk soup*when you tf someone with fox magic
Retweeted by VondranMay Patreon Update 3/3 Librarian Krystal
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"I-it's really staring to show, huh?~" Patreon reward for @ShardArtel
Retweeted by VondranCream Overflow~ Patreon reward for @horses_top_tier !
Retweeted by Vondran"I-it's really staring to show, huh?~" Patreon reward for @ShardArtel Time for tid~Sporty Helen 😤
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Blurgh, landlord inspection in a couple days so I'm cleeaaaning
Frustrates me so much when I hear it! No Darryl they've made a decision to use their time to create something they… you've ever put a bunch of effort into something you love and folks have said "well SOMEONE'S got too much free… week in games (1/6 - 7/6) a weekly twitter thread Smelling like an Xbox, Google Stadia, Baldur's Gate 3 and XB…
Retweeted by VondranYou, a fool: hnng thicc sheep Me, a big brain haver: Venus of Woollendorf @SIRArtwork I'm under attack @AfroMetalMizu BirbMore like... Curvy-knight 💦"Nice chains, you got any moooore?~" Patreon reward for @VersusMe101 !
Retweeted by Vondran @AfroMetalMizu Corviknight tho...I've got a Wooloo in the works (sfw she is very polite)Looks like @Mongo_Art 's boy, Cocoa, is eager to show off his colours for Pride Month! 🌈 My LOOOOONG overdue half…
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"Nice chains, you got any moooore?~" Patreon reward for @VersusMe101 ! @Turnsky Pure wools onlyWooloo has single-handedly cured my fatigueWooloo’s evolved form, Woolooloo.
Retweeted by VondranWooloo says its own name and the enemy pokemon changes sides AoE styleI'm gonna have to draw Wooloo huhwooloo~
Retweeted by Vondran @chubbuppster SHORD
Dynamax me tbhIn awe of the size of these poké-lads @tsukiyo_fur The future is now and it's thick as hell 💜
Fatigue is setting in real bad folks
@LauraIsLate Makes me feel good when I see you usin' my art~ 💜An inflatable friend! Patreon reward for @Flotianchroma
Retweeted by VondranHeck yeah pretzel dogs Von
An inflatable friend! Patreon reward for @Flotianchroma Stream up! @EmberWickArt @NightfauxArts Well he is the Unicorn Wizard @EmberWickArt He wants art of Danny's fursona for a birthday gift don't let him dowm @Rabid_Cowolf Happy biiirt~ 💜 @zestswoon I love! @LauraIsLate "Vondran"Flat Color Commission for @colonyoo ! Commission Info
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@Cora_Valentine @ModeSeven777 Burg, Burger, Burgest @BodyInflation I blame yooooou! 💜Inflate me sometime昔書いたすずちゃん
Retweeted by VondranOkay finally getting this up!! This probably will be my last original sketch sale post. -If you’re interested in…
Retweeted by Vondran @AfroMetalMizu There's a spectrum based on his behaviour it's justified!Name: Buddy Also: Baby Boy Child Small One Cat Turd Li'l Shit Augh my fuckin LEG
Consider big heavy sweaty mares[ #NSFW / #R18 ] Started as doodle but then went with it to fully render it., featuring Gothiccqueen. Cheers~
Retweeted by Vondran @CeejayAerostat *smashes that inflate button* @CorneliousRR My day job is very bad and I'm venting, which is out of character for meSorry for breaking kayfabe there I'm still a gooey hoss don't worry @Turnsky Yeah, only gotta work Saturday, Sunday and Monday then I get a day off🙃In the Australian parlance: I've had a fuckin gutful of todayLoungin' about~ Patreon reward for Brokenwing!
Retweeted by VondranThis week in games (25/5 - 31/5) a weekly twitter thread Lots of legal matters, drama galore and I guess there was…
Retweeted by VondranIt's that time again,commissions are live! I'll be taking 10 slots this time around! Comm inquiries will be accepte…
Retweeted by Vondran @Zaph_ Oh no! 💦
Retweeted by Vondranspeaking of goo energy one LAST GOODLE I SWEAR this time cheezit copies the fantastic @Robertge104
Retweeted by VondranSniff'n'tell~' about~ Patreon reward for Brokenwing! I stream! @GuwuGuwu @JustSleazit YES THANK IT ME @JennySmallerGod Slime Slime Slime🍑
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A mimic appears! Sculpted in Blender 2.8 using Pablo Dobarro's sculpting branch. Download and print if you desire!…
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